Behold! A Great Multitude

Dear Family in Christ,

I praise God for what He has been doing. Thank you so much for partnering with us in the Gospel! 

Behold! A Great Multitude

“After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands,”

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭7‬:‭9‬ ‭

The Calvary Chapel Conference, which was conducted in the month of January at was a “heaven-come-down” experience. All of us could witness that moment on the earth for a few days. Brethren came from all over our country and fellowshipped with each other; it was truly a blessing. It is one of the many instances where we truly experienced the meaning of the word “koinonia”. We felt encouraged that we and our brothers share many things in common: our faith, our love, our heart, and our mind—because we share one Lord, one Spirit and one baptism. Not only are we one in all of the above-mentioned things, we all share the same sufferings and trials, which eventually serve a purpose to conform the body of Christ into fullness and holiness. 

Praise Report 

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain.”

‭‭John‬ ‭15‬:‭16‬a 

It is with a great unspeakable joy, that we share in the call or the commandment to GO AND BEAR fruit. When we do God’s work in God’s way, the consequence of this God-honoring ministry is that the fruit will remain and be a source of blessing to many. 

During the past Christmas season, we visited a tribal community in a neighboring state. Our hearts were burdened by seeing the dysfunctional families with children. That community has the history of opposing Christianity and ministers of Christ for a long time. Sadly, all of the men in the community were addicted to marijuana and country liquor. Many even lost their lives before their 30’s or 40’s. There are almost 30 widows in the small community. It was a devastating reality. We shared the love of Christ, through saree (clothing) distribution. Not only that, the Word of Christ was preached. We came back with hopeful and grateful hearts that God had opened a new door for us to minister to the community and have been expectant of fruit since then. 

We have now gotten an update about the fruit. Many accepted Christ! The people in the community permitted local ministers of the Word to preach and teach and also gave land to build a church facility for the believers! The work has already been started. We rejoice at what the Lord is doing in the hearts of the people in that community. Please pray for the servant who ministers there. Pray for all their needs to be fulfilled, so that the light of truth may be shone upon many people and communities around through this tribal community.

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭25‬:‭40‬ 

A few days ago, we were led to minister in a certain village. The Lord has been slowly opening doors to minister–one soul at a time. We recently got to visit a sister, who is a pregnant mother. Her story is a story of rejection, orchestration, and tragedy. She is ruthlessly treated by her family, and has not been provided her with basic pregnancy needs. Since she could not get enough care and food, she started to eat dirt and stones. Her situation got worse and she was taken to the hospital. Stones had formed in her stomach.

God opened doors for us to minister to this sister’s medical needs, and to provide fruit and proper food for her. Please pray that she may come to know the one true God and accept Him as her Lord. Please also pray for her health and the health of her baby (to have good growth and nourishment). 

40 Days of Cottage Prayer Meetings

The Lord, in His grace, has helped us initiate a spiritual awakening among the church members to gather everyday for 40 days, since there are 40 days of prayer and fasting in the season of Resurrection Sunday. We got to visit each and every family and spend time in worship and the Word and fellowship. It has been a great time of encouragement to be bonded and blessed. May these prayer meetings be a blessing to everyone who is part of them. Pray also, as we are approaching Good Friday fellowship and Resurrection Day. 

Enlarging of Tents

Decisions and choices play a very important role in fulfilling the great commission. They can either help fuel the growth or even stop the spread. We believe, with all of our hearts, that God has a great plan for our city. It is high time to take action to help spread the message of God’s salvation from a strategic location like ours. God, in His mercy, has opened a door for us to buy a plot of land for the extension of the Bible institute. It is with a great burden that we are imploring to God, that He will provide each and every need for this task to be fulfilled for His Name and glory. 

A Day of Rest and Fellowship

The Lord provided for everyone to have a day of rest and fellowship. We all got to spend a day, from morning till evening, in a resort where we played cricket and did recreational activities. We all took some time and got into the water to enjoy the summer weather in a swimming pool. It was refreshing and relaxing. The Lord blessed our hearts and souls with some very much needed rest and joy. 

Upcoming Ministry Plans

Nursing Home Ministry 

The youth from our Church have been so fruitful in their ministry, that they are now ministering to many old women in a nearby nursing home. Please pray that Lord will provide all of the needs for this and for His grace to be upon us to be carriers of His light and love among these hopeless people. 

Urban Missions 

Praise God! He has been so gracious to all of us by keeping us safe and healthy during this summer season. We are planning to spread the love of Christ, through organizing a water supply project near our church. Since the temperatures are going to get much worse, it will be a great time to be a witness for Christ this season. 

Missions Outreach

As we mentioned before, we are heading to the central part of the country for our semester outreach. There are many different ministries we are all going to be involved in, including:

  1. A 2-day long pastors meeting 
  2. Youth meetings 
  3. Worship teachings 
  4. Evangelizing in workplaces 
  5. Prayer walks 
  6. Village outreaches 
  7. Kids camp

Please pray for all of the students and staff. May the Lord’s hand be upon each and everyone. 

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Sharing the Gospel Near and Far

Greetings to the body of Christ in the name of our Lord!

Glory to God, the Father, through Christ, who has chosen us to be partakers in the expansion of His Gospel near and far! Grace and peace to each and every heart who reads and gives Glory to God in the Highest by reading this newsletter. 

Christmas was never meant for the festivities, lights, trees, Santa Claus, etc. We could go on and on. As the body of Christ, we are to be very cautious that the message and focus should never be diverted from Christ. Keeping that in mind, we prayed and sought the Lord’s wisdom to direct our ways in celebrating the season of advent this year. 

“The former account I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus began both to do and teach,”

‭‭Acts‬ ‭1‬:‭1‬ ‭

We, as disciples, ought to follow the Lord’s example of first doing, and then teaching. Wherever God led us during the Christmas season, we not only shared the love of Christ by distributing material needs, but also preached the God’s truth for their souls.

Outreaches and Evangelism

N* Outreach: 

Ever since brother P* began laboring in this community, God led him to have a Christmas outreach arranged. We prepared food for the community, preached the Christmas message, and distributed blankets because winter has begun here. Children, women, and the elders of the community were so encouraged that the new work, which had been initiated had taken momentum to bring the kingdom of God from above.

K* Christmas Outreach 

Since all of the K* community members are migrant workers from neighboring states, it is their custom to celebrate Christmas in a grand way in their villages back home. God opened a door to stage a big celebration which included blanket distribution and a community dinner. The Christmas message was preached that indeed Christ is the reason for Christmas and the priceless gift from God the Father to every soul.

Gospel Trip

It has always been our burden to visit our friends and family in both of the states that speak our language after Covid. God, in His providence, encouraged us and provided all of our needs for traveling about 2,000 km to sharing the love and message of Christ. During this trip, we were able to meet many new families, including unbelievers and Catholics. We went to many different areas. At our final destination, we had planned our Christmas outreach among tribals. They have always been in opposition to the truth and hostile towards Christianity. But we are so thankful to God that we found favor with the villagers. We preached the Word of Christ and distributed sarees to the women in the community. Never, ever before have the villagers come forward to be prayed for in all these years–but for the first time ever, they came forward to be prayed over with their families. God filled our hearts with peace and joy. We are hopeful that we will see them again, and that a new work will begin in and around the region. 

One of the many things we learned by traveling through all of the cities, villages and different areas is that there is lack of workers and also a lack of biblical churches. Our hearts are filled with grief that our people are perishing without the knowledge of God.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”

Hosea 4:6a 

Verily, verily, more than the need for sound churches, we are in need of sound preachers and teachers to fill people with the knowledge of God.

Christmas Eve Service at Our Church in the City

During our Christmas caroling, the final part of our Christmas outreaches, we had the opportunity to spend Christmas with people in our church’s families and their extended relatives. It all went so grandly that God’s name was magnified in all the activities that we as a church had done in the communities. Then we ended our Christmas season by worshiping the Lord in the Christmas Eve service. The church was packed, and new people came to the church to celebrate the birth of Christ. We thank God for the prayers answered, doors opened, and Gospel preached to the heathen. 

As a church, we prayed, put faith in the Lord for the upcoming year and for what our Lord has in store. We all gathered for the New Years service with a renewed faith and hope that He will build His Church and the Gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.

