Rebecca Alaniz – Zagreb, Croatia

Praise Reports:
-I made it back to Croatia safely and have been so blessed to be back!

-So far the Lord has kept me healthy!

-Projects in the Roma Village are about to begin

Prayer Requests:
1. For the country of Croatia. With the coronavirus present, only 8 cases left in the whole country,  pray that the Lord would continue to keep me healthy. Pray the country doesn’t get an influx of new cases due to tourism. 

2. That the Lord would completely heal my thyroid, so that I wouldn’t need to take any medication

3. For direction, that I would simply be open to whatever the Lord has for me. There are some big decisions that are coming up, so please pray that the Lord would give me wisdom. 

4. Language Learning: Even though I’m conversational, there is more that I need to learn to reach fluent. Pray that the Lord would help me grasp the language and that He would give me a desire to study it. 

5. Roma Ministry: Pray that the Lord would give me guidance and wisdom in regards to working in the Roma village. Pray for our relationships with the Roma people, especially with this new project that we are about to start. 

6. Increase in my monthly financial support.

7. For salvation in Zagreb Thank you for keeping me and the country of Croatia in your prayers. The Lord is at work and I am so excited to see what He is going to continue to do!

God Bless,
Rebecca  – Email Blog

S.S. – Europe

Prayer Requests:

1. Please pray for a refugee Christian family whos sons will be  getting deported back to their home country. Please pray that God would intervene on their behalf.

2. New ways for reaching out to the refugee community since our traditional ways are limited because of the COVID-19 precautions.

3. Our refugee Bible study that more people can join and start to get together in spite of their fear of  more personal contact with COVID-19 situation. We are following all needed measures like meeting outside and 1.5m distance… Thank you so much for praying for me , I really appreciate it.   4. This explanation is not to be shared on the website:

And Thank you again for praying.

Be blessed,
SS – Email Blog


Vincent and Melissa Aniku – Uganda

Prayer Requests:
1. Please continue to pray for Gods guidance.  

2. Continue to pray for our hospital and staff as the cases are in creasing in Uganda, especially around the boarders. 

3. Pray for the certifications we need to finish the container and prepare to send it. 

Thank you so very much for your prayers! 

God bless,
Vincent and Melissa –  Email    Blog

Brian and Jill Kanyike –  Kampala, Uganda

Prayer Requests:
1. Eases in lock down are in Uganda. At the same time the cases in covid are dramatically increasing. The president said for the first time they are getting cases that they cannot trace infection from. Pray for safety for the country and for the Kanyike’s.

2. Violence has been increasing as people disobey covid laws and police try to enforce them. Also, as people begin trying to campaign for January elections. 

3. Hunger continues to be an issue for many. Pray for wisdom and provision as the Kanyike’s and Arise Christian Fellowship try their best to assist. Also pray for Brian as he pastors via phone and internet.

4. Pray for Luke as this weekend we had to take him to ER for extreme stomach pain and vomiting. They had to give him 2 injections to stop pain and calm him down. They did not find anything in tests that day but we are waiting for cultures to get results. He seems much better now so praying what ever it was is over. 

5. Pray for Jill as she home schools and for the children to enjoy learning. 
Thank you for praying for the Kanyike Family and for Uganda. 

God bless you,
Brian and Jill – Email  Blog

Matt and Noelle Harris – Gulu, Africa

Thank you so much for standing together with us in prayer!

Praise Report:

-The gospel is being preached at the medical clinic and many are getting saved.

-Many people are getting saved at our churches as they receive food packages.

-Many are hearing our ministries radio broadcasts and are coming to salvation.

-We got the chance to preach to a neighboring family and many came to Christ.

Prayer Requests: 1. Please pray for, Fred Latim, our head pastor at Calvary Chapel Gulu, as he recovers from prostate surgery as part of his battle against cancer.

2. The people of Northern Uganda, as they await the harvest time and are low on food due to the ongoing lockdown.

3. Our family as we plan and prepare for the new baby, expected late October.

Thank you for praying!

 Love in Christ,
Matt, Noelle, Emma, Madeline, & Noah – Email Blog

Ends of the Earth Ministries

Prayer Requests:
In South Sudan:
Please continue to pray for the nation of South Sudan. Decades of Civil War have collapsed the economy, resulting in mass starvation and desperation. Hopelessness and violence run rampant throughout communities.

Pray for our 500 students that are being daily discipled in the love of God and His Word, so they may lead their nation Into a new season of hope.

Pray for the 75 children and young adults in our children’s home and for the Missionary parents that are laying down their lives to provide peace and unconditional love to these precious ones.

Please pray for the new churches in the Tauso & Taposa villages. Pray that the pastors and medical staff will have the spiritual and physical tenacity to handle the countless challenges while living amongst Stone-Age tribes.

