A deeper work of Grace

So much to share with you. On the personal level we are making ourselves more and more available to what the Lord is doing around us, with neighbors, family, believers and unbelievers who need to speak, to vent, to be encouraged, to pray with, to be served.

On the national level, the French (not the majority but the opposition is growing) fellow citizens are starting to have enough of seeing their world collapse, their liberties disappear, to hear threats from everywhere to force them to “choose” to comply with the government and who realize that now their life and the life of their children is in real danger. Today in Nice, 2 demonstrations in the streets took place. The second one was counting easily 10 000 people, a beautiful testimony to those in France who have believed from the mass media that everybody in the land has followed the directive of the President, to get vaccinated. France is gripped by lots of fear mixed with hope and anger on one side, fear and blind compliance on the other side, the majority.

These changes of our life are bringing people to be more honest and there is a definitive opening of the heart of many towards hearing about the Good News of the Savior.

On our side, we realize afresh like Mrs H.Taylor says it so well: “that only a deeper work of grace in ourselves can enable us effectually to strengthen others.” ‘For their sake I sanctify myself that they also may be sanctified through the Truth.’

There is no place for compromise in our lives. The time is critical. We need to be sold out to the Lord and His call more than ever. We need each other. We work together through encouragements, praying for one another, spending time with one another, helping others in many ways. This is not the time to slumber. The darkness is trying to take over.

And the Lord is doing amazing works in hearts still. There is a blessed stir around us. In my family (in France) many are starting to pay attention to what we are saying and are changing direction, getting closer to the Lord. The enemy is not happy to loose his victims and is attacking. We need your prayers for our protection. But what a huge JOY to see some of my most broken family members falling in love with Jesus!!! All the years of intercessions, of sharing, of being mocked or despised by them is just starting to change radically. Also my father just died today. All my siblings are far far apart from one another. Now we are getting closer and closer because of his death. Only God can do something beautiful like this!

Praise to our great God!! Glory, and honor and power to our most Holy God and Savior, now and forever!!!

European police (!) watching that the guy in front is asking the people to show their proof of vaccination (Passe sanitaire) before entering the movie theater
The making of a cake for a dear sister’s wedding
Sharing the Gospel in Monaco, divine appointment with Félicité who recorded some tips from me about sharing Jesus to show to believers in Lyon
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In the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some

After all these months of confinement, half confinement, strict curfew, less curfew, it seems that we are being let almost loose for summer in the country of France.

Our last months have been spend well between evangelism in the streets, mainly Nice, fellowship/ prayers in homes, encouragement in many ways of family members, neighbors and believers. Still making beautiful cakes to bless, a new project of translation is starting, and the biggest joy of discipling one niece in France and a lady I met in Nantes last year who recently gave her heart to the Lord. At times, pains or illness are slowing us down but we place our feet in the starting blocks as soon as strength is back to continue the race the Lord has prepared for us. Evangelism is also going strong in other cities by close sisters, a multiplication we are so grateful for! It has been a challenge to share with mask on our face but it seems that humans adapt pretty well and conversations are still going on despite what seems to be a nasty obstacle to good communication.

Creating cakes to bless others

We are planning to extend our area of evangelism this summer as we have been granted by our government more liberties and take advantage of this season to our best capabilities.

Thank you for praying for the power of the Holy Spirit in us, on us, through us to reach the heart of many in this land. We also need wisdom on how to disciple Sylvia and Eve, prayers for their protection spiritually and a beautiful growth in Jesus as time is getting short. Thank you also for praying for our health.

We are so grateful to be linked to so many wonderful brothers and sisters both in France and in the States. May our precious Lord continue to guide you all in the paths He has for each of you so you will shine brightly in His Name, in a generation who needs Him so much!

Sharing also in beautiful Cannes
Beautiful Nice

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Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses…

let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked for us, fixing our eyes on JESUS… (Hebrew 12:1-2)

In the midst of a world stumbling, when confinements, new regulations change all the times, when daily life’s decor is rapidly changing in Nice, when threats on our freedoms bring confusion, fear can easily grip our hearts. The work of the enemy seems to be succeeding so well. So what do we do as we are watching our lives being strangled little by little?

