Good News For Desert Dwellers

“…you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8b

Dear Friends and Family, 
Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan! we all are fine by the grace of God and we are thankful to you for your prayers, love and generous support.  We praise God for answering our prayers and helping us to go on desert mission last month. Lord laid this on our hearts

in the month of March when a friend of us shared the situation about believers living in the deserted area. We started praying for the area and for the help for us to reach there, and finally God not only enabled us to go to that area for the mission but also provided many important supplies of Bibles such as regular (NT & OT), colorful children’s Bible and Audio Bibles with solar panels to recharge in the desert. 

Great Opportunity of Prayer

After we visited this area our hearts and minds were so moved that the first thing that we felt led to do was “Pray” passionately with and for them. Their miserable lives, spiritual condition and the need to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ made us start counting our blessings of everyday that we enjoy.

The beautiful thing is that though they are least reached, they don’t have organized churches and available teachers of the Word of God. They even don’t have the Bibles at their homes yet they profess their faith in Jesus Christ. We came to know about the people who have lost every possession because of the debts they take from landlords and can never pay that back their whole lives. We heard from the local people that there are many who are chained during the night so that they may not run away because they have to pay heavy debts. In spite of all those hardships, they do not deny Jesus Christ. There is great opportunity for us and you all to pray for people living in these dark and un-reached areas. We will appreciate your prayers for our team and the needs for mission in the desert. 

Bibles Delivered

When we come to know about this area, the main need was mentioned to us was “the Bibles”. We’ve been praying for almost 6 months, and finally God provided all that we needed in really amazing way. Some really loving and generous friends came up through Saving Grace World Missions with the support for Urdu Bibles. Calvary Cyprus helped us with Colorful Children Bibles, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBY) provided Audio Bibles and World Missionary Press Inc. provided many Bible study books and other scriptural Booklets.

People very very much thankful for the blessing of the Word of God that they were

receiving and children were very excited as colorful Children’s Bible was really something amazing for them. They were excited to receive and read those. 

The need of mission is so great in that area that we really felt pushed to spend our late evenings in the far deep villages reaching and meeting people. Mission in the desert area is really much needed and very worthy cause. We want to request you to co-labor in this with

us through your prayers, support to get more Bibles and sponsor mission trips in that area.

Meeting in the Town

The day before we came back, our host arranged a meeting in the city where more than 90 people came, most of them were young men and women. Majority of these people was

under the influence of televangelists. Sharing the plain word of God in simple but reasonable manner had really powerful impact on them.  We had great conversation with those people and they are willing to start an online class with us in that area. We praise God for opening this door for us to reach the hearts and minds of people in that area with the word of God. We had requests to reach some more areas for which we had to travel many hundred kilometers more. We could not go there but hope and pray to reach there as well to encourage our brothers and sisters in the Lord and help them with the Urdu Bibles, sound Christian teaching and our prayers. We are thankful to you for the prayers and want to request you to please continue praying and supporting us. God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus
Nadeem Massey

Holiday Celebrations and Church Registration!

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We are thankful to you for the faithful prayers and support. We are sorry that we could not write last month. December and January were very busy months with all church activities, Christmas and New Year Celebration and some other things regarding our ministry registration with the government. Here we would like to give you a brief update about what God has been doing in and through CC Pakistan here. 

Church Registration

The process of the registration is going smooth, as we live in a rented building and in the very same building we have our office. The officials told us that we need to have our office on our personal land. So through this Lord opened the door for us to use the church property that was purchased some years before. We had built a room in a corner of that property. So recently we needed to do some renovation and this place will be registered as the office of Calvary Chapel Pakistan on our official documents. We praise God for making this possible very dramatically. We were not able to use this place first but now it will be in use for different meetings and some other activities of the church. 

Christmas with Brick Makers

The Christmas program with the brick makers was really awesome, we are thankful to you for the prayer and for support to help them with food bags, clothes and vitamins. These people were really blessed with all that God provided for them. The brick makers fellowship continues on every Friday as it’s free day for them and our other services are on Sunday, Morning and Evening with our other two churches, besides Women’s Bible study with Farah (Saturday) and Youth Bible study class with Joseph on Friday Evening. Please keep these three groups we are serving among in your prayers. 

Book in Urdu

There is good news to share with you that my book on Christian Apologetics in Urdu language is finally going to be printed. God has provided us financial support to print it this month. The book was read by four learned pastors, two of them are professors in two different seminaries, all four of them endorsed it. The work is really liked and I hope it’s going to be great blessing for Pakistani Christians. I want to thank all the friends who prayed with us for this book to be printed and also all those who supported us financially to print it in Pakistan. 

Audio Bible Outreach

Finally I want to share that we have been receiving Audio Urdu Bibles (in rechargeable devices) from “Faith Comes by Hearing” for those people who are not able to read the word of God. Last year we visited some very remote areas quite far from our place, where people need such things. We wish to go on once a month mission day to such areas. Our one whole day mission trip to such remote areas costs $200. We want to request you to please pray for the need, share the need with your friends and churches and please support this cause as Lord guides you. 

Please keep our family and team in your prayers. We are thankful to you all for the prayers. We here pray for you and your family!


In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

Refreshing Fellowship

But if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin. 1 John 1:7

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan! We are thankful to you for your prayers love and support. Our this update is about the following three things:

  • Refreshing Time at CC Asia Conference
  • New Website and Resources in Urdu
  • Planning for Christmas program with some unreached groups

Refreshing Time

I praise God that I was able to go to Chiang Mai last month to attend CC Asia Mission Conference. It was really a very blessed time as I met many of my friends and many other new people from Calvary Chapel Family. Teaching was really great and most important for me was the “fellowship”.This was my first time attending CC Asia Conference and I am really blessed and refreshed spiritually and physically to have a short break from our routine and learn from and fellowship with some really wonderful brothers and sisters. On my way back I stayed for few days at Calvary Chapel Bangkok, which is planted by two wonderful and old friends. It was blessing to see how they were reaching people from many different countries with the Word and love of Jesus Christ. I really wished that my wife and some people from our team also could go. It was not possible because of financial limitation, we are praying for next year’s conference if that be the will of our Father. I want to request you to keep this in your prayers.

New Website

While I was in Bangkok, I worked with my friend Tyler to build the website of Calvary Chapel Pakistan [].

In Pakistan, we have so many Charismatic movements where people only learn about health, wealth and prosperity and so-called miracles. And along with this many cultic movements are also working and misleading many Christians. Teaching of the word of God is not very popular in most of the churches. We are going to use this website for Biblical teachings in Urdu language both in written and audio format. We have been working on many different translations in Urdu and we are also recording “Devotional Series” of the sermons, “Through the Bible” and some topical messages. We hope and pray for this website to be a great tool in the hands of our Lord to reach and touch hearts and lives of many people.

Christmas Plan with Un-reached

Photo of our 2017 Christmas fellowship with brick makers

Last year we had wonderful fellowship program with the brick makers, a group of people living outside of the town. They are very poor; they lead really tough life like slaves. We have been reaching them for long time with the word. During some months in this summer we also reached other groups of disadvantaged Christians. Like last year we wish to arrange an event of worship and fellowship with these people and want to request you to join in with us through your support and prayers. Last year we provided some food items, warm clothes and vitamins to those people. Please keep this need, our church services and other activities of the ministry in your prayers!

I want to use this opportunity to share with you about our ministry’s financial condition and need. The account balance of general [operational] funds of our ministry is in negative. We are in need of your prayers and your financial support. If Lord leads you to support Calvary Chapel’s mission project in Pakistan, please Click Here to support CC Pakistan.

Our Next Update will be about: Brick Makers and Woman Ministry

Thank you very much!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

Building on Sure Foundation


“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”            Hebrews. 4:12


Dear Friends and family!

Greetings! We hope and pray for you to be fine, and we are thankful to you for the prayers and support. We are grateful to be part of Saving Grace World Missions that is impacting many parts of the world including Pakistan. The friends back in the office often call us [the missionaries] “World Changers” but we in the mission field have over and over again experienced that there is nothing in us that can bring any good change in the world. The only thing that can truly transform any person, family or society is the Word of God. And that’s the only sure foundation we need to build our families and communities on.

In our country and many neighboring countries, it seems that there is great spiritual and religious revival in Christianity, but the facts reveal something else. So many self-proclaimed pastors and religious leaders are emerging from every place and the version of Christianity that they are trying to introduce to people is really distorted. The only thing most of the people seem to be after is physical healing and Prosperity. This is very sad and the pursuit of healing and prosperity is hurting so many people when they could not get what they were running after. And such people are becoming bitter and are turning into critics not of such so-called pastors but whole Christianity. We believe that it’s good for them and it’s also a great chance for true churches to go forward and share the true Word of God with such people.

We praise God that Calvary Chapel Pakistan has always been very focused on sharing the true word of God to all different small groups that we are reaching every week.

As you know we have two small congregations, one women’s group and one group of brick makers that is being reached and fed on the word of God by our team, and it is amazing to see these wonderful people growing in the understanding of the word of God and thus being built as true and strong Christians.

And during this year we are expanding our mission field by reaching more people through different mediums with the word of God, namely:


Free Scriptural Book: I’ve been working with “World Missionary Press Inc.” voluntarily for many years and I’ve translated their many booklets and books into Urdu language. We praise God that now we have Bible Study books on “Genesis, Mathew, John, Romans and Revelation.” World Missionary Press in providing these books totally free to Calvary Chapel Pakistan and we are distributing these books among different churches and ministry in whole Pakistan and we are encouraging all those who send us book requests to form different groups to study the word of God in an organized and systematic way. And these are not the only books that World Missionary Press is providing, there are 9 other titles of booklets in Urdu that are being provided from the platform of Calvary Chapel Pakistan in the whole country.





