Prayer Requests

Dear Friends and Family, we are thankful to you for always covering us with your prayers, Our Praise Report and Prayer Requests for this week are as bellow:

Praise Report:

  • We praise God that we were able to plant 2nd. Calvary Chapel in an area outside of our town. There are 33 Christian families who really love the word of God, we are having Proper Sunday Services with them.
  • We praise God that the Urdu Translation of Pastor David Guzik’s Bible Commentary has started, we have translated the Letter of Jude and now we are working on Gospel of John.
  • We praise that Calvary Foundation Youth Fellowship has started, we are having fellowship every Monday evening, and we are taking them through different Bible books and characters every week in order to build a foundation for proper Bible study.
  • We praise that the group of Brick Makers is also growing, and on the weekly basis they are arranging a large fellowship in which they invite more brick makers from different Brick Kilns.

Prayer Request

  • Please pray for the protection of our family, team and congregation while we praise God and proclaim His name and word here.
  • Please pray for the need of a computer for brother Joseph, we can get one used computer for $170, Joseph is a great helper of mine, he had been using one desktop computer for 7 years and that computer is not working anymore.
  • We need to purchase 6 Plastic chairs, one table and some local carpets for the Brick Makers. They requested for this need, as there is problem for people to sit during the meetings, we need at least $100 for this need.
  • Our car needs new tires, last time we changed them 3 and half years before, now they need to be replaced for safe traveling. Reasonable 4 tires are for $400, and we need $70 for some general repairing of the car.
  • One more need we have is a printer for our office, we need to print notes and many other things on weekly basis, our old computer is not usable. A reasonable printer is for $170. Please pray for the provision of this need.
  • Please pray for the growth of our Church in the fear and love of God and pray for people to be strong in their faith.
  • Thank You very much, we love you and pray for you!

Pastor Nadeem Massey