World Changing Outreach!

Dear Pastors, Supporters and Leaders,

Showing the “Jesus Film”

I thank God and all of you for your participation in spreading the good news of the birth of Jesus. Because of your prayers and support, we have been able to use a variety of methods and tools to spread the Gospel including:

  • Distributing New Testaments
  • Distributing Kids Comics that share about Jesus
  • Distributing Biscuits
  • Sharing the Gospel through Action Songs
  • Showing the Jesus Film on a projector
  • Sharing through worship songs
  • Assembling together to pray for the healing of the sick
  • Providing Christmas lunch

This year, through our Christmas outreaches, the Lord Jesus Christ has also been born in the lives of rural, illiterate and religion-hungry people!

I want to express my gratitude to God and to all of you. By your help and support and especially by your prayers, we have spread the Gospel to 6 new villages and some old villages as well. Some friends of mine and I distributed more than 500 New Testaments, and also comics that share about Jesus and biscuits to small children. We also showed the movie of the Lord Jesus Christ on a projector in 3 new villages. 

In every village where we went with the Gospel, the people welcomed us very well. Some made us lunch and some made all of us supper. It swelled my heart to see people’s hearts open to hearing the Gospel. With your prayers and help, we will take the Gospel to villages that people may not even think of going to. 

The Gospel reached people who did not know who Jesus Christ is. “Is this the name of an object? Or is it a person’s name? Or is it the name of the Lord?” 

Thank God that the name of Jesus reached these ears for the first time and God changed hearts. About 20 more people received the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior! Praise God, one of them who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ was also baptized. By the grace of God we have also been invited to do weekly fellowship in 2 new villages!

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness because they will be satisfied!

Let me tell you in detail about one of these outreaches in a new village where people were moved by the hunger and thirst to hear the Gospel. The name of this village is S*. It is about 25 km away from our house. When my team and I reached there, the people welcomed us very well. They gave us places to sit and took us to a nice place where around 200 to 300 people could sit.

As soon as we reached there, a brother from my team started singing in the microphone and playing the guitar. Many school children came. The adults from the whole village also came to see. We all sang Christmas carols and shared the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We taught action songs to the children and distributed comics that share about Jesus to the children. We distributed New Testaments to the adults. Around 200 to 300 people including children came. After getting permission from the school teacher, we went to the school class and taught action songs to the children. We also showed the Jesus movie on a laptop. At the end, we distributed biscuits to the children. Afterward, the people of the village prepared lunch for all of us. There were 10 of us, and they fed all of us well. 5 new people accepted Jesus Christ. They invited us to do weekly worship in their village. All of this was possible by the grace of God and your prayers.

Spiritual and worldly food for 400 people!

I thank God that, like every year, this year God helped us when we went to new villages to do outreach, evangelism, Bible distribution, and healing meetings. We invited people from each place to come to our church. We also told them that they could bring their relatives and friends.

Last year on December 25th, the news media came to our Christmas lunch because of the huge crowd. So this year we had our Christmas lunch on December 20th so that the people who are anti-Christian and the media would not know about it. Glory be to God, everything went well this year. Around 400 people and children came, participated in the worship, heard the Gospel of God, saw the dances by the Sunday school children of our church, saw a lot of activities, and finally went home after having lunch. It took almost 3 hours to feed the people due to the huge crowd. Many new people promised that they will continue come to Sunday services to come to know God deeply.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that those who have heard the Word may one day receive the Lord.
  • Please pray. On December 27th, all of the local churches are doing a Christmas program together. Arrangements have also been made for dance, drama and song competition. God may bring revival among the youth. I have been given the chance to lead this program, please pray that I lead it well.
  • A youth meeting is being organized to take place on January 9th. Almost all of the youth of the church plan to come. Last time, about 150 people came. This time more people are expected than that. Pray that God will bless every one, provide the finances, and give wisdom to all of us so that we can organize this meeting well.
  • Pray for our country. Persecution is increasing every day.
  • Please pray for my mother’s health.
  • Please pray for my marriage. My family and I want me to be married in February. May God fulfill our every need.

Thanks again for your partnership in the Gospel!

God bless you!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.