Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family, we are thankful to you for always covering us with your prayers, Our Prayer Requests are as bellow:

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for the Brick Maker Liaqat who is suffering from Tuberculosis, he is fed up of the medical treatment and has stopped taking his medicine. Please pray for him to start taking medicine again and keep his family in your prayers.
  • Please pray for the support of iron sheets’ shelter and basic needs like chairs, pulpit and carpet for our newly planted church. In order to learn more about this need please read this report:
  • Please pray for the provision of financial support to get my Urdu Book on Christian Apologetics printed, the printing cost per copy is $2.5, and we need 1000 copies printed.
  • Thank You very much, we love you and pray for you!

Pastor Nadeem Massey