We fixed our eyes on JESUS our great Savior, Redeemer, promise Keeper!

And as the stench of sorrow tries to permeate our daily life, spring adorns trees and bushes around us. The sun warms up our aching hearts, flowers enchant us with their fragrances, the Mediterranean sea wears her blue dress and new hope comes, even though we continue to roam masked, day after day.

Hope of Life in the midst of darkness

As we continue to share the Gospel of Jesus in the streets, we see all kind of reactions. But there is more fear and anger. We do not see yet a marked opening of the hearts and we cry out to our God for encouragement, direction, power from Above to give a thirst for the Truth to the land of France.

So we went fasting, praying, seeking God’s face more than ever. Reading also some literature, drawing spiritual help from the great saints of the past. It has been such a blessed time! God has shown me the importance of my prayer time — and — to proclaim courageously and faithfully the whole Gospel, not withdrawing from presenting the sinners with the bad news of their destiny without the Savior. (As John Henry Newman pointed so well: It is easier to apply the medicine after you have convinced the patient of his need)

With Charles Simeon, God showed me about having the Gospel going forth with clarity and power. To stay with the job in spite of opposition. He was such an example of disciplined prayer and study, inspiring me, as he spent the first 4 hours of everyday with God and he grew so much because of it.

Andrew Bonar realized that he worked more than he prayed, that he did not see that prayer should be the main business of everyday. “God likes to see His people shut up for this, that there is no hope but in prayer. Herein lies the Church’s power against the world.”

Robert McCheynes discovered also that too many ministers neglect their daily devotional time or hurry through it so they can get involved in “more important matters.” He withdrew himself in total dependence upon the Lord. He was very concerned of the honor of Christ in the salvation of souls, personal holiness and to speak of hell with much tenderness.

Christmas Evans cry is ours too: “Help me to wait silently and patiently upon Thee for the fulfilment of these things. … Sustain my heart from sinking, to wait for fresh strength from Zion.” and God gave him a new experience of faith and power even though the enemy opposed the preaching of the Word. Deaf to slanders of his enemies and blind to obstacles around him, he courageously and sacrificially carried the Gospel throughout the land and many found salvation because of his ministry.

So it is with much more balance that I approach my duty, asking myself pointed questions about how to present the Gospel better and better. The questions from J. H. Newman are inspiring:

“Am I a faithful physician of the soul? Am I preaching to the conscience? Am I faithful to declare the TRUTH, not simply my “clever ideas” about Truth? Do I offer Christ as the only Redeemer? Do I get beneath the surface and help my hearers where they need it the most?”

And to close, John Charles Ryle tell us: “Woe to me if I preach not the Gospel!” “Whenever it is faithfully preached and efficiently carried out and constantly adorned by the lives of its professors, it is the power of GOD! We have the Truth and we need not to be afraid to say so.”


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What we covet more than anything else

Times are changing fast, may we be in the US or in Europe. We sense more than ever the urgency to reach out to as many persons in France as we can, especially the elderly as many of them are getting sicker and are at the edge of eternity in a crucial way.

We have been here almost 9 years, sharing faithfully the Gospel mainly in the streets, via tracts and also via the movie cards. A great movie presenting the Gospel, dubbed in French since September of last year. On 70 000 cards distributed, not too many went to see it yet. But we have more and more helpers who find joy in sharing the Gospel with these movie cards, not only in Nice and the surrounding cities but also by other churches in other main cities of France, appreciating this new tool.

After going in the streets almost every day since the beginning of September, I reached a low and was discouraged greatly. In His huge kindness, the Lord started to speak to me via the biography of James O Fraser, who was a young missionary in China in the 19th century. I am going to borrow his own words to present you with our deepest desire and need as field workers in Atheistic France.

If I may remind you, France has been fighting against religions and belief in God for many generations. The poor job of the Catholic churches, even at times Protestants (when they are just a religion), or even some evangelical churches, Islam and the ever present and relentless Jehovah Witnesses make the people here highly suspicious against anything that mentions the name of GOD, the BIBLE or JESUS. Also the total blindness that Satan and human pride plays on all of us, prevent these poor souls to see their need of the Savior. They do not see themselves as sinners who have an appointment to meet face to face their Holy Creator. UNLESS…

“There might be even a slow growth in the work and faithful witness established. But he (J.O Fraser) ( same for us here) felt there was a vast reservoir of power he had yet hardly began to tap… ‘I feel my weakness very much, yet the Lord seems to delight in making His power perfect in weakness. May I ask you then, to remember me specially in prayer, asking God to use me (us) to the salvation of many precious souls?‘ He was feeling more and more that the prayers of God’s people were what called down blessing on the work… and the increase can be brought down from Heaven by believing prayers, whether offered in China (France) or in England (US)

I believe it will be known on the Last Day how much has been accomplished in missionary work by the prayers of earnest believers at home”

The need for prayer is at the heart of the problem. Solid, lasting missionary work is done on the knees


How rich are the prayer forces of the Church! How do we long for some of this health for ourselves and for the French people here. Yes, we have had it in measure already, but we should very, very much like a wider circle of intercessors. Our work here is not a bed of roses, spiritually. We know enough about Satan to realize that he will have all his weapons ready for determine opposition and discourage us, or distract us from the goal. One is a missionary simpleton who expects plain sailing at any work of God. And we had already our share of spiritual attacks.

I will not by God’s grace, let anything deter me from going straight ahead in the path to which He leads but I shall feel greatly strengthened if I know of a definite company of prayers holding me up. I am confident that the Lord is going to do work, sooner or later, among the Lisu here.” (translate ‘among the French here’).

I am now setting my face like a flint: If the work seems to fail, then pray. If services, etc, fall flat, then pray still more. If months slip by with little or no result, then pray still more and get others to help you.”

The work for which we are asking prayer is the preaching/sharing of the Gospel message, the Gospel of Calvary to uplift truly these needy people. We need prayer ourselves. We are aware of defeats inside, discouragement, distractions… It is the story of a spiritual travail and without that travail a work of God could not be brought to birth. We believe we have little time left when we can freely share this amazing Good News.

So would you hear our plea and join our new group of earnest intercessors to ask the Holy Spirit to touch the heart of the French with a deep conviction of sin so that they will understand the gift of the Savior Jesus Christ?

Humbly and gratefully

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To Your Name be the glory!

“Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your Name be the glory because of Your love and faithfulness!” (Psalm 115:1)

YES! GLORY to YOU LORD for ALL the marvelous things You have done throughout the year 2020!

For the amazing faithfulness You have shown to us moment by moment while the world around us became more and more insane.

For incredible open doors you gave us when this world started to take way our liberties

For Your provision when the world economy started to suffer

For Your Word, Your promises that bring solidity and peace to us amidst a world that is starting to stagger

For You being the Anchor of our faith among a world which is loosing its foundation

For the steadfastness of valiant brothers and sisters despite strict regulations eating away our fellowship

For our pastors who remain here for all of us

For the strong faith of my husband who encouraged me often

For all the brothers and sisters in France who have participated in sharing the Gospel to many via the movie cards

For ever deepening relationships with family members, neighbors and many others, desiring to shine our light to them so they, too, will come humbly to the Savior

For the Holy Spirit who does not leave us orphans but come to our rescue in every need

For all of you who have prayed for us, called us, visited us, supported us financially or with great counsel

For the future and the hope we have in You LORD, knowing that Your compassion on Your children, Your goodness will be renewed, morning by morning. We will continue to live with You the best adventure, whatever the circumstances around us!

We pray LORD, God All Mighty, that You fill us up with all wisdom, power, increased faith, love to continue the work that You have given us to perform here in France. We pray that we will be better ambassadors for You in the midst of a perishing world. Please, LORD, pour Your compassion over this country and call to Yourself a huge number of lost souls! Strengthen Your church here, and may the world see through us the light. Help us to be the salt of this earth and may all that will be done glorify Your Name more than ever before!

We pray for an amazing new year for each of you, surrended to the perfect will of our Good Good Father!

Preparing, organizing, working on the dubbing of the movie “Athée: vraiment?” 62 000 cards have been given since the 1st of September!!
Chateau de Chambord = French icon of a rich history. Was given the amazing opportunity to travel all over France to share the Gospel in 32 cities, distributing 50 000 cards of the movie “Athée vraiment”
Nice and surrounding cities = Other believers are helping us sharing more than ever in the streets and also placing cards in mail boxes (12 000 cards in the last month)
Visiting as many residential
buildings as possible to place the movie cards in mailboxes
Making Christmas cookies for family and neighbors
Sharing my testimony and the Gospel to teens in Calvary. Very anointed time!

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Our God is not limited

What do you do when lock downs stop the whole country and you are not allowed to go more than 1 kilometer away from your home, one hour a day maximum, for weeks at a time? How to get around giving to the same people tracts of the Gospel in the streets? You pray to the amazing God you serve and He guides you on the road less traveled!

And this is how I started to place cards of the Gospel movie we dubbed recently in French in thousands of mail boxes in our district and now that we have a little more liberties we can get out of our neighborhood and spread out to the whole city of Nice.

Some other believers and churches have also started to give the same cards in their own cities.

Little brochures “Towards the peace with GOD” given to the elderly
The Movie Card
Thousands of cards placed in the mail boxes of the whole sea front of Nice
A good view on the front buildings visited

Since the very beginning of September, 50 000 cards of the movie and hundreds of other tracts have been given to people all around France, above all in the south of France.

The attitudes are changing slowly but surely as many in France are witnessing the collapse of their foundation in this world. They are still suspicious of anything religious but many are starting to ask hard questions. The next 2 to 3 weeks are vital in our spreading the Gospel and reaching a maximum of persons.

This is why we humbly ask you to pray for wisdom, our health, clement weather to be able to be in the streets as it is rainy more often now. Please do pray that all who receive the Good News, given one on one or via their mailboxes, will dare to check out the movie and watch it till the end and be touched by what their Creator did for them so they can be saved.

Also for the hundreds of pastors we are reaching in France via Email for them to watch the movie and see its potential in evangelism.

Gratefully yours

“Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience…” 2 Timothy 4:2

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“He went through town and country giving the Good News of the Kingdom of God” (Luke 8:1)

As many of you already know, I have been busy since the beginning of 2020 with the dubbing of a great movie from Living Waters, which is such an amazing tool of evangelism to reach out to the French population, mainly those familiar with the use of the internet – YouTube more specifically.

The oppositions of the enemy have been numerous during the working of this project and I was very sick for the last 2 months of the finalization of the dubbing with what I thought was a pinched nerve in my lower back, when actually it was an abcess in my kidney which the Lord miraculously delivered me from. I was barely recovered when the Lord gave me the green light to start a missionary trip from the 17th of August till today, the 5th of October.

A big sense of urgency pressed me to go as quickly as possible to reach a maximum of cities in France with the Gospel via the movie “The Atheist Delusion” now finally dubbed in French = “Athée: vraiment?” for all to follow easily.

While Mitch was visiting and helping his parents and family in California I started with a visit of my family in France until the cards and the movie were ready. The happy day finally arrived on the 30th of August! I left immediately for Mulhouse to distribute in the streets the movie cards to the younger people and the “Good Person” tracts to the elderly. Sleeping mainly in rooms rented via Airbnb, driving often in the morning, distributing all afternoon.

Enjoying different landscapes between cities, then pouring my heart out into the people in the streets of no less than 27 French cities, mainly in the north of France.

I was so privileged to go and give thousands of cards and tracts in Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Metz, Reims, Saint Quentin, Lille, Arras, Amiens, Dieppe, Rouen, Chartres, Orléans, Le Mans, Rennes, Brest, Lorient, Nantes, Angers, Tours, Poitiers, Limoges, Clermont Ferrand. Then the south with Perpignan, Carcassonne, Biarritz, Bordeaux, Toulouse!

Everywhere I went the Lord’s goodness, direction, faithfulness, provision, protection were just so AMAZING!! He also prepared some incredible divine appointments in many places. Young and old, believers(*) who needed to be encouraged, prayed for, unbelievers searching and knowing we did not meet by chance. Bringing hope, encouragement to those like Floriane*, Philippe, Pierre, Melina*, Lucianna*, and her whole family* of gypsies in Dieppe, Sébastien*, Patrice*, Danne*, François, Emmanuel – Isabelle, Céline, Hélène, Xavier, Lionel, and also a whole group of lost young teens, in full rebellion with 7 young homeless men in Lorient, Nathalie, Frank, Eve, Brigitte, pasteur Alex*, Domitien, Dominique, Mateo, Maurianne, Patrick, Catherine, a young lady working at a cash register at Lidl, whose reaction was SO radical as she took the card with hope in the midst of her depression, Martine, Pastor Jean from Nimes* who took 8000 cards to give to the people of his city and other pastors he knows, Manuel, Christian, Israel, Mona-Dabia-Camille, Anne, a group of 8 youth in the streets of Bordeaux, Miguel-Fabienne, Simon…… and all the stories I will never know here of thousands of hearts touched by the Lord through this movie.

I am planning to keep in touch with some of these and will pray regularly for all the persons mentioned above.

There are as many incredible stories as first names mentioned. I cannot tell of these here, it would take many pages. BUT, if you are interested to know what happened with them, pick up a name or two or three and I will share with you. I kept some daily notes not to forget this extraordinary journey.

As I am coming home after this incredible trip, I am very, very grateful for the DAILY support I had from close sisters like Carole (California), Elisabeth and Graziella (Nice) who fought with me spiritually for this trip to be to the Lord’s glory!!

My heart is bursting out of thankfulness for all the goodness the Lord has bestowed upon me during these last months!!! For each heart which got encouraged everywhere He sent me! And also for the miracle of seeing and spending a sweet 90 minutes with my older sister Fabienne in the north of France after 5 years of not hearing anything from her!

The fields are white….

To our Great God be ALL the glory!!

A small market in Saint Quentin where I met and prayed for Philippe (on the right) who has cancer
Floriane, young believer in Mulhouse, highly encouraged
Melina (right) and part of her family. Christian Gypsies! Needed encouragement
My Airbnb host Celine who is searching the Truth and was very happy to meet with me
With brothers and sisters from Nimes. Left is pastor Jean who took thousands of cards of the movie
Bordeaux – With Anne who is searching hard for the Truth
Sharing in Biarritz
Down town Tours = A typical Saturday in cities of France. Hundreds of cards and tracts

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Birth pains

The last weeks have been VERY busy with the work on the dubbing of the movie, recording still, the constant organization and the extremely meticulous work on the audio tracts. We are about to see soon this project coming to its completion and we are running against time for this movie to be done so it can be quickly available to the French speaking populations.

Mitch spent 3 weeks with our niece, her husband and their 2 young children in the center of France, at the farm, where they live and work hard. Young couple, young believers who love the Lord but are not able to go to a church. While Mitch was with them, he made them discover Calvary Chapel Nice via zoom. Mitch was a support to them spiritually and practically as he helped with different small repairs or building that needed to be done in their new – old country house.

In the few days I was there, I was able also to meet some of their acquaintances and had the pleasure to share freely Jesus to them. Among a population who does not know that Jesus is the Savior STILL and is the center of the lives of few people they know and respect. Everything about sharing Jesus here is so exciting because they do not know that coming to Him IS the answer for them, no matter how complicated or desperate their situation is.

Welcoming committee next to our bed when we woke up !

Spending time with my niece’s little boy and little girl was tiring BUT so rewarding. I had fun in having them participate in the preparation and the cooking of few French meals. And they were so proud afterwards, with very good reason!

Thanking you for all the prayers for the ministry in France, for the movie to be wrapped up and ready as soon as possible and for all our contacts here with believers and unbelievers. Pray that the confinement of the elderly in retirement houses will be lifted totally and that they can finally receive visits freely and go out at times. Our Christian friend Martine (90 y.old) has been confined in her room for more than 3 months and while we all can go out freely now, they can’t. It has been very hard for Martine.

“Since, then, we know what it is to fear the LORD, we try to persuade others…. for Christ’s love compels us…” 2 Corinthians 5: 11, 14

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Focus on the essentials

France came out of confinement 10 days ago.

But the restrictions have moved to other areas, so we feel somewhat free again…. but not really. The mayor of our city has asked for everyone to wear a mask when in public places. So we are stepping out in new found limited freedom timidly. We realize that we all went through some psychological trauma with the confinement and all the questions attached to it, trying to decipher the meaning of these times.

