Spiritual Struggles and God’s Grace

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.__Philippians 4:13

Dear Friends and family, 
Greetings in the encouraging, refreshing and strengthen love of Jesus Christ our Lord. We all are fine by the grace of our Lord. Our church in the town, in the village, among the brick makers and now even in the desert is going well, and we praise God that the Word of God is being shared and taught to all we are able to reach. 

Struggling Start
The start of the 2023 was a little struggling, there were many things in my “To Do List”, and I was kind of overwhelmed with those things, especially my book writing plan, and some teaching and recording programs. Because of these all things, I felt myself under much pressure and then I found myself in a tough struggle even spiritually. Then my wife got sick, we were in the hospital, she was complaining about stomach problem, she was not able to eat or drink, as her stomach was not accepting anything. The doctor was giving all the treatment regarding the stomach, but she had gallstone which we did not know and even the doctor did not guide us to go for the proper checkup. It took us almost one week to discover the problem and then the treatment started. So, we were upset for almost two weeks constantly. Medication is still going on; we are advised to have another abdominal ultrasound in the coming week for the doctor to determine the exact location of the stone because it has passed from gallbladder. But we praise God things are better now and family life and ministry work are smooth. We want you to please continue to pray for us all and our team. 

Praise Report
We are thankful to you all for the prayer for the vehicle, we praise God that he provided one and we were able to replace the old one. We had one Toyota Car 2008 for last 12 years and now we are thankful to God for blessing us with one of 2019 model Honda. Thank you so much for the prayers. 

Church & Online Class 
Our Church in the town is healthy and growing, we finished the book of Revelation by the end of last year and now we are going through the Book of Acts. Village church is led by my friend and brother in Christ Joseph Arif, Brick Maker’s fellowship comes under our weekly Outreach,

and we have Friday service with them. Church in the desert is just starting. Our team member Aftab Gill visits them and we will start proper thorough study with them soon. 
our online classes are great help for many people in different cities, we praise God how the Word of God is transforming the lives of people near and far by His Word. We are thankful to you all for the prayers. 

Foundation of Church in the desert 

Hindu Tribal Community is really an amazing mission field. We are regularly working among them and out ream is reaching them faithfully and sharing the Word of God and love of Christ with them. Lord has made this possible for us to plant a church there as He has prepared the hearts of the people.

During our next mission trip to desert, we are praying to plant a church officially and also start a Sewing School for the women and girls of that community. We are also going to have a medical camp for these people to bring some awareness about their heath and provide some common medicines of day-to-day use.  We are also training a young man in this area for the Bible study of the children, he is working along with learing.

As I shared in our last update that God has provided us a building in the desert that we will be using for our church services and for Women’s training in the Sewing School. Please keep this all in your prayers, we are thankful to you all for the prayers, support and love. We also pray for you and your families. God bless you!
in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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