Ministry to High Schoolers: We praise God that there are some wonderful people in educational fields who are not just concerned about their business through providing formal education but also are concerned to equip the new generation with biblical education.

Such is one of my friends named Walter who is principal of a school. He has been asking for starting a regular Bible class at his school on every Saturday during last year, and finally, the Bible study is now started properly. It has given us chance to reach about 70 high school students, about 10 staff member and sometimes some of the parents. We praise God for such wonderful opportunity. While I am teaching these wonderful young men and women I am giving them realistic approach to see all that is going around them in the name of Christianity and religious teaching and at the same time helping them to study the word of God themselves.


Ministry to Un-educated: In every village and area we visit, we meet so many people particularly elderly men and women who cannot read and write. They are fully dependent on others to share the word of God with them. It was always on my heart to help these precious people somehow, and finally, the Lord has provided a wonderful source for us to help them. A dear Sister and friend in the Lord named Jaylene helped CC Pakistan to get connected with “Faith Comes by Hearing” and after meeting their official requirement, they have sent us first parcel with Audio devices with the recording of New Testament in the Urdu language for those Pakistani Christians who cannot read. We are going to form some groups of such people and will provide them with these wonderful devices in order to listen to the word of God together, have some discussion and prayer together. This is really amazing how God provides the sources for His people. I’ve seen the impact of such audio Bible devices in the lives of some people and I was really encouraged to see how wonderfully their lives were changed after listening to the exact words of the Bible themselves. We are very much thankful to “Faith Comes by Hearing” and all of you who pray for us and encourage us to continue contending for the faith and striving to take the word of God to all we can reach. As I’ve mentioned before many times, we always need good Christian resources, you are welcome to share with us pamphlets, tracts, books and audio-video teachings. We are thankful to you for prayers and support. We want to encourage you to share about Calvary Chapel Pakistan with your friends and family, with your church and Bible study groups. Please continue to pray for us, for the provision of all needs and for the protection of Christians in Pakistan, of our congregations and our team. God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus,

Nadeem Massey


New Beginning

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”      1 Corinthians 15:58

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ, Happy New Year! We praise God for His all blessings and protection during year 2017, and we pray for all of you as well as for Calvary Chapel Pakistan’s team to be able to serve God faithfully and be under His protection. In this update I am going to share particular about the second church that we have planted outside of town and I also wish to share with you a pressing need.

There are about 200 Christian families in a colony outside of our town where we have been visiting for almost last full year. Some visiting pastors have been going there rarely, but those people don’t have any appointed pastor and they don’t have any particular place [namely church building] to get together for prayer and worship. Since we are reaching and sharing the word of God with these people, they are becoming organized in weekly meetings and other church activities.We had been having Sunday Meetings in the yard of a family in the evenings of spring and summer of 2017, now as the winter has started, it’s not possible for the families to gather in the yard for the Sunday meetings as it the freezing cold and foggy, it’s very hard to stay outside for even short time.



During Christmas we had special arrangements, we rented out a tent for covering and the people put some dirt in the yard in order to make a more leveled place for those people who were going to join us.

On December 23 the whole work was finished and everyone from younger to older took part in this all arrangement. We took chairs and pulpit from our town to that place for Christmas programs.

Finally, we were able to have services of Dec. 24 and 25 in a tent, many people joined us in the meeting, children had prepared Christmas drama and they presented many Christmas songs. And along with great fellowship and blessed evening, everyone was fed on the living and eternal word of God. We really praise God that these people are growing spiritually as we are studying the life stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph in our Sunday Services and by pondering on their lives, challenges, failures, trust in the Lord and God’s faithfulness, we all are being wonderfully encouraged and growing spiritually. As we started reaching these precious souls and we faithfully started serving these scattered people, they have started gathering under the cross of our Lord and now they feel much more united and blessed to be part of our Sunday services and other meetings. We give our Lord all glory and praise and we want to thank all of you for your faithfulness to encouraging us through your prayers and all kinds of support to continue reaching disadvantaged and underprivileged people to share the word of God with them and encouraged them in Christ our Lord.








Now one of our church members has offered us to use his yard for Sunday Services and all kinds of church activities as long as we need to. We are very much thankful to that fellow and his family but it’s not always possible to continue the church activities under open heaven because of weather severity. We need to build a temporary Iron structure and put iron roofing in order to cover that area, we will need to put some dirt there to raise the level of the place in order to make it safe during the rainy season and along with that we need some side coverings, table and chairs, a pulpit, carpets and some lights for the place. After we have a temporary structure with iron roofing it will help people to come to the fellowship and it will save us all from the severity of winter and summer as well as rainy season. In order to get this all done we need the financial support of $2,130/, so through this post, I want to request all of you to please pray for this church that we have planted, pray for us to continually reach them with the true message of the gospel. Please also pray for the provision so that we may build this structure soon as possible. If Lord leads you to financially support this special cause, we will highly appreciate that and will be very much thankful to you!

Once again We want to thank you for being our faithful prayer and support partners, we want to let you know that we pray for all of you and we love you!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey