New Year, New Opportunities

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.          “Acts 1:8

Dear Friends and family,
Greetings, in God’s glorious name, we are doing well. Weather is much cold, and shortage of power and natural gas continues here in our countries. With all that, church and ministry activities are going well and smooth. We are sorry for sending this update so late, a dear one in the family passed away because of brain hemorrhage, we had to be with the family in the village for few days. We want to request you to please keep his widow and two sons, 12 years old and 3 years old in your prayers.

New Leadership Training

We have been working to prepare more teaching leadership in our church and ministry, for which we started special weekly fellowship and training online where 11 friends from different cities get connected and I’ve been teaching a class on Theology, and we have been discussing and learning about many other things. These men of God come from different walks of life, and they are from different cities like Bahawalpur, Sheikhupura, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. We are very happy that some of them are improving much and are helping us in teaching of the Word of God at different places. 

We are going to continue this training and God willing these new leaders will be teaching and serving in coordination with Calvary Chapel Pakistan in different cities of the country.

Outreach Expanded with New Tools

We’ve been reaching to some brickmakers near our town and God has blessed this teaching ministry. Calvary Chapel Pakistan has been receiving some free booklets from World Missionary Press for more than a decade, we send those to many churches and ministries in whole country. Recently God made it possible for us to get some small audio playing devices with New Testament recordings.  With the Help of Pakistan Bible Society, we have now New Testament audio recordings in 9 more languages other than our national language. This opened the doors for us to reach new areas, new groups, and we are now able to reach some restricted areas also with New Testament in their local languages. People are receiving free Biblical booklets and audio Bibles, and we are receiving really amazing feedback. This is helping us to reach other deep parts of our country first time where we cannot have access directly. Please keep this in your prayers that this outreaching ministry may continue to grow. 

New Literature prepared and work continues…

We firmly believe that along with solid teaching of the Bible we also need provide to study material to people, so that they may continue growing in faith. We have been working on translation and writing a lot that now we have much material in the forms of booklets, books, pamphlets and presentations for our friends and co-laborers to use in the ministry. 

There are many titles particularly prepared for the new generation that is facing the problem of modernity, neopaganism and skepticism. We are also recording much material in videos which is really helpful for people, and we receive great feedback. There are also two books authored by me, one is on Mormonism and other one is on Spiritual Discernment. We need your help to get these valuable resources printed in Pakistan. We have got permission from Answers in Genesis to translate and use Answers series for kids, the set of 8 books for children is fully translated, and we can print those when God provides funds, and we also have permission from Calvary Curriculum to use

their all stuff in Pakistan after translating it. Our team has translated a study book for Youth Camp, and we are working on children’s “Through the Bible” series. We want to get most of our work printed this year, and we want you to please support us for this. 

Church Building Plan

God has been faithful to bless us during all the past years in the ministry. We shared about our

village church many times with us. God has provided us funds to purchase land for the church building, and we are fully ready to start the building after we have sufficient funds and then permission from our Pastoral Leadership and Mission Board. This church in the village will be a central place for us to reach other villages around, invite them for teaching, organize teaching sessions and programs for youth and children of many surrounding villages. This village used to be Roman Catholic Hub in the past, and now Calvary Chapel is serving and teaching here. We pray for this project to be completed soon as possible. Please keep this also in your prayers. 

Woman Ministry Expanded

My wife Farah has been serving in the women ministry for many years now. We have a sewing school and Bible study groups of women in our neighboring villages. These groups are really good and very helpful for the women of these villages. They come together, study the word of God and pray for each other and at the same time they are learning some sewing skills also totally free. 

By the end of last year, we also started woman ministry project in the desert area and now those groups there are also doing really well. We want to continue these projects of

women to help them learn some good and helpful skills and also continue to receive Biblical education in these centers and groups. We also have prepared a book on Biblical Counselling for women and if God provided, we really would love to get that printed and then be used among these groups. 

Teaching Conferences in 2024

Last year we really had great experience of a conference organized by Calvary Chapel in

Bahawalpur city for three days. It was really wonderful and blessed time, and people loved the teaching and conference very much. We have vision to organize such conferences more than once during the year, and at the same time explore more areas ahead in the desert. We want to request you to please keep this all in your prayers and as God guides you, continue to support us like you have always done. We love you and are thankful for your love, care and prayers. God bless you!

in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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