Good News For Desert Dwellers

“…you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8b

Dear Friends and Family, 
Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan! we all are fine by the grace of God and we are thankful to you for your prayers, love and generous support.  We praise God for answering our prayers and helping us to go on desert mission last month. Lord laid this on our hearts

in the month of March when a friend of us shared the situation about believers living in the deserted area. We started praying for the area and for the help for us to reach there, and finally God not only enabled us to go to that area for the mission but also provided many important supplies of Bibles such as regular (NT & OT), colorful children’s Bible and Audio Bibles with solar panels to recharge in the desert. 

Great Opportunity of Prayer

After we visited this area our hearts and minds were so moved that the first thing that we felt led to do was “Pray” passionately with and for them. Their miserable lives, spiritual condition and the need to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ made us start counting our blessings of everyday that we enjoy.

The beautiful thing is that though they are least reached, they don’t have organized churches and available teachers of the Word of God. They even don’t have the Bibles at their homes yet they profess their faith in Jesus Christ. We came to know about the people who have lost every possession because of the debts they take from landlords and can never pay that back their whole lives. We heard from the local people that there are many who are chained during the night so that they may not run away because they have to pay heavy debts. In spite of all those hardships, they do not deny Jesus Christ. There is great opportunity for us and you all to pray for people living in these dark and un-reached areas. We will appreciate your prayers for our team and the needs for mission in the desert. 

Bibles Delivered

When we come to know about this area, the main need was mentioned to us was “the Bibles”. We’ve been praying for almost 6 months, and finally God provided all that we needed in really amazing way. Some really loving and generous friends came up through Saving Grace World Missions with the support for Urdu Bibles. Calvary Cyprus helped us with Colorful Children Bibles, Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBY) provided Audio Bibles and World Missionary Press Inc. provided many Bible study books and other scriptural Booklets.

People very very much thankful for the blessing of the Word of God that they were

receiving and children were very excited as colorful Children’s Bible was really something amazing for them. They were excited to receive and read those. 

The need of mission is so great in that area that we really felt pushed to spend our late evenings in the far deep villages reaching and meeting people. Mission in the desert area is really much needed and very worthy cause. We want to request you to co-labor in this with

us through your prayers, support to get more Bibles and sponsor mission trips in that area.

Meeting in the Town

The day before we came back, our host arranged a meeting in the city where more than 90 people came, most of them were young men and women. Majority of these people was

under the influence of televangelists. Sharing the plain word of God in simple but reasonable manner had really powerful impact on them.  We had great conversation with those people and they are willing to start an online class with us in that area. We praise God for opening this door for us to reach the hearts and minds of people in that area with the word of God. We had requests to reach some more areas for which we had to travel many hundred kilometers more. We could not go there but hope and pray to reach there as well to encourage our brothers and sisters in the Lord and help them with the Urdu Bibles, sound Christian teaching and our prayers. We are thankful to you for the prayers and want to request you to please continue praying and supporting us. God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus
Nadeem Massey