In Kenya:
Pray for the refugee students in our missionary training college in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. They are fasting and praying as they prepare to return to South Sudan to begin reaching cities across the border in North Sudan, with hopes to plant churches amongst Muslim peoples in 2020-21.

Pray for the Missions Equip Training Programs. We are in the throws of launching two new schools this year.

The first – International School, will be used in Bible Colleges as a complete missions training course. 

The second – Transformation, is a cross-cultural immersion training program, equipping missionaries to assimilate into their new culture while learning the language and world view. 

Pray that God would continue to empower, envision and sustain us as we seek to establish nationally led, culturally relevant, biblical-based churches among unreached peoples.

Yours for the unreached,
Rob Douglass – Email Blog


Leo and Pilar Gray – Ensenada, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Our sons father in law was killed in a car accident. They are expecting a child in August and with the virus may not be able to travel to  attend the funeral. Please pray for peace and comfort for their family.

2. We have a lot of new students registering for our next semester. Pray that God would prepare their hearts and that they would be deeply rooted in His word while they study with us.

3. Over 40% of our Operations budget comes from Teams on summer Missions trips. Almost all of our teams have cancelled due to travel restrictions safety concerns, and the Covid virus. Pray that God would continue to provide for our needs.

4. Pray that God continues to move in Mexico drawing people to Himself.

Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you,
Leo and Pilar – Email Blog

Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. Protection for our family, church and city as we prepare to re-open our church after the corona virus! 

2. God’s blessing about our plans for the international church planting conference on August 7-8! 

3. God’s provision for our family as missionaries and our church!    
Thank you for faithfully praying for us! 

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel – Email Blog

Hope Noack – California

Hello and thank you for your prayers!

Prayer Request:
1. Please continue to pray for my wedding which is this month!

2. I also ask your prayers for our ministry in parts of the world that are opposed to the Gospel- our missionaries are under great persecution from the government right now. 

Thank you for your prayers for these things.

God bless you!
Hope – Email Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Thank you for taking the time to read these requests and pray for us. It means more than you know!  

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that we would continue to fight the good fight in spiritual warfare within our church and our home. We have felt this warfare in myriad ways, but are confident the Lord is working in it.

2. Please pray for divine wisdom for SGWM, as COVID-19 has left a large footprint and created obstacles in the realm of international missions.

3. Please pray for continued growth and learning for our children, and that the Lord would continue to give Amy and I wisdom in the training and discipline of our wonderful kids. 

Thank you for your continual prayers on our behalf. 

In Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, & Clara – Email Blog

Joni Houser – Indiana, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our family’s health.

2. Please continue to pray for my financial support.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you!
Joni – Email Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord, our health has still been good this month!

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for God to give us strength as we move this month.

2. Please continue to pray for my youngest daughter, Rose’s, recurring struggle with reflux.

3. Please pray for my financial support and that God will open doors for me to share about the work He is doing in South Asia.

Thank you so much for your prayers

God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose – Email  Blog

Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. For my health, right knee and horrible headaches which are too frequent.

2. that we will be able to congregate and open after school program soon

3. for the people in this community–salvation of their souls!

4. That we would have revival in this place, and that it would begin with our church members

God’s blessings to you for praying for me.

God bless!
Deanna – Email Blog

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – USA

Please Pray:
1. Pray for continued healing for Heather’s knee

2. Pray for the those suffering around the world from the virus and those day laborers who have been hard hit. Many are without ample food or eating only once a day and are suffering. Praying for an end to the lockdowns and for God to use this time to draw people to Himself throughout the nations.

3. Pray that in each meeting, phone call, online class, we would be filled with the love of God to encourage, exhort and stir up our co-laborers, friends and family around the world.

4. Pray against persecution of Christians that is ever increasing in the 10/40 Window. Pray for protection for those we know and love.

Thank you for praying for us! 

God bless,
Bond, Heather and Breanna –  Email Blog

Mike and Erin Thiemann – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our family during this crazy season. We are doing well, but our kids are struggling with all of the lockdowns. They miss their friends, sports teams, classes, etc.

2. Please pray for our School of Missions that will be starting July 6th. Pray for peace. Pray for unity. Pray for vision.

3. Please pray for the youth ministry I lead. Our youth are struggling due to COVID and are scattered. Pray that we would be able to reengage them soon.

4. Pray for SGWM as we restructure some of our staff and leadership roles. This is just an organizational thing that is necessary as SGWM has grown and is growing rapidly. Pray as we plan to reopen our affiliate missionary program soon.

5. Pray for our personal support. Living in the States and on missionary support is a difficult reality. We struggle with it practically, as living expenses in Orange County are high. It is also a struggle to convince people that our home office staff is an absolute necessity for the success of our missionaries all over the world.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support

God bless you,
Mike, Erin, Malachi, Kyla and Alaina – Email Blog


Brad and Melissa – Amazon Jungle Brazil

Please pray with us for the ministry here in the Amazon.

Prayer Requests:
1. For the Apurina people we minister to.  Specifically the leadership and young couples.

2. For Oscar and Analucia, our missionaries from the Apurina church.

3. For Raimunda.  She has been visiting many different villages on a monthly basis over the last year and has opened up many new hearts to God through the Gospel.  She, too, is one of our supported missionaries.

4. The village chiefs.  They are always under pressure and are susceptible to being influenced with gifts.  Pray they are strengthened by Christ to stand firm in Truth that they could see their people prosper under God’s protection.
5. Our family.  Brad and Melissa, Andrea, Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin.

Thank you and God bless you,
Brad and Melissa Miller and family – Email  Blog

The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular geographic area stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Asia, covering 68 countries. Two-thirds of the world’s population live within the 10/40 Window.

Three out of every five people in the 10/40 Window have no access to the gospel. According to the Joshua Project, 68.6% of the 10/40 Window’s ethnic groups (5,984) are considered unreached, with a total population of 3.09 billion.

Workers – 10/40 Window

Prayer requests:
1. Please pray for the situation in the North.

2. Pray for the believers, that the Lord will give them courage and wisdom.

3. Pray for these Anti-Christian people, that the Lord would change their hearts.

4. Pray for our son, that he would not be discouraged.

5. Pray for God’s protection over us all.

Thanks for your prayers!

God bless you

Rabi and Mahima Shrestha – Nepal

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for worldwide this pandemic COVID-19 will end as soon as possible if God allow it.

2. Pray for our Family, Church and Bible School, students and all the staff for their health.

3. Pray for Our Church we need Sound System.

4. Pray for the  Chepang people and their churches where we distributed foods in this pandemic time; that they may grow spiritually in the Christ.

5 Pray for Us to do  a faithful Ministry in Social media to share, proclaim and teach them Calvary Styles.

Thank you for praying for us! 

God bless,
Rabi and Mahima – Blog

Prakash and Muna Pariyar – Nepal

Praise God ! He has been so good to His people and Church.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for all the believers all around the world that the people of God truly love God, His word and stand for their faith in every situation.

2. Please pray for the good health and safety of all the students of Calvary Chapel Bible College of Nepal and India as they are Home.

3. Please pray that corona virus be gone from the world soon and social lives of people become normal again, that we can gather together as His Church to praise and glorify Him more than before.

4. Please pray for Charis Bible Church. We need to move out the Church facility from current place. People don’t want to give their land in rent especially for the Church. Please pray that God would direct us towards the right location and especially He would provide our own Church Property so that we don’t need to look for the new place and facility again and again.

Thank you for your prayers!

Prakash, Muna and Eutychus – Email Blog

Anand and Usha Choudhary – Nepal

Thank you ray warrior for praying for us!  
Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our good health so we can keep on serving LORD.

2. Please pray for the believer  who had went back home from Kathmandu city in lockdown they may get job in back home.

3. Please pray for the opportunity to share Gospel close to the Bible college slum.

4. Please pray for the young people to whom I am teaching Genesis in zoom class.

5. Please pray for the radio ministry and all social media ministry which we were doing that we may reach more people in coming days. 

Thank you for your prayers and support

God bless,
Anand,  Usha and family – Email  Blog

Worker – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for my ministry, family, and spiritual life.

2.  Pray for my parents and my brothers; they are still unbelievers.

3. Pray for R.Y., who has mouth cancer; please pray for complete healing.

4. Pray for all of the believers in my church, that their knowledge will increase in the Word of God.

5. Pray for sister H–her husband and children are persecuting her.

6. Please pray for our biggest need, a piece of land for a church.

Thank you for your prayers.

May God bless you

Workers – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for Mr. N, who is a new believer, receiving opposition from his village.

2. Please pray for K.P., as she has experienced God’s healing touch upon her life. Pray that she will continue to have faith in God.

3. Please continue to pray for our online church services.

4. Kindly pray for student recruitment for our Pastor’s school, that God will bring dedicated students.

5. Please pray for me and my family, as we are in lockdown at home. Pray that God will help us to meditate and grow in His Word.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support!

God bless you

Milan Pariyar – Nepal 

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for my family to mature in their relationship with Christ and to have good health.

2. Please pray for the believers here to grow in their faith.

3. Pray for my community to know the difference between the Truth and false teachings.

4. Pray for me for safety and for good health.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,
Milan  –  Blog

Worker – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for me, that I will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God.

2. Please pray that God will teach me to be a good leader for His people.

3. Please pray that God will protect all students and staff of the Pastors School from all illnesses and diseases; pray that they will remain healthy.

Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless you!

May God bless you

Worker – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for all of the new people who have heard the Gospel, that they will accept Jesus.

2. Pray for God’s protection and guidance.

Thank you for your continual prayer and support!!

God bless you

Worker – 10/40 Window

Praise Report:
-Praise God, He has kept us safe from the persecution and the corona virus.

-Praise God for fulfilling all of our basic needs during the lock down.

-Praise God for returning our land from my neighbors. Twenty years ago when my family accepted Jesus, my neighbors attacked my family; they tried to kill my family and took lots of our family’s land. But now, by the grace of God, they returned a small part of the land!

Prayer Requests:
1. Please continue to pray for my family’s safety.

2. Please pray for my believers, that they can stand in their faith. They are being persecuted by their husbands, fathers, mothers, neighbors and society.

3. Please pray for my state; after this lockdown many people lost their jobs. Now the people are doing criminal activities like fighting, robbing, chain snatching, murder, etc. Recently, my cousin (a non-believer) killed his own mother (my mother’s sister), and one believer’s son went fishing and someone killed him and threw his body in a field.

4. Please pray our friends who are being disturbed by police and political leaders.

5. Please pray for 3 believers who want to show God their commitment to Him.
6. Please continue to pray for all 8 house fellowships and the Bible studies. Pray that the believers can understand more deeply the Word of God.

7. Please pray for the coronavirus to stop spreading. There are mostly uneducated people in my area; they are not following social distancing and not using masks, even if the government provides masks to everyone. The people are also starting to worship the “corona goddess”. Their thoughts are that if they will worship corona, they will be safe from corona.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership for the Gospel

God bless!

Worker – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for us as we have our services over the phone; most of our church attenders do not have Facebook.

2. Please pray for the unbelievers and believers who we distributed food to.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless

Worker – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests: 
1. Please continue to pray for God’s protection and guidance.

2. For my health and safety

Thank you for your prayers!

May God bless you

Worker  – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the youth in our church that they will grow in the Lord.

2. Please pray for me that the Lord will guide andhelp me to take good care of His Church.

3. Please pray for those who are wanting to show their commitment to Jesus. May they truly know the Lord Jesus.

Thank you for praying.

God bless you

Worker – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Pray for me, that God will use me mightily, and for those who know about Jesus but still do not believe, that God will change their hearts.

2. Pray  for me to share the Gospel.

3. Pray for God’s protection and guidance.

Thank you for your prayers!

May God bless you

Worker- 10/40 Window

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord, the lockdown is loosening up here some, and finally, seven of the students and I were able to get train tickets to travel to our hometowns.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our safe travels, and that we will not contract the virus during the journey.

2. I am excited about the next season of ministry after I leave from here. I do not know what things will be like, but pray that I will be faithful for what God has for me.

Thank you,

God Bless

Worker – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for me, as I have been busy with many things. I need strength, wisdom, peace and direction about where to buy things for construction.

2. Please pray for more male students to come to our Bible School.

3. Please pray that the Lord will give me wisdom and Godspeed with translation.

4. Please pray that in the midst of all of this, that I will depend upon God alone, and not on my past experiences.

Thanking you!

God bless you

Worker – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that if it is God’s will, I will be able to go to a certain village and teach the Word to the Christian families there, as well as share the Gospel with the unbelievers.

2. Please pray that I will be able to build relationships and share the Gospel with the village people.

Thank you so much once again for your prayers.

God’s blessing

Majhiya and Sarita Besra – Nepal

Prayer Requests:
1. We have found the opportunity to share with other about Jesus, praise the Lord!

2. We conduct small house fellowship services. Please pray for unbelieving neighbors who have joined us sometimes, as they are curious and confused during this time of lockdown. Pray that their hearts will soon be changed.

3. Praise God for safety and protection during this time!

4. Remember us in your prayers for His guidance in upcoming days, and pray that God will open the hearts of our neighbors for salvation.

Thank you

Majhiya and Sarita –  Blog

Worker – 10/40 Window

Praise Reports:
-All the students have returned to their home areas.

-I am now back home safely, too.

-The Lord provided the funds for the student’s travels.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that I remain healthy as I complete my quarantine.

2. Please pray for the health of the students, as some of their states are keeping them in quarantine facilities with other people.

3. Please pray for wisdom on how to proceed for the next semester due to what is going on around the world.

Thank you for your prayers for us

God bless you,

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”

– Hebrews 13:3

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping    
“Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time”.

Saving Grace World Missions