Planting, Building and Serving in Pakistan

 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Dear Friends and family,
Greetings and love from Pakistan. We are always thankful to you all for your love, care and support for Calvary Chapel Pakistan and for our team and families. We are doing good by the grace of God. Through this short ministry update we want to share some amazing things that God is doing here in and through our humble ministry.

Village Church Building

You know from our two last updates that we are working on church building in the village. The basic work is done, foundation is laid, and we are already using that place for our weekly meetings.

During Easter Celebration, people were very happy to come there, we had great time of fellowship and sharing the word of God with them. People are very excited and so are we when we envision this place being used not only for this village’s people but for many other people in the surrounding villages. 

We need your prayers and support for this church building. We are raising support for this, if God leads you to contribute in any possible way, we will highly appreciate that. 

Brick Makers

The groups of Brick makers are very close to our heart, there are more than one groups that we are reaching, teaching and encouraging in the Lord. They are very poor, and they lead their lives in slavery. It is always a blessing for us to reach and teach them and blessing them in any possible way. 

On Easter this group and a couple of others received food bags support and we had great fellowship with them. They live under great debt from generation to generation. We are praying for many families to be free from debt somehow. Please keep them and our vision to help them lead debt free live in your prayers. 

Women Ministry

Women ministry is also very important for our church. Women in the far villages are most of the time busy working for their families and they are also ignored spiritually.

We have some really encouraging reports from the areas where my wife Farah and another lady named Monica go and teach.  They go and teach these ladies and listen to their some very personal problems and then provide Biblical counselling, encouraging them to live true Christian life. The result of their ministry is very positive, encouraging and it is chaning many lives. 

Theology and Missions Study

Our team is working to start proper study courses on “Theology and Missions” in the coming months. Much of the course preparational work has been completed. We have some very interested people who will be our proper students, there will be two classes weekly where I and one of our other team members are going to teach. Please keep this also in your prayers. 

Once again, we want to thank you for your all love, care and support. We pray for you and your families. God bless you!

in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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