Our classes for the next semester will be starting the 2nd week of February. We have already exceeded the limit for the number of students. Thankfully, God is sending laborers for His field, and we are prayerfully waiting for them to study the Word of God with more awe and reverence this new year. 

It is a joy to share with you that brother P* has been ordained as a teaching pastor at the new church new plant in Y*, and brother A* has been ordained as a youth pastor in C*. We are grateful to God that He has been gracious enough to lead our brothers’ lives and we are eagerly awaiting to see what the Lord is going to accomplish through their lives. 

New Church Plant Opening Service

We are really thankful to God that He placed a burden in our hearts towards the new area to reach out to the lost and needy. Brother P* has been ministering in the area for 2 years. Now, God has opened the door to have Sunday worship services. He has blessed us with a hall, free of cost to use for gatherings! So, we cleaned the hall and made arrangements to begin Sunday worship service. Last week, we had the opening dedication service in the hall. It really blessed us so much to see people coming from different areas. Every Sunday we have worship service there and every Wednesday we have Bible study. 

There are still have some needs in the church hall (above). Please pray that God will provide our needs and bless the church.

Calvary Bible Institute Update

“Therefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers.”

Ephesians 1:15-16

The church in Ephesus is an exceedingly vibrant church that not only accepted the Gospel but was also bold to share their faith with the Gentiles around them. Similarly, we at Calvary Chapel hear of your faith and love for all the saints. We never cease to give thanks to God for your never-ending generosity for the propagation of knowledge about Christ, our Lord.

Commencement of a New Semester

“Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19

God promised that He will do a new thing among His people. We are all His handiwork, and He is always ready to do new things through those who love and obey His commandments. We believe that the very reason He chose all of us is to do new things. Therefore, His name will be glorified and the Gentiles may be drawn to the light. It is with that living hope we began a new semester this February, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us in the coming season! We have two new students, and God has laid it on our hearts to pour out ourselves in service to our brethren.

CBI Ministries

Chapel Talk

One of the ways to enhance the preaching and teaching skills of our students is to highly encourage them to teach, so that they can grow in the art of teaching. In this chapel talk teaching session, we assess their gifts and give suggestions for better ways for them to make the text understandable to the audience. It has been a great blessing to see our brothers grow and help them to be ready in season and out of season.

Local Outreach Tuesdays

We have prayed over and came forward with a new initiative this semester: to send out our students every week to local outreaches in nearby areas. Along with continuous teaching throughout the week, our brothers are burdened to share the Light among the darkness. Our brothers have already reached out and we received good tidings from this labor. May Our Lord open more doors and hearts to disciple one soul at a time

Park Ministry and Street Gospel

In a city like ours, the mission field is everywhere the eye can see. As, Zinzerdorf once said, every heart with Christ is a missionary and every heart without Christ is our mission field. Our mission field is huge and vast. Our brothers and us are being prepared for the upcoming season of reaching out to those in the parks and streets with the Gospel. Usually, parks and streets are places where young adults and teens come to hang out. Where sin is increased, grace is increased all the more. May the Lord, give us grace to be the carriers of His love and mercy.

Semester Missions Outreach

Our tents are going to be enlarged. God, Himself is going to enlarge the territories of Kingdom of God in our nation. God, miraculously opened a door to minister in the central part of the country. The seed was sown. Now, it has started to work. We were invited again to serve in one of the cities. We are so filled with hope that He has chosen this city for a great harvest in the coming days.

Below are the few ministries that all of us are planning to be involved in.

  • Pastors Conference (Preparing them through the right Word of God) 
  • Youth Meetings
  • Village Evangelism Outreach (Preaching gospel to the unreached.)
  • 2 Day Long Pastor Meeting  
  • Worship Teachings 
  • Evangelism In the Workplace 
  • Prayer Walks 
  • Village Outreaches

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our church’s to be transformed into more of His image and to do His purpose.
  • Pray for unity and love in our church 
  • Pray for our new church plant in K* 
  • God has blessed us with a hall for the church plant. Please pray for God to provide all of our needs there. 
  • Pray for upcoming outreach in the central part of country
  • Pray for the Calvary Bible Institute students

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Great Opportunities to Show the Love of Christ

Hello Dear Family,

Merry Christmas to you all. Yes, God has been doing a great work in us and through us to reach out to the lost. I thank you for your prayers and support.

During the Christmas season, we have a great opportunity to reach out to people and show the love of Christ. We are planning to have Gospel outreaches in 5 different locations. Two in the city, 2 in villages, and 1 in a tribal area. Pray that those who listen will see Christ and experience His love. We are going to preach the Gospel to them.

As I was meditating on the Word of God and thinking about reaching out to the lost, God reminded me of this verse: “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”. Only the true Gospel of Christ has power to unveil the minds of unbelievers and open their eyes. So, we are going to take the Gospel to the places where Satan has been enthroned. Our schedule starts on December 7th and lasts until December 25th. We will be travelling to many different places and many different districts. Almost 20 different districts! Please pray for our travels. We are very thankful for a vehicle that God has provided. We have been praying for 3 years for a vehicle. God amazingly provided it in His timing! We are praising God for His provision.  

Bible Institute Student Outreach During School Break

God works in many amazing ways. It is with that assurance and faith that we started work in a village nearby. I mentioned this village in my previous newsletter. There is hostility and strong enmity towards the Gospel in this village. God, in His plan, once again led us to this village, after the semester was over.

Before entering the village, we prayed over the village, proclaimed God’s authority and cried out for God’s protection. As soon as we entered the village, we followed the example of the Lord’s ministry by going two-by-two in every direction of the village. The Lord, in His grace, opened up the hearts of a few. Those few accepted the Gospel and invited us to visit their homes. We all evangelized in the village for 4 hours. When all of us except for two, had arrived to our meeting place, the news had already spread all over the village that Christians were in the village proclaiming the Gospel. Many of the people gathered together and were plotting to confront us. As the final two, were about to reach our meeting point, people ran behind our brothers to confront them. But our brothers outran them and reached the meeting place. From there, we all could drive away from that village. After we went a short distance, we stopped by at a temple. We sat there and again prayed for the village. God, revealed to us while we prayed that the enemy is enthroned in that village, but God who is far greater than the enemy, is going to topple down the same enemy from the throne and going to rule over the hearts of the people in the village. Then, we had to take another route to exit the village than the usual route.

Park Evangelism: The next day, we went to a park nearby. We followed the same method of evangelizing, two-by-two, in the park. All of us, shared the Gospel with many of the people. At the end, one of our brothers, did open-air preaching in the park where many got to hear the Word of God. We pray that the seeds which were sown, will bear fruit in due time for His glory.

Hospital Ministry: The very next day, we went to the largest hospital in our city. There we prayed, helped, and served the patients. We took a hold of every opportunity to share the love of Jesus to the patients who are unloved, hopeless and homeless.

Prayer Walk: We serve and do ministry in the city. We were also led to walk for over 22 miles in the city and pray over the houses and communities here. We evangelized all the way. We were filled with hope and faith that God would one day bring each and every one to the knowledge of His son, Jesus Christ.

Food Distribution: The final day, we prepared dinner, and made packages of the food to distribute to those without food and to the homeless. We were not only prepared to give food, but also to share love of Jesus by sharing the Gospel.

Calvary Bible Institute Update

God, in His rich mercies, helped all of our staff and students successfully complete this semester. It is a sheer joy to see the students mature and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior. Fervent zeal to reach the lost has been manifest in all of the students. The staff are also being prepared for the harvest which is to come through this labor. Each and every teaching, every book, every session so magnified the truth in God’s Scripture that all of us here are day-by-day being made complete for every good work and also be called as men of God to faithfully and rightly divide the Word of Truth.

What we especially feel blessed about at the Institute is the fellowship that the students have. The fellowship they have with God through their diligent study of the Word and continuous prayer life, and also their fellowship with one another as they are getting to know each other and love one another. A wide range of Biblical teachings from the Old Testament and New Testament are being helpful for all of us to be well acquainted with the whole counsel of God. It is with great anticipation we cry unto the God of the harvest to send more workers for our fields, where there is an unprecedented lack of Biblical knowledge.  

Pastors’ Conference

“God’s Grace”–this is the reply given by all of our students when we asked them for feedback about the pastors conference in a nearby country. It has been a dream-come-true moment for us to be able to comprehend the meaning for the words: “No man has ever seen or no man has ever heard for the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Some of our students never even imagined in their dreams that God would cause them to set foot in a different country. The teachings by visiting pastors, meeting the body of Christ in the nearby country, eating the country’s pork meat, having fellowship with one another, experiencing the unusual cold weather– the list goes on and on. Brethren, nothing is in vain. Each and every little detail God has prepared serves a purpose. We believe that it is just the beginning of our lifetime mission to see every nation, every tribe and every tongue worship the One true God.

While we were staying there, we saw co-workers from different parts of the world. Our brothers felt great comfort in their hearts–knowing that they are not alone in this battle which we wage with unseen principalities and the power of this world. The truth which was proclaimed in the teachings has enabled all of us to keep running the race and pressing towards the mark and reach unto those things which are in the future. Even though our nations, languages, cultures, and traditions vary so much, Christ is whom we all have in common. We are all made one in Him, who has given Himself a ransom for whomsoever believes in Him.


Seven students recently graduated during the conference. We rejoice at their devotion and commitment to Christ. They firmly believed that a good work has been started by God within them, and that it is He who will bring a glorious end to that good work which He began. We are filled with hope to see the fruit in the coming days and that this little flock will be faithful to the Lord and bring in more souls for the expansion of Kingdom of God.

Our brothers are going to be spread in different directions all over in 2 different states in this coming season. All of the things, which God has taught them while they were in the Bible Institute will be used as they are in field. Especially the effects of false teachings that have been ransacking the lives of the sheep in the states. The work, now for our brothers will be to teach the sheep at a higher level the truth revealed in the divine scriptures in their houses, villages and cities. We expect great things and also do great things because we serve a God who is great. Though the seed which has been sown in our hearts is small, we believe our God will bring increase in due time and that the fruit in both the states would be unfathomably more.

Youth Bible Study

Youth at our Calvary Chapel church plant are another set of wonderful souls, that God has bestowed to us. The eagerness and earnest desire to ponder on the Word of God has been steadily increasing in their souls. As of now, they are being taught from the Gospel of Mark by brother A*. A few of the youth have already started to minister in word and deed in a nearby old-age home. They are also using every opportunity to bear witness for the Word of God and testimony of Lord Jesus Christ. We are praying and preparing our minds and hearts to do more evangelism in our communities in the coming year and to let ourselves shine and do good works for the Glory of the Father, who is in heaven. 

More evangelism that is going on includes: street witnessing, track distribution, park evangelism, prayer walks, in-home Bible studies, college outreach and more. We believe, the unreached are our neighbors next-door, our neighborhood, our community and our city. Our prayer is to reach our city and a nearby city. May God pour out His grace unto each and every youth in the church to be a vessel for His Word and good works which He has prepared before the foundation of the world. 

Women’s Bible Study

On Wednesdays, our regular women’s Bible study is playing a very significant place in those who attends’ lives. During it, they can learn, grow and be strengthened to endure the suffering they go through in their daily lives. Most of these sisters’ husbands beat and harass them. They go through domestic abuse for choosing Christ and coming to the fellowship. Even though the cost is high, the Lord is strengthening them to take a stand for the truth and to lead their families to saving faith.

Sunday School

Most of the kids at our Sunday School come from broken, disturbed families. Church is where these beautiful kids are loved, cared for and taught about Christ. All of the kids are actively taking part in Sunday school activities. We praise God that their day-to-day commitment is firm in Christ as they are growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

One of Our Graduate’s New Church Plant

At the new church plant in Y*, Sunday worship service has started in the evenings, through which the Lord graciously added 5 families to our church. The book of Psalms is being taught in the evening service. Since a new work has been started here in this community, more work needs to be done regarding teaching the basics of our faith, so that a strong foundation will be laid in this church. They are being edified in the matters of love, grace and forgiveness to each other. Evidently, the Word is working in their hearts and transforming their souls. Please pray that God will open more doors to reach the heathen with the saving faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A Testimony of God’s Miraculous Works

A sister named P*, who is a family member of a church member, was pregnant and admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. Doctors gave up on her, saying that there were complications in the baby’s growth and confirmed that the baby had already died in the mother’s womb. The condition was so severe that even the mother’s life was be in danger. As soon as we received the call, we prayed and reached out to the hospital and interceded for God’s help in this critical situation. God, In His rich mercies heard our prayers and miraculously healed both the mother and the baby. We thank God that He has shown grace upon this family.

N* Slum

God laid upon our brother P*’s heart to reach out to the people in N*. Initially, the people were non-responsive and reluctant towards the Gospel. As soon as they were shown love by some acts of kindness in times of need (like blanket distribution), they invited brother P* to start a Bible study with a Christian family in the slum. This fellowship of one family has now increased to 6 families. Brother P* is ministering them with the Word every Thursday.

The kids in the slum are uneducated. So everyday brother P* is teaching 15 of the children. Please pray for the kids to grow in the Word of Christ and for the families who attend the fellowship. Your prayers are also needed for our Christmas outreach in this slum which is to be conducted on the December 10th.

K* Bible Study

Every Monday, we meet with families to build homes on the foundation of the Word of God. Through these meetings, we pray that men will be reached and be drawn closer to God. Many men are addicted to alcohol and physically abuse the sisters who attend the meetings. These meetings are also to strengthen our sisters, and that through them, their husbands will come to know about God and come to Christ.

Also, on Fridays, Bible exposition on the Gospel of Mark is being taught to help those who listen to know the servant nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise Report

  • Praise God that He has helped all of the graduates successfully finish their training.
  • Praise God for providing a new vehicle for ministry which will help in the expansion of the Kingdom of God
  • Praise God for providing a house to have worship service in Y*
  • Praise God for His faithfulness for every need which is met, every prayer which has been answered, and pouring out His grace to continue this work for the whole year

A sister named A*, who has been attending to our fellowship, was going through a financial crisis. Ever since she started to grow in the Word, the Lord was ministering to her heart. A new house was made available to her family by the grace of God. Seeing her grow in God, her husband started to physically abuse her. Please pray that God will open his heart to the Gospel.

Thank God for healing sister M*, who has been suffering with PCOD. Please pray for her to be able to have a child.

Praise God, that He opened doors for the kids to be enrolled in a nearby school (since they were all illiterate). Please pray that God continues to provide them good education.

During the covid lockdown, one family was badly affected. All of the family members were ill. Our brother P* ministered to that family. They are now healed and know the greatness of our God who rejoices in showing mercy to the merciless.

Church Prayer Requests

  • Although we were blessed with an old house in which we could hold services, we still need electricity to continue the services. Please pray that God will meet this need, so that we can worship Him without any interruptions.
  • Please pray that God will provide the needs for the church such as 15 chairs etc.
  • Please pray for a family in T*. May God open the door to start a Bible study and use this family to reach the people in this community.
  • Pray for brother P*’s spiritual life. He wants to be faithful to the Lord and His Word.
  • Please pray for P*’s family, brothers, sisters and brother-in-laws’ salvation. May God bring them to Christ.
  • Pray for our travel for the Gospel outreaches. 

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Proclaiming God’s Truth

Hello Dear Family in Christ,

Thank you all for your prayers and support. Thank you for being part of what God is doing here. 

May and June were really busy. We had great outreaches. I am excited to share what God has done. 

Calvary Chapel in the City

It is really a joy to share with you about what God is doing through our church.

I have been praying about reaching out to more people in the colony that we have been ministering in for 6 years. The God’s Holy Spirit directed us to start going to houses that we have not reached yet and have fellowship with the families there. So, I announced during our Sunday worship service that each believer should choose 3 families to take us to. They should be families they know, who have never heard the Gospel, so that we could go and have fellowship with them. This really worked and went really well. We reached 15-18 families and we are praying to continue to minister to them. Please pray for this.

I also really want you all to pray for unity and love in our church. 

Bible College

We have finished our spring semester successfully, by your prayers and support. Our students went back to their villages and started conducting youth meetings and sharing the Word. The Word of God stirred up their hearts. They have started small groups and teaching the Word. It is really a joy to see them spending time on the young people. During their break time, students planned youth meetings in different towns. They are ministering. Praise God for this! We are excited for what God has for them. 

