Rejoicing in His Goodness

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings from Pakistan, We are always thankful to you for your prayers and generous support. We all are fine here, weather is very severely humid and hot at this time of the year, we are hoping for this to start changing in a month. Kids are getting ready to go to school again as Summer Vacation is ending this week. The congregation of Calvary Chapel is thriving in the spirit and sends love to you all who pray for us. Here we want to give you an update of what God is doing in and through Calvary Chapel Pakistan.

Urdu Bible’s Provision

We are always in need of Urdu Bibles, for last ten years we have been trying to get Urdu Bibles at different times and take them to very unreached areas to those people who don’t even have the Word of God to read for spiritual guidance. This project was supported through wonderful ways in the past. Sometimes Sunday School children raised funds for this, people ran races to raise funds for Urdu Bibles, and even some people donated blood to send Bibles to us. We are thankful to all of those wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord.

At the beginning of this project two godly ladies named Anna Simic and Anna Hogan worked so hard and they encouraging people to collect coins to help us get Urdu Bibles. With their all much efforts, we were hardly able to buy 10 Urdu Bibles. We praise God that this month we were able to purchase 180 Urdu Bibles from Pakistan Bible Society. We are thankful to Pastor Bond and Heather who shared our need for Bibles with their friends and played a role of connecting people to CC Pakistan’s this need. We rejoice in the Lord for this wonderful provision.

Audio Sermon Recording

We are working to prepare tones of Christian Study material in Urdu for Pakistani Christians and all Urdu speaking people around the world. It includes my book on Apologetics, many articles being prepared and posted on our website, teaching series of summer camp for children for year 2020, a whole series of videos teaching on Christian Apologetics and Audio Recording Sermons in Urdu Language. In our church we don’t have controlled environment to be able to record the sermons. So we have started  recording a series of Sermons in Urdu language. It is a lot of technical work to edit the recordings, but we praise God for the equipment that He has provided and the technical support also through one of our team member.

Calvary Foundation Youth Fellowship

This is the name of our youth group. We are working hard on this aspect of the ministry also to reach as many young people as possible through our youth ministry by Saturday Evening Bible Study at our house and reaching them at their places. We have 55 plus young men and women in our both churches. This group consists of teenagers and those in their early twenties. This is really really much needed and powerful aspect of the ministry. We want to bring our both groups

together in October for a “One Day Youth Seminar” to teach them on the Authenticity of the Bible. We want you to please keep the need to organize this seminar in your prayers. We are in prayer to invite other young people also besides our group of 55 plus. Our needs for this seminars will be arranging transportation for our youth group that is in the village, and providing them lunch.

Women’s Ministry

Women’s ministry is going smooth and is expanding. There are several Bible study groups now in different villages where CC Pakistan has helped women of the villages to manage time and get together for Bible studies on daily basis for fellowship and prayer and once a week for main Bible study. We are thankful to all of you who are supporting this wonderful ministry of CC Pakistan. This is a great blessing that these ladies are growing in the knowledge, love and fear of God and thus they are leading their families in Christian faith.

Farah has received some wonderful gifts of books to study well in order to prepare for teaching, we have been also receiving some smooth support from some friends and family for this ministry. Thank you so much for. Please keep praying for women ministry.

We are considering the need to prepare special teachings and a “retreat” for the women in the spring of 2020. Please pray for guidance, and provision of the needs.

We want to thank you once again and request you to please keep Calvary Chapel Pakistan and its needs in your prayers. Please “Click Here” to go to our Prayer Request Page. Here is our Facebook Prayer Support Group. We are thankful to you for generous support. God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus

Nadeem Massey

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