Being able to walk on the beach again…
The Promenade des Anglais with more and more pedestrians
In the tramway

It has been a time getting closer to each other as husband and wife and of seeking deeper our Redeemer, realizing that He has to become more and more ALL our Treasure and Hope.

We can now travel without a form but no more than 62 miles. As our family in France lives farther away, we cannot go visit them. This is hard for me (Christine) not to be able to see them. Above all not to be able to visit my niece who is having some serious health issues and addictions in the context of violence and very poor management with her teen children. She is a very sensitive woman who needs desperately Jesus in her life and her family life. She is now in the hospital with a second suicide attempt. We keep close watch over her via the phone and her husband and sister are close to her. We pray the restrictions will lift up in June so we can spend time with all of them. We also had our trip to California canceled due to the isolation requirements and we are communicating with the family there via our computer screen.

During confinement I was very busy with the editing sound part of the dubbing of the movie and so glad we are able to start again the recordings. We are making big progress and it is very encouraging.

Going back in the streets of Nice to offer gospel tracts to whoever wants to take them. It is going well. There are all kind of reactions, not too different than before. SO happy to be able to share Jesus freely again! We also baked some special home made decorated cookies to give to all our neighbors and gave them with a New Testament. We continue to pray for doors to open with all of them, for their curiosity to be picked so they will read the Word of God now placed in their hand, for salvation in these times we live!

We want to thank you all for your prayers, your support, and we are truly grateful to be part of a beautiful family of believers around the world! May Jesus’ name be called upon more and more in our generation!

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Day 28 of confinement. Everything in France came to a screeching halt since the 17th of March. Our world is not the same. Our old ways of life linger still in us but in reality, all is different; our brain is having a hard time computing this strangeness. Outside, Spring is unfolding , the birds are singing more than ever, the sun is warming up our weakening bodies as we do not move like we did before. All days of the week look alike. The city streets are eerily quiet. Silent queues form in front of grocery stores. Guilty masked pedestrians venture at times, the cars are few, the tramway empty and the Mediterranean sea is a felon who is not permitted any visitation.

The Promenade des Anglais — Nice

All are in house arrest, reluctantly hooked in front of a television pouring out dark news and terrible pictures all day and all night long. The depression is spreading, competing against the virus. For the first time, some wonder what is going to happen, others dare to think all will be finished soon and they will be able to go back to their routine and pursuits once again.

Mitch and I realize the gravity of the time. This is why we desire so much to be used by our victorious Lord, every moment. To be found watching, awake and closer to Him and to one another, exhorting, comforting, encouraging, praying for those the Lord is showing us and the list gets longer everyday.

I had the immense joy of meeting Josette in the streets as I was walking a little around the block, a Jehovah Witness lady who is seeking Truth and with whom I had a fantastic time sharing the real Jesus. Very shortly after I met an elderly couple to whom I shared the Good News, (while respecting our legal distancing). Gaston, the older man, really wanted Jesus as his Savior. His wife Madeleine is glad to chat on the phone and enjoys the Psalms I read her. I am now keeping contact with all of them by phone and encouraging them to read the Bible. Many contacts with our family in France to tight up more than ever our bonds. One of my sisters whom I rarely hear from, was glad to chat with me few days ago. A cousin with who I had lost all contact for decades wants to see us as soon as the confinement is lifted. We are able also to help our neighbors, bringing peace, love and Jesus everywhere the doors open.

Madeleine et Gaston

We are also continuing to work on the last pieces of the few recorded lines we started, before the confinement, for the dubbing of the movie “Athée: vraiment?”. We are SO longing for the confinement to be done so we can continue the recordings and editing of the movie.

We are very thankful for ALL of the Lord ‘s blessings = His provision, His protection, His direction and how He continues to use us despite the lock-down, furthering His Kingdom around us, inspiring us to inspire others to love Him and serve Him more and more.

Being VERY thankful for all those who are supporting us in this beautiful ministry!

Loving to be with each other
Let us continue to proclaim in this land our most amazing GOD

“I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people — for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good and pleases God our Savior who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the Truth.” 1 Timothy 2:1-4

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