Mitch and Christine Sorensen – Nice, France

Prayer Requests:
1. To be healthy, focused on what the Lord has for us and mainly for the power of the Holy Spirit to convict people deeply of their sins, so they will understand their urgent need of Jesus the Savior. Pray above all for all the elderly people we meet in the streets who receive Gospel tracts. Also for our neighbor Valeri from Romania who has terminal cancer. For his wife Maria.

2. For Eve, whom I met in September in the north of France who is very very busy with work, who just lost her mentor (an African Medium) and was showing interest in knowing Jesus.  I believe there must be a strong spiritual battle in her life after all these years of occult practice.  Pray that she will read the Bible I sent her so she can meet her Savior.

Thank you for ALL your fervent prayers towards France!!!

God bless you,
Mitch and Christine –  Email Blog


Kanyike Family – Kampala, Uganda

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord for the wonderful things that are happening despite Covid-19. 

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for Arise Christian Fellowship and the Kanyikes as they look forward to what the Lord is going to do this year. 

2. Pray for everyone who was reached during the Christmas season, that they would know the love of Christ and have hope for the future. 

3. Pray for Jill as she plans and prepares to teach the next year of the children’s school.

4. Pray for Uganda as they are campaigning for elections and it often turns riotous. 

5. Pray for the Kanyike family to remain healthy and safe. 

6. Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads the ministry team at Arise Christian Fellowship. 

7. Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the Kanyike Family support team.

Thank you for praying for the Kanyike family and for the people of Uganda.
In Him,                                                                                
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee, and Liana –  Email Blog

Vincent and Melissa Aniku – Uganda

Praise Report:
-We want to praise God for the revival in Midigo! We have had to go to 2 services because the seats even outside in the sunshine were not enough seats. Pray for God’s wisdom to continue to guide us.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our container documents.

2. Please pray for our NGO renewal for the church.

3. Pray as Calvary FC begins the season in the big leagues. That the team will be a good witness all throughout Uganda.

Thank you for your love and prayers!

In Him,
Vincent and Melissa –  Email Blog

Ends of the Earth Ministries

In South Sudan:
Please continue to pray for the nation of South Sudan. Decades of Civil War have collapsed the economy, resulting in mass starvation and desperation. Hopelessness and violence run rampant throughout communities.

Pray for our 500 students that are being daily discipled in the love of God and His Word, so they may lead their nation Into a new season of hope.

Pray for the 75 children and young adults in our children’s home and for the Missionary parents that are laying down their lives to provide peace and unconditional love to these precious ones.
 Please pray for the new churches in the Tauso & Taposa villages. Pray that the pastors and medical staff will have the spiritual and physical tenacity to handle the countless challenges while living amongst Stone-Age tribes.

In Kenya:
Pray for the refugee students in our missionary training college in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. They are fasting and praying as they prepare to return to South Sudan to begin reaching cities across the border in North Sudan, with hopes to plant churches amongst Muslim peoples in 2020-21.

Pray for the Missions Equip Training Programs. We are in the throws of launching two new schools this year.

The first – International School, will be used in Bible Colleges as a complete missions training course. 

The second – Transformation, is a cross-cultural immersion training program, equipping missionaries to assimilate into their new culture while learning the language and world view. 

 Pray that God would continue to empower, envision and sustain us as we seek to establish nationally led, culturally relevant, biblical-based churches among unreached peoples.

Yours for the unreached,
Rob and Heidi – Email Blog


Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

Last month, a prayer request for my son Malachi caused confusion and a bit of drama. The prayer request was a cliff note version of a prayer request we have been sharing since December 2019. On Christmas 2019, Malachi suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and was hospitalized in the Pediatric ICU for a few days. As a result of the TBI, he lost his sense of smell, which is a common side effect. The prayer request asked for continued prayer for recovery and praised the Lord for his sense of smell returning. Well, because of COVID-19 and the symptom of loss of smell, many took this to mean that Malachi had COVID and some were upset that we did not quarantine him. So a praise report about recovering from a TBI turned into a COVID conflict. I apologize for the confusion. Nonetheless, please continue to pray for Malachi’s continued recovery and that there would be no “side-effects” due to the TBI. 

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the SGWM office as we gear up for a packed summer of missions and ministry. Also, pray for our accounting department. They need some full-time and part-time qualified volunteers.  

2. Please pray for our new Administrative Assistant, Maribel, who will be directly assisting me and replacing Hope Douglass after having her baby. Please pray for her training and that the Lord would bless her with the ability to fully grasp everything we do. 

3. Pray that God would continue to provide and guide my family through life and ministry. 

4. Pray for me as I work towards earning my master’s degree. Pray that the Lord would bring about supporters and scholarships. Pray that the Lord would bless my study time and make it fruitful. 

5. Pray for the youth ministry I lead. Pray that the Lord would pour out his Spirit and awaken the affections of our teens towards Him. Pray for our upcoming Israel tour this summer. 

6. Pray for our continued financial support as Erin and I have been Stateside missionaries for over 15 years. 

Thank you for all your love, prayer and encouragement through this.

We are blessed by you. 

God bless you,
Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina  – Erin –  Email   Mike – Email Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Amy, that the Lord would give her the strength, energy, and wisdom needed to continue homeschooling the kids

2. Pray for Joel as he juggles pastoral ministry with both his local church and towards our amazing missionaries

3. Pray for Joel in the couple of trips he has planned coming up helping lead a short trip to Mexico for the youth and young adults of the church, as well as an Israel apologetics trip for the youth and young adults of our church this Summer

4. Pray for our missionaries who had many of their plans and vision seemingly dismantled by COVID last year, that the Lord would lead them perfectly into what He has had planned for them from before the foundations of the world.

Thank you for faithfully praying!

In Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, & Clara Garcia – Email Blog

Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Praise Report:
-Our most recent church plant in Loreto (South Baja) got a free building for one year! 

-That our church family has been safe and healthy from Covid recently! 

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would keep our family and church safe from Covid! 

2. That the congregation would feel comfortable to return to the church! 

3. That God would bless our next church plant in the dump of Rosarito called Homex! 

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel – Email Blog

Gary and Tina Barrow – Truckee, California

God is so good.

Praise Report:
-God is blessing Calvary Chapel Truckee with just a sweet time of fellowship and communion.

Prayer Requests:
1. Calvary Chapel Truckee has been meeting in our little space, as social distant as possible. Unfortunately, when this place was rented, before Tina and I came, they didn’t know that there is a building code for assembly purposes. This particular space was not built to that code. We have been trying to find another place to rent for the past 2-3 months. The problem is that there are not a lot of places built to lease that would allow for assemblies.

2. We are also near the close of escrow on a property that we have sole. It will allow us to buy a small piece of property in town and build a church there. Ideally we would be in our own place around Christmas 2022, should the Lord tarry.

– Would you please pray that God would provide a place for us to meet. A place that would allow for growth.

– Please pray for the sell of our property, that is would close with no further delays. For a good deal on the price of the property we are looking at buying and for the church building we are looking to build. Pray that God’s hand would be on all of it and it all would glorify the Lord.

– We are in need of a youth leader. Please pray and ask the Lord to bring us a youth leader who is gifted in working with the youth, someone who would reach out to the youth of Truckee and has a heart for missions.

-Please pray that God would bring youth and young families to the church. People we can serve, fellowship with and those who want and need to hear the Word. Pray that God would build His church in Truckee.

– Please pray for our family and our marriage. Pray that we would be wise to the schemes of the enemy and be quick to run to the Lord.

3. Finally, the colleges in SA look like they will take another semester off due to Covid. It seems like it has been so long since the lock down and classes have ceased. Please pray for an end of the pandemic and that the colleges will be able to begin class again. Pray that when the boarders open again, that I (Gary) would be able to return to strengthen and encourage the students and workers. Tim and I had a rip planned right as the boarders closed. My heart is to return as soon as possible.

As always, thank you for your prayer. Please plan on visiting us when you can. We’d love to show you around and have you meet your brothers and sisters in Truckee.

God bless,
Gary and Tina – Email Blog

Leo and Pilar Gray – Ensenada, Mexico

There has been an outbreak of Covid on Campus. Half of the staff and students living on campus have symptoms. The campus is self quarantined wit only essential trips and people allowed on campus.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for the students and staff who are sick and not feeling well.

2. Pray for the teachers who are doing classes on Zoom or using other virtual tools.

3. We have been working from home and are trying to not be exposed to the virus.

4. Pray that we all see God’s hand and purpose in these times.

5. Our son Oliver is considering a new job that will require his family to move from Florida to North Carolina. Please pray for them and all the planning and stress that goes along with those decisions.

Thank you for your prayers for us. God Bless You!

God bless you,
Leo and Pilar – Email Blog

Bond, Heather and Breanna – S. Asia and Africa

Praise Report:
-Praise God we are all healthy after a season of sickness.

-Praise God for the gathering of all pastors and students in Nepal for outreach and a time in the Word.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for Gods perfect timing for the reopening of the Bible Colleges as schools throughout Asia have been shut down since the beginning of the pandemic and we eagerly look to reopen.

2. Pray for open doors for 2021 around the world. We know God has great things in store and we want to be ready.

3. Pray for those we are equipping to launch to the mission field, that God would prepare and provide.

4. Pray for God’s will and timing for our family to return overseas. Pray also that we would continually be filled with the holy spirit to lead, teach, disciple, evangelize and point people to Jesus our only hope!

 Thank you for your prayers,

Bond, Heather and Breanna –  Email Blog

Joni Houser – Indiana, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my health, and wisdom for me in how to treat it.

2. Please pray that our nursing home ministry will open up again in the nursing home here.

3. Please pray for our country to turn to God during this difficult time

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you!
Joni – Email Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray that God will lead us in all things.

2. Please continue to pray for my daughter, Rose’s, health this winter, and for her eye muscle development.

3. Please pray that God will help me with making good priorities, that will glorify Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers

 God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose –  Email Blog


Craig and Daisy Tippie – Huacho, Peru

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Prayer Requests:
1. We have had 3 deaths in our church in two weeks! Please pray for healing! And a little girl that is 3 1/2 years old just lost her mother, and never knew her father. Please keep her in your prayers/

2. Pray for us as we are on furlough and it is so hard to be away from our church at this time. 

Thank you again for your love and prayers!

God bless you,
Craig, Daisy and Ryan – Email Blog

The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular geographic area stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Asia, covering 68 countries. Two-thirds of the world’s population live within the 10/40 Window.

Three out of every five people in the 10/40 Window have no access to the gospel. According to the Joshua Project, 68.6% of the 10/40 Window’s ethnic groups (5,984) are considered unreached, with a total population of 3.09 billion.

(Some names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.)

Worker 15 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for healing for my eye.

2. Please pray for God’s direction in our life.

3. Please pray for new believers, as persecution is increasing.

4. Please pray for our health and safety

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

God bless you

Co-workers in Christ
15 and family

Worker 11 – 10/40 Window

Praise Report:
-Praise God for His love, grace, faithfulness and guidance in my life! He always cares for us like a son!

-Praise God! Still no notice, of any kind, has come from the court! I think maybe the court did not accept my neighbors’ and uncle’s case against us (about the land the church is on). It could have happened by your incredible prayers.

-Praise God for fulfilling all of our basic needs!

Please Pray:
1. Please continue to pray for a new motorbike for me. I have been using my motorbike for 6 years. However, now it is having problems as I take it to share at the house fellowships. I am having to fix it most every month.

2. Please continue to pray for my mother’s health. She is not doing well.

3. Please pray for a member of my church. She is the second wife of her husband. Her husband already killed his first wife. Now, he is warning her that if she does not stop going to church he will kill her too.

4. Please pray for another member of my church. He is suffering from a rare disease called ‘Olmsted Syndrome’. Before he knew Jesus, he attempted suicide so many times, but God saved his life.

5. Please pray for our safety. Since this pandemic, criminal activity has been increasing day by day.

6. Please pray for my 5 house churches and all of the church members to understand the Word of God deeply. Please also pray that they can stand strong in all of the persecution.

Thanks for your prayers, support and partnership for the Gospel.

God bless you!
Worker 11

Rabi and Mahima – Nepal

Thanks for supporting us and helping to uplift our God ministry.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our church all believers grow them spiritually.

2. Pray for others people who they are living near us they may now Who Jesus is?

3. Pray For Us and our ministry to be Fruitful.

4. Pray Our Social Media Ministry to be producing Sound doctrine to those people who are hearing.

5. Pray all the Bible school staffs and students all they gather soon in Bible school to learn more.

Thank you for praying for us! 

God bless,
Rabi and Mahima – Blog

Worker 16 –  10-/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my children that they may grow in Lord’s Fear and knowledge.

2. Please pray that the lord would intervene for the problem the world is facing.

3. Please pray for the village ministry of local area that they may grow in Lord words

4. Please pray for the Believer of Ch. Village people that they may stand in faith in the midst of opposition. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers!

God bless you,
Worker 16 and Family

Prakash and Muna – Nepal

Praise Report
-Praise God for the CCBC student Conference on Feb 16-17 2021. It was a wonderful time with our students and also local youths that attached the meeting.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for all our students, for their good health, family and ministry.

2. Please pray for the condition of Nepal so that our Bible College would resume soon.

3. Please pray for the spiritual growth of Charis believers and also numerical growth.

4. Please pray for the new fellowship at Hetauda- that the believers would become mature day by day in His word and action. 

5. Pray that Gould give wisdom to Laxman as he leads the Church at Hetauda.

Thanks for your prayer support for us!

Prakash, Muna and Eutychus – Email Blog

Anand and Usha – Nepal

Praise Report:
– We are able to run students conference very well. We are blessed with the fellowship with students. It was so awesome to have a fellowship with the students for 3 days after a year.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please keep on praying for my family good health.

2. Please pray for our Bible College that we may open soon .

3. Please pray for all the students of the Bible college that they may serve the LORD powerfully.

4. Please pray for the need of Leprosy camp to rebuild their bathroom drain.

5. Please pray for the government of Nepal so that they may show favor to Christian people.

6. Please pray for the safety as we are traveling a lot for ministry.

Thank you!

God bless,
Anand,  Usha and family – Email Blog

Worker 1 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for me that the Lord to lead my life.

2. Pray for our students. Some of the students are going through financial difficulties in their families; pray for them.

3. Pray for the persecution that happened recently in India.

4. Pray for our students to stand boldly for Christ in their villages.

5. Pray for the churches in our country and the ministry.

6. Pray for the upcoming building construction that is planned.

7. Pray for the Bible school to reopen soon and the ministry.

8. Pray for next semester, for more students to come.
9. Pray for the next season, for what the Lord has for me.

Thank you for your prayers for us

God bless you,
Worker 1

Worker 8 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for those who heard the Christmas message at our outreach. Pray that God will touch their hearts and they will be open to the Gospel.

2. Thank you for praying for our health; our health is better.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who is praying and helping financially. May my loving God bless you all abundantly!

May God bless you,
Pastor 8 and family

Worker 2 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that the ministry would grow.

2. Please pray that the Lord will help me to share the Gospel.

3. Please pray that the believers will grow in the Lord.

4. Please pray that the people with whom I have shared the Gospel will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord.

Thank you so much once again for your prayers.

God bless you,
Worker 2

Milan Pariyar – Nepal 

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my family to mature in their relationship with Christ and to have good health.

2. Please pray for the believers here to grow in their faith.

3. Pray for my community to know the difference between the Truth and false teachings.

4. Pray for me for safety and for good health.
Thank you for your prayers

God bless you,
Milan  –  Blog

Worker 9 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for me, that I will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God.

2. Please pray that God will teach me to be a good leader for His people.

Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless you!

May God bless you,
Worker 9

Worker 4 –  10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for me, for strength, wisdom, and peace.

2. Please pray for more male students to come to our Bible School.

3. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and Godspeed with translation.

4. Please pray that in the midst of all of this, that I will depend upon God alone.

Thanking you

Yours in Christ,
Worker 4

Worker 12 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for God’s protection and guidance.

1. Pray for all of the new people who have heard the Gospel, that they will accept Jesus.

Thank you for your continual prayer and support!!

God bless you
Worker 12

Worker 3 – 10/40 Window

By God’s grace we have been doing wonderful. Thank you so much for your valuable prayers. 

Prayer Requests: 
1.  Do continue to pray for Ch. Village believers, may God establish strong faith in their hearts so that they may able to face all the challenges. 

2. Please pray for the salvation experience of School staffs, who have heard the Gospel of Christ.  

3. Kindly pray for the Bible Commentary editing project, may God give His wisdom and knowledge to understand and edit well. 

4. Do continue to pray for the growth of our local Church.  

5. Please pray for me and my family, may God use us in an effective way for the expansion of his kingdom.   

Thank you very much for your prayer and support! 

In Him,
PS and RS

Majhiya and Sarita Besra – Nepal

Praise God:
-We have found an opportunity to share with others about Jesus, praise the Lord!

-Praise God for safety and protection during this time!

Prayer Requests:
1. We conduct small house fellowship services. Please pray for unbelieving neighbors who have joined us sometimes. They are curious and confused during this time of lockdown. Pray that their hearts will soon be changed.

2.  Remember us in your prayers for His guidance in upcoming days, and pray that God will open the hearts of our neighbors for salvation.

Thank you

Majhiya and Sarita –  Blog

Worker 6 and Family –  10/40 Window

Thank you for praying! Our new baby is increasing in height and weight, and my wife is also safe.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our new church plant.

2. Pray for our Bible study with young adults.

3. In the 3rd week of March, we are going to start our Bible school. Please pray for wisdom and for the students.

4.  Pray for our church; we are going to start new cell groups in different locations in our city.

5. Pray that the church believers will grow more in God’s wisdom and in His Word.

Thank you,
Worker 6 and Family

Worker 13 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests: 
1.Please continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance.

2. Pray for new believers to grow in Christ

3. Please pray for my health and safety.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless,
Worker 13

Raju  – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my spiritual growth.

2. Please pray that God will help me to teach His Word correctly.

3. Please pray that God will make a way to buy the land for our church, which has been affected by Covid-19.

4. Please pray that God’s kingdom will expand in our area, and that good works will be done.

5. Please pray that the love of God will fill my family and neighbors.

6. Please pray that all of my family members will know the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you,
Raju – Blog

Worker 10 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Pray for me, that God will use me mightily, and for those who know about Jesus but still do not believe, that God will change their hearts.

2. Pray  for me to share the Gospel.

3.  Please pray for God’s protection and guidance.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you
Worker 10

Worker 7 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Request:

1. Please pray that God will raise men and women to serve Him in our country, through our ministry.

2. Pray for those responding through the youtube channel.

3. Please pray for my health and safety.

Thank you.

God Bless
Worker 7

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”
– Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping    
“Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time”.

Saving Grace World Missions