Our God Rules…

Whatever the Lord pleases, He does, In heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps._____Psalms 135:6

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We all, our church members, our office staff and our Bible students are fine by the grace of God, we are always thankful to you all for the faithful prayers, love and support. The Covid-19’s third wave is very strong here, but at the same time the vaccination of the elderly people has also started. We all need your prayers to be safe during this tough time, our country has shut down most of the major activities seeing our neighboring country India in such bad situation because of this deadly virus.

Laboring in the Word and Doctrine

We are almost stuck most of the time because of the lockdown, we had to postpone our desert mission trip because of this. Our team is regularly working, studying the word of God in order to prepare better resources in Urdu language, and praise God that during the first quarter of this year we were able to complete two big tasks.

We have prepared two whole books, first, the survey of the whole Bible in Urdu language, and secondly we have also prepared the charts of every book of the Bible and outline of each chapter of every book of the Bible. We praise God for being able to complete this. This is really very helpful source for giving the overview of the whole Bible to the students and all those who want to study the Bible as a whole book. We are praying to get these books printed in Pakistan.

Our video recording project is also going well and we are working on whole series on theological topics and it is really great. We are putting some of the videos on youtube as

well, other are being shared with our friends and students. The feedback is really great, we praise God for these efforts to be fruitful. Please continue to pray for our whole team that is serving Lord whole heartedly.

Online Classes

This has been an amazing experience for me not only to teach many people from the distance, but also to see the power of the Word of God working in the lives of people. I praise God for

this Great privilege to be His servant and the minister of the Word of God. This is so amazing to see how God is using technology to help us reach very far to the people who really have great

hunger and thirst for the Word of God. Reaching to three groups with the word of God every week through this class is simply awesome! Please continue to pray for us and for these all groups.


Oure team has been reaching very faithful to all the groups that God has given us for ministering to. Our village church, brick makers, people in desert, small groups are all being reached in the same way we have been reaching, teaching and ministering to. People are suffering because of poverty, lockdown, diseases, oppression and much more, we reach them not only to teach them the word of God, but also to encourage them in the Lord and give the taste of the Love of the Lord. We are reaching and teaching these groups like children, and our team is so kind to reach them when they are able to come together even in the late evening, and then we travel back from those place to our homes. Please keep these all groups and specially our team in your special prayers.

There is some persecution of the saints going one, I’ve shared the prayer requests in our Massey family Prayer Support Group on Facebook. The oppression and disturbance is really heart breaking and tough, but we know that our Lord is totally in control, so we do believe that He will protect His people and always bring good in their lives according to His Holy Will. Please continue to pray for peace, blessings and protection of believers here. God bless you all, we love you and pray for you and your families!
in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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