Around the World (No Planes Required!)

The transition into being full-time missionaries with SGWM, becoming intimately connected with facilitating worldwide Gospel work and raising support as missionaries ourselves, has been quite a whirlwind. But there’s a peace in the midst of the hurricane, and we’re finally settling in to see what this is going to look like for our lives in the long-term after the completion of two successful church events I got to head up: our Halloween Front-Yard Parties and Thanksgiving Potluck. (If you’re curious, planning a potluck for 150+ people gives you a taste of both delicious food, mass chaos, and an incredible display of community in your church family). I’ve been a bit more freed up now to dive into the missions side of things. In the past month-and-a-half, I’ve had a chance to make contact with ministry in Uganda, Pakistan, and South Asia, with no air travel required!

One highlight has been spending some time with our brother Brian Kanyike from Uganda while he was here in the States. It was such a blessing hearing how he is doing as a human being, a husband and father, and not “just” a missionary. On top of that, we were able to help launch a campaign in which our church body came together to purchase some cows for the sake of advancing his ministry back home. What a privilege it was to hang out with this man of God (and help facilitate his very first selfie! Not sure if I should actually be proud of that…).

One of my favorite moments of each week is the missions training class we’ve gotten to do with our brother Pastor Nadeem in the Middle East via Skype. These Thursday mornings were designed for us to train him in how to facilitate missions work from his own home base. The result has been that we have all been blessed, encouraged, and built up in the process by each other’s fellowship!




Finally, we have some amazing work going on in South Asia right now. I’ve been teaching our Pastor’s School in South Asia over Skype every Sunday night. It’s been an immense privilege to teach these dear brothers through the book of Ephesians (with some of our young adults from my church joining me on occasion). It’s wonderful to be a part of their training to go out and bring the gospel to their own unreached villages. Also, as we get closer to the opening of our Bible school there, we got to interview, via Skype, a graduate from another campus in South Asia to become a SGWM missionary and serve at the new school we’re building.

On a more personal note, we’re loving being a family of five, and it was such a blessing to have Jude dedicated at our church, Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, last month. All three of our children have been dedicated by Pastor Trent now, and it’s always an incredible opportunity to re-establish who we are as part of a larger family in Christ with our church community. We couldn’t do any of what we’re doing without our church family’s love and support!

Please continue to pray for the Lord to grow our financial support so that we can continue our work as missionaries with SGWM. Please pray as I step into my main role of helping create the “face” of SGWM (more on that in our next update!).

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Soli Deo Gloria!
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, and Jude

Broadened Vision through a Narrowed Scope

Coming into this new venture of what most people call “full-time ministry,” I knew to expect the unexpected, but I suppose I still didn’t necessarily expect what I would stumble upon my first week. As an SGWM missionary, I’ve gotten to experience some really cool things this first week and a half at our headquarters, including the beginning of some training for one of our dear brothers in a sensitive country to direct some of the vision he has for sending missionaries out from his own ministry! I’ve been a part of some meetings on how to best bless our missionaries and get their stories in front of the body of Christ. And of course, I’ve been getting really excited preparing to teach through the prison epistles to one of our schools of ministry in Asia via Skype starting in a little over a week. How incredible that I get to be a small part of reaching the nations!

However, one of my first jobs here has been the organization of my church’s annual Front Yard Parties for Halloween. On a holiday where many unsaved people literally come knocking on our doors, our church had a vision to have different groups around the communities where our church is represented to serve the community with fun, food, and a safe place for kids to play and neighbors to chat over coffee. What a way to open up doors to share the Gospel!


I love this picture that one of our brothers in Christ captured at my Life Group’s Front Yard Party from this week on Halloween. I think it portrays exactly the goal of these parties: to be a beacon of Christ’s light in our communities on what can be a very spiritually dark night.

With five different parties going on in one night with lots of food, candy, machines, and bounce houses to go out, you can imagine that this event can be a chore administratively. There was a lot of work that went into this and a lot of really helpful hands from amazing people. I was tempted to think that making grocery store runs for hot dogs and calling bounce house vendors is maybe not the most important “Kingdom Work.” But the Lord has really used this experience, especially as I’ve seen how all of these parties have played out, to broaden my vision for missions by narrowing my scope into our own backyards. As I’m working with and praying for brothers and sisters overseas in hard-to-reach areas, I can sometimes miss that our communities need the gospel too. And so, as I’ve seen all of the fruit coming from this event, all of the Gospel conversations and neighbors feeling the love of Christ from us, I can truly say it’s been an honor to play a role in these Front Yard Parties. And no less than some of the other responsibilities I hold with helping to train and equip servants of Jesus worldwide, this first project of mine has very much been a missions project.

Working the popcorn machine at my own Life Group’s front yard party

Soli Deo Gloria!
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, and Jude

A New Adventure

Hello Friends, Family, and Brothers & Sisters in Christ!

My name is Joel Garcia. My family and I are about to embark on the greatest venture of faith we’ve yet to face in our lives, and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it!

Who We Are

I am the director of the Worship Ministry at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, and my wife Amy and I, after leading the Jr. High Ministry for six years there, have now been leading the church’s Young Adults Ministry for just over a year. We met at CCSG and have been married for six years now, with three incredible children: Maggie (3), Harrison (2), and Jude (5 months). We certainly have our hands full!

What We Are Doing

The Lord has directed both my family and my church’s missions organization, Saving Grace World Missions, into a new season of life for us where I will serve full-time with CCSG and SGWM. I am leaving my current job to serve Jesus as a US-based missionary for SGWM. What does that look like for us?

On top of continuing my duties as the leader of both the Young Adults and Worship ministries at CCSG and jumping into a more administrative role, I will work as a servant to SGWM’s missionaries. This will involve going on missions trips to encourage, teach, and equip our missionaries to spread the Gospel, as well as teaching classes for our various schools all over the world via Skype (the benefits of technology!). I will also get to serve our missionaries by assisting with the management of their finances with SGWM’s accounting department, a burden we want to lift from our missionaries’ shoulders as much as possible so that they can flourish in reaching the nations for Christ.

How You Can Be a Part of What God is Doing

We would like for you to join us in prayer for this new venture in ministry for us. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom and vision as we follow His lead. Pray that every ounce of work we pour out would be for His glory and produce fruit that lasts. And pray that God would provide for our financial needs, as we will be raising support from those who would like to financially partner with us for the spread of the Gospel to the nations.

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Thank you for your prayers and support, and we look forward to sharing our stories with you along the way!

All The Best For His Glory!

Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, & Jude