Dwelling in God’s Word

I praise God for the amazing things He is doing in everyone’s life who comes to Him. God has been teaching me many things in my life personally about Himself, family, and ministry.

The situation in our state to preach the Gospel is not very good, because day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult. Anti-Christian groups are growing more and more to stop the Gospel from spreading. Recently, they arrested a pastor for sharing the Gospel. They thought if they arrest a pastor, others will get afraid and will stop preaching the Gospel. Anti-Christian groups also threatened many pastors and told them that they are not allowed to preach the Gospel. They say our country belongs only to Hindus and it is a Hindu country. So please pray about this. As we all know, the more they want to stop (the Gospel), the more it spreads. It is the power of truth (Jesus). 

It’s amazing to see how God is raising up evangelists from our church. It is a great joy for me to see them stepping out to go preach the Gospel to the unreached people in our colony. As I always say, God has a great plan and a purpose for this place that He has sent me to minister in. New people are being added to the church fellowship. People are really encouraged by the Word of God and are taking steps to reach others. This month, 2 new families started coming. They shared about how blessed they are after coming to Calvary Chapel. They said that they have never heard these type of teachings. It really blessed my heart. The people in our church are growing in serving, encouraging and praying for each other. They are reaching out to the people who are lost. Continually pray for unity and for us to make godly decisions. 

Bible College

We started our 2nd semester in Bible College. Right now, we have 7 students. God is doing amazing things in the lives of the students. Two weeks ago, 5 of our students and a member of the staff got a viral infection and suffered a lot from the illness. We had to separate them from the others and sanitized the Bible College building. I was really worried and discouraged about it. I asked God to remove the sickness from them and shared the prayer request with everyone who prays for us. Our amazing God healed our brothers and now everyone is healthy and doing well. I really thank God for His protection and healing. We can see how Satan attacks the work of God. Please be continually praying for our students.


I am really excited and happy to share that we had a baptism this week! The person who got baptized had been an unbeliever who has been coming to our church continually for a year. She got saved by knowing Christ, gave her life to Christ, and got baptized. More people are coming forward to give their life to Christ. Please be praying for them also. 

New Project: Music Production 

God has put it in my heart to reach people through worship songs and music ministry. I have been writing songs for 7 years. I have never taken the initiative to record them, but this year I felt like God is leading me in this area: writing biblical songs that fit biblical doctrine, because many songs are really not biblical and do not support the Word of God.

I want to reach people through Gospel music. So, I have already recorded two new songs and there are more to do. Please pray for the video recording that also needs done (for these 2 songs). I want to release them on YouTube and also on a few audio apps., so that they will be available to many. Please pray for God’s provision for the video shoot, recording and editing. 


Colossians 3:16 teaches us that we ought to allow the Word of Christ to dwell (which literally means to have a residence) richly in (within) us. Back in the churches of Colossi, there were false doctrines that taught that you needed to have special knowledge or revelation to obtain salvation.

Songs are not merely words put in an order to satisfy us with emotions and feelings. Songs are powerful convictions that should be consistent with the Words of God; In order to edify and help transform us into the likeness and Holiness of Christ. This has been our burden- to take the church back to the eternal living Word; that regenerates our hearts and minds to the saving knowledge of Christ Jesus.

Give Thanks Among the Gentiles

In 2 Samuel 22:50, David vowed to God to praise Him because He delivered him from Saul who had sought after David’s life for many long years. “Giving thanks” literally means to “confess publicly” or “to give public acknowledgment”. 

It has been our vision to give thanks or to publicly acknowledge our Savior to the gentiles since Jesus saved us from our wicked nature of sin which has been following us from the beginning. This serves the Great Commission to first GO and reach the gentiles and share with them about the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ 

New Church Building

This is the time for us to move out. I was praying and I felt that God is speaking to me and saying that this Word ministry is without borders. I really felt joy in my heart about what God is going to do in the coming days. The seats are full in the church service we are having right now. We cannot fit more people. God is leading many people to our Calvary Chapel. We are praying for a new place, so please pray with us.

A lot of healings are taking place in the believers’ lives. Not only physical healings, but also healing of hearts. Right now, we are going through the book of Hebrews. God is strengthening everyone and building up the church for His work and also to stay strong in the path of life in Christ. 

New Program:

Our School of Worship (Seminary) Workshop

Jan 3rd-Feb 4th 2022

This is one more thing that I want you all to pray about. The work of the Holy Spirit is misinterpreted in many of the churches in our state. So, my teammates and I are praying about and planning to start a 1 month School of Worship during the semester break of our Bible College. We plan to train those who come in both basic music theory and biblical worship, and also introduce them to Christian theology. We have selected a few subjects to teach including Biblical Overview, The Attributes of God, The Works of the Holy Spirit, and The Names of God. Our vision is to bring them closer to God through the Word of God and to Worship God how He wants to be worshiped. This is really getting out of order in many churches, because of the lack of God’s Word and because people don’t receive the Word of God with understanding. Believers are very much attracted to tricks people play in the name of worship. I believe that God has started a new work here in Hyderabad to reach many. 

The way becomes like the other ways when we cannot differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable worship. 

When Jesus was speaking to the Samaritan woman, He first pointed out that she was indeed a sinner and in need of a Savior. She misunderstood, thinking that Jesus was just a prophet as He exposed her darkened adulterous life and later shed light of the truth that He is the one who she was waiting for. Upon receiving the good news, she readily acknowledged Christ as her personal Savior. She then lived as a witness or living sacrifice for her dear Lord among her native Samaritans.

Christian worship has become more feelings than acknowledging Christ.

Christian worship has become more full of worldly musicians than of witnesses for Christ.

This worship workshop helps believers know what it is to worship God in spirit and truth; and the differences between acceptable and unacceptable worship. This workshop also helps believers to discern the dead orthodoxy which includes only truth, and zealous heterodoxy which only includes spirit. These teachings would help the believers to live a balanced life in spirit and truth to glorify God and walk according to His will. Please keep praying for the new things that God is doing here in our state.

Outreach Program

After finishing the semester, we are planning an outreach. Please pray for God’s leading and protection. 
Once again, thank you for your prayers and love.
Thank you,Pastor 6* and Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Therefore, My Heart Is Glad

Hello, Everyone!

Thank you all for partaking in the work God is doing here and touching many lives. It is very amazing that God could use us all to proclaim His love and greatness. 

Distributing Food

God has opened doors to minister to these people and to share the Gospel. This week we were able to distribute groceries to almost 70 families. It is amazing to see smiles on their faces! God was able to provide for His people, like Paul promises for the Philippians that, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” There is no lack of anything for His people in the kingdom of God.

In our Lord’s prayer it says “Let Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” I know it is God who gave us the heart to reach those lost souls. As many of us long to see heaven while living here on this earth, I also want to see the will of God here on earth.

New Church Plant Worship Service

Now we were able to share the Gospel with these people and start a church plant in these 2 areas. Every week, new people join the fellowship and also the Sunday services. We are going to minister to these people continually. Please pray. Next, we are going to distribute Bibles among them. Many are very thankful. They could tell that we loved them and felt cared for. Some of our students and staff also shared how blessed they are to be involved in this outreach. I just want to say thank you for everyone who prayed for us and supported us in distributing groceries.

Online Worship Service

We are still doing online worship services. We were able to gather everyone through phone calls and also Facebook live. We are going through the book of Hebrews. It has been really awesome! The author of the book really took us in to great revelation. Please pray for our worship services. Everyday we are having a Bible study on zoom. Many people are joining day by day. We have been able to hear that they are learning a lot and are blessed to study the Word verse by verse.

We have been having daily Bible studies for 20 days. We are going to continue teaching the Word of God, using technology, to reach more people during this time of the pandemic. Even in these pandemic times, we are using every opportunity to go reach people and share the Gospel. 

Women’s Ministry

Hello, Everyone! My name is (undisclosed). I am pastor 6’s wife and I am really excited to share the things that God is doing here. My friends and I were able to distribute personal hygiene products at our new church plant to bring awareness and also educate them. At the same time we had a prayer meeting. A lot of non-believers attended the meeting and we were able to distribute to everyone and also shared the Gospel. Lots of women do not know about person hygiene or personal hygiene products. We really felt happy to teach them basic hygiene. Many people felt ashamed to take them from us. Here, many people feel ashamed to talk about personal hygiene and do not learn about it. We really felt so happy to teach them how important it is to maintain hygiene. Please continually pray for those women we ministered to.

1st Semester Completed

“I really thank God, my pastors, and teachers! They were really encouraging and very much supportive.”

Distributing Food

“We were able to finish our 1st semester! It was really a blessing and amazing to see how God leads and how He is using His Word to bring life.”

Our students from the Bible college were sharing how blessed they are to come learn God’s Word and to see the heart of God. Everyone seems like they fell in love with Jesus. Also, they got involved in online Bible studies and outreach programs. Our next semester starts in August and we are going to take more new students. Please pray that the new students who are coming would experience Christ’s love and grace. 

Please pray for the Bible college here. Pray that we raise more disciples of Christ to reach both of the states that speak our language. Because, people here are very blinded with the spirit of religion. Many Christian leaders are blinded as well. They treat people like the Pharisees treated others in Bible times. We want to be like how Jesus would impact them through His words, kindness, and love towards others. God put it in my heart to reach people how He reached them. I always used to think, “Why are many churches not strong? Why are they living a life of hypocrisy and their life as they are not born again?”

Women’s Ministry

Then God reminded me that it is because the people are not receiving the Word with understanding and they are also not taught right. In Luke, chapter 13, the owner of a vineyard planted a fig tree and came seeking it’s fruit but he found none. Here, many people are boasting about themselves that they have been a Christian for many years. But they do not realize that they are not bearing fruit. It is sad to see people blinded by this world and claiming to be Christians. The Word clearly tells us that Jesus looks for the fruit. So, God put it in my heart to reach more people. And, also, to raise servant leaders. I know what impacted me and pushed me to be strong. I was able to see Jesus in my study times in Bible college in Nepal.

So, now, I want to see the students who are coming to be impacted by Jesus. Because, I was able to see that if the leaders are corrupt, then they will make corrupt disciples. When we are discipled by Jesus (God’s Word) we will make disciples of Christ. I believe these things and apply them in my life and also in the ministry.

In the Gospel of Luke there is a pattern. Through it, I also was able to see and learn how Jesus ministered. So, I am applying the same here. I always believe when we lead and walk in the ways Jesus did, it is always perfect and it is His will. There is no fear in doing the will of God, because He always provides when He leads. It is Jesus and His Word that caused me to love Him. There is nothing to boast about ourselves, because it is Him who is doing things in us and through us. So, All Glory to God. Amen

My Daughter

Once again, I thank you for your love and care towards our daughter. She is now 7 months old and healthy and doing fine. I really want to thank all of you who supported me from my heart. She always reminds us of God’s Grace and His Protection. 
With Love,Pastor 6* and Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

All Thy Wondrous Works

Hello Dear Family!

We hope you all are doing good. We are continually praying for you all. Even during the time of this pandemic, God has been very faithful in protecting and providing for us. I am excited and happy to share with you all what’s happening here and in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In my country, COVID positive cases are growing day by day. Many people are dying. It is really sad to see. Many are losing their parents and children. I want you to please pray especially for my country. People here need more wisdom on how to protect themselves from Corona. Many are reckless. They are still not taking it seriously. It is sad to see them who do not know Christ. I do not know why God allowed it, but still He has a reason–so that many may turn to Him. Please pray about it. Since April, we have been doing our worship services online, and reaching out to other people through social media. New people have also joined our online worship services.

We are happy to see people responding to the Word of God. It blesses my heart. Some of our church people do not use social media, but we still connect with them on our phones through conference calls (bringing them together over the phone) so everyone can join in our worship services. We have 3 worship services each week and also one time for fasting prayers. Please pray for our church people to grow more in Christ, and spend their time encouraging each other, and building their relationships with God. Some of them are discouraged because of the lock down. Some people are sick too.

Praising God Together at Our New Church Plant

New Church Plant

Even in this hard COVID time, God has a plan for His people. I always believe that if God is allowing something, that means He has something to do with it. So amazingly, God opened doors for us to start a Bible study in a new place, very near our Bible College! It is amazing how God leads to reach His people. You can see in the pictures, this is the new place that we have started a Bible study. Slowly it is growing. This May we started Sunday worship services.

God really did miraculous healing in the midst of them. After we started a Bible study there, slowly people started joining. One of their children was sick and they asked me to pray for them. I said “God, You brought us here to do something in their life. So in Your name I pray and ask You to heal this person.” Then on that day she was healed! Her fever and body weakness went away. I really praise God for His healing.

It’s like working with God for His Kingdom. Many are sharing testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. So, people started believing more and coming to Jesus. I really felt like if God leads definitely He will provide. It is like miracles confirm the message of God. So now most of them are believing Jesus and asking us to come to their homes and pray for them. Now everyone believes that there is hope in Jesus. They are growing more in the Word. So I want you to pray especially for this place that God would use us more to bring people to Jesus. 

Distributing Food to the Starving and Sharing God’s Word

Food Distribution in a New Place To Reach

God opened up an opportunity to visit and share the Gospel with people who are suffering and broken. Almost everyone in the families we visited got tears in their eyes, and asked us to please pray for them. It is really sad to see them suffering during this time of COVID. We prayed and distributed food among them. We also visited each family and shared the Gospel and prayed over them.

Only one family believed on Jesus. Most of them are unbelievers. On the day we did food distribution, they really felt loved and cared for. So please continually pray for these families. They need Jesus. Every Sunday we are going to meet with them and share the Gospel. We are planning to start a Bible study and then start having Sunday worship. This will be another new church plant. So please continuously pray.

Friday Outreaches

Reaching Out to People in Their Homes

During the month of April, we did outreaches in 2 different places. One area is the colony our church is in, to reach all the families in that area. Students join us in this outreach. We visit unbelievers houses and pray and share the Gospel with them. When we enter into their houses they really feel happy and welcome us with grateful hearts. Some people directly tells us that they don’t want to hear about God, but we still keep on building relationships with them to lead them to Christ. We sit with the families we visit and listen to what they say. We share the Word and worship the Lord. They share that they feel peace and happy. So we continually visit them every Friday. Please pray for every house we enter. They need to meet Jesus and experience His love and grace in their lives.

The other location we did ministry in was sharing the Gospel on the street and also in the parks. Wherever we go, we share the Gospel with the people during the outreach. Amazingly, God arranges for us to meet people. It is like a spiritual appointment. Every student will be involved in sharing the Gospel to new people and connecting with them to keep building relationships to lead them to Christ. Amazingly, God does good things in their lives! So we go to the places where God leads, and meet those who God wants us to meet. 

Leading Worship

I got invited to lead worship at a women’s conference and also during a 3 day pastors’ conference in my state . It is really amazing to see His people worshiping God, singing praises to Him from their hearts, and raising their hands to surrender their lives. I am really blessed to be a part of what God is doing among His people. Please continually pray for my worship leading ministry also–that it will help connect people to God and that they would experience His presence. 

Bible College 

Everyone is doing really good. We are able to see the students are learning a lot of things from God’s Word. They are excited to learn more. Already, it has been almost 2 months. Now we are in the 9th week of the semester. They are having a good time learning the Word. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep praying. Now, we have started having the students give chapel talks each evening. That means that students will share the Word and learn to teach verse by verse. Everyone is doing a good job in that. Please keep praying. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the work that is happening here.
  • Pray for our new church plant to keep growing .
  • Pray for the new place that we want to start a Bible study.
  • Pray for our slum ministry.
  • Pray for our youth ministry.
  • Pray for our worship leading ministry and park ministry. 
  • Pray for our other new church plant. (It has been going on for 3 months.)
  • There are more places that we need to reach. Please pray for God’s timing and resources.
  • Please pray for a food distribution in the areas where people are suffering and needy and hungry. Many of the “daily wages” workers do not get to eat properly even when things are normal. Now that everything is shutdown, there is no chance for them to go out for work. People are not only dying because of corona- but also because they do not have enough food. 
  • Please pray for the Bible college.
  • Please pray for our financial needs for a Bible distribution in the 3 new church plants and a food distribution for the hungry and needy.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Living Hope

Hello dear family. How are you all doing?

Our New Baby

What an amazing God we serve. He is doing amazing things in our lives and in the lives of many. We are praising God for His faithfulness and love because it has brought us through until now and made us able to continue the work of God. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I really appreciate and am blessed that you all are partaking in the ministry by praying and supporting us. May God bless you and your families. We will be praying for you all too. 

You all know about and were praying for my baby. Now, she is doing well and playing a lot! She loves hearing worship music and songs. When we read the Word, she loves to hear it. She smiles while she is sleeping. It is just funny. She has such cute expressions. Whenever I see her, I remember the faithfulness and power of God in our lives. He stood with us all the time, and He is still with us forever. It strengthens us and gives us courage when we think about how God is in control and He is on our side. What a loving God we all have! 

Ministering At Our Friend’s Church

I am really blessed and happy to share what God is doing here in our state. One of our friends invited me to his church to minister the people there and to share the Word of God. So we all went as a team and served there. We led them in to worship and got the opportunity to share the Word. I am really blessed to see people who are thirsty for God’s Word. So this summer we are planning an outreach to that area to share the Gospel and teach them the Living Word. Please remember them in your prayers. 

This year we started 2 new cell groups in different locations. It was fruitful. People are joining and learning the Word of God. God has put it in our hearts to go reach out to our community, pray for them and bring them to Jesus.

We were able to go meet some new families. Please pray that they see Jesus and experience His love, because we are reaching unbelievers. A new team was formed to go reach out from our church. We are really blessed to see that they have the heart to reach out and love them. It feels so good to see them sharing the love of God. 

Bible College 

In the month of March, we started a Bible college. It started in God’s timing.

Students Learning at Our New Bible College

When I was in Nepal, as a student, I used to think, “My area needs a school like this, that teaches the right Word.” I always used to pray for my country who need Jesus and need to know the right Word of God.

The teachers at the college had such a great heart. They loved everyone and encouraged us to move forward in faith. I always used to feel like I was in the midst of Jesus. Such a soft hearted people. I wondered how it was possible to love like that and to be like Christ. Then I came to know that they are men of God who know the Word right and that is what is making them humble and loving. Only the Word of God gives the Christ standard life.

So, yes now there is Calvary Chapel Bible college in my state. It is a great joy! I am thankful to God and to my pastors who are encouraging me to move forward.

Our Bible College Students Having Lunch Together

Right now, we have 7 students eagerly learning the Word of God. They are excited everyday to learn new things from Word. Now we are in the 4th week. I’m really excited about what God is going to do in each one of our students lives and how it is going to turn them to live for Him. It is such a great blessing to see.

We will be having a Gospel outreach every Friday for the students. They go out and share the Gospel on streets and also visit unbeliever’s houses and share love and pray for them. Students also are also involved in children’s ministry, visiting slums, street Gospel outreach and new church plants. So please pray for them.

New Church Plant

Our New Church Plant

One of our students here is in his 4th semester and doing very well. Right now, every week he is traveling 112 miles to conduct Sunday worship services, where we have our new church plant. The fellowship is growing, and God is doing amazing things in that place. One of the believers in the new church plant was suffering from kidney stones for many months; the believer had severe pain and was admitted in the hospital. The doctors said that the believer needed to have surgery. They were really worried, and did not have the finances available to move forward with surgery. Our student was very encouraging to them to trust in the Lord, and they prayed and depended on Him for healing. Amazingly, after one week, the stones came out and the believer was healed. They were all really praising God for this healing, and now their faith is growing more and more. Please be praying for this student as he travels every week to minister, and also pray that he will be a faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

Another one of our students, Andrew*, finished his 4th semester in 2020. We are praising God for His protection through all of his journeys. We are excited to see what God has for him. Now, he is helping translate in the Bible College, and he is also going to teach 1&2 Samuel this semester. Be praying for the wisdom of God and that he will be faithful to what God has called him to do. Please also pray for his family. 

God’s Mission – Reach out.

In the month of May, we are planning an outreach to go reach out with local churches in two states, and also plan to preach the Gospel in the streets. God has put this burden in my heart to go reach young adults to bring them back to Jesus through His Word. These days in church, there are fewer young people because they became distracted with many things and went far from God. They live sinful lives and are not able to come out from that because the true Word of God is not preached in their fellowships, and many people are judging them. So, Jesus wants to meet them and to show them love. Then, they can come back and be freed from all of their addictions. Many young people are dying every day because they make bad decisions in their lives that lead to death. God is not happy with what is happening in these young people’s lives, and it has really touched my heart to see young people taking their lives because they feel hopelessness or insecurity and have addictions. Only Jesus can give them hope and set them free. They need to hear there is hope and freedom from sin, and if they come to Jesus, He will give them a life of hope (living hope). Please be praying for this outreach program. In the next newsletter I will give details about the outreach.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

I Cried Unto the Lord

Thank you all, dear family in Christ. for your prayers and support.
The first month of this new year started with a test in our family and in our spiritual life.
As you all know, the month of December was fully packed with a lot of things and busy schedules. I thought that in this new year we could take a break and rest before we started new plans for this year and what God has for his people.

Our New Baby 

As you all know, my wife was due to have a baby on Feb 24th. But, all of a sudden, in her 8th month, her blood pressure got really high and her face and hands swelled up. This was on the 31st of December. I was praying, “Dear God, What is happening?” 
So, we rushed to the hospital. The doctor checked her blood pressure. It was 150/100. She was admitted into the hospital for observation. As they were giving her medication, her blood pressure went higher. They kept her in the hospital for 7 days. But, the treatment did not help her blood pressure, its just keep getting higher. Finally, her blood pressure reached 180/122. 
The baby was not getting any nutrients from her mother because there was a placenta problem. Doctors said they would have to abort the baby so that they could save the mother. But, I prayed,”God, You know what is happening. I know you are in control even in the difficult times.” I was looking to God and trusting Him that He is able to save my baby and my wife. 
The next morning, everything was ready for a C-section to try to save my wife. The doctors thought that there was no way that our baby would survive. The hospital took a video of my wife and I, together, saying that the hospital would not be responsible if anything happened to the baby or to the mother. 
When the doctors were saying these things, I thought, “My God, who I serve and worship, is so powerful He can raise people from the dead. He will protect and He is able.” 
Everyone was crying outside, but I heard God saying, “Stay still and see what I can do.” 
They did the C-Section and took out the baby. They were shocked to see that our baby was moving and crying!!! So, they called an ambulance to transfer her to another hospital that was 45 minutes away. For about 4 weeks she was in an incubator. 
The nurses who were taking care of our baby said, “Your baby is not drinking milk properly. She will only drink 5ml instead of 25ml.” I prayed, “Dear God, what is happening now?” Then, again, God reminded me, “I am watching over your baby. Do not worry.” So, I thought, “Yes, God.” 
The next day, the doctors called us and said, “Your baby’s blood levels say that there is infection in her blood.” I shared this with our friends and pastors to ask them to pray. Then, God reminded me again, “I did not bring her this far to stop now. Wait and see.” 2 days later, her blood test results came back normal! I was so amazed to see the works of God! This January was full of amazing things our family was able to see.

“Behold, I will do a new thing,Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?
I will even make a road in the wilderness
And rivers in the desert.”Isa 43:19.
“Instead of your shame you shall have double honor,
And instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion.
Therefore in their land they shall possess double;
Everlasting joy shall be theirs.”
Isa 61:7.

God spoke to us through His Word and strengthened us. I believe through this God has taught us many things. To trust Him no matter what situation we are in. Prayer has power. I believe God is preparing our hearts for greater things about to come for His glory.
Thank you to all who supported us financially to pay for the medical bills. I am really thankful to have such a great family in Christ who loves us and prays for us. I’m really thankful to Pastor Bond and Heather for standing with us during these hard times. We are also thankful to Pastor Aaron, Pastor Trent and our SGWM family for praying for and encouraging us. To all of you who prayed for us, I am really thankful to God for your hearts. We love you and thank you for covering us in prayer.
Now our baby is safe and healthy! She is gaining weight, and my wife is also safe and healthy by the grace of God.

Prayer requests: 

  • Please pray for the Bible school in in my city. In the 3rd week of the month of March, we are planning to start our Bible school. Please pray for wisdom and for the students.
  • Please pray for our church. We are planning to start new cell groups (Bible studies) in different locations in our state.

Thank You,
Pastor 6* Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Filled With Joy

This December was filled with the joy of reaching out to people to share the Gospel with them and reach them with love. I am really thankful to God for using us in different areas. The Christmas season is a good opportunity to meet new people and introduce them to Christ. 

Christmas Outreach

Celebrating Christmas Together With Action Songs

We got to do a Christmas Gospel program in our new building. We invited the local people who live around the area of the new building. We also arranged vehicles from the place where we minister and have church. We had the outreach in the new building because the government did not give us permission to do it outdoors. 

The Gospel meeting went really well. Everyone was really blessed that day and praised God. I taught on God’s indescribable gift- that we have received a gift that gives an unending relationship and life in Christ. It was encouraging for me also. I am really blessed to see people coming closer to Him and having a relationship that never ends. When I see people pouring out their heart before God and worshiping him, it is really amazing. I loved it. My wife and I and our team were really thankful for God’s provision to move forward in ministry and that we were able to gather all together and have an amazing time. 

Giving Blankets to the Homeless in the Middle of the Night

Blanket Distribution On the City Streets

The Blankets We Distributed

I praise God for using us to reach the people who are in need of blankets. This year has been exceptionally cold. When I drive at night, I see people who are suffering on the streets and people who are homeless. They do not have anything to cover them to protect them from the cold. Some of them cover with very little clothes. It is really sad to see them suffering in the cold. 
We have homes and enough blankets to cover us and protect us from the cold. But the people who live on the streets do not and are suffering. God put it in my heart to have compassion on them. I know it is the heart of God to go reach them and to tell them that He loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. So, I prayed and asked God for His provision to go reach them. And amazingly God provided!
We decided to go distribute the blankets in the middle of the night from 12am- 4am. We all went as a team and got to reach people who really needed the blankets. Many were old people who were left by their children on the streets. We were able to reach them and cover them with blankets. One man had wrapped himself in a plastic cover from the cold. We were able to go talk to him and pray with him and give him a blanket. So far, we reached approximately 40 people who were suffering from the cold and could not protect themselves during this season. We also preached the Gospel and prayed over them. 

Christmas Carols 

I can’t wait for this time of year and am excited because it is the best time to go to unbelievers’ houses to reach them by greeting them and having fellowship. We also give them a gift for Christmas and share the Gospel. It really makes them feel loved and cared for. We have a team of 7 people from our church who actively participated in reaching out through caroling.  As we are caroling, we go to unbelievers’ homes and sing songs which are related to Christ’s birth and the Gospel. 

When they see us REJOICE in Him, they also join in singing and dancing with us. Then we share the Gospel with them and ask  if they want us to pray for them. They respond quickly and ask us to pray.  I am really blessed see how God leads us to His children to heal their hearts and brings them out from sin. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. 
There are many broken families who need Jesus in their lives to restore what Satan tried to destroy. We were able to reach them, pray with them, and encourage them from the Word of God. For many families here, Christmas is about decorating, stars, Christmas trees, Santa, lights etc. But, still they do not feel joy in their lives. They depend on those things to make them feel like it is Christmastime. When December is gone, the joy also ends with it.  But, we were able to share what true Christmas is about: that they can be joyful every day in Christ, and how we can receive that precious gift from God who redeemed us from sin, death, and the bondage of sin. We were able to see them coming back to Christ. Learning the true meaning of celebrating the birth of Christ filled them with hope, peace and grace. 

New Church Plant

Sharing God’s Word at Our New Church Plant

I am very much blessed to see how God is working in these people. As I shared in my last newsletter, we plan to start new church plants this year. God really opened the door to go reach them and to lead them to Christ. This is the area where our brother Paul was lead by the spirit of God and reached this area where there were sheep without a shepherd. They have been moving around to many different churches. 
In that area, there are 8 families who believe in Christ. More than 30 families are unbelievers. So, we want to reach those 30 families with the Gospel and power of God and see them come to Jesus. We also want to train the 8 believing families to reach others in their area. Thank you for your prayers.  
Also please pray for my wife. She is now in the 8th month of pregnancy. Her due date is in February. We are very excited for this gift from God! 
Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ, for partaking in God’s work that we are doing here. I really appreciate your heart for God and investing in His kingdom work. May God continuously bless you and your families. We will be praying for you all. 

Eating Together At Our Christmas Outreach

Thank you!

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

A Man We Gave a Blanket To
Giving a Blanket to a Disabled Man

Joyful In Thee

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Praising the Lord Together

We have had a really good start of the first worship service in the church building during this month of November. Everyone was so happy to come together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ! We had the Lord’s supper together during our 1st Sunday worship service. During the lock-down, God taught us many things about depending upon Him when things don’t go well and trusting in Him for everything.

Praising the Lord at Our Church

People in the church have been sharing testimonies about what God has done in their lives and how He is working when they put their trust in Him. I was really happy watching them growing in the Lord. Their testimonies are really encouraging me to do more for God. It’s also building my faith and teaching me to lean on Him (God).
I want to share a few of the testimonies in this newsletter, so that they may encourage you to keep praying for us and for the ministry.

Brother Arthur*: He was suffering for many months with kidney stones, and was becoming very weak. I saw him crying and struggling with extreme pain. I shared in the monthly prayer requests to please pray for him and we were praying for him too. The doctors suggested to him to have surgery to get the stones removed, but our God is powerful and heals.

Brother Arthur was worried about his kidney stones, but he still trusted God would do something in his life. Two days later the stone came out itself and he was healed from that pain. Praise God!

Sister Kalma*: She had a kidney infection. Within two weeks God healed her!

Prita* : Contracted COVID-19. Healed!

Amber*: She had extreme stomach pain. When she prayed and asked God to heal her, God amazingly healed her right then! 
There are so many things that God is doing in our church people’s lives: providing new jobs, healing them, and restoring them. 
We are praising God for what He is doing and are thankful to you for being prayer supporters to us!

Young Adult Bible Study 

This month we started a young adult Bible study. It is going very well. They are really excited to know God from His Word. We are also teaching them inductive Bible study, so that they can easily divide and understand God’s Word rightly. Even when they are at home, they are studying the Bible using the IBS (Inductive Bible Study) method. 

Praying Together

We have now moved to a new place where we will start a Bible school/college. This month we hosted a meeting for pastors from different denominations to introduce our Bible school/college. We got good responses from the pastors and prayed together over the work that we are doing here. I really praise God that we received encouragement from local pastors. In February, we are going to start classes. Right now our team is preparing for the school. Brother Andrew* is working alongside me in teaching and helping with the Bible school/college.

New church plant 

For many years, many pastors came to serve in a particular area, but no one was able to continue with what they had started. For many years, I watched pastors come and start ministry there and then suddenly leave. I do not know why. I always wondered, “Why is this happening?” This place is my home town. Now, God has opened a door for me to start a Bible study to reach this area. The total population of this area is 67,271. In the place we are working in, there are 800 people. This area has some historical Hindu temples and also a big hill covered with very big rocks on it. There are many temples on these rocks. A lot of people, from other areas, come to worship these rocks and idols. There is a lot of idolatry in this area. The town has nine mountains around it. I have been living in the area for 12 years but there is still no church today. From (undisclosed) city it is a 3-4 hour drive.

During this November, we started a Bible study. We now have 11 people who are coming to the Bible study. We are really excited about how God is going to work in this area to break the idolatry and traditions of men. We need your prayers to continue the work that God has already started. We want to see people worshiping the true Living God, instead of worshiping rocks and trees.In this area many young adults are addicted to alcohol and smoking. There are raging women, people stealing and fights. Some people have been kicked out of their families because of their addictions. They need Jesus. Their lives need to be transformed. We want to see them experiencing the love of God so that they can love one another. 

I have been meditating on the Word of God from Romans 13:8-10. I got stuck in the words “Love your Neighbor”. It encouraged me to reach those young adults so that they could experience the love of God and love their neighbors. 
The work has already begun. One of our team members, Brother Punkaj*, has been discipled by and serving in our Calvary Chapel church for 4 years. He is a Bible college student who studied at our Southern and Northern campuses. He’s serving there in Ardim*. I go once a week to encourage and work along side him until he is ready to take over the ministry there. Please pray for him and the ministry in Ardim*.

We still have 4 different locations where we hope to start up churches, but need workers. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray that God would lead His servants to take over the ministry in those areas. 

People Giving Testimonies At Church

New Church Plants

  1. We planted our main church in 2015
  1. East Almir*– praying for workers
  2. Ardim* – work started (170 km from city)
  3. Negal*– praying for workers
  4. Kenosh* -praying for workers.(30 kms from city)
  5. Jaga* – praying for workers. (85 kilometers from the city)

Thank you for taking time to pray and partaking in the work we do here. We keep praying for you and your families. We love you. 

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray that God’s work that we are doing here would be fruitful and a blessing to many.
  2. That the Church believers grow more in the wisdom of God and in His Word. 
  3. Pray for sister Amber’s* son. He is sick.
  4. Pray for my mom to have good health. She has fat grown in her liver. Please pray for her healing.
  5. Pray for my newborn niece to have good health.
  6. Pray for my wife, she is now 7 months pregnant. 
  7. Pray for brother Punkaj* who is serving in Ardim*.
  8. Pray for Andrew* as he is serving in the Bible school/college.
  9. Pray for Andrew’s* dad to get a new job.
  10. This Christmas season, we are planning to print calendars to give as gifts and reach more people with the Gospel. We would also distribute them to make friends. Please pray for the financial provision for this. 
  11. Blankets distribution (Relief work)–It is winter now, and there are many who are homeless and sleep on the streets at night. We want to share the love of God and the Gospel and give them blankets.  

Please pray.

Thank you!

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Ask of Me

Thank you for your prayers and support. It is really encouraging for me to hear that you are praying for us and for God’s work that we are doing here in our city. I am thankful to God that there are people who pray for and support us in God’s work.

During this pandemic situation, God has been really faithful to us. He has provided for us and kept us safe.

Serving the Lord Together with My Wife

We are still doing our worship service online and through conference calls. Because of the lock-down, we haven’t been able to meet together with our church family. So this month, we visited and had a Bible study in their homes. We encouraged them and were able to spend some time with them. They really felt loved, happy, and cared for.

They asked me, “How were you able to make it through this pandemic situation, and provide food for your family and the people who are with you?”

I answered and said, “When things were going well and everything was good we had only some food and things. But during this time of Corona, I experienced a double and triple portion of God’s provision. You can see how faithful our God is to provide for us.”

They said that they were worried about us and prayed for us. They were really encouraged and praised God. I can see God’s provision even more during the tough times when things are not going well.

Sharing at a Local Church

I have been invited to local churches of other denominations to teach the Word of God. It is really a blessing and encouraging. More than 250 families attend the church I grew up in. I got to teach the Word of God there and I was able to share my testimony about how God lifted me up and is using me as His servant. I was a person who knew nothing and always clammed up. But God did everything. People were able to see the work of God and praised Him. 

I can feel that through this season, God is taking us to the next level of His work and in our spiritual lives. He is teaching us many things and we are experiencing His goodness in our lives.

Not only good things, yes, I am facing some struggles and experiencing hard times in my life. But those hard things are helping me to transform into the image of God and to be how God wants His children to be. I can feel that God is preparing me for a purpose. I am praising God for everything. I am really thankful to God for helping me in those times of struggles. Keep praying for me.

We recently started a young adult Bible study. God has put it in my heart to focus on our church’s young adults and to have a separate Bible study with them to encourage and to teach them the Word of God. It is going really well. New people are being added to it. It is really encouraging to see them studying the Word of God. Please pray for them as they grow. Pray that they will make good choices in their lives and that if they fall they will be able to get up with the help of God’s Holy Spirit and experience the Grace of God.

A Bible School in Our City

When God sent me to Bible college in another country, I learned the true Word of God. I was amazed by the teaching and the people’s pure heart in serving the Lord. 

I wished that we could have a Bible school, in our city also, to teach God’s Word and how to rightly divide the Word of God. I experienced God’s love and His heart and His purpose through the Word of God. If God could change my heart and start to work through me, He will surely do it in every person who hears this type of teaching. I have been praying for this for 4 years.

God has opened doors this year to work on it and start in 2021. We are going to have Bible classes teaching verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. 

We found a good house where we can start a Bible school and a new church plant. Please pray for us to have wisdom and knowledge to be led by the Spirit of God. Now I have a team who is helping me in this vision. Pray that we serve with humble hearts and in unity.

Thank you for taking the time to pray and take part in the work we do here in our city. We keep praying for you and your families. We love you. 

Prayer requests:

  • For me and my family to have good health
  • For my 4 month old niece to have good health
  • For our church family to grow more in God’s Word.
  • For the future Bible school/college
  • Pray for brother Andrew* and brother Punkaj’s* families’ protection as they serve here in our church and help with starting a Bible school. 

Thank you

Pastor 6* Family
*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.