Those Who Have Never Heard Are Listening!

Dear Pastors, Supporters, and Church Family!

Greetings to all of you from my family and church! Thank God that He is fulfilling every single one of my family and I’s needs. Everyone is safe from trouble. 

It is through love that people will know that we are disciples of Jesus.

Thank God that He has put me in a place where 99% of people are illiterate and there are many villages and communities where the name of Jesus Christ has not yet reached. 

I am going to tell about a village where we have been going for about 5-6 years. 100% of the people there are completely illiterate and poor. However, seeing their love, it seems that even the educated and rich have nothing in comparison to them. 

They live in a village where people of other castes will not go. The people of this village are despised by people of other castes. In this village, if a friend comes to visit, he neither will drink tea nor eat biscuits at his friend’s house, due to which these people felt very bad. That’s why I took my sister and her friends to them. They hugged these people, shared their lives with them, and preached the Good News of God, and taught action songs to the children. When the people of these villages saw the love of Christ through my sister and her friends and heard the Good News, two people gave their lives to the Lord. We gave biscuits to about 50 children. 

When all of the villagers saw that our group was talking nicely with them and even hugging them, about 20 of the villagers’ families together donated the supplies and made lunch for me and my sister’s friends. They fed us well, and we went with them some distance on foot towards their homes. The people requested us to come again to their village with the whole team. Thank God that people in this village are growing more in the Word of God.

A Destroyer of New Testaments was Baptized.

We all know Paul’s story very well. First, he persecuted Christians and wanted to end Christianity. Then, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and his life changed. Similarly, this story is about a person who was against Christ. He hated the books and the religion of Jesus Christ. This brother’s name is A*. He is a farmer. 

Once, we distributed New Testaments to his whole village. When this brother saw that the “new rule” (Bibles) had been distributed in his village, he collected all the “new rules” and threw them in the river. 

But the Lord Jesus Christ came in his wife’s dream at night and said that what your husband did is not good. For this reason, the next day he came to church and asked for forgiveness. We told him the Gospel and he started following the Lord by believing in Jesus Christ. His wife was also troubled a lot by an evil spirit. We prayed and the Lord Jesus Christ healed her. A* has been coming to Bible study and learning God’s Word verse-by-verse, for almost 1 year. He got baptized this month. House church takes place in his house every Wednesday.

For the first time in 10 years, someone from our organization came to meet me.

Thank God! For the first time, 2 people who are from our organization came to my house. They stayed with us for about 3 days. All this was a matter of great pleasure for me. We went to visit 4 villages during their visit. 

In one of the villages, Uncle 5* (right) shared the Word of God. In another village and during our Friday Bible study, Pastor 1* (above) shared the Word of God. God also arranged for a new movie projector. We had a great time with them; they encouraged us a lot by the Word.

The zeal of my heart is to go where the name of Jesus has not been heard. I thank God that He gave us a chance in a village to preach the Word and Gospel of Jesus Christ in that village and also that God has provided a new movie projector. 

After repairing the sound system and generator, we went to a village to show a movie where people watched the movie with great pleasure. It was starting to rain and the clouds were also roaring. We prayed together that it would not rain until the movie was over. God listened to the prayer and did the same! About 150 to 200 people watched the movie to the end. Afterward, I preached the Gospel. After listening to the Gospel, the people went to their respective homes. As soon as we loaded all the stuff on the taxi (the movie projector, sound system, and generator etc.), it started raining. We returned home by taxi after praising the Lord.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for my mother. She has been having headaches for a long time and pain in her shoulder and back. The pain is not getting better even with treatment. May God heal her. Last week, her own sister, who lived in our neighborhood, died. Because we are Christians, our neighbors didn’t allow my mom to see her sister and replied to her with insults. No one (in our village) talks to us, everyone is at enmity with us. It is the same way for all of our church believers with the people who live around them.
  • Please pray that the believers of my church able to understand the Word of God more deeply.
  • Pray that God strengthens the people of my church in their faith and protects them from all kinds of trouble and persecution.
  •  Pray that if the Lord wills, our church may be registered.
  • Please pray that just as God has arranged for the projector, God can also arrange for a sound system and projector screen.
  • Please pray. Last month in the village where our church used to run on Mondays, the upper caste people were waiting to kill us. So we stopped having church there and were trying to start it again in another village. But the upper caste people went and threatened the people of the other village also. Because of this, there is no church in that village right now. Some people from there still come to our house on Fridays for Bible study and Sundays for church fellowship. Pray that God gives peace to the people there and that God talks to those who are persecuting, that they too can receive the Lord.
  • Pray that God give peace to our neighbors and those who are the political leaders of our village who hate us, may God give peace to them too.
  • Pray. There are still many villages in my state where people have not yet heard the name of Christ. Pray that those people can also hear the name of Jesus Christ and that God uses me abundantly for His pleasure.
  • Thank you for your prayers, Christian love, financial support, and partnership for the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.