About Us

Our Church is first Calvary Chapel in Pakistan, it is one of the worldwide network of Calvary Chapels, and is officially affiliated with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace of Yorba Linda California. It had very humble start in 2007, as an evangelistic out-reach mission directed by Holy Spirit, and gradually it grew into a church.

Pastor Nadeem Massey’s life was changed in 2004 through the teaching of Pastor Chuck Smith that was sent to him from an American friend in a CD pack. The method and slogan of Pastor Chuck Smith “Simply the Word Simply” had very powerful impact on the life of Nadeem Massey, and Holy Spirit touched his heart and guided him to share the word in that simply way with others.

With the help and encouragement from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, the basic structure of ministry developed and since 2007, it’s been growing by the grace of God and now has several ministries going on under this church in Pakistan.

We started with different Bible study groups around the town teaching the Bible verse by verse, it was such a powerful experience for the people in the group that it encouraged both people and teacher to continue this fellowship and now we have congregations at two different places under our spiritual care and our church has Sunday Services and Bible Study weekly. To learn about other ministries of church Please Click Here:

Church Building

We’ve planted our church in the very remote area where there are Christian families living for many decades but they did not have any pastor and any place to get together. We started having meetings with these people in the open places like you can see in the photos above, and we all prayed together for the provision of a place for our church. Lord answered our prayers and we were able to purchase a small piece of land for our church building. God provided us support to have boundary wall of our place, but we cannot use this place for our church service or fellowship without the permission of Government. As Christians are a minority and most of the people around us are of the other faith, we do face some opposition from those people who don’t want us to have church building at that place, but we believe God willing we will have our church building in future. our God will help us in the very same way he helped Nehemiah and his men.