All Thy Wondrous Works

Hello Dear Family!

We hope you all are doing good. We are continually praying for you all. Even during the time of this pandemic, God has been very faithful in protecting and providing for us. I am excited and happy to share with you all what’s happening here and in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and support!

In my country, COVID positive cases are growing day by day. Many people are dying. It is really sad to see. Many are losing their parents and children. I want you to please pray especially for my country. People here need more wisdom on how to protect themselves from Corona. Many are reckless. They are still not taking it seriously. It is sad to see them who do not know Christ. I do not know why God allowed it, but still He has a reason–so that many may turn to Him. Please pray about it. Since April, we have been doing our worship services online, and reaching out to other people through social media. New people have also joined our online worship services.

We are happy to see people responding to the Word of God. It blesses my heart. Some of our church people do not use social media, but we still connect with them on our phones through conference calls (bringing them together over the phone) so everyone can join in our worship services. We have 3 worship services each week and also one time for fasting prayers. Please pray for our church people to grow more in Christ, and spend their time encouraging each other, and building their relationships with God. Some of them are discouraged because of the lock down. Some people are sick too.

Praising God Together at Our New Church Plant

New Church Plant

Even in this hard COVID time, God has a plan for His people. I always believe that if God is allowing something, that means He has something to do with it. So amazingly, God opened doors for us to start a Bible study in a new place, very near our Bible College! It is amazing how God leads to reach His people. You can see in the pictures, this is the new place that we have started a Bible study. Slowly it is growing. This May we started Sunday worship services.

God really did miraculous healing in the midst of them. After we started a Bible study there, slowly people started joining. One of their children was sick and they asked me to pray for them. I said “God, You brought us here to do something in their life. So in Your name I pray and ask You to heal this person.” Then on that day she was healed! Her fever and body weakness went away. I really praise God for His healing.

It’s like working with God for His Kingdom. Many are sharing testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. So, people started believing more and coming to Jesus. I really felt like if God leads definitely He will provide. It is like miracles confirm the message of God. So now most of them are believing Jesus and asking us to come to their homes and pray for them. Now everyone believes that there is hope in Jesus. They are growing more in the Word. So I want you to pray especially for this place that God would use us more to bring people to Jesus. 

Distributing Food to the Starving and Sharing God’s Word

Food Distribution in a New Place To Reach

God opened up an opportunity to visit and share the Gospel with people who are suffering and broken. Almost everyone in the families we visited got tears in their eyes, and asked us to please pray for them. It is really sad to see them suffering during this time of COVID. We prayed and distributed food among them. We also visited each family and shared the Gospel and prayed over them.

Only one family believed on Jesus. Most of them are unbelievers. On the day we did food distribution, they really felt loved and cared for. So please continually pray for these families. They need Jesus. Every Sunday we are going to meet with them and share the Gospel. We are planning to start a Bible study and then start having Sunday worship. This will be another new church plant. So please continuously pray.

Friday Outreaches

Reaching Out to People in Their Homes

During the month of April, we did outreaches in 2 different places. One area is the colony our church is in, to reach all the families in that area. Students join us in this outreach. We visit unbelievers houses and pray and share the Gospel with them. When we enter into their houses they really feel happy and welcome us with grateful hearts. Some people directly tells us that they don’t want to hear about God, but we still keep on building relationships with them to lead them to Christ. We sit with the families we visit and listen to what they say. We share the Word and worship the Lord. They share that they feel peace and happy. So we continually visit them every Friday. Please pray for every house we enter. They need to meet Jesus and experience His love and grace in their lives.

The other location we did ministry in was sharing the Gospel on the street and also in the parks. Wherever we go, we share the Gospel with the people during the outreach. Amazingly, God arranges for us to meet people. It is like a spiritual appointment. Every student will be involved in sharing the Gospel to new people and connecting with them to keep building relationships to lead them to Christ. Amazingly, God does good things in their lives! So we go to the places where God leads, and meet those who God wants us to meet. 

Leading Worship

I got invited to lead worship at a women’s conference and also during a 3 day pastors’ conference in my state . It is really amazing to see His people worshiping God, singing praises to Him from their hearts, and raising their hands to surrender their lives. I am really blessed to be a part of what God is doing among His people. Please continually pray for my worship leading ministry also–that it will help connect people to God and that they would experience His presence. 

Bible College 

Everyone is doing really good. We are able to see the students are learning a lot of things from God’s Word. They are excited to learn more. Already, it has been almost 2 months. Now we are in the 9th week of the semester. They are having a good time learning the Word. Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep praying. Now, we have started having the students give chapel talks each evening. That means that students will share the Word and learn to teach verse by verse. Everyone is doing a good job in that. Please keep praying. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the work that is happening here.
  • Pray for our new church plant to keep growing .
  • Pray for the new place that we want to start a Bible study.
  • Pray for our slum ministry.
  • Pray for our youth ministry.
  • Pray for our worship leading ministry and park ministry. 
  • Pray for our other new church plant. (It has been going on for 3 months.)
  • There are more places that we need to reach. Please pray for God’s timing and resources.
  • Please pray for a food distribution in the areas where people are suffering and needy and hungry. Many of the “daily wages” workers do not get to eat properly even when things are normal. Now that everything is shutdown, there is no chance for them to go out for work. People are not only dying because of corona- but also because they do not have enough food. 
  • Please pray for the Bible college.
  • Please pray for our financial needs for a Bible distribution in the 3 new church plants and a food distribution for the hungry and needy.

Thank you,

Pastor 6* and Family

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.