Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings! We are thankful to you for standing and co-laboring with us in this mission field through praying for us/with there. Our prayer requests are as below:

Praise Report

We praise God that:

  • God has amazingly provided for our video project. We are starting the recording of the videos teachings this month.
  • God has provided to help those who have been suffering because of lockdown, many those who have critical health issues have been helped with this provision.
  • God has been opening more doors for us every day to connect and reach more and more people for teaching the Word, this is really amazing.
  • The mission work in the desert area is growing and more doors for teaching are opening. Now we have kids and youth groups as well, before that we only had one group of adults.

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for our online classes in two cities and our mission work in the city near desert and other surrounding places.
  • Please continue to pray for the well being and protection of the team as we serve our Lord here.
  • We have Bibles this year and this is very helpful for us, we will need Bibles in 2021 as well, we want to request you to please pray for this need of 500 regular adult Bibles and 500 Children’s Bibles.
  • CC Pak team is going to desert for 5 days mission during this month. This mission trip was planned for March, but was cancelled because of lock down. Please keep the whole team and all these mission days activities, teachings, meetings in your prayers.
  • We feel that in future we will need a vehicle (a van for mission) that we can use for going to desert with our whole team and necessary stuff like Bibles and other things. Please keep this need also in your prayers.

Thank You!
Pastor Nadeem Massey