Vincent Family May 2017 Missions Update

Dear ministry partners!

JESUS IS ALIVE!!! CRISTO VIVE!!! These words thundered through our church campus as the adults took part in a friendly bilingual competition to see who could announce the news the latest in their native tongue!

As we celebrated the GOOD NEWS of the resurrection in the sanctuary, the children who were outside responded back repeating the good news.  As we joined in with the church worldwide to celebrate, we had a wonderful Resurrection celebration earlier in April, and I wanted to tell you about it in this update!

Our Resurrection focus begin the week before as we celebrated Palm Sunday and then had daily passion week devotions at the church! On Good Friday, our worship and drama ministry put on a powerful Easter Musical which included a live action shadow drama depicting the cross. But all of these events culminated in our Easter Resurrection Services.

At our Easter services, my Bible text was taken from Matthew 28:6 , where the angel told the women at the tomb… “ He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. To celebrate the good news, my sermon featured live musical presentations of two of the most beloved Easter classics of them all!   We had a special presentation of “The Via Dolorosa” at the start of the service, and then our service ended with a rousing rendition of “He’s Alive” (complete with girls dancing decked out in time period clothing)

Our church also made a big push to invite first time guests and our congregants responded! We had over 50 first time local guests join us during Easter Week, and over 30 of them made first time professions of faith! Please keep these guests in your prayers as we follow up with them and encourage them to join us so that we can help them on their faith journey and disciple them!

The adults had a great time, but judging from the screaming and laughter coming from outside, the children enjoyed the festivities even more. To celebrate, we held a special outside children’s program that included clowns, facepainting, balloons, and plenty of candy! And although the children enjoyed all of those things, the focus of the children’s event was the truth that Jesus resurrected from the dead and He is alive!

We ended the service with our Resurrection photo booth where we had our folks take Easter photos with their families, and we promised them a free copy of their photo the following week! It was a special blessing for me to have not only my brother Mitch’s family with us (who are serving with us as full time missionaries) but also my parents as well! It was such an honor for me and our church to be able to join with Christians and the church worldwide as we all gathered on that special day to celebrate the greatest news in the history of the world, that JESUS IS ALIVE!


We want to finish this update by sharing with you about the progress on our church building fundraising campaign! After just 2 months of only local (Mexico/church side) fundraising, we have received over 30% of the total goal!  (145k out of 480k full asking price) We are now preparing to move to the USA to do two fundraising dinners and we need your help in three areas!

{SAVE THE DATE!   –  CCRosarito Building Fundraising Dinners! Friday June 30th in Bakersfield California and Saturday July 1st in Yorba Linda California!}

First off, please pray that God will bring those donors ready to partner with us to these two dinners. At these dinners I will share about the history of the church, everyone will enjoy a free delicious Mexican dinner, and then have the opportunity to give a tax deductible donation to help us purchase our building! #2- Pray as we continue on with our monthly local fundraising efforts in Mexico. #3- Pray about joining us for one of our fundraising dinners, and please feel free to invite other donors that you know that might be interested in partnering with us in this worthy cause! In our next month’s update, we will include sign up information for those interested in attending one of these fund raising dinners! (The dinner is free, but you and your guests will need to reserve your spot)

(photo Above- Vincent Family Rosarito Easter 204 and 2017!)


Thank you once again for your love, prayers, and support of our family here on the mission field of Mexico! It is through your prayers that God meets our spiritual needs, and through your financial support, that God meet’s our material needs!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)

Mike,  Sarah, Grace, and Daniel


Prayer Requests:

#1-  Pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs of our family personally!

#2- Pray that God will help us purchase our building, as our 5 year lease runs out at the end of the summer!

#3- Pray for our stateside fundraising banquets scheduled for Friday June 30 in Bakersfield and Saturday July 1st  in Yorba Linda!

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