Holiday Celebrations and Church Registration!

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! We are thankful to you for the faithful prayers and support. We are sorry that we could not write last month. December and January were very busy months with all church activities, Christmas and New Year Celebration and some other things regarding our ministry registration with the government. Here we would like to give you a brief update about what God has been doing in and through CC Pakistan here. 

Church Registration

The process of the registration is going smooth, as we live in a rented building and in the very same building we have our office. The officials told us that we need to have our office on our personal land. So through this Lord opened the door for us to use the church property that was purchased some years before. We had built a room in a corner of that property. So recently we needed to do some renovation and this place will be registered as the office of Calvary Chapel Pakistan on our official documents. We praise God for making this possible very dramatically. We were not able to use this place first but now it will be in use for different meetings and some other activities of the church. 

Christmas with Brick Makers

The Christmas program with the brick makers was really awesome, we are thankful to you for the prayer and for support to help them with food bags, clothes and vitamins. These people were really blessed with all that God provided for them. The brick makers fellowship continues on every Friday as it’s free day for them and our other services are on Sunday, Morning and Evening with our other two churches, besides Women’s Bible study with Farah (Saturday) and Youth Bible study class with Joseph on Friday Evening. Please keep these three groups we are serving among in your prayers. 

Book in Urdu

There is good news to share with you that my book on Christian Apologetics in Urdu language is finally going to be printed. God has provided us financial support to print it this month. The book was read by four learned pastors, two of them are professors in two different seminaries, all four of them endorsed it. The work is really liked and I hope it’s going to be great blessing for Pakistani Christians. I want to thank all the friends who prayed with us for this book to be printed and also all those who supported us financially to print it in Pakistan. 

Audio Bible Outreach

Finally I want to share that we have been receiving Audio Urdu Bibles (in rechargeable devices) from “Faith Comes by Hearing” for those people who are not able to read the word of God. Last year we visited some very remote areas quite far from our place, where people need such things. We wish to go on once a month mission day to such areas. Our one whole day mission trip to such remote areas costs $200. We want to request you to please pray for the need, share the need with your friends and churches and please support this cause as Lord guides you. 

Please keep our family and team in your prayers. We are thankful to you all for the prayers. We here pray for you and your family!


In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey