No Words to Describe

Dear Pastors, Supporters and Church Family,

Greetings to all of you from my church family. I want to thank God, Who has protected me and my church from every disease and from all kinds of the devil’s tricks. Also, I thank God that I have been working with Calvary Chapel for ten years! Calvary Chapel has always fulfilled our needs. They have been with us like family members in every situation. You continually pray for us. I appreciate your encouragement. I wish that someone was able to come visit my area; I am a little bit sad that no one has been able to come in almost 10 years. Thank you for your wonderful love and faith in me. God’s ministry is going on in 6 villages, by the grace of God. Along with the fellowships there are also Bible studies, and God is giving wisdom and knowledge to all of these people. They are deeply understanding the Word of God.  Thank you for always remembering us in your prayers and encouraging us with the Word of God all the time. 

This is an answer to 15 years of my prayers, and it’s an incredible day!

Thank God! My sister’s wedding was on February 28th. It was the answer to my family’s prayer. God met every single need, and I saw that God is truly faithful and fulfills every one of our needs beyond what we can imagine. When I went to talk about preparing for my sister’s wedding, I was thinking, “How will this marriage happen? It is too far away and there is not enough money.” No one supports my sister or parents monthly. But everything was accomplished in an orderly manner by God. 

My sister’s new husband’s parents are Hindu, and they do not believe in the Lord. For a while they were against the marriage. But God put it on my sister’s husband’s heart, that they should be married, and he prepared for the marriage. He had attended Bible College, but, due to the lack of monthly finances, he started working in an outside industry. After he and my sister were married, he decided that they should serve the Lord and resigned from his job. Pray that God will fulfill their needs and guide their plans; may God bless them for their ministry.

Such a great joy that I have no words to describe it!

I had an incredible time with my dearest friends in the North. It was very nice to hear their testimonies, of what has happened with them during these past 3 years and how they are serving the Lord faithfully. Their testimonies were really the reason for so much excitement for me. Even after coming under persecution, one of my dear brothers stood with the Lord and faithfully worshiped the Lord. Spending time with him, camping and traveling was a blessing to me and to him. 

No one visited these friends for almost 3 years. Since the persecution started, many people blocked them on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp because of fear. But when I went, they liked it very much. I also made a lot of memories that I will never forget. I was so happy to see my brother’s heart, and he helped with my sister’s marriage like it was his own sister’s wedding. God bless these friends!

Two more people were baptized last week!

Thank God that He has given me new believers. For the first time, they heard the Word through us, and now they believe in the Lord with all their heart and soul. Because fuel is so expensive, taxi fares have almost doubled; but still, these poor people come and listen to the Word of God and apply the Word of God in their lives. Lately, we have a Bible study from the Acts of the Apostles during Sunday fellowship and a Bible study from Genesis on Fridays. A lot of people believe. We thank God that the two women were baptized last week. One of the women is the mother of a boy who is suffering from a very strange disease, which I have written to you about many times. The second woman is the mother of another believer. When that believer told her mother that salvation was only through Jesus Christ, her mother believed and gave her life to the Lord and was baptized. Thank God that more than 42 people have been baptized so far!

A huge sacrifice for the Lord!

I thank God that He has given me the best church family in the world. Along with the uneducated, there are the poor, and the unemployed. They are very hungry and thirsty for God. 

When people come to believe in the Lord, the people of their village society hate them and separate themselves from the believers. Many believers have also been excommunicated from their communities, becoming outcasts. Being out of cast means that no one will talk to them, nor do any kind of financial transaction or provide professional services. No one will attend their marriages or funerals. Still, I am very surprised to see the faith of these believers, that they even leave their village community family for the sake of the Lord. It is not an easy thing here.

My church is not registered yet; pray that I can get church registration. Then, I can make a case that the cemetery here is for all Christians and not just for two families. Or else, please pray that God will provide for us enough money to buy land for a separate cemetery for my church so that those who believe in God will not face any kind of problem at the last moment before death against their entire village community family. Also, it is very important for me to register so that if I have any problems in the present or future, then I can tell them that my church is registered. Because in this matter I can’t rely on any other person except God to help me.

Prayer requests;

1. Everyone please pray that the Lord will provide a cemetery for our church.

2. Pray that God will help us with the registration of our church if it is His will, and that I will be able to install a security camera in our church.

3. Please pray about the price of fuel; it is getting more expensive here every day, and about 30 to 40% of our support is going to pay for fuel.

4. Pray that my mother will be in good health.

 5. I want to preach the Gospel at Easter time in an unreached area about 220 miles from my village. If the Lord wills, then He will help and meet our financial needs.

6. Pray for our believers to understand the Bible more deeply.

7. Pray for a movie projector. My projector has suddenly broken, due to an electrical power surge.

Thank you for your prayers, love, support and partnership for the Gospel!

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Praise and Prayer Update

Praise Points:

  • Praise the Lord! My sister’s wedding was on the 28th of last month. The marriage went very well. God has fulfilled every need!
  • Praise the Lord! I was able to reach my ministry well and begin fellowship again!
  • Praise the Lord! There are currently about 6 villages here where we are having fellowships and Bible studies!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for us as summer is beginning. I need 3 wall fans and 3 standing fans for our church. Please pray that God will provide for our needs.
  • Please pray for the many illiterate people who come to study the Bible to be able to understand God’s Word more deeply.
  • Next month, there are more people who want to publicly show that they follow Jesus during a church service. Please pray for this; about 40 people have done this.
  • Please pray during the Easter month. I want to do an outreach in an unreached village about 350 km from my home. People of that village have been inviting me since Christmas. I am planning to show the Jesus film, preach the Gospel on a loudspeaker,feed about 200 people and give out New Testaments. If God wills, pray that He will fulfill the financial needs.
  • Please pray my church can be registered and that cc tv cameras can be installed.
  • There is a mentally ill woman next to my house whom the boys of my village keep pelting stones at. They do very wrong things at times. May God save her life and let the police take the words very seriously.
  • Please pray that there can be a graveyard for my church. All of the people who are coming to faith are not allowed by the people of the society to participate in any of their public things.

 Thank you all for your prayers and for participating in the good news!

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Lead Me, Oh Lord

Dear Pastors, Supporters and Church Family,

 I hope you are all safe and that your family is protected by God from the epidemic. I thank the Lord that He has given me a helper like you. You who are with us in our every sorrow, support us in trouble and never let us lack anything.

Thank God for His faithfulness. During these last three or four months, I have had a lot of problems. We had to stop the church fellowships in two places; one of these was at Sister P*’s house, about who I told you in my previous newsletter. Her village neighbors gave her so much trouble because of her faith. They gave her the option: if she does not leave the Lord, she will have to leave the village. But she remained firm in the Lord and the policemen also helped her.

After some time sister P* left the village. She had to leave because her husband was mentally ill and there were a lot of financial constraints to run the house. Because of this, she went to the big city to work to support her house. Thank the Lord, she continues to have a heart for the Lord and fears God. 

At the same time, there used to also be a fellowship on Wednesdays in another place. In that village, some people who belong to a Hindu organization (who keeps troubling Muslims and Christians), provoked, intimidated and really upset the new believers. The new believers wondered why they were not welcome in a another village. However, thank God that two people from this village, who are established believers, are standing strong in the Lord.

Two More New Fellowships Started! 

Thank God! Two or three months ago the fellowships were stopped in two places. Because of this, we were free on Mondays and Wednesdays. Only then, God opened the doors in two more villages so that we could start church fellowships in them. 

A New Family Who Has Opened Up Their Home for a Church Fellowship

I want to tell about one of these fellowships. A family opened their door so that we could have a fellowship in their house. People from all around the village come to their house to pray and to hear the Word of God. The Woman’s name is R*. She has 5 children: four girls (one is not in the photo) and one baby boy. R* and her older daughter have been baptized. They always listen to the taunts from people (against their faith), yet they do not back down from their faith in God. Her husband left to go to the big city to do work. Before she came to know the Lord, she was always sad. Her husband used to beat her a lot after drinking alcohol. She had 4 daughters, because of which her husband used to torture her a lot.

In our region, it is considered very important to have a son in every family so that their lineage can go on. There is a problem here. Illiteracy is very high in my area. So, the people consider the sons important, but the daughters are considered insignificant. People face a lot of problems when they have a daughter get married. If you want her to marry a boy with a government job, then she will have to give a dowry of about three million to five million. If the boy is a doctor or an engineer, then they get a dowry of five million to ten million. It is all fixed here. It is illegal, but the people here do not obey the law. If a girl wants to marry without a dowry, then the boy will be handicapped or will be unemployed and will not have a home to live in. That’s why the population of girls here is very high, and there are about 6 to 8 children in every family. If there are one or two or three boys in the family, then they stop having children. If they have girls first, then they give birth to 8 to 10 children while waiting to have a boy. 

Due to the high population of girls. People have girls who are minors marry, and have mismatched marriages. For example, if a 50 or 60 year old rich man marries a 16-17 year old girl, her family does not have to pay dowry. Families also sell their daughters, or outsiders come and steal them to do prostitution, sell their organs, etc. 

When R*’s  family came to our church to pray for a son, we told them from the Word of God that men and women are equal in the eyes of God. We told them a lot from the Word of God. That God does not discriminate between boys and girls. We also told them the Gospel. They believed in God and started following God by getting baptized. When she was expecting her baby, she said, “Even if God gives us a girl, we will happily keep it.” But when a son was born, they were very happy. Her husband, who used to beat her a lot, used to say “If there is no boy, then I will marry again so that I can have a boy.” Now, slowly her husband has also started believing. They have opened their home to start a fellowship.

By the grace of God, one other new village has also opened for a church fellowship. I will share about it in my next newsletter. Now, I have 5 house churches going on.

The Future Is Getting Dark!

Every year, millions of children die from cold in the winter, heatstroke, diarrhea, and dysentery in summer, and drowning in the rainy season. Here the government brings many plans for the future of the children, but that plan does not reach the children due to corruption. The government has opened a government school in every village here so that the poor children can study. However, the teachers do not teach the children properly. There are many teachers who do not know how to write their own names. They give bribes to get the job. When any officers come to check on them, they are also silenced through the bribe. Because of this, the future of these children is being ruined. I pray that God works here more and more, and for Christian NGOs that work faithfully.

I met Sh* while he was working in a repair center.

One of these is a child, who works in a four wheeler repairing center, named Sh*. He is just 8 years old and has 6-7 siblings. His father lives far away in the big city to do physical work, and his mother stays at home. They keep themselves alive by eating the 5 kg ration that the government gives.  The last time I saw him, he was telling me how his mother tried to kill him. So I asked why. He said that he had borrowed cooking gas. Because he did not pay the people in time for the cooking gas, they took their gas back. So, his mother could not cook. Wood could not be found due to the floods, so he could not even light a fire. When he went home, he asked for food from his mother, then his mother got angry and beat him a lot. Since then, he works in this workshop.  

I was very sad to hear this and I bought him some biscuits. I explained to this child that now he is the age to study. If he does not go to school now, then he will regret it for life. The government school gives them food and some money. Uniforms and books are all available for free. I also told the owner of the shop in which he works, that if I see them working again, I will complain to the police. Because, it is illegal to give a job to children below 14 years old.

He got a little angry, but later agreed. Now this boy goes to school and studies well. There are many such families whose children’s lives are being ruined. Children spend their time, catching fish with friends from the very beginning. Then they get in fights, drink alcohol, and learn to smoke cigarettes. Because of this, they grow up to commit murder, steal etc.

 I thank God for all of the people who have believed in the Lord at our church. I always encourage everyone to teach their children to go school so that their future can improve. The other believers also say that. I thank God that where the Word of God reaches, there the mind, soul and body of people-everything changes. Living, getting up, sitting, eating and drinking changes from the old life to a new life.

Great Awareness Program About Human Trafficking!

As I have been telling you from the beginning, since the lock-down a lot of illegal work has started here. People kidnap girls to earn money and sell them for prostitution in big cities. They also kidnap small children and take out their eyes or cut off their hands and feet, then they force them to beg. They also take out their liver, kidneys etc. and sell them. Last month, 2 children were stolen from my village who could not be traced. 

I thank God. I have been praying for many years that God would send a non-profit organization here that will make people aware of these things.

Recently, I found out about one such organization which goes from village to village to make people aware that they should not send their children to work somewhere, without testing for it’s validity. Many times, I have read in the newspaper about their work, and that with the help of the police, they rescued many children who were being sent to Nepal to do slave labor.

Hosting an Awareness Program at Our Church

Also, through many videos, the organization explains to illiterate people that many people come and lure them with a lot of money. They are asked to work somewhere outside the village and are given some money in advance. Then they are taken somewhere and sold for slave labor. Either by taking out the eyes of the children or by cutting off their hands and feet (and forcing them to beg) in big cities. If it is a girl, then they sell her for prostitution. That’s why I also invited this non-profit organization to my church to make the people of my church aware. I thank God and that about 70 people participated in this together with their children and glorified God.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continuously pray for my father. He fell and broke his hand. May God heal him as soon as possible and arrange for money for his treatment. He has been working for the Lord with me for eight or nine years now without any support.
  • Pray that God will fulfill our every need. Since the lock-down, the price of almost everything has doubled. Especially the price of car fuel has become very expensive. About 30% of my monthly support is spent on fuel. God satisfies all of our needs.
  • Please pray and pray for the family of my church to grow deeper in the Word of God and stand firm in the Lord in times of persecution.
  • Pray for a pastor who is my friend. He was captured by 2 people and forcibly taken on a bike to a place alone. They beat him badly and threatened that if he continues to run his church, they will break into his house and kill the believers. Pray that God will give them protection.
  • Pray for S* who is suffering from a very strange disease, may God heal him.

Thanks for your help, support and partnership for the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

No Turning Back

Dear Pastors, Leaders and Church Family,

Greetings! I appreciate your prayers, support and love for the Gospel. During this pandemic, so many organizations closed. Pastors are struggling for their daily needs. Praise God for Calvary Chapel! They always take care of me as a mother and fulfill all of my needs. I always thank our Lord Jesus for having me partner with a great church family.

Last month, 4 church members died due to Covid-19. Before dying, they told their family members and relatives to do their funeral in a Christian manner, but we do not have a Christian graveyard. Their families came to ask us to do the funerals like Christians do, but the Hindus will not give us permission to use their graveyard. So many problems came during their funerals, because all of the people’s family and relatives are Hindus. But praise God for His grace upon us, everything went smoothly. 

A lady faced persecution boldly even when 400 people were against her.

Once again, I am going to share a testimony of a woman named P*. She is the only believer in her family. She accepted Jesus about 5 or 6 years ago, and was baptized on June 26th, 2018. She has two kids and a husband.

Sister P’s* husband became mental last year because he overdosed on drugs. Now he is roaming in different villages. Sister P* sold a little part of land for treatment, but he did not get better.

Sister P* is very faithful and strong in her faith. Every Tuesday, for the last 4 years, Bible study has been taking place in her home. Last month, her father in law died so everyone tried to force her to do idol worship because, according to the culture and tradition, after funerals families have to do idol worship for 14 days. But, she boldly said, “I am Christian. I will not do idol worship.” Her family members and neighbors became angry. Then, her neighbors and family members started to insult, abuse and curse her. They took her in the village court and accused her of changing her own religion and insulting their gods and goddess and not worshiping idols. The village court gave the order “to leave the village or leave Jesus”. But she firmly said, in front of 400 people, “I will never leave Jesus and I will not do idol worship.” We suggested that she go to the police station about this order. She went to the police and, praise God, the police helped her.

The people of her village and relatives are planning to kill me and my dad because of her. It’s the same thing that happened with all believers in my ministry place. When my family accepted Jesus in 1998, more than 5,000 peoples from 10 villages took my Dad into the village court and the village court gave the same judgement and declared that they were taking possession of my land. We went to court. We fought the case in court for 20 years. During this time, the village court told everyone that if anybody talked to us, then they would be fined 5 thousand rupees. Still, none of our neighbors talk to us. Now, we don’t hold worship at Sister P*’s house, but she regularly comes to the Sunday service. 

We had an amazing Good Friday and Easter service! 

On Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we had a service at the church at my home and we invited all house church believers and more than 100 people came to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. It was amazing to share that Jesus died for our sins and the same day, two more people gave their life to Jesus as their Savior. My nieces performed dance at the Easter Sunday service. After service, we had some sweets, juice and biscuits for all the people.  

Bible study and fun night with Youth!

We had a great night with the youth. We invited our church youth and we spent lots of time in worship, Bible study, games and a movie night. It was encouraging to hear the testimonies of each other. In January and February, we had youth nights three times and two boys accepted Jesus.

On April 14th, it was my sister’s birthday. So, I invited all my church’s youth and I cooked dinner for everyone. After worship, we did Bible study and prayed for the whole world, then we played games. I gave a small gift to the winner. All night we showed movies on the projector. In the morning, after breakfast, they went home. Some youth did not have travel money, but praise God, He provided for all. Now, all the youth are growing in the Word of God and are keeping themselves separate from worldly things and sin.

Praise Points:

  • Praise God for healing Sunjay*! In the last newsletter, I mentioned about him. He wanted to commit suicide because he is suffering from a rare disease called Olmsted disease. His foot and hands were smelling so bad. They were bleeding and it was very painful. Now, the pain is gone, the bleeding stopped, and smell is also gone. Praise God! Thanks for your prayers- he is getting better every week. He is growing in the Word of God and coming to our Bible fellowship twice a week.
  • Praise God that He provided a new motor bike! I had a motor bike I was using for 6 years, but that bike was breaking every month and every month I had to spend lots of money to fix it. So many times, I was too late to a village fellowship because the motor bike would get stuck on the way. But, praise God, He provided a new motor bike for spreading the Gospel. During this pandemic, it was not easy to provide a new motor bike. I thank the Lord for this. Thank you for your help and prayer for the new motor bike.

Prayer Requests:

1.Please continue to pray for sister P.* and her husband.

2. Please continue to pray for Sunjay’s* healing.

3. Please continue to pray for safety from anti-Christian groups and covid 19.

4. Please continue to pray for the church members to face persecution boldly and understand the Word of God deeply.

5. Please pray for a little piece of land for a Christian graveyard.

6. Please pray for some audio Bibles for the believers who don’t know how to read or write.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and partnership for the Gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers, help, support and partnership in spreading the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

My King and My God

Dear pastors, leaders and church family!

Church Service

Greetings to you all from our church! Thank you for your love, prayers and support for the Gospel. I am so thankful to God because He sent me to this place where pastors and leaders do not want to come to minister or even visit because of the persecution and lack of basic facilities. Praise God for providing financially for the Christmas outreach with which we were able to celebrate Christmas in two of the villages and we were able to show the Jesus movie in 3 unreached villages and distributed blankets to widows, poor and helpless peoples. Praise God that more than 10 thousand people heard the good news in our Christmas outreach and 6 people took baptism. Everything was safe and smooth because of your prayers and dedication to Christ.

“No one loves me I am going to commit suicide!”

Visiting with Sunjay*

Today, again, I am going to share a story of my church member who was going to commit suicide but God saved his life. This guy’s name is Sunjay* and he is 23 years old and not very educated. In 2014, my dad and I went to distribute Gospel Bible textbooks in a village; that’s where we met this boy. He is suffering with a rare disease known by the name of ‘Olmsted Syndrome’. His hands and feet are so diseased that his nails are 2 to 3 inches long and are as hard as stones and his hands and feet’s skin automatically tear and bleed every day since his birth. Because his hands and feet smell bad no one wants to be friends with him and everyone stays away from him. Because of this he went into depression and started using drugs, many times he tried to kill himself.

Sunjay’s* Hands and Feet

His parents are very poor and daily wagers. They took him to so many doctors and skin specialist but he could not get any better with their treatment. When we shared the Good News and the love of our living God, he accepted Jesus as his Savior and took baptism. In the beginning, he came to the fellowship continuously and God started to heal his hands and feet, but after two years he again started to use drugs with some of his druggie friends and stopped coming to the fellowship. He refused to come to the fellowship and for two years I and my dad encouraged him so many times. His hands and feet started to tear and bleed again more than before. His parents, neighbors and relatives started to scold him and sent him to the fellowship. So, before Christmas, he again started to come to the fellowship. His mother is also a believer in the Lord, but his father is still a non believer. I took him to the hospital this month. The doctor gave him medicine and told him if there is no improvement, they will have to cut his toes. Please remember to keep him in your prayers; with our God nothing is impossible.

Youth’s night for worship, Bible study & prayer! 

Cooking Together at the Young Adult Fellowship

During this pandemic almost every school and college was closed, so many teenagers were free in their houses. Many started using drugs with their friends, and some teenagers started to rob in the villages. That’s why everyday’s news starts with murder, robbery and people dying from drug overdoses.

But, praise God, my church’s youth are safe from these drugs and growing in the Word of God. They are helping in worship and sharing. Learning memory verses from the Bible every week earns them some gifts of necessary items.

I had youth camp 3 times in January and February and we had great fellowship with the youth in Bible study, worship and prayer with some delicious dinner and chicken barbeque. Praise God for two young brothers, Abhishek and Vivek, who accepted Jesus as their Savior. They also came to the youth fellowship with church the youth. Please pray for my state’s teenagers to know Jesus Christ. I plan to fellowship with them every month. Please pray that God would guide me and provide for every financial need.

Please pray for a new motor bike to reach unreached villages!

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. (2 Timothy 4:5).

I thank the Lord for sending me to a state where there’s darkness, where people worship 33 million different gods and goddesses- trusting in witchcraft more than doctors or scientist; illiterate, poor, untouchable, affected by malnutrition, they sacrifice their elderly parents to please their goddesses. They believe that their right hand is holy and their left hand is unholy. If any child uses their left hand to eat food, their parents break their fingers on the left hand. People love cows more than their own mother and they are killing those who eat beef. I thank God for sending me to this place with His Gospel. People are hearing the name of Jesus Christ for the first time and so many people are accepting Him and it’s all been possible because of your prayer and support.

I want to share a prayer request about a new motor bike for the ministry. When I came here, after finishing Bible College in 2014, I had a bicycle (bike without a motor) to do ministry. My dad and I went to distribute Gospel tracts from village to village using a bicycle. After some time, God provided me with a motor bike, with which me and my Dad where able to go to many more unreached villages where there are no roads, no clean water, no electricity and not any other type of facilities. My dad and I have to carry a generator on the bike to show the Jesus movie in the unreached villages where there is no electricity. That motor bike really helped me to spread the Gospel to the unreached villages, to visit the house churches, to show the Jesus movie on the movie projector. And continuing going to the villages when there was flooding and to take paralyzed church members to their home, etc.

But, for the last year, the parts on this motor bike have started breaking because they are old. It is very disturbing when I am on my way to have fellowship with the unreached. Every time I go to fix my bike, it breaks down again. Please pray for God to provide me with a new motor bike for the ministry to keep on spreading. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please continue to pray for a new motor bike.
  • Please continue to pray for my mother’s health- she has a problem with her throat and nose. For the last 2 years, she hasn’t been able to smell anything. I took her to the hospital, but doctors said they don’t have any treatment for her.
  • Please pray for Sunjay’s* healing.
  • Please continue to pray for our 5 house churches- that they grow deeper in the Word of God.
  • Please pray for the upcoming baptism service, as some more people are ready to get baptized. The government made a new law that if anybody wants to be baptized, they need to give an affidavit to the pastor for their baptism of their own will and without pressure, which is safer for the pastors.

Thank you so much for your prayer, help, support and partnership in spreading the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Praise and Prayer Report

Praise the Lord!

Praise God for His love, grace, faithfulness and guidance in my life! He always cares for us like a son!

  • Praise God! Still no notice, of any kind, has come from the court! I think maybe the court did not accept my neighbors’ and uncle’s case against us (about the land the church is on). It could have happened by your incredible prayers.
  • Praise God for fulfilling all of our basic needs!
Bandaging a Man’s Leg

Please Pray:

  • Please continue to pray for a new motorbike for me. I have been using my motorbike for 6 years. However, now it is having problems as I take it to share at the house fellowships. I am having to fix it most every month.
  • Please continue to pray for my mother’s health. She is not doing well.
  • Please pray for a member of my church. She is the second wife of her husband. Her husband already killed his first wife. Now, he is warning her that if she does not stop going to church he will kill her too.
  • Please pray for another member of my church. He is suffering from a rare disease called ‘Olmsted Syndrome’. Before he knew Jesus, he attempted suicide so many times, but God saved his life.
  • Please pray for our safety. Since this pandemic, criminal activity has been increasing day by day.
  • Please pray for my 5 house churches and all of the church members to understand the Word of God deeply. Please also pray that they can stand strong in all of the persecution.

Thanks for your prayers, support and partnership for the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons. 

Thanks Be To God

The Congregation at the Christmas Program
Greetings to you from my church family!

Thanks for your help, prayers and support. I would like to share with you about our outreach programs, baptism service, Christmas programs, and Jesus movie programs. First, I would like to thank God that everything went smoothly and great because of your prayers. We had a baptism service on the morning of December 21st. Six people were baptized. They were three teenagers and three women who are regularly attending our Bible study.

Three unreached villages allowed us to show the Jesus movie. More than 2,000 people heard the Word of God. Five people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior!

Sharing God’s Word

Thank you for your financial help that made it possible for us to do the Christmas programs. The children in my church family did a dance at the program. I shared the Word of God about Jesus’ birth and distributed gifts to the children in our church. We were expecting 200 in my home village to attend, but more than 350 people came and heard the Word of God and ate lunch. We cooked Christmas lunches 2 times- once at my home and once in a village 350 kilometers away.  Thanks to the Lord, everything went smoothly and great.

Distributing Blankets

I thank God for providing support for blankets and saris (women’s clothing) to give to widows. This made it possible for us to distribute them. The people who received them are really thankful to the Lord and all of you. Two people’s health conditions were very critical and I am thankful to God that He used me to help them and give them blankets and saris.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11*

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons. 

People Lining Up Outside To Listen To the Christmas Program
Eating Together On Christmas
Villagers Watching the Jesus Film
Passing Out Saris (Women’s Clothing) to Widows
Sharing at the Christmas Program
Passing Out Blankets

Standing Firm

Greetings to you from my church family! Even though we live far from each other, we are always near through our prayers. Physically we are in all different places, but we are in the same body–the Body of Christ. Thank you for your prayers, love and support. Right now, I am teaching through the Gospel of John at all 5 house churches. I am preaching slowly and simply because 90% of the believers in the churches are illiterate. They never went to school, but they listen to the Word of God carefully and apply it in their life. Today, I am going to share some updates about the work God is doing through me. My English is not good, but I am thankful that Jana, Joni and Pastor 9* correct my newsletters of there spelling and grammar mistakes. Pastor 9* is a great example for everyone. He faced mental and physical persecution alone and no one stood with him.

A Pastor’s Daughter Committed Suicide

Almost 5 years ago, I met with a Pastor named Mani*. He is married and has 4 children of his own and has taken in 3 orphan children. He lives almost 200 miles away from my village in the same state where I live. He has been serving the Lord in unreached villages as we do. Before he became a Christian, he was a cook in a Christian Outreach Center in the capital. There he came to knows Jesus Christ as his personal Savior.

A few years later, he decided to do ministry in his village. He left his job and came back to his village to preach the Gospel. He started to share the Good News in his village and God opened the heart of an organization to support him financially. The support was not enough to meet his family’s basic needs. I stayed in his home so many times. That is why I know him very well. He invited me many times to teach the Word of God in his church fellowship. He loved to hear the Word of God taught verse by verse and his church members did also. His financial situation was not good, but he was doing ministry faithfully. 

Suddenly, the government banned his supporter organization and they were no longer able to support him. He borrowed money to buy a cow as a way to earn income. But, a few months latter the cow died. He again borrowed money from another friend to start a part time business. But, the business also failed. He again borrowed more money to feed all of his 7 kids.

By this time, he was in a lot of debt.  The people who lent money to him came after him, demanding their money back. Before this pandemic, he had decided to go to the South to search for a job. But he could not go because the lock-down was imposed in the country. 

When the lockdown was lifted, he did go to the South, and got a job. Back here, at his home, his wife and children were alone and they did not have food. His wife started to work in a neighbor’s home. While she was gone to work, the children would start fighting with each. When the mom would come back from work, her son would falsely accuse his sister for beating him. But in my state, parents always favor their sons. So the mom would scold her 13 year old daughter. 

One day the same thing happened, and the mom scolded her daughter and went back to work. While the daughter was alone at home and her brothers and sisters were playing outside, she hung herself and died. When her brothers and sisters saw her hanging they started crying. Neighbors came and took her down and called the mother and also called the police. But, a Hindu priest saved the Mom from the police case. Then the Hindu priests pressured the mother to cremate the dead body and she had to, because they saved her from police. The father, who had gone to the South for work, arrived home after a 4 day journey. I am in touch with the pastor and encouraging him on the phone. Please keep them in your prayers.

