A Church in the Desert

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.
Matthew 28:19-20

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings in the name of our Lord, we praise God for His grace and blessings, and we hope that you all are doing good. It is much cold here and some of the basic facilities like natural gas at homes is not available, the houses are very cold and some of the family members are suffering from cold. We hope that by the middle of next month situation will start getting better. We highly appreciate your prayers for our family and team.

Church in the Desert

In this update I want to share with you about a church that started with our current visit to the desert area. We have been going to that area for some years now. We have been reaching some groups with Hindu background every time and spending some time with them as we shared the Word of God and love of Christ with these tribal people. This time we were invited by a group at a place where someone had built a church some years before. This church building was not being used for the prayers, and the condition of the building was not very good. no proper whitewash, no water, power, no glass in the windows, the floor is just dirt.

As the group invited us to share the Word of God, the leader of the tribe called his community members here, we shared the word with them, and we also helped them with the food bags. It was really a wonderful meeting and good connecting time for us with this group.

There is a large community of these people that was there to listen to the Word of God. The main person from the area told us that they are very poor, and they cannot even look after the building, and they are most neglect tribes in the area. Their sons and daughters don’t have opportunities to learn and grow spiritually. So, they asked us to if we can take them under our church care and lead them spiritually by teaching them. Lord Himself opened the door and their hearts. we praise Him for this. So, we prayed with them and our team, then we planned to whitewash the building.

the community was very happy for this and here I want to share the new photos that I recently received of this church building that God provided graciously.

One of our team members is reaching to this group to teach them, and we are now working hard to start using this building for the proper church services. We want you to please keep this in your prayers.

This is something really amazing that is going to happen in this desert area. We have been going there for some years, and now we have started to see the fruit where a whole big group is willing to start their spiritual journey with us. Please keep this special church in your prayers!

Request from the Tribe

As the leader of the trip is willing to help his people grow spiritually and also have some opportunities to lead a better life. He has requested few things which I want to share with you also so that you may pray for these.

  • A Sewing Center: the leader of the tribe shared that their girls make different kinds of handy crafts, they need to learn more in order to have better life using their skills, so if we help them with starting a Sewing School here, it will be a great help for the girls to learn sewing and also for coming together to study the Word of God.
  • Electricity and fans: Since this place is in the desert, it gets very hot here, and this place does not have electricity supply and fans, so he requested for this need also so that when people will be in the place for Bible study and church service, they may sit easily during the hot days.
  • Floor pavement, water system and have window glass installed.
  • Help to educate their children: we don’t know yet how we can help them with this, but this is a prayer request that we wanted to share with our friends and family.

This is really a very special project among the unreached people in the desert, and we will highly appreciate your prayers for the people and also for our team. God bless you; we pray for you and your family.

in Christ Jesus

Nadeem Massey

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