Spreading the Good News Near and Far

Dear Pastors, Supporters and Church Family!

Thank God that He has saved me from every crisis. He is taking care of my every need. God is doing amazingly wonderful things with those I know and He is giving me the chance to preach the Gospel in new places. Church fellowships are going on in 5 villages, by the grace of God. There is also a Bible study on Friday and a fellowship on Sunday here. In the Bible study we are studying Genesis and on Sunday we are studying and preaching verse by verse from Acts. Through God, people’s faith is growing more and they are getting stronger in persecution.

I have not shared with you a testimony from a believer for a long time. So, I prayed that the Lord would lead me to a person whom the Lord brought into the faith in a very strange way. Hearing their testimony, you will glorify God.

How a Hindu Priest and Temple Builder Became a Pastor and Church Builder

When we read about Paul’s testimony in the Acts of the Apostles, we see the way the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to Paul. Jesus changed the life of Paul who had previously persecuted for the Lord, and Paul began to preach for the Lord. I feel happy to testify that there is only one man I know with such a testimony. He is my father. He was a temple priest and leader, when he did not know the Lord Jesus Christ. There was a small temple in our village, which had earlier been a hut. When my father became the leader of the temple, he collected a lot of donations for the construction of the temple. He also stole sand and other material from the road which was being built, to build the temple. This temple is still present in our village. After collecting a lot of donations, he used to call outside priests to perform big conventions. Millions of people used to participate in that worship.

But my father never got peace by doing this work. There were always fights in our home and a lack of food. Raising 6 children was not an easy thing. For this reason, my father left all of this worship. He then got into an accident while going to another state to find work. Due to a poor financial condition, he could not get the proper treatment and so his hand was damaged.

But, the second time he went to the other state, he started doing trash/litter work. At the same time a man from England met him. This man got my father treatment for his hand. At the same time, an elderly woman told my father about going to church. She sent him to the church in which our pastors from Calvary Chapel and Pastor 15* held many marriage conferences etc. and Amy and Diana used to go. Our family went to this church for about 18 years. Then, God called my father to go to our home village . God blessed us so much in the business we used to do. We ourselves built a church in our village through our own business. It is the church I use now. 

When God spoke to him to go and preach in the village, he left his business and work and went to a village and started preaching the gospel. At first, he would walk 15-20 kilometers on foot to preach the Gospel and invite those who believed to come to the church. I was studying in Calvary Chapel Bible College when someone heard the testimony of a pastor’s father who preached the Gospel on foot for 20 kilometers. He gave my father his bicycle. 

When I came here, after finishing Bible college, I also started preaching the Gospel by bike for 60 kms. But later, God decided to provide us with a motor bike. Now we can spread the Gospel further. We have now preached the Gospel in more than 200 villages. We are having church services in 5 villages. Some time ago, after seeing our service, some pastors from the South came who wanted to give monthly support to my father. However they refused to give him support because of their difference in Bible doctrine/principles. My Papa loves the principles of Calvary Chapel and loves to preach the Word of God verse by verse. He has now studied the entire Bible about three times.

Bible study with Pastor 9*!

As I mentioned in the last newsletter we do Bible study on Fridays. The first Friday of the month we are taught Bible study by different outside pastors. Last month we invited pastor 12* from the North. This time we invited a zealous, young pastor to teach Bible study. You know the pastor very well, his name is Pastor 9*. Studying the Bible with Pastor 9* has been a great blessing to us. Our group is becoming very strong in faith by doing Bible study. Even the illiterate believers are growing in faith by hearing the Word from the Bible study. They also explain to the people of their village society through the Word of God and preach the Gospel.

Praise Report:

Praise the Lord and thank all of you! Last month I gave a prayer request about a woman whose name is R*. She had suffered a lot and you prayed. Her neighbors and villagers had made complete plans to kill her, but God saved her and gave her a new life. The church fellowship was closed at her house for almost a month and we were all praying together that the people of the church’s faith would remain stable. R*is very strong in prayer and in faith. Although she was not educated, she used to go from village to village to recite the Word of God and keep encouraging people. But thank God! 2 weeks ago the fellowship started again. They can’t openly fellowship like before, but now they worship God together in a small room. May God bless and strengthen all these people in their faith.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray! There is an anti-Christian organization working in our village. During last Sunday’s fellowship, a person from his group came and looked at our company and left. Pray that God will give them peace and they do not do anything against God. Please also pray for my to have a chance to preach the good news to them.
  • Kindly pray continuously that my church can be registered and cc camera can be installed.
  • Please pray for my country. There are many types of riots happening here. Trains were burnt at many places and a bus was set on fire. The government shut down the internet for about 4 days.
  • Pray for my mother’s health. May God will heal her. Her hands and feet are always in pain.
  • Thank God that He gave me a chance to preach the Good News to a village where many people are illiterate and who had not even heard the name of Jesus Christ before. In one of the families almost every person in the family is haunted by an evil spirit.
  • Pray for a believer in my church who is suffering from a very strange disease. May God would provide the financial needs for treatment for him or even heal him.
  • Please pray and pray for a child who is orphan and mentally ill. His aunt cares for him. May God heal this child. Last time when he was suffering from TB, the people of our organization helped pay for his treatment.
  • Please pray for a new movie projector for my church. My old projector broke because of high surge of electricity while I was showing Jesus movie during a Christmas outreach.

Thanks for your Christian love, support, prayers and partnership in the Gospel.

God bless you!

Pastor 11

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.