Continue Preaching the Word of God In the House Churches!

“The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth
understanding unto the simple.” Psalm 119:130

In a certain village we have been holding worship services every Thursday for the past 7 years. We meet in a believer’s house whose family is strong in their faith in Christ. The family is facing much persecutions by the community and their neighbors, but they stay strong by the grace of God. Their 18 year old son (who is sitting by me in the photo) is paralyzed from birth. 

Their neighbors say to them, “Why is Jesus not healing your son?” 
They always answer them, “Jesus is the Savior of our sin, healing is not important for us”. 

They always share the Good News with their neighbors and friends. I regularly preach there verse by verse and chapter by chapter. The family is very hospitable. They make fires for us and make us tea and sometimes lunch. This is my very favorite house church. They love to hear the Word of God and they obey the Word of God. Thank God for saving these lives!

“Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to
fulfill the word of God;”

Colossians 1:25

God’s Word is really so powerful to change the lives of people–even those that are not literate. They had never heard the name of Jesus Christ, but they are hearing. In this village, we are coming to hold house church every week on Tuesday for the last 4 years. They are all illiterate. More than 100 families live in this village. 10 ladies and 3 boys have committed their lives to Jesus. Lots of kids are suffering from malnutrition. I give biscuits to these village kids, their smiles make my day.

Prayer requests:

  1. Please pray for Pastor Mani’s family–that they would be strong in their faith in Christ.
  2. Please continue to pray for our safety from all kinds of persecution and road accidents. Last month, me and my Dad got in three accidents. My hand was injured and my dad’s back was injured, but God helped us recover quickly.
  3. Please pray for my church family to be strong in their faith and in the Word of God.
  4. Please pray for my church family. Over 50 percent went out of state in search of jobs. After the lock-down, they lost their jobs and a flood destroyed their rice crops. Pray that they will find work.
  5. Please continue to pray for my church to be painted. We have not painted it for the last 8 years. Pray that God would help us have the funds to paint it before Christmas.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support and partnership in the Gospel!

God bless you all!

Pastor 11*
*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons. 

A Brother Is Born

Having Church Together

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. Praise God for opening the lock-down! Since February, we were hiding doing worship, having house church, and visiting. But now (since September 21), we are free to have worship!

God’s Word Is Changing Peoples Lives!

Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for sending me and my dad to this village. We have been conducting house church in this village for three years. There are over 100 families in this village, but no one knows how to read and write. They are too poor and so backward. So many kids are suffering from malnutrition. Because of the lock-down, everyone lost their jobs, because before they were only hired day by day. Now, they are leaving the state to search for a job. 

Sharing God’s Word in the Village

My dad and I go to this village every Tuesday to lead a house church. Right now, I am preaching in this village from the Gospel of John, verse by verse. God’s Word is changing their lives! Ten women and three men have given their lives to Jesus Christ! 
One of the ladies in this village, who is a strong believer, always leads the other women. Her sister was killed by her own husband. (Her sister’s husband killed his wife.) He threw her dead body onto the train track. But, someone saw him throwing her dead body. He told the village people and the village people called the police. He is now in jail. The woman is always crying for her sister. Please keep her in your prayers.

One More Brother Was Baptized During the Lock-Down!

Praise God! One more soul was saved for Heaven! During the lock-down, most churches were closed. But, we never closed church or stopped sharing the Word of God. That is why God gave us the fruit of one new brother, who got baptized during lock-down! 

He is 19 years old and uneducated. I shared the Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 5:  “Jesus answered, Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” 

Baptizing Our New Brother

When he heard this living Word of God, God changed his heart and He accepted Jesus as his Savior! He was so excited to get baptized! But at that time, all the roads and villages were flooded with water. He was saying, “I want to get baptized in the flood water!”, but for security reasons we did not baptize him in the flood water. We invited him to our main church and baptized him there. Now, he is happy and continuing to hear the Word of God. He wants to leave the state to search for a job.

God bless you all,

Pastor 11*

*Names have been changed or omitted for security reasons.