Our Almighty God Has Kept Me Safe

Dear Pastors, Supporters and Church Family,

Greetings to all of you in the sweet name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

I thank God that He has kept me safe this whole month. Last month, an investigation team was formed by the central government that came to investigate us, by comparing us with a terrorist/insurgent group. But, thank God, they left after making inquiries and have not come again. Also, the newspaper did not publish anything bad about us again. All these are answers to your prayers.

I thank the Almighty God specially that He has given me good health. And thank God that He is using me to fulfill His purpose. In January, where I do ministry, I didn’t see the sunlight for almost 2 weeks due to a very dense fog. Because of this, it got very cold. Many people are dying due to the cold. Due to the dense fog many road accidents are happening. Still, God has saved me and my family members. So, I thank God and also thank you who always keep praying for us.

A Successful Effort to Bring All of the Pastors on One Stage

In present times, persecution is increasing day by day. Many churches are being vandalized. People who obey God are being beaten up. Women of pastors’ families are being abused. Pastors and Christians are being jailed because of false accusations against them. Just a few days ago, there was an incident of a pastor being locked up in the police station after being falsely accused. Some people from an organization working against Christians bribed a policeman so they could enter the police station. They then beat up the pastor and kept on beating him till they started crying loudly. When I saw all these things, God spoke to me to hold a meeting with the pastors of all the local churches, so that we can unite and help each other during the coming persecution.

We called all of the pastors and held a meeting, Many decisions were made. They appointed me and one of my friends as the coordinators of the posters of the entire district of churches for 1 year.

Together, we also decided to make a Christmas Carol Festival. We worked together to put on the festival. We invited the pastors of all the churches. The people who had practiced Christmas programs for their churches were invited to come there and compete. The one who did the best won a prize. Around 12-13 churches participated in the competition. God gave me the chance to lead this whole competition. The youth of my church also performed dance, songs and drama. Glory be to God, our church is very happy to have won the third prize!

Very Good Fellowship with Young People

I had a great of fellowship with a young man from my church. Some other pastors and I had planned to organize a huge youth meeting on January 9th. Through this, all of the youth of the churches would come and get to know each other. They would be immersed in the Word of God, because in present day many youth/young adults are falling away from God. However, due to very cold weather and financial problems, the big meeting could not be held.

I thank God that I called the youth/young adults of my church and had very nice fellowship with them. We studied the book of Daniel. I also showed a movie about Daniel to them so that the life of Daniel would be imprinted in their mind.

Keeping Warm By A Fire During Our Youth Meeting

Starting on January 1st, because of heavy fog the sun did not come out. Because of this, it was very cold. Some of my church’s youth could not reach the church. Only 7 youth came to the youth meeting. To warm them, a fire was prepared by burning coal so that they could keep themselves warm. We all had lunch together and then everyone went to their homes. 

Prayer Requests:

  •  I was engaged in prayer for many days for God to give me a wife who can further God’s work with me. It gives me great joy to share that God has given me a fiance who is a believer through Calvary Chapel and dedicated to God. I have just arrived in the North to have a court (legal) marriage. Please pray that my court marriage can be done soon. After that, I will go back to my state to do ministry. Then, on April 12, I will come back to the North to have my wedding.
  • Our wedding ceremonies/receptions are planned on April 12th in the North and on April 20th in my home state. May God give us strength to prepare everything well and may God fulfill every financial need.
  • Some Hindu fundamentalists are planning to break up/harm our church in many ways, after reading about our church in the newspaper. May God give them peace.
  • Please pray that my mother’s health problem is cured. She always has pain in her back.
  • Pray for the believers in my church to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God.
  • Pray that God will protect some more believers who want to be baptized next month.

Thank you for your prayers, Christian love, support and participation in the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.