Ploughing Hard Ground

Be Patient, then, Brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. see how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains. ___James 5:7

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings and Love from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We are always thankful to you for the prayers, love and support. The church and ministry is going well and we praise God for that. We as team have been struggling spiritually during these couple of months. And I want you to please pray for us and uplift CC Pakistan whenever you can.

Elder Arif Masih

Elder Arif has been very important part of our team for last 10 years. He is very godly man, and God has blessed him with wisdom. Though he cannot read or write, but his heart and are full of God’s word and it always amazes me how Lord has blessed him with the knowledge of His word.

He is suffering from severe attacks of “diabetes”. He lost vision in one eye, his eye pressure has increased very much. We are taking him to Lahore city every week for the medical check up and treatment. We’ve been praying hard for him and also have been encouraging him. Today’s report tells that his vision of the other eye is also in danger. He may go totally blind as the eye pressure is not being controlled. The struggle of this important member of our team has been tough for all of us. We know that our Almighty God is totally in control, but being human so many times it becomes hard to handle such problems. We humbly request you to please pray for Mr. Arif and we will highly appreciate your support for his treatment. He has to travel to the other city (200 kilometers both ways) every week in this condition through local transportation. Please keep him and his family in your prayers!

Cult in the Wilderness

A friend shared about some Christian groups in the South of our province who are living in the desert like area. They are very poor, they have many problems, one of the major problems is clean drinking water. They also need spiritual guidance and help. We as a team prayed about the group, we got into contact with one person who is working there for many years. We had some online meetings with him and he shared about the area. There is really great need to go and reach the area with the word of God. Through our meetings recently we came to know that the person (the main contact) follows “Oneness Pentecostalism“. A large number of people are his followers. We are really in prayers for that main person to come to the true understanding of Christian faith and through him we may enter the area. Now we have to work first on the leader. We were very much excited about everything but when we came to know about his belief which he kept secret till now, it made us a little shocked and sad. We are though sending the first supply of World Missionary Press Scriptural Booklets and Audio Bibles provided by Faith Comes by Hearing to this group.  We want to share with him the love of Christ and also true teaching with humility and love.We ask you to keep this group and vision to reach them in prayers. We will highly appreciate your financial support to go into that area with some Bible supplies and medicine etc.

Reaching Near and Far

Our church services are going well, and besides that our Fridays are devoted for outreach evangelism among Brick makers and other isolated groups in our surroundings. We praise God for His faithfulness to keep blessing our ministry for the un-reached groups.

These brick makers spend their whole lives in slavery, no one reaches them, they are far from the community and church. We praise God that for last five years we have been sharing the word of God with them. And every Friday we have proper service with them. There is another group of such people that we reach and preach to on Friday Evenings.

Youth and Children Fellowship

Every Saturday evening we have Bible study at our house with some young boys and girls. It’s really awesome, they study the word of God for three weeks and on the fourth week they have movie day where they watch a Christian movie. We Praise God that this is blessing these children and their families as they learn about their Christian faith. We have started with the Basic Bible Study and from here we will soon move to the simple Bible survey where they can get acquainted with the Word of God and be encouraged to study it themselves in depth in future.

We are thankful to all of you for your prayers, love and support. Please continue to pray for Calvary Chapel Pakistan and please support this mission of reaching, teaching and serving fellow Christians here. Thank you very much, God Bless You!

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey

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