Desert Outreach

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!’” -Romans 10:14-15

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings and love from Pakistan. We hope and pray that you all are doing good by the grace of God. We praise God for His protection and grace for us, our church and our families. We are thankful to you all for the faithful prayer, love and support that we have always been receiving from you. 

A Sad Incident

We always request you to keep praying for the protection and safety of Church in Pakistan. Christians are very often persecuted for their faith, just because of some false accusations. This happened once again a week before when a Christian man who was a shoe factory owner was accused of saying something against the majority religion and a mob of hundreds came, put his house and factory on fire, looted everything and beat the owner brutally that he died in next few days in the hospital. We want to request you to pray for peace in the country, for the persecuted family and community around them and also for all Christians here.  

South Punjab Mission

Our teaching and outreach project in South Punjab is going really great. Recently we were there and as usual we started our Mission Week with Whole Days Teaching Sessions. It really was amazing and our team in South Punjab invited people from various places, we hosted them, and we taught them for two days. Each day the number of participants was about 225-240 people. We praise God for such a fruitful and successful work there. Our team there is regularly reaching to teach in the surrounding remote aeras. 

Reaching the unreached

In our Desert Outreach, we have different groups coming from Hindu background, we are

ministering to them for some years now and a large number of them at different places show great interest in Christian teaching. Now during our recent trip while visiting one big group we had some really awesome experience. Our team member Aftab supervises this church, and we praise God that we were able to provide New Testament audio recording in their own langue called Marwari. There are different big groups like these still waiting to be reached with the Gospel of Salvation, please keep them in your prayer.

Sewing School

As you know we also started a women ministry project in South Punjab, in the desert area. It was really so much exciting for us to see the skill and spiritual growth among these ladies. They come together on daily basis to learn and while they are there, they also have a Bible study

session. All the students had made something special to show us when we visited them. We praise God for this wonderful ministry, please continue to keep this in your prayers. We need more centers like this in that area, please pray for that need as well. 

Reaching Some New Groups

God has provided us a new translation of Bible in audio format, the language is spoken by some of the tribes living in the desert area. This was really great opportunity for us to reach and share about Bible in their language, so we planned meetings with a couple of groups in the evening, as this is the time when they come from their work. These meetings were really good, we were well received, and we left some copies of the new translation of the Bible with these groups. 

Children Ministry

One Basic ministry which is very important and needs to be worked hard on is Children’s ministry. We have always encouraged this ministry much in South Punjab and have met different groups of children and teachers. Recently we sent two girls for one month training for Sunday School. We feel very blessed that during this trip to South Punjab/Desert area, we could work among children as well. 

We praise God for all fruitful aspects of ministry here in Pakistan. Thank God for His grace, and once again we are thankful to all of you for the prayers. God bless you!

In Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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