“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

1 Corinthians 15:58

We all, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, as one body, proclaim this truth over and over. We are so overwhelmingly amazed that the Lord has poured out His grace upon us to stand firm all through these years. No matter what. We share the good works that the Lord has prepared for this church here before the foundations of the world. We, as a church, are constantly encouraged through this truth to give ourselves, each and every one, “fully” to the work of the Lord, faithfully and wholly. Although many ministerial works are being served through this church, this truth encourages our hearts that each and every small work matters and counts before the eyes of the Lord. At the end of the day, Our labor in the Lord is never in vain.

Our Calvary Chapel Church’s 7th Anniversary Celebration and Gospel Outreach

And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. 

Matthew 16:18

Truly, truly does this business of building church belong exclusively to Jesus, our Lord–never to us. The thread of never-ending history of the church from the beginning of the church-age ties up to this promise of the scripture. Very little did we know about His plan and love when God sent His men to a lukewarm church in our country. Now, we could understand and fathom the decisions taken by the saints were always stirred up by the Spirit of the Lord for the furtherance of the Gospel to our beloved brethren.

By saying this, we continuously praise God with a heart of thankfulness and gratitude that He has sustained His church and will faithfully continue to do so until His return. The Lord was gracious on each and every little detail of the celebrations. Church believers from the two church plants gathered with one accord and one mind in Christ. Sisters from Calvary Chapel in the city voluntarily joined in preparing dinner for all the attendees. Since it was decided to have the meeting on the college campus, we also had an opportunity to share the Gospel to our neighbors in the community. It was a joyous celebration all through the end and, of course, a powerful Word by Pastor S*, from the pastors’ association in the city, encouraged our hearts to keep pressing forward until the end.

Missions Outreach in Another State

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

Romans 10:14

Our prayers and supplications to God did include some questions like,

“How will people of our country be saved, Lord?”

“How are we going to reach the people in the neighboring states, Lord?”

We are always amazed to see how our prayers are answered and doors opened to all possibilities. We prayed for the Lord’s guidance and assistance to send us. Initially, we had decided to minister in 2 different locations one after the other. Lord, in His foreknowledge changed our minds to have our teams separated and sent.

J* Outreach

We started off our journey from our city to J* which took at least 18 hours. Meanwhile, we were met by a few co-passengers with whom we shared the glorious Gospel of our God through Jesus Christ.

As soon as we reached J*, we then stayed at church where B*’s dad pastors the church. The very next morning we went for a prayer walk all over the locality to intercede on behalf of the people, so that they could accept the free gift of salvation of God through Jesus Christ. In the evening, we headed to a local church for a youth meeting. Many of the sisters in the church are being excommunicated from their families for accepting Christ. Even though the cost is high, they are not ashamed of the Gospel.

Alongside with the help of B*’s dad, we traveled over 700 kilometers throughout all the surrounding districts of J*. Every meeting we attended, every word we preached brought a new awakening in the souls of the believers. For a matter of fact, there are churches in the deep jungles. The sad fact is, there are no churches that teach sound-doctrine. Some of the pastors were expressing their joy that we are the only preachers who focused on sin and repentance. This also bears so much burden on us that there will be a huge influx of youth who will be attending our Bible college to study the Word. Adding to that, all of the pastors requested us to come back and train their co-workers in the Word

Please pray for the future harvest in this region. May the Lord open many doors in the form of Bible-conferences, youth camps and many more to spread the Word.

Please pray for the many villages where there is huge scarcity of water resources and lack of knowledge about personal hygiene.

Note: God really put it in our hearts to reach out those villages and train young pastors and leaders who are serving there. I have been praying about it and have planned to have a small mission training trip twice a year for 10-15 days. Please pray for this.

K* Outreach: 

This is a district in another state. We went to a village where a lot of young people were addicted to drugs and alcohol. On the first day we went to street to share the Gospel and stood at the center of the village and proclaimed the Gospel. Some people came to us and we prayed for them. We faced persecution in that village. They told us to stop sharing. After that we went to door to door to share the Gospel and hand out the Gospel tracks. It is really amazing to see how powerful the Gospel is.

Next day we took a loud speaker and drums. We sang songs on the main roads. Whoever we saw on the roads we went to them and shared about the love of God and prayed for them. After that the Holy Spirit of God lead us into a village. Our students prepared choreography and skits to perform an outreach program. So, we stopped at a place and started performing dances and skits which related to the Gospel.

Almost 30-40 people gathered. We got a great opportunity to share the Gospel and proclaimed it with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our Bible college students were lead by the Spirit of God to go and speak to them. It was really amazing to see students really touched by the Word of God and practically using the Word in others’ lives. Watching them doing those things, I really felt happy and praised God.

One of our students talked to a group of young people who were addicted to drugs and encouraged them and prayed for them. Almost 15 young people were there. The villagers were really happy and invited us to their houses to pray and asked us to come back again to teach the Word. So please be praying for that too. 

Kids Camp in K*

We got to do a 3 day kids camp in the village. Almost 40- 50 kids gathered. We got to introduce Jesus to them and spent an awesome time with those little ones. It is really amazing the see how God is leading us and using the Bible college students and staff. I am really thankful to have such a great staff here who are helping equip the students and investing in their lives. It is really a blessing to have staff who are capable and men who fear God and have heart to reach out the unreached. It is a great team.

Calvary Chapel Children’s Camp in our City

“You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” 

Duet. 6:7

God also led us to conduct children’s camp in our campus upon completion of the outreaches. Children from both churches were taken to the camp to be trained in the Word for 3 full days. It was a joy to see the kids playing Bible activities, songs and dances etc. On the final day, children were given toys and certificates for their active participation in all the activities. Please continuously praying for the work here.

Prayer Requests 

  • Pray for our family to grow more in Christ and to be strong.
  • Pray for our staff to grow more in the knowledge of Christ and to be in unity
  • Pray for our church to have unity
  • Pray for our upcoming semester that starts in July. 
  • Pray for our Bible college’s new building construction. The paperwork should be finished soon. Please pray for the financial needs of the registration process.
  • Pray as we are developing a ministry through media to reach out to many. Pray for God’s lead and provision for that.
  • Pray for the students.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Preach the Word with Boldness

Hello Dear Family in Christ,

I hope you all are doing well. I want to thank you for faithfully praying for and supporting the work that is happening here in my country. May God bless you all and keep you safe. I have been praying for you.

The word of the Lord spread through the whole region.

Acts 13:49

It is our Lord’s heart to spread the Word and preach it with boldness and power. One of the signs that the Lord is in our midst is that His Word spreads and the church grows. It has been so encouraging that what Lord has started in the midst of us is about to bring a long-lasting impact on everybody who is serving and also everyone who is being served. 

We are so thankful to our Lord for opening many doors to minister in word and also in deed. Below are the few good things God started. 

Cottage Prayer Meetings

God has helped us start prayer meetings everyday in houses of those we have lead to the Lord, to strengthen them and encourage them grow in their lives in Christ. They have truly felt God’s comfort and love all through this difficult season. Our staff was asked to share the Word, so that they could be used to expand the Kingdom of God. The Lord stirred up the hearts of these believers to bring in and invite more of their family members and friends to listen to the Gospel. 

Wednesday Bible studies have been a blessing to the church. Many of the sisters in the church are being filled with the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brother A* has been leading the youth (teenagers and young adults). We are studying the Gospel of Matthew in our Saturday youth Bible study. God has been so gracious over all of the youth. They are getting to know that Jesus is King. He is still reigning. No matter what. Lately, all the brothers and sisters have had a very good time of fellowship by ordering KFC. We are hoping and believing that the Lord has great things in store for the future through this small little flock. 

Passion Week

Being followers of Christ, we are commanded to remember the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a church, we all gathered for Good Friday and Resurrection Day. All the believers assembled on our college campus and remembered 7 sayings of our Savior on the cross. This prompted all of us to look unto Jesus. The Good Friday service was followed with dinner. It was so powerful on Resurrection Sunday to experience the joy of knowing that our Lord conquered death. We celebrated the resurrection and are eagerly waiting upon our bodily resurrection. 

Outdoor Meeting 

God, in His mercies has allowed us to travel to a nearby district to share the Word of God. It seemed so impossible because of power cuts (lack of electricity) and many interruptions. Nonetheless, the Lord was so powerfully manifest among us that I preached about the will of God in a Christian life in the open air. Believers really were convicted of their sins and recognized the need of having a personal relationship with our Living Lord. 

The Lord has been so faithful in providing for the church rent for the past few months. We pray and believe that He will provide in the coming months as well. Please pray for this.

Praise God for another young brother named V* (right) who I met in our local outreach program. He is a young man who came here for a way to make a living, from a neighboring state. He had never heard about Jesus and His glorious good news. Sadly in his state there is no presence of Christians and people are not aware of Christianity. We hope and pray that we could reach his village through this first fruit. Brother V* is filled with hope now to continue in the quest for truth which is only found in Jesus. Please pray for brother V*.

Gospel Outreach Program in Our City- May 16th 

In May, we are planning to do a Gospel outreach here in our city. We want to conduct an outreach program where people can come hear the Gospel on the streets. Right now, we are going out for prayer walks and sharing the Gospel on the streets. On the May 16th, we are planning to bring more people from the area we are in. Over 150 people are expected. This will be the first time we are arranging a Gospel outreach program in this new place. We are excited to see how God works in their lives and how the Holy Spirit moves. This has always been in my heart to see people worship our great King who is on the throne. I believe and proclaim this outreach will brings many to Jesus and to transform their lives. 

Bible College Outreach : May 23rd – June 6th. 

We will be having an outreach with the students of our Bible college to go out and preach the Gospel. We are going to 2 different states that God is leading us to go preach Gospel in. In these states, people are not allowed to speak about Jesus. The students and staff will be joining in this outreach. The outreach will last 15 days. We will be preaching the Gospel on the roads, arranging youth meetings, having fellowship, sharing the Gospel door to door, doing personal evangelism, and performing dances and skits on the streets to catch people’s attention and then preaching the Gospel. We are excited about how the Holy Spirit is going to lead us and to see people come to Christ. Pray for us as we prepare for this outreach. 

Our Interns

I want to share about our interns. They are fruit of our labor and the work of the Holy Spirit. 

Called to G* – Brother A*

Here is the vision of our Bible college student who is doing internship right now. After this, he will be sent out.

“And when he found him, he brought him to Antioch. So for a whole year Barnabas and Saul met with the church and taught great numbers of people. The disciples were called Christians first at Antioch.” 

Acts 11:26

“Although I grew up in an orthodox catholic family, never ever was I given knowledge of Jesus Christ or taught about the significance of the Word of God. God, in His gracious plan saved a sinner like me to be a witness of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. For the past 4 years, as a new believer I always have been enthusiastic to know the truth of the Bible. 

“The Lord heard my cry to reveal Himself through the scriptures and helped me to experientially know Him through His word. What I have been taught in this training period is that I cannot be called a Christian if I am not a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am very inspired by the lives of Paul and Barnabas and similarly praying for the purpose Lord has chosen me for. 

“Lately, the Spirit of God has been laying a burden on my heart to reach the city of G*. G* was the first destination for Lord’s work in medieval missions. To make a long story short, G*s are now badly affected by Catholicism and its ritualistic religion. If the Lord permits, in His timing, I wish to see what the Lord has for me in the future. I pray that G* will play a prominent role in the coming future just like Antioch, which was the mission station for Paul and Barnabas to reach the surrounding regions. Please uphold me and my brothers as we are praying and planning to spread God’s glorious Gospel to many other people groups.”

About this area: 

G* is a state on the southwestern coast of the country. It is the 4th smallest state by population and the smallest by area. 

Religion : Hinduism 66.08%, Catholicism 25.10%, Islam 8.33% 

Called to go A* – Brother C*

“It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known, so that I would not be building on someone else’s foundation.” 

Romans 15:20

“Ever since I accepted Christ, I always had a deep desire for indigenous tribes. I prayed, fasted and sought for the Lord’s guidance over time. Time passed by, and God, through Christ and His mission for the lost, has encouraged my soul to seek for Indigenous tribes. As I am being trained as an intern, I believe that I am very close to my ambition to preach the Gospel where the name of Christ has never been preached or known.

A*, is one of the districts which is very little influenced by Christ and His church. It is the district with the highest population of Indigenous tribes. 

I am beyond blessed and thankful to God that He has blessed me with a very encouraging team whom I could share my vision and burden with. Your prayers and intercession are very much needed for me as I am praying to be sent.”

About this area:

A* is a city which serves as the headquarters of the district. T* is the native language. It is located about 304 kilometers (189 mi) north of the state capital. A* is called the “gateway to the south (of the country)”.

Population: 1,39,383

Languages : T* is the most spoken language

Religion : Hinduism 65%, Islam 30.59%, Buddhism 2.60%, others 2.44%

If God puts the burden in your hearts for these people, please do not forget to pray.

Prayer Requests: 

  • Pray for our team to grow more in the knowledge of Christ 
  • Pray for my mother’s healing. An iron plate accidentally fell on her toes, and broke 3 toes.
  • Pray for the students.
  • Pray for our outreach program on the 16th of May. Pray for the financial needs for it.
  • Pray for our Bible college students outreach in 2 states. We will start on May 23.
  • Pray for my sister, she is expecting a baby and is in her 9th month. Be praying for a safe delivery. Her due date is on the 1st week of June. 
  • Pray for my wife and daughter’s health. 

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

I Will Praise the Lord

Hello, Dear Family In Christ!

How are you all doing? Thank God for His protection over all. Thank you all for your prayers and support. During this new year, God has greater things for all of us. I hope God has already started them in your life.

This new year has already been amazing. I was able to see things of God in our family’s life and ministry. I praise God for that. I want to share some things with you all, so that you will know more about how to pray for us. May it be encouraging to you that your prayers are answered and God has heard your prayers. People of God who are praying and supporting us in ministry, may you see the fruit that God has made able to come forth. One thing I want you to know is that, you are partaking in our service towards Him. It wouldn’t have happened without your prayers and support and mainly by the grace of God. May God bless you more in the work you do. I will be continually praying for you all.

2 More Accepted Christ

It is amazing and happy to see that people are coming to Christ, getting saved and turning away from their sins and from this world.

I got to meet an amazing family. The man’s name is R*. I got to know him through his sister when he was in prison. He was in a gang that was in an attempted murder case, so they put him in prison. He became really depressed and wanted to kill himself.

I was able to talk to him, share Gospel with him and pray over him. From that day on, he felt the love of God. He started believing in Christ and started praying in prison. He confessed his sins and gave his life to Christ. After a few days he was released. He then started coming to our church and decided to get baptized in the name Jesus. The amazing thing is that his whole family got saved and gave their lives to Christ. What an amazing God we serve and worship! The whole family was baptized. Praise God! Now they all are coming to church and regularly attending weekly Bible studies. 

Youth Meeting

We have been praying to start having a youth conference every month to encourage youth in the Word of God. So, in the month of January we conducted a youth conference. It went really well. I shared the Word of God. These days, young people are struggling a lot and are in the bondage of sin. Some are not able to overcome sin, because of a lack of the Word of God. God really spoke to them that day that they are strong when they are in the Word of God. They also learned not to destroy their spiritual life and relationship with God. The Word of God is always our strength to attack the enemy. We all know when Satan came to Jesus with temptations, Jesus answered with the Word of God. So that is how we overcome the wicked one.

All of the young people were blessed. Some of them recommitted their lives to Christ. Some gave their live’s to Jesus. We also had some fun, played games, sang songs and had dinner together. Afterward everyone asked us when we are going to meet again. It was really amazing that young people wanted to know more about God and grow more in their relationship with Him. Keep praying for these young people to be strong and to have a close relationship with Jesus. Keep praying that these youth conferences continue to grow and to be a blessing to many.

Women’s Bible Study  

Bible study is going well by the grace of God. Women are learning a lot from the Word of God. My wife Elizabeth is doing women’s Bible study in the middle of the week. Pray that it continuously grows and is blessed. Many are attending and every week new people come. We have been able to see a change in them and their families. They were sharing testimonies about what a blessing this fellowship is. It has really blessed my heart to see them grow. My heart is to see them depending on God more to grow more and to be women of faith and in the Word.  

Testimonies from the Worship School Students

We have successfully completed the Calvary Chapel Worship School Batch-1 with the Lord’s help. Personally, it was so encouraging to see how God has been helping all through the worship school. We had students from our own state and from other states as well. We had a few students who were very enthusiastic to learn what it means to Biblically worship the God of the Bible. These students not only finished the classes but also decided to enroll in our Bible college.

Student 1*’s Testimony
“I have had many misconceptions and prejudices about biblical worship. I was attracted to un-biblical teachings which affected my worship of God. Despite many difficulties, I made it to the worship school. I thank God wholeheartedly because, though this worship school, God directed my life for a greater purpose and cause. Finally, I am excited for what the Lord has is store for me in the future.”
Student 2*’s Testimony
“I have always been skeptical about my faith in Jesus because of my family’s condition. I had no clue of what the Lord was about to do in my life through this worship school. I am now sure that my God wants to be known by me.
Since then, I took a step of faith to join the Bible college school and commit myself in the studying of the scriptures. I am now more clearer than before of my identity because it has been found in Christ through the teachings in this worship school.
I praise God for what He is doing in each one of our lives.”

Bible College

Another semester has already started. We have 10 students. Amazingly God has brought His people to be trained and to equipped for His work. These people are awesome. They really have a heart to learn and serve God. Pray for them to be faithful and to learn the Word.

New Church Plant

An update from one of our Graduates Brother P*

“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:6

“I am confident enough in the one who has chosen me to serve Him that He will help me carry it till the end. Ever since I graduated from the college, I have always been hopeful and confident that God has a place and people for me to serve. I have kept seeking the Lord’s direction and guidance for the future. I was first led to y* slum where they was a Christian family. The Lord opened the door for me to minister to this family. Not only was I allowed to have a Bible study there, but I also was allowed to minister to many other unbelievers in the slum. The Lord has been gracious. Now there are 20 people attending the Sunday service. Amidst the severe pandemic, there was a family which was severely affected in the pandemic and miraculously, the Lord healed all the family members. They are so thankful to their God who healed their bodies and are eager to know Him who is powerful enough to save their souls.”

K* Slum

God, in His mercy has gifted me a heart of connecting people as a bridge. Having this in my mind, I was standing in a bus stop and waiting for Lord’s intervention. Then, I was led to meet a young guy. We got to know each other well. He happens to be a guy from a Christian family. He asked me to have a Bible study for all the community members. The Lord has been powerful. There has been gradual growth in the fellowship. Now there are about 12 families who are attending the Sunday fellowship. There has been a huge influx of women converts in the Body of Christ. This is my prayer that men should be raised up and that they act as instruments in shaping the local communities. There are now 3 new converts who are men. They used to be drunkards. Now the are completely sold out for Christ. They are getting to know their Savior through the weekly Bible Studies.

An Update from Brother C* 

“It is a great joy working among the children in K* slum. Since I am already a graduate from the Bible college here, I have been full of expectation and excitement to see what God has for me in the future. The Lord answered my prayers through brother P* and I was asked to takeover the children’s ministry in the K* slum. When I first met and tried to understand them, I saw that they all had a nominal Christian upbringing but that their lives were still worldly. I asked the Lord to help me to minister to these little hearts. After I sought the Lord’s help, I taught them about the Savior, Jesus, through some action songs. I am now beyond thankful to God that are so enthusiastic about Jesus. I believe that the Lord has been working in these little hearts. There are now 18 Children attending the fellowship. I am praying to minister to the Hindu kids as well. The children were blessed with Bibles, toys, and Sunday school materials. I am earnestly praying that they would grow more in the Lord and bear fruit worthy of repentance.”

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our family to grow more in Christ and to be faithful.
  • Pray for our church to grow in unity and love.
  • Pray for the students in Bible college.
  • We are going to register our church and Bible College. Pray for the process to go well.
  • Pray for the construction of our own building for the Bible college and church.
  • We have moved into a new building for our church services. We are in need of better sound equipment and musical instruments. Also, we are planning to go online live, because many people are asking us to from different cities. Pray for us to get all the necessary equipment.
  • Pray for a motorcycle for the ministry. 
  • Pray for the women’s ministry.
  • Pray for my health. For the past 15 days I have been suffering with cold and cough.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Dwelling in God’s Word

I praise God for the amazing things He is doing in everyone’s life who comes to Him. God has been teaching me many things in my life personally about Himself, family, and ministry.

The situation in our state to preach the Gospel is not very good, because day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult. Anti-Christian groups are growing more and more to stop the Gospel from spreading. Recently, they arrested a pastor for sharing the Gospel. They thought if they arrest a pastor, others will get afraid and will stop preaching the Gospel. Anti-Christian groups also threatened many pastors and told them that they are not allowed to preach the Gospel. They say our country belongs only to Hindus and it is a Hindu country. So please pray about this. As we all know, the more they want to stop (the Gospel), the more it spreads. It is the power of truth (Jesus). 

It’s amazing to see how God is raising up evangelists from our church. It is a great joy for me to see them stepping out to go preach the Gospel to the unreached people in our colony. As I always say, God has a great plan and a purpose for this place that He has sent me to minister in. New people are being added to the church fellowship. People are really encouraged by the Word of God and are taking steps to reach others. This month, 2 new families started coming. They shared about how blessed they are after coming to Calvary Chapel. They said that they have never heard these type of teachings. It really blessed my heart. The people in our church are growing in serving, encouraging and praying for each other. They are reaching out to the people who are lost. Continually pray for unity and for us to make godly decisions. 

Bible College

We started our 2nd semester in Bible College. Right now, we have 7 students. God is doing amazing things in the lives of the students. Two weeks ago, 5 of our students and a member of the staff got a viral infection and suffered a lot from the illness. We had to separate them from the others and sanitized the Bible College building. I was really worried and discouraged about it. I asked God to remove the sickness from them and shared the prayer request with everyone who prays for us. Our amazing God healed our brothers and now everyone is healthy and doing well. I really thank God for His protection and healing. We can see how Satan attacks the work of God. Please be continually praying for our students.


I am really excited and happy to share that we had a baptism this week! The person who got baptized had been an unbeliever who has been coming to our church continually for a year. She got saved by knowing Christ, gave her life to Christ, and got baptized. More people are coming forward to give their life to Christ. Please be praying for them also. 

New Project: Music Production 

God has put it in my heart to reach people through worship songs and music ministry. I have been writing songs for 7 years. I have never taken the initiative to record them, but this year I felt like God is leading me in this area: writing biblical songs that fit biblical doctrine, because many songs are really not biblical and do not support the Word of God.

I want to reach people through Gospel music. So, I have already recorded two new songs and there are more to do. Please pray for the video recording that also needs done (for these 2 songs). I want to release them on YouTube and also on a few audio apps., so that they will be available to many. Please pray for God’s provision for the video shoot, recording and editing. 


Colossians 3:16 teaches us that we ought to allow the Word of Christ to dwell (which literally means to have a residence) richly in (within) us. Back in the churches of Colossi, there were false doctrines that taught that you needed to have special knowledge or revelation to obtain salvation.

Songs are not merely words put in an order to satisfy us with emotions and feelings. Songs are powerful convictions that should be consistent with the Words of God; In order to edify and help transform us into the likeness and Holiness of Christ. This has been our burden- to take the church back to the eternal living Word; that regenerates our hearts and minds to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Give Thanks Among the Gentiles

In 2 Samuel 22:50, David vowed to God to praise Him because He delivered him from Saul who had sought after David’s life for many long years. “Giving thanks” literally means to “confess publicly” or “to give public acknowledgment”. 

It has been our vision to give thanks or to publicly acknowledge our Savior to the gentiles since Jesus saved us from our wicked nature of sin which has been following us from the beginning. This serves the Great Commission to first GO and reach the gentiles and share with them about the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ 

New Church Building

This is the time for us to move out. I was praying and I felt that God is speaking to me and saying that this Word ministry is without borders. I really felt joy in my heart about what God is going to do in the coming days. The seats are full in the church service we are having right now. We cannot fit more people. God is leading many people to our Calvary Chapel. We are praying for a new place, so please pray with us.

A lot of healings are taking place in the believers’ lives. Not only physical healings, but also healing of hearts. Right now, we are going through the book of Hebrews. God is strengthening everyone and building up the church for His work and also to stay strong in the path of life in Christ. 

New Program:

Our School of Worship (Seminary) Workshop

Jan 3rd-Feb 4th 2022

This is one more thing that I want you all to pray about. The work of the Holy Spirit is misinterpreted in many of the churches in our state. So, my teammates and I are praying about and planning to start a 1 month School of Worship during the semester break of our Bible College. We plan to train those who come in both basic music theory and biblical worship, and also introduce them to Christian theology. We have selected a few subjects to teach including Biblical Overview, The Attributes of God, The Works of the Holy Spirit, and The Names of God. Our vision is to bring them closer to God through the Word of God and to Worship God how He wants to be worshiped. This is really getting out of order in many churches, because of the lack of God’s Word and because people don’t receive the Word of God with understanding. Believers are very much attracted to tricks people play in the name of worship. I believe that God has started a new work here in Hyderabad to reach many. 

The way becomes like the other ways when we cannot differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable worship. 

When Jesus was speaking to the Samaritan woman, He first pointed out that she was indeed a sinner and in need of a Savior. She misunderstood, thinking that Jesus was just a prophet as He exposed her darkened adulterous life and later shed light of the truth that He is the one who she was waiting for. Upon receiving the good news, she readily acknowledged Christ as her personal Savior. She then lived as a witness or living sacrifice for her dear Lord among her native Samaritans.

Christian worship has become more feelings than acknowledging Christ.

Christian worship has become more full of worldly musicians than of witnesses for Christ.

This worship workshop helps believers know what it is to worship God in spirit and truth; and the differences between acceptable and unacceptable worship. This workshop also helps believers to discern the dead orthodoxy which includes only truth, and zealous heterodoxy which only includes spirit. These teachings would help the believers to live a balanced life in spirit and truth to glorify God and walk according to His will. Please keep praying for the new things that God is doing here in our state.

Outreach Program

After finishing the semester, we are planning an outreach. Please pray for God’s leading and protection. 
Once again, thank you for your prayers and love.
Thank you,Pastor 6* and Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Therefore, My Heart Is Glad

Hello, Everyone!

Thank you all for partaking in the work God is doing here and touching many lives. It is very amazing that God could use us all to proclaim His love and greatness. 

Distributing Food

God has opened doors to minister to these people and to share the Gospel. This week we were able to distribute groceries to almost 70 families. It is amazing to see smiles on their faces! God was able to provide for His people, like Paul promises for the Philippians that, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” There is no lack of anything for His people in the kingdom of God.

In our Lord’s prayer it says “Let Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” I know it is God who gave us the heart to reach those lost souls. As many of us long to see heaven while living here on this earth, I also want to see the will of God here on earth.

New Church Plant Worship Service

Now we were able to share the Gospel with these people and start a church plant in these 2 areas. Every week, new people join the fellowship and also the Sunday services. We are going to minister to these people continually. Please pray. Next, we are going to distribute Bibles among them. Many are very thankful. They could tell that we loved them and felt cared for. Some of our students and staff also shared how blessed they are to be involved in this outreach. I just want to say thank you for everyone who prayed for us and supported us in distributing groceries.

Online Worship Service

We are still doing online worship services. We were able to gather everyone through phone calls and also Facebook live. We are going through the book of Hebrews. It has been really awesome! The author of the book really took us in to great revelation. Please pray for our worship services. Everyday we are having a Bible study on zoom. Many people are joining day by day. We have been able to hear that they are learning a lot and are blessed to study the Word verse by verse.

We have been having daily Bible studies for 20 days. We are going to continue teaching the Word of God, using technology, to reach more people during this time of the pandemic. Even in these pandemic times, we are using every opportunity to go reach people and share the Gospel. 

Women’s Ministry

Hello, Everyone! My name is (undisclosed). I am pastor 6’s wife and I am really excited to share the things that God is doing here. My friends and I were able to distribute personal hygiene products at our new church plant to bring awareness and also educate them. At the same time we had a prayer meeting. A lot of non-believers attended the meeting and we were able to distribute to everyone and also shared the Gospel. Lots of women do not know about person hygiene or personal hygiene products. We really felt happy to teach them basic hygiene. Many people felt ashamed to take them from us. Here, many people feel ashamed to talk about personal hygiene and do not learn about it. We really felt so happy to teach them how important it is to maintain hygiene. Please continually pray for those women we ministered to.

1st Semester Completed

“I really thank God, my pastors, and teachers! They were really encouraging and very much supportive.”

Distributing Food

“We were able to finish our 1st semester! It was really a blessing and amazing to see how God leads and how He is using His Word to bring life.”

Our students from the Bible college were sharing how blessed they are to come learn God’s Word and to see the heart of God. Everyone seems like they fell in love with Jesus. Also, they got involved in online Bible studies and outreach programs. Our next semester starts in August and we are going to take more new students. Please pray that the new students who are coming would experience Christ’s love and grace. 

Please pray for the Bible college here. Pray that we raise more disciples of Christ to reach both of the states that speak our language. Because, people here are very blinded with the spirit of religion. Many Christian leaders are blinded as well. They treat people like the Pharisees treated others in Bible times. We want to be like how Jesus would impact them through His words, kindness, and love towards others. God put it in my heart to reach people how He reached them. I always used to think, “Why are many churches not strong? Why are they living a life of hypocrisy and their life as they are not born again?”

Women’s Ministry

Then God reminded me that it is because the people are not receiving the Word with understanding and they are also not taught right. In Luke, chapter 13, the owner of a vineyard planted a fig tree and came seeking it’s fruit but he found none. Here, many people are boasting about themselves that they have been a Christian for many years. But they do not realize that they are not bearing fruit. It is sad to see people blinded by this world and claiming to be Christians. The Word clearly tells us that Jesus looks for the fruit. So, God put it in my heart to reach more people. And, also, to raise servant leaders. I know what impacted me and pushed me to be strong. I was able to see Jesus in my study times in Bible college in Nepal.

So, now, I want to see the students who are coming to be impacted by Jesus. Because, I was able to see that if the leaders are corrupt, then they will make corrupt disciples. When we are discipled by Jesus (God’s Word) we will make disciples of Christ. I believe these things and apply them in my life and also in the ministry.

In the Gospel of Luke there is a pattern. Through it, I also was able to see and learn how Jesus ministered. So, I am applying the same here. I always believe when we lead and walk in the ways Jesus did, it is always perfect and it is His will. There is no fear in doing the will of God, because He always provides when He leads. It is Jesus and His Word that caused me to love Him. There is nothing to boast about ourselves, because it is Him who is doing things in us and through us. So, All Glory to God. Amen

My Daughter

Once again, I thank you for your love and care towards our daughter. She is now 7 months old and healthy and doing fine. I really want to thank all of you who supported me from my heart. She always reminds us of God’s Grace and His Protection. 
With Love,Pastor 6* and Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

All Thy Wondrous Works

Hello Dear Family!

We hope you all are doing good. We are continually praying for you all. Even during the time of this pandemic, God has been very faithful in protecting and providing for us. I am excited and happy to share with you all what’s happening here and in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In my country, COVID positive cases are growing day by day. Many people are dying. It is really sad to see. Many are losing their parents and children. I want you to please pray especially for my country. People here need more wisdom on how to protect themselves from Corona. Many are reckless. They are still not taking it seriously. It is sad to see them who do not know Christ. I do not know why God allowed it, but still He has a reason–so that many may turn to Him. Please pray about it. Since April, we have been doing our worship services online, and reaching out to other people through social media. New people have also joined our online worship services.

We are happy to see people responding to the Word of God. It blesses my heart. Some of our church people do not use social media, but we still connect with them on our phones through conference calls (bringing them together over the phone) so everyone can join in our worship services. We have 3 worship services each week and also one time for fasting prayers. Please pray for our church people to grow more in Christ, and spend their time encouraging each other, and building their relationships with God. Some of them are discouraged because of the lock down. Some people are sick too.

Praising God Together at Our New Church Plant

New Church Plant

Even in this hard COVID time, God has a plan for His people. I always believe that if God is allowing something, that means He has something to do with it. So amazingly, God opened doors for us to start a Bible study in a new place, very near our Bible College! It is amazing how God leads to reach His people. You can see in the pictures, this is the new place that we have started a Bible study. Slowly it is growing. This May we started Sunday worship services.

God really did miraculous healing in the midst of them. After we started a Bible study there, slowly people started joining. One of their children was sick and they asked me to pray for them. I said “God, You brought us here to do something in their life. So in Your name I pray and ask You to heal this person.” Then on that day she was healed! Her fever and body weakness went away. I really praise God for His healing.

It’s like working with God for His Kingdom. Many are sharing testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. So, people started believing more and coming to Jesus. I really felt like if God leads definitely He will provide. It is like miracles confirm the message of God. So now most of them are believing Jesus and asking us to come to their homes and pray for them. Now everyone believes that there is hope in Jesus. They are growing more in the Word. So I want you to pray especially for this place that God would use us more to bring people to Jesus. 

Distributing Food to the Starving and Sharing God’s Word

Food Distribution in a New Place To Reach

God opened up an opportunity to visit and share the Gospel with people who are suffering and broken. Almost everyone in the families we visited got tears in their eyes, and asked us to please pray for them. It is really sad to see them suffering during this time of COVID. We prayed and distributed food among them. We also visited each family and shared the Gospel and prayed over them.

Only one family believed on Jesus. Most of them are unbelievers. On the day we did food distribution, they really felt loved and cared for. So please continually pray for these families. They need Jesus. Every Sunday we are going to meet with them and share the Gospel. We are planning to start a Bible study and then start having Sunday worship. This will be another new church plant. So please continuously pray.

Friday Outreaches

Reaching Out to People in Their Homes

During the month of April, we did outreaches in 2 different places. One area is the colony our church is in, to reach all the families in that area. Students join us in this outreach. We visit unbelievers houses and pray and share the Gospel with them. When we enter into their houses they really feel happy and welcome us with grateful hearts. Some people directly tells us that they don’t want to hear about God, but we still keep on building relationships with them to lead them to Christ. We sit with the families we visit and listen to what they say. We share the Word and worship the Lord. They share that they feel peace and happy. So we continually visit them every Friday. Please pray for every house we enter. They need to meet Jesus and experience His love and grace in their lives.

The other location we did ministry in was sharing the Gospel on the street and also in the parks. Wherever we go, we share the Gospel with the people during the outreach. Amazingly, God arranges for us to meet people. It is like a spiritual appointment. Every student will be involved in sharing the Gospel to new people and connecting with them to keep building relationships to lead them to Christ. Amazingly, God does good things in their lives! So we go to the places where God leads, and meet those who God wants us to meet. 

Leading Worship

I got invited to lead worship at a women’s conference and also during a 3 day pastors’ conference in my state . It is really amazing to see His people worshiping God, singing praises to Him from their hearts, and raising their hands to surrender their lives. I am really blessed to be a part of what God is doing among His people. Please continually pray for my worship leading ministry also–that it will help connect people to God and that they would experience His presence. 

Bible College 

Everyone is doing really good. We are able to see the students are learning a lot of things from God’s Word. They are excited to learn more. Already, it has been almost 2 months. Now we are in the 9th week of the semester. They are having a good time learning the Word. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep praying. Now, we have started having the students give chapel talks each evening. That means that students will share the Word and learn to teach verse by verse. Everyone is doing a good job in that. Please keep praying. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the work that is happening here.
  • Pray for our new church plant to keep growing .
  • Pray for the new place that we want to start a Bible study.
  • Pray for our slum ministry.
  • Pray for our youth ministry.
  • Pray for our worship leading ministry and park ministry. 
  • Pray for our other new church plant. (It has been going on for 3 months.)
  • There are more places that we need to reach. Please pray for God’s timing and resources.
  • Please pray for a food distribution in the areas where people are suffering and needy and hungry. Many of the “daily wages” workers do not get to eat properly even when things are normal. Now that everything is shutdown, there is no chance for them to go out for work. People are not only dying because of corona- but also because they do not have enough food. 
  • Please pray for the Bible college.
  • Please pray for our financial needs for a Bible distribution in the 3 new church plants and a food distribution for the hungry and needy.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Living Hope

Hello dear family. How are you all doing?

Our New Baby

What an amazing God we serve. He is doing amazing things in our lives and in the lives of many. We are praising God for His faithfulness and love because it has brought us through until now and made us able to continue the work of God. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I really appreciate and am blessed that you all are partaking in the ministry by praying and supporting us. May God bless you and your families. We will be praying for you all too. 

You all know about and were praying for my baby. Now, she is doing well and playing a lot! She loves hearing worship music and songs. When we read the Word, she loves to hear it. She smiles while she is sleeping. It is just funny. She has such cute expressions. Whenever I see her, I remember the faithfulness and power of God in our lives. He stood with us all the time, and He is still with us forever. It strengthens us and gives us courage when we think about how God is in control and He is on our side. What a loving God we all have! 

Ministering At Our Friend’s Church

I am really blessed and happy to share what God is doing here in our state. One of our friends invited me to his church to minister the people there and to share the Word of God. So we all went as a team and served there. We led them in to worship and got the opportunity to share the Word. I am really blessed to see people who are thirsty for God’s Word. So this summer we are planning an outreach to that area to share the Gospel and teach them the Living Word. Please remember them in your prayers. 

This year we started 2 new cell groups in different locations. It was fruitful. People are joining and learning the Word of God. God has put it in our hearts to go reach out to our community, pray for them and bring them to Jesus.

We were able to go meet some new families. Please pray that they see Jesus and experience His love, because we are reaching unbelievers. A new team was formed to go reach out from our church. We are really blessed to see that they have the heart to reach out and love them. It feels so good to see them sharing the love of God. 

Bible College 

In the month of March, we started a Bible college. It started in God’s timing.

Students Learning at Our New Bible College

When I was in Nepal, as a student, I used to think, “My area needs a school like this, that teaches the right Word.” I always used to pray for my country who need Jesus and need to know the right Word of God.

The teachers at the college had such a great heart. They loved everyone and encouraged us to move forward in faith. I always used to feel like I was in the midst of Jesus. Such a soft hearted people. I wondered how it was possible to love like that and to be like Christ. Then I came to know that they are men of God who know the Word right and that is what is making them humble and loving. Only the Word of God gives the Christ standard life.

So, yes now there is Calvary Chapel Bible college in my state. It is a great joy! I am thankful to God and to my pastors who are encouraging me to move forward.

Our Bible College Students Having Lunch Together

Right now, we have 7 students eagerly learning the Word of God. They are excited everyday to learn new things from Word. Now we are in the 4th week. I’m really excited about what God is going to do in each one of our students lives and how it is going to turn them to live for Him. It is such a great blessing to see.

We will be having a Gospel outreach every Friday for the students. They go out and share the Gospel on streets and also visit unbeliever’s houses and share love and pray for them. Students also are also involved in children’s ministry, visiting slums, street Gospel outreach and new church plants. So please pray for them.

New Church Plant

Our New Church Plant

One of our students here is in his 4th semester and doing very well. Right now, every week he is traveling 112 miles to conduct Sunday worship services, where we have our new church plant. The fellowship is growing, and God is doing amazing things in that place. One of the believers in the new church plant was suffering from kidney stones for many months; the believer had severe pain and was admitted in the hospital. The doctors said that the believer needed to have surgery. They were really worried, and did not have the finances available to move forward with surgery. Our student was very encouraging to them to trust in the Lord, and they prayed and depended on Him for healing. Amazingly, after one week, the stones came out and the believer was healed. They were all really praising God for this healing, and now their faith is growing more and more. Please be praying for this student as he travels every week to minister, and also pray that he will be a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

Another one of our students, Andrew*, finished his 4th semester in 2020. We are praising God for His protection through all of his journeys. We are excited to see what God has for him. Now, he is helping translate in the Bible College, and he is also going to teach 1&2 Samuel this semester. Be praying for the wisdom of God and that he will be faithful to what God has called him to do. Please also pray for his family. 

God’s Mission – Reach out.

In the month of May, we are planning an outreach to go reach out with local churches in two states, and also plan to preach the Gospel in the streets. God has put this burden in my heart to go reach young adults to bring them back to Jesus through His Word. These days in church, there are fewer young people because they became distracted with many things and went far from God. They live sinful lives and are not able to come out from that because the true Word of God is not preached in their fellowships, and many people are judging them. So, Jesus wants to meet them and to show them love. Then, they can come back and be freed from all of their addictions. Many young people are dying every day because they make bad decisions in their lives that lead to death. God is not happy with what is happening in these young people’s lives, and it has really touched my heart to see young people taking their lives because they feel hopelessness or insecurity and have addictions. Only Jesus can give them hope and set them free. They need to hear there is hope and freedom from sin, and if they come to Jesus, He will give them a life of hope (living hope). Please be praying for this outreach program. In the next newsletter I will give details about the outreach.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.