I Will Praise the Lord

Hello, Dear Family In Christ!

How are you all doing? Thank God for His protection over all. Thank you all for your prayers and support. During this new year, God has greater things for all of us. I hope God has already started them in your life.

This new year has already been amazing. I was able to see things of God in our family’s life and ministry. I praise God for that. I want to share some things with you all, so that you will know more about how to pray for us. May it be encouraging to you that your prayers are answered and God has heard your prayers. People of God who are praying and supporting us in ministry, may you see the fruit that God has made able to come forth. One thing I want you to know is that, you are partaking in our service towards Him. It wouldn’t have happened without your prayers and support and mainly by the grace of God. May God bless you more in the work you do. I will be continually praying for you all.

2 More Accepted Christ

It is amazing and happy to see that people are coming to Christ, getting saved and turning away from their sins and from this world.

I got to meet an amazing family. The man’s name is R*. I got to know him through his sister when he was in prison. He was in a gang that was in an attempted murder case, so they put him in prison. He became really depressed and wanted to kill himself.

I was able to talk to him, share Gospel with him and pray over him. From that day on, he felt the love of God. He started believing in Christ and started praying in prison. He confessed his sins and gave his life to Christ. After a few days he was released. He then started coming to our church and decided to get baptized in the name Jesus. The amazing thing is that his whole family got saved and gave their lives to Christ. What an amazing God we serve and worship! The whole family was baptized. Praise God! Now they all are coming to church and regularly attending weekly Bible studies. 

Youth Meeting

We have been praying to start having a youth conference every month to encourage youth in the Word of God. So, in the month of January we conducted a youth conference. It went really well. I shared the Word of God. These days, young people are struggling a lot and are in the bondage of sin. Some are not able to overcome sin, because of a lack of the Word of God. God really spoke to them that day that they are strong when they are in the Word of God. They also learned not to destroy their spiritual life and relationship with God. The Word of God is always our strength to attack the enemy. We all know when Satan came to Jesus with temptations, Jesus answered with the Word of God. So that is how we overcome the wicked one.

All of the young people were blessed. Some of them recommitted their lives to Christ. Some gave their live’s to Jesus. We also had some fun, played games, sang songs and had dinner together. Afterward everyone asked us when we are going to meet again. It was really amazing that young people wanted to know more about God and grow more in their relationship with Him. Keep praying for these young people to be strong and to have a close relationship with Jesus. Keep praying that these youth conferences continue to grow and to be a blessing to many.

Women’s Bible Study  

Bible study is going well by the grace of God. Women are learning a lot from the Word of God. My wife Elizabeth is doing women’s Bible study in the middle of the week. Pray that it continuously grows and is blessed. Many are attending and every week new people come. We have been able to see a change in them and their families. They were sharing testimonies about what a blessing this fellowship is. It has really blessed my heart to see them grow. My heart is to see them depending on God more to grow more and to be women of faith and in the Word.  

Testimonies from the Worship School Students

We have successfully completed the Calvary Chapel Worship School Batch-1 with the Lord’s help. Personally, it was so encouraging to see how God has been helping all through the worship school. We had students from our own state and from other states as well. We had a few students who were very enthusiastic to learn what it means to Biblically worship the God of the Bible. These students not only finished the classes but also decided to enroll in our Bible college.

Student 1*’s Testimony
“I have had many misconceptions and prejudices about biblical worship. I was attracted to un-biblical teachings which affected my worship of God. Despite many difficulties, I made it to the worship school. I thank God wholeheartedly because, though this worship school, God directed my life for a greater purpose and cause. Finally, I am excited for what the Lord has is store for me in the future.”
Student 2*’s Testimony
“I have always been skeptical about my faith in Jesus because of my family’s condition. I had no clue of what the Lord was about to do in my life through this worship school. I am now sure that my God wants to be known by me.
Since then, I took a step of faith to join the Bible college school and commit myself in the studying of the scriptures. I am now more clearer than before of my identity because it has been found in Christ through the teachings in this worship school.
I praise God for what He is doing in each one of our lives.”

Bible College

Another semester has already started. We have 10 students. Amazingly God has brought His people to be trained and to equipped for His work. These people are awesome. They really have a heart to learn and serve God. Pray for them to be faithful and to learn the Word.

New Church Plant

An update from one of our Graduates Brother P*

“Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 1:6

“I am confident enough in the one who has chosen me to serve Him that He will help me carry it till the end. Ever since I graduated from the college, I have always been hopeful and confident that God has a place and people for me to serve. I have kept seeking the Lord’s direction and guidance for the future. I was first led to y* slum where they was a Christian family. The Lord opened the door for me to minister to this family. Not only was I allowed to have a Bible study there, but I also was allowed to minister to many other unbelievers in the slum. The Lord has been gracious. Now there are 20 people attending the Sunday service. Amidst the severe pandemic, there was a family which was severely affected in the pandemic and miraculously, the Lord healed all the family members. They are so thankful to their God who healed their bodies and are eager to know Him who is powerful enough to save their souls.”

K* Slum

God, in His mercy has gifted me a heart of connecting people as a bridge. Having this in my mind, I was standing in a bus stop and waiting for Lord’s intervention. Then, I was led to meet a young guy. We got to know each other well. He happens to be a guy from a Christian family. He asked me to have a Bible study for all the community members. The Lord has been powerful. There has been gradual growth in the fellowship. Now there are about 12 families who are attending the Sunday fellowship. There has been a huge influx of women converts in the Body of Christ. This is my prayer that men should be raised up and that they act as instruments in shaping the local communities. There are now 3 new converts who are men. They used to be drunkards. Now the are completely sold out for Christ. They are getting to know their Savior through the weekly Bible Studies.

An Update from Brother C* 

“It is a great joy working among the children in K* slum. Since I am already a graduate from the Bible college here, I have been full of expectation and excitement to see what God has for me in the future. The Lord answered my prayers through brother P* and I was asked to takeover the children’s ministry in the K* slum. When I first met and tried to understand them, I saw that they all had a nominal Christian upbringing but that their lives were still worldly. I asked the Lord to help me to minister to these little hearts. After I sought the Lord’s help, I taught them about the Savior, Jesus, through some action songs. I am now beyond thankful to God that are so enthusiastic about Jesus. I believe that the Lord has been working in these little hearts. There are now 18 Children attending the fellowship. I am praying to minister to the Hindu kids as well. The children were blessed with Bibles, toys, and Sunday school materials. I am earnestly praying that they would grow more in the Lord and bear fruit worthy of repentance.”

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our family to grow more in Christ and to be faithful.
  • Pray for our church to grow in unity and love.
  • Pray for the students in Bible college.
  • We are going to register our church and Bible College. Pray for the process to go well.
  • Pray for the construction of our own building for the Bible college and church.
  • We have moved into a new building for our church services. We are in need of better sound equipment and musical instruments. Also, we are planning to go online live, because many people are asking us to from different cities. Pray for us to get all the necessary equipment.
  • Pray for a motorcycle for the ministry. 
  • Pray for the women’s ministry.
  • Pray for my health. For the past 15 days I have been suffering with cold and cough.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.