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“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth”           John 17:17

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan, we hope and pray for all of you to be fine. We praise God for the wonderful work of the church to continue here by His grace.


As the weather is changing, our whole family went through a phase of sickness because of cold and high fever. This is also one of the reasons that we are late in posting our update. We are thankful to you for the faithful prayers. Almost all of us have recovered now and the coldest wave of the weather is almost over.

Bibles for Un-reached

We are thankful to you dear friends for helping us get Bibles for unreached people for  many years now. We remember the times when some of you donated blood to raise support for the Bibles, some of you ran long distance races and children did car wash to raise support for Bibles. We are always humbled to see your love, and while you co-labor with us that way, on this end we have been faithfully reaching remote areas, deep villages, jungles and deserts to take your gift to most deserving people.

I have shared with you that American organization “Faith Comes by Hearing” is providing CC Pakistan with audio Bibles this year. Their Director for Asia visited Pakistan last month and we conducted a training for the pastors.

Now not only our mission team but many pastors around us are forming small groups of people at different places and they are studying the Word of God with uneducated, disadvantaged and poor people in the remote areas. These groups listen from the Word of God and then they have time for discussion and prayer. Please continue to pray for this ministry project and provision of Bibles needed in future.

Reaching other cities Online

In year 2020 we started an awesome project of teaching in two other cities through

“Online class”. This is really a great start of the year and we believe that this is the foundation of a vision for future, of Calvary Chapel “Bible school and College” in Pakistan. For first three months we have a class “Introduction to Bible” and then we will move to some

other classes. First Week we had 21 and 27 students at in our class in two different cities and this week at both places we had more than 40 students.
I also want to share with you that these people we are reaching through our “online class” have highly been under

the influence of “Televangelists, prosperity teachers”. The Teaching of the true word of God is amazingly changing their lives. Since we started these classes, we are receiving more requests from different people. Please keep this teaching project in your prayers, and please pray that we may start such projects in more cities where so many people are still unreached and they are not receiving true and simple teachings of the Word.


Our devoted team is working very hard to produce Biblical teaching material in Urdu language for our website:, the outcome is really great and our website is also becoming a great source for so many people for Bible studies, Bible commentary in Urdu and so much other information. Please keep our whole team, our ministry and all needs in your prayers!
We are always thankful to you for your love, care and support. We love you and pray for you and your family!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey