Mission in Desert

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
Romans 10:14

Dear Friends

Greetings from Pakistan, we hope and pray that you all are fine. There was death in our family, my aunt (paternal uncle’s wife) went to be with the Lord. According to eastern culture, we all were busy for a more than a week, as the friends and families kept coming for the condolence. Please keep my uncle in your prayers.

Desert Mission
The desert mission started with a visit of the area and then Bible class, now it has grown to be a proper ministry project in South Punjab of Pakistani. At the end of last month our team went there for the mission, and here I want to share two important things in the part 1 update.

Church Planting
I believe you will be very happy to know that we have planted a Calvary Chapel in the desert area where all those people, who were originally born into Hindu Families, are coming and they are learning the Word of God there. There are hundreds of these families, but there was no proper place for them to come together. This building is going to be a Christian-hub in the desert where they can come, have fellowship, pray and be taught the word of God. Our friend and ministry partner Aftab goes there with his team every week to teach them in the Sunday service. we praise God that many people from Hindu background have started to come there for the service.

Not only this, but our team is also reaching those who have not yet come to the Lord. We share the message of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christs with them and have fellowship weekly.

Sewing Center for the Tribes
It was such a joy for us to be able to start a Sewing Center for the women of this area. They are very poor; they serve as slaves to the landlords and their girls are many times mistreated, kidnaped and abused. This center is going to help them learn the skill and start working themselves for their families and community.

Aftab and team visit this center also and along with encouraging these girls to grow in their skills, we are also able to share the Word of God with them. We praise God for His grace to start such project here.

We are thankful to our all friends and family for the prayers and support, in the next part of the update we will share some more amazing things that God is doing in this area through Calvary Chapel’s Desert Outreach Ministry among the unreached people. Please keep our team and all these wonderful people in your prayers. God bless you!

in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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