Finishing Our Spring Semester with Gospel Outreaches

I am glad to announce the end of the spring semester, February–May 2024, of our Calvary Bible Institute. It was a wonderful semester to teach and get to know our dear students. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Lord for sending such wonderful men and women to CBI. It was another great opportunity to live with them, teach them, and share God’s vision for His ministry.  

Calvary Bible Institute Combined Class 

Gospel Outreach– This time we ended the semester with Gospel outreaches. It was really exciting. The students showed their great enthusiasm in preparing dances, skits and Gospel messages. We had the opportunity to share the Gospel in two areas. 

Joyous Outreach Travel: Our travel was filled with fun.

One-Day Youth Conference: The local church youth also attended the conference. There were over 80 youth at the conference, including our students. It was a great time to teach at the conference from the book of Jonah: Don’t Try to Run Away from God’s Calling in Your Life. 

Morning Devotions in the Church Courtyard 

Every morning we had devotions as we started the day. The final semester students got to share during the devotions.

Open Air Gospel Outreach in the Village 

This tribe used to be considered an isolated jungle people. They used to not associate with any other people. But the Gospel has been spread among their tribe for many years, and they are becoming social. The Gospel brings everyone together. Our government is also encouraging them to become social. The village we had outreach in is around 8 kilometers from the Calvary Chapel we had the conference at. Some families from that village attending the church. Generally, people in this tribe have many children in their family. They do not like to send their children to school. 

Our Second Outreach:

We did a second outreach. Praise God, there were no hindrances or objections! The Gospel was clearly shared.

Hiking with the Students 

At the end of the trip, we had a great time refreshing with our Calvary Bible Institute students. We hiked for 4 hours to a mountain cave. It was full of excitement and fun.

Meeting Pastor Raju’s Family 

Before we headed back to the capital, we stopped at Pastor Raju’s church. We spent time praying with Pastor Raju’s family and the neighboring church believers.  

Our Church in the Capital’s Bible Church Ministry

Along with our weekly worship services, there is a lot of ministry happening throughout the week: women’s ministry, fasting prayer meetings, children’s ministry, youth ministry, weekly Bible studies, house fellowships, and visitations.

Inductive Bible Study Class 

Currently, two of our church leaders, Roshan and Akash, are studying at our Calvary Bible Institute. They have completed their second semester. They have been engaged in ministry in our church. Last month, the church organized IBS training for its believers. Roshan and Akash taught the IBS class.

Bible Study at Rabindra’s Place 

The Bible study has been led by one of our church leaders, Rabindra, for over a year. New people are joining the Bible study.

Calavary Chapel in the South-East

Pastor Nikesh’s family has been serving in the south-eastern part of our country. The city is filled with orthodox Hindus and Muslims. Despite persecution, threats, and employment challenges, he has been serving the Lord. The Gospel has not been stopped; people are coming to their church.

Calvary Chapel in the Middle-Eastern Part of Our Country

Pastor Laxman is serving in the middle-eastern part of our country. The place is filled with orthodox Hindus. Despite social discrimination, hatred towards Christians, and employment challenges, he has been serving the Lord faithfully.


In His Service, 

Prakash & Muna

CBI Spring Semester & Medical Outreaches 

Praise God for another semester! God has added more new students this season as well. It is always a blessing and a lot of fun to spend time with these young men, teaching and learning from the Word of God. The students are from almost all four corners of our country. 

We try to equip our students with everything we can. We teach the students basic English, worship & music, and basic computer along with teaching them God’s Word. It’s our desire to teach them all possible knowledge and skills. It fills us with great joy as we see them growing in the Lord and in other activities.

CBI Music Class
Hiking with the CBI Students

Sometimes we organize hiking with our students. It is a great time to get refreshed with them. 

Medical Camps in four different Churches

Last month, we had a short term mission group from a church in the U.S. There are many hospitals in our country now, both government hospitals and private ones. The private hospitals are too expensive for ordinary people. People have to go through a long process that takes many days to go to the government hospitals. For this reasons, it is beneficial to have short-term mission trip medical camps, especially for villages.

The government of our country has been issuing new restrictions against Gospel preaching, however, by the means of such camps we can build relationships between local churches and their neighbors and invite them to the churches. Thank God for the kind-hearted doctors and for all of the members of the entire team. All together, over 500 people were benefited by the medical camps. 

Medical Camp at the New Church in a Village Area

Over 200 people were treated

Prayer Stations

Along with the medical camps, there were prayer stations. This was to have an opportunity to offer prayer and the Gospel to those who came after they got their medicine which is also our goal.

Medical Camps at a Calvary Chapel in a Village Area

Almost 80 people were treated. At the end of the camp the doctor offered a medical workshop to the local volunteers.

Children’s Outreach after the Camp

We had a good opportunity to share the love of God with students from the school after the camp.

Medical Camp at the Leper Colony

A camp was held at the Lepers’ hospital. The hospital opens twice a week. However, according to the people there, the medicine from medical camps works much better than the medicine usually offered. So people are attracted to come to the camp. 

Gospel preaching and Hygiene Kit Distribution 

After the medical camp, the Gospel was preached, and hygiene kits were distributed.

Nepali & Chinese Food Cooking Exchange 

At the end of the mission trip, there was a cooking exchange between the Nepalese and Chinese teams. It was a fun, quality time to interact with each other. The students were especially happy.


Prakash & Muna

A Season of Great Joy and Happiness

The end of every year becomes a season of great harvest and sending out workers. We have a lot of Christmas outreaches with great joy and happiness. 

Calvary Bible Institute Graduation 2023

Like we do every year, at the end of last year we had a great time of harvest. On November 15, 2023, ten students graduated from our Calvary Bible Institute. So much prayer, support, and hard work has been invested in the lives of those dear ones. For two years we equipped them for ministry for the kingdom of God. As we see them with their courses completed and ready to go, great joy and happiness fills our hearts.

Charis Bible Church Christmas Outreach 2023

The church members invited many of their neighbors and relatives on Christmas. It was a good time to share the love of God with a precious Gospel message.

Open Area Christmas Outreach

We had so many open-air outreaches throughout the month of December in the capital and two other areas. So many people heard the Gospel message. It was a great time to share the Lord Jesus with them. 

New Years Eve All Night Prayer Meeting

As we entered the New year, on the last night of the year, we gathered together at our church. We thanked God for His greatness and faithfulness in to our lives throughout the year. We also welcomed the new year in prayer. May we fall in love with God and His Word more than before and live it out!

Worship & Music Workshop (Jan 7-11. 2024) 

We organized a “Worship & Music Workshop” that lasted for five days. We expected 30-40 teens and young adults, but 53 people came. It was very exciting to teach them through God’s Word about worship, music theory, and different musical instruments. It was also a good time to share about the importance of studying God’s Word. We shared about our Bible College, Calvary Bible Institute, and invited them to study there.

I used to be a member of a worship team. We all know that everyone loves music, especially youth. It is always a good way to approach them through music. This is true in the Christian circle also. It is always most important that we teach them not only music, but also teach them how to worship God based on His Word.

We organized a “Worship & Music Workshop” that lasted for five days. We expected 30-40 teens and young adults, but 53 people came. It was very exciting to teach them through God’s Word about worship, music theory, and different musical instruments. It was also a good time to share about the importance of studying God’s Word. We shared about our Bible College, Calvary Bible Institute, and invited them to study there.

We did not have enough rooms to contain all of the guitar players, so we used an open area as well- music with nature

Praise God for every opportunity to serve Him! 


Prakash & Muna

Short Visits

“If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. 20 Remember the word that I said to you, ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted Me, they will also persecute you. If they kept My word, they will keep yours also. 21 But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.”

(John 15:19 NKJV)

Calvary Chapel J* (above)

Preaching the Gospel has been becoming increasingly harder all around the world. This is true in our country as well. The news came that some Christians were put in jail and treated disrespectfully in the state where our brother Nikesh’s family is serving. After hearing this, I made my way to meet with pastor Nikesh’s family to be with them, encourage them, spend time in prayer with them and have a time of sweet fellowship with them. We had a great time there.

Calvary Chapel H*

On our way back to the capital, we visited pastor Laxman’s family and the church members there (above). We spent time in prayer with them. We always love to visit with them and pray together. 

Youth Inductive Bible Study

We had a great time with the youth at our church in the capital (above). We taught them the Inductive Bible Study Method to help them better understand the Word of God. 

Church House Fellowship

One of our Calvary Bible Institute students, Bikal, shared from the Word in a house fellowship (above). It is always a pleasure to see our dear ones growing in and falling in love with God’s Word and maturing in the Lord.

God Is at Work through Short-Term Missions!

Short-Term Mission Team

Last month, we had a short-term mission team visit. We had great quality time with them. We would like to thank those who sent the short-term mission team to our country to expand God’s work here. Sometimes God can use a short-term mission trip for people to receive His vision. At the same time, God might draw people towards Him through the trip as well. During the short-term mission, we come out of our comfort zone and experience the need of Gospel while we serve God. Short-term missions are important and worthwhile.

Saturday Worship Service at Calvary Chapel H*

Pastor Jeff shared from the Word (above). It was a wonderful and blessed time. 

Children Ministry at Calvary Chapel H*

We invited only children. But the children’s mothers also came and attended the whole program. It was a great opportunity for us to share the Good News with them.

We are thankful to sister Leah for her heart and courage for the children! We are so encouraged having seen her enthusiasm for God’s work. We have seen her vigor and are encouraged to serve alongside her.

Marriage Conference at H* (above)

Marriage Conference at Our Church in the Capital

We had a blessed and wonderful time at the marriage conference (above). We would like to thank the short-term team for great and relevant teaching.

Outreach Ministry at Lepers Colony (above)

We had a great time of outreach and worship with our dear ones at the Lepers Colony. We are thankful to sister Ali for sharing her testimony at the outreach. It really touched hearts.

Ministry in the Slum

It was not an easy thing to enter as a new person into the slum area. However, after a while the slum area became a place filled with an aroma when the team saw God’s presence and the need for ministry there.

Church Youth Ministry

It was good to have brother Derek to share from the Word and encourage the youth in our country (above).


Prakash & Muna

The Lord Is Working

Calvary Bible Institute Fall Semester 2023

Our new semester has begun. Praise God for having all amazing students. As usual God has brought students from the four directions of our country. We always have heartfelt gratitude toward our Heavenly Father to have more young people join our Calvary Bible Institute, teach them from the Word of God and equip them to advance the Kingdom. 

Our Bible Church in the Capital

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.

Hebrews 12:24-25 NKJV

It is always a great joy and blessing to come together as the body of Christ and worship our Almighty God and to share our love with each other in His Body. 

Bible Church in the Capital Worship Service
Our Church Youth’s Inductive Bible Study Class
Our Church’s Weekly Youth Meeting
Our Church’s Weekly Women’s Fellowship

Calvary Chapel J* Worship Service (right)

Preaching the Gospel has always been with much difficulty, everywhere in the world. Our country is filled with many religions. Lately, some religious leaders are trying to evoke a religious war targeted against the Christianity. They say that their aim is to expel all of the Christians from our country. The eastern part of the country has been a main target. They have been trying to destroy the newly built Church there. 

The J* area is mostly filled with temples where brother Nikesh’s family is serving. The local people have reported against Gospel preaching at the police station. Preaching is restricted. In spite of the restrictions and persecution the work of the Lord has continued.

Calvary Chapel H*

The Lord is at work. The church is gradually growing. New families are coming. Brother Laxman’s family is serving at H* faithfully, even though they are going through some difficulties and financial hardships. 


Prakash & Muna

God Is Exalted Among the Nations! 

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Psalm 46:10 (NKJV)

As pastors and leaders of His church all around the world, we work faithfully in any and every circumstance, but it is God Himself who makes the ministry grow. Praise God for the wonderful ministries that He has entrusted us with on this earth!

Bible Church in the Capital 

It is a great joy to worship our God with His church! A couple of leaders were trained and raised. Together we got the vision and decided to start a new work. Now we are seeing the fruit of the church. 

Our Bible Church’s Women’s Fellowship Knitting Together and Doing Crafts
Mid-Week Fasting Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday the women of our church fast and pray together for the church and all our ministries. 

Weekly Youth Meeting

Three weeks of each month our teens and young adults meet together. They worship together and study God’s Word. 

House Fellowships

Every week our church has house fellowships. We visit the believers of our church, study from the Word, listen to their problems and about what is going on in their lives, encourage them in the Lord and pray for them. Whenever we have a house fellowship, the believers’ families who live nearby also come to the respective location. 

Children’s Outdoor Fellowship and Prayer
Children’s Outdoor Fellowship and Prayer
Bible Study in L* 

We have been praying for brother Rabindra’s area. It is the district that is next to the capital. We have been praying to start a new church plant there. A couple of months ago we started a Bible study there. Brother Rabindra, one of the leaders of our church in the capital, is leading that Bible study at his home. Some people from the neighborhood are also attending the Bible study.  

Calvary Chapel H*

Brother Laxman has been pastoring this church. God is at work through His Church and it is growing. 

Calvary Chapel J*

Brother Nikesh’s family went to a place outside of the capital and started a new work there. God is at work. People are attending the church regularly and it is growing. It is a great joy to see God’s work all around!


Prakash & Muna

A Great Time on a Mission Trip

A Great Time on a Mission Trip 

A true mission trip is not all about fun. We need to put aside our comfort zone and get ready to face the peoples’ problems and serve them every possible opportunity. There are plenty of challenges, hardships, and different kinds of difficulties; yet it is always filled with the great blessings at the end! That part of doing ministry is so rewarding, that it ignites our desire to serve the Lord even more.

Calvary Chapel H*

As pastors, we lead people to the Lord, disciple them, raise them for service to the Lord. When we see the fruits in their ministry, it brings great joy to our hearts and fills our eyes with tears of joy!

A new family has been attending Calvary Chapel H* for two months. Brother Dipak accepted the Lord Jesus as his Savior. It was great to see people coming to the Lord!

Holy Communion (above)- We had a sweet time of a Holy Communion Service at Calvary Chapel H*.

Visiting Believers’ Homes

When we do mission trips, we love visiting believers (above) from our church and hearing their testimonies, finding out their current situations, and spending time in prayer with them!

This family (above) lives in the middle of the jungle, around 20 kilometers away from Calvary Chapel H*. It takes one hour and 45 minutes for them to get to the bus station. We had an opportunity to visit them, see their difficult situation, and pray for them. It was heartbreaking! When a member of that family gets sick, they have to physically carry them as there is no provision of an ambulance.

Meeting with the local pastors: on this trip we visited two pastors who are good friends of mine. As we shared about our Bible School and IBS method, they became interested in sending their youth. They also want us to have an IBS conference in their area in the near future and invite other church leaders. The man on my left side (above) is the president of an organization of 22 pastors of different churches.

N* Church Visit

I used to write about this church in the past. The pastor of this church’s son and three of his daughters used to attend our church in the capital. The pastor is getting older.There is no one who wants to lead the church after him. We tried to encourage and raise up a leader for couple of years, but no one appeared. Then we put it in the Lord’s hands, because we also have not be able to send someone there to look after the church. Still, that church is in our prayers. May God raise someone up!

Calvary Chapel J* Mission Trip

We visited the church and had a one day IBS conference.

The conference at Calvary Chapel J* was blessed. People really liked the IBS method. We hope that the churches there will send their people to our Bible Institute and organize an IBS conference in future.

Brother Rabindra from our church in the capital, who graduated previously from Calvary Bible Institute, is teaching IBS (above). He is leading a Bible study in his home town.

I had a great time with pastor Indra, the president of J* United Pastors. He really liked the IBS method and is interested in sending people in future to Calvary Bible Institute.


Prakash and Muna

It Is Great to See Young Ones in Ministry!

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV)

We read in the book of Daniel that Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were well trained in the ways of the Lord from their childhood. When the time came for them to stand for their faith in a foreign land–away from their country, family and community–they were able to stand for their faith in the Lord. So can be true for us today also. If we start training our young ones, not just once a week at church, but also at our home.

CC Charis in J*

Pastor Nikesh’s son, Yabesh is leading worship.

CC Charis in J*

Yabesh invites his school friends to the Worship Service.

CC Charis H* House Fellowship

House Fellowship; this is what makes churches in our country grow. We, the leaders of the church, go house to house to the believers’ homes for visitation, prayer, and Bible study. Also when we hear that they are sick or going through difficult situations, we go to them and encourage from the Word and pray. This makes the church stronger and grow. Praise God for such dedicated church leaders!

Outreach to the Childrem at CC Charis H*

Pastor Laxman invites the neighborhood children sometimes and shares the Gospel with them.

CC Charis H* Saturday Worship Service. 

Charis Bible Church in the Capital Worship Service

As a pastor of a church, it is such a great joy for me to see the dear believers growing and maturing in their faith. The gospel was preached to them. They were baptized and taught from the Word continually. Now they are growing and maturing in the Lord. It is such an honorable job that Lord has entrusted us with.


Prakash & Muna

Following Jesus’ Ministry Pattern

Medical Camps With Gospel Outreaches

Jesus healed people, but He never left without sharing the Gospel. We are to follow His pattern. There are so many people with physical needs. If we try to meet their needs without sharing the Gospel, it does not make sense in ministry. 

Last month we had three medical camps together with Gospel outreaches in the different parts of our country where our churches are located.

Medical Camp/Gospel Outreach in the Capital

(Feb 18-19)

Last month, we had the great blessing of a visiting medical team. The team was able to treat over 200 patients at this medical camp (above), including non-believing neighbors we had invited from the area around our church in the capital city. Over 100 nonbelievers came to this medical camp. We had a great opportunity to share the Gospel. After seeing the doctor, a person had to go through the Gospel station. There we shared the Gospel and prayed for them. 7-10 people accepted Jesus. Praise God for that! May His Spirit lead them to His Church!

Medical Camp & Gospel Outreach #2

As we did in the capital, we also organised a medical camp and Gospel outreach at our church in the central part of the country. Around 220 people were treated. Some accepted Jesus as their Savior. 

Medical Camp at our church in the South East

Over 200 people were treated. Many non-believers came from the local area and heard the Gospel along with receiving medical treatment.

Children’s Ministry

At the end of the medical camps, we had children’s ministry in the school area in front of our church. We sang songs, danced and shared testimonies. We also gave some gifts to the kids.

Gospel Outreach & Hygiene Kit Distribution at the Leper Colony

We went house-to-house at the Leper colony during the outreach. After we were finished, we invited everyone to gather together. We sang some Gospel songs, danced, and shared testimonies. We distributed hygiene kits at the end. They are some of our dear ones, we visit them as often as possible.

It was amazing to see that the doctors from our medical team were carrying some medicine in their backpacks, looking for the opportunity to help and bless people. And it was so! Thank God for such ministers!

Program at Our Church: As the church is growing and maturing, our second generation young ones are testifying that Jesus is their personal Savior in public. We are very glad to see them grow in the Lord!


Prakash & Muna

Christ’s Gospel Is for All People

“Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people.” 

Luke 2:10 NKJV

December was a great season of Christmas outreaches for our church family. God showed us the open doors, so we got the opportunity to hold four outreaches in different areas of the capital city. We had a great time of sharing Christ. So many people heard about “Why Christ Came to this World.” Our whole family was greatly involved in sharing the Gospel–even the children were amazing in distributing Gospel tracts to those who came to them. Praise God for the Christmas season!

Our First Gospel Outreach
Ladies sharing the Gospel during an outreach program.
Our Second Gospel Outreach
Our Third Gospel Outreach

People were listening to the Gospel program from their rooftops, along the road, and from the open air shops. 

Our Fourth Outreach (Outside the Church Area)

All of the believers, including the children, were busily distributing Gospel tracts. We distributed over 1500 Gospel tracts. Praise God for that!

We invited many friends and relatives to our church Christmas program. It was a good time to preach about Christ! Over 100 nonbelievers attended the program. 

We had other Christmas outreaches in the East. Altogether, we did 11 outreaches.

Calvary Chapel South East Outreach

Last month, during the Christmas season, God led us to do many Gospel outreaches. I had been thinking of doing church visits after Christmas. However, God showed us the Gospel needs in the C.J. area, in the southeast of our country where the new Calvary Chapel has been planted. That part of the country is filled with orthodox Hindus and Muslims. Churches are very, very rare. It is very difficult to preach the Gospel in that area. We had been praying about how to reach that area with the Gospel. As the answer to our prayers, God helped us realize, “Why not share the Gospel during the Christmas season?” And we said, “Yes, let’s do that!”

Pastor Nikesh (from the Calvary Chapel in the area) invited some of the local people where we planned the Gospel outreach. Many, many people were gathered. People from the rooftops of surrounding houses and people passing by on the road heard the message and received Gospel tracts also! We were able to distribute around 400 Gospel tracts. In response to the outreach, some people showed up at Calvary Chapel the following week for Christmas. Praise God for that! God willing, we pray that we will have even larger outreaches next year.

Calvary Chapel Central Outreaches

Like we did in the South East, we were able to do five Gospel outreaches in the surrounding areas of the Calvary Chapel in the central part of the country.  

Our First Central Outreach

This picture was taken at the first outreach. The elderly man in the chair used to be in the Nepali army. As we began the program, an elderly man was staring at us from the rooftop of his house across the road, in the blue house. After listening a while, he came with his wife and stayed until the end. When he left the program, he asked for more