Therefore, My Heart Is Glad

Hello, Everyone!

Thank you all for partaking in the work God is doing here and touching many lives. It is very amazing that God could use us all to proclaim His love and greatness. 

Distributing Food

God has opened doors to minister to these people and to share the Gospel. This week we were able to distribute groceries to almost 70 families. It is amazing to see smiles on their faces! God was able to provide for His people, like Paul promises for the Philippians that, “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” There is no lack of anything for His people in the kingdom of God.

In our Lord’s prayer it says “Let Your will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” I know it is God who gave us the heart to reach those lost souls. As many of us long to see heaven while living here on this earth, I also want to see the will of God here on earth.

New Church Plant Worship Service

Now we were able to share the Gospel with these people and start a church plant in these 2 areas. Every week, new people join the fellowship and also the Sunday services. We are going to minister to these people continually. Please pray. Next, we are going to distribute Bibles among them. Many are very thankful. They could tell that we loved them and felt cared for. Some of our students and staff also shared how blessed they are to be involved in this outreach. I just want to say thank you for everyone who prayed for us and supported us in distributing groceries.

Online Worship Service

We are still doing online worship services. We were able to gather everyone through phone calls and also Facebook live. We are going through the book of Hebrews. It has been really awesome! The author of the book really took us in to great revelation. Please pray for our worship services. Everyday we are having a Bible study on zoom. Many people are joining day by day. We have been able to hear that they are learning a lot and are blessed to study the Word verse by verse.

We have been having daily Bible studies for 20 days. We are going to continue teaching the Word of God, using technology, to reach more people during this time of the pandemic. Even in these pandemic times, we are using every opportunity to go reach people and share the Gospel. 

Women’s Ministry

Hello, Everyone! My name is (undisclosed). I am pastor 6’s wife and I am really excited to share the things that God is doing here. My friends and I were able to distribute personal hygiene products at our new church plant to bring awareness and also educate them. At the same time we had a prayer meeting. A lot of non-believers attended the meeting and we were able to distribute to everyone and also shared the Gospel. Lots of women do not know about person hygiene or personal hygiene products. We really felt happy to teach them basic hygiene. Many people felt ashamed to take them from us. Here, many people feel ashamed to talk about personal hygiene and do not learn about it. We really felt so happy to teach them how important it is to maintain hygiene. Please continually pray for those women we ministered to.

1st Semester Completed

“I really thank God, my pastors, and teachers! They were really encouraging and very much supportive.”

Distributing Food

“We were able to finish our 1st semester! It was really a blessing and amazing to see how God leads and how He is using His Word to bring life.”

Our students from the Bible college were sharing how blessed they are to come learn God’s Word and to see the heart of God. Everyone seems like they fell in love with Jesus. Also, they got involved in online Bible studies and outreach programs. Our next semester starts in August and we are going to take more new students. Please pray that the new students who are coming would experience Christ’s love and grace. 

Please pray for the Bible college here. Pray that we raise more disciples of Christ to reach both of the states that speak our language. Because, people here are very blinded with the spirit of religion. Many Christian leaders are blinded as well. They treat people like the Pharisees treated others in Bible times. We want to be like how Jesus would impact them through His words, kindness, and love towards others. God put it in my heart to reach people how He reached them. I always used to think, “Why are many churches not strong? Why are they living a life of hypocrisy and their life as they are not born again?”

Women’s Ministry

Then God reminded me that it is because the people are not receiving the Word with understanding and they are also not taught right. In Luke, chapter 13, the owner of a vineyard planted a fig tree and came seeking it’s fruit but he found none. Here, many people are boasting about themselves that they have been a Christian for many years. But they do not realize that they are not bearing fruit. It is sad to see people blinded by this world and claiming to be Christians. The Word clearly tells us that Jesus looks for the fruit. So, God put it in my heart to reach more people. And, also, to raise servant leaders. I know what impacted me and pushed me to be strong. I was able to see Jesus in my study times in Bible college in Nepal.

So, now, I want to see the students who are coming to be impacted by Jesus. Because, I was able to see that if the leaders are corrupt, then they will make corrupt disciples. When we are discipled by Jesus (God’s Word) we will make disciples of Christ. I believe these things and apply them in my life and also in the ministry.

In the Gospel of Luke there is a pattern. Through it, I also was able to see and learn how Jesus ministered. So, I am applying the same here. I always believe when we lead and walk in the ways Jesus did, it is always perfect and it is His will. There is no fear in doing the will of God, because He always provides when He leads. It is Jesus and His Word that caused me to love Him. There is nothing to boast about ourselves, because it is Him who is doing things in us and through us. So, All Glory to God. Amen

My Daughter

Once again, I thank you for your love and care towards our daughter. She is now 7 months old and healthy and doing fine. I really want to thank all of you who supported me from my heart. She always reminds us of God’s Grace and His Protection. 
With Love,Pastor 6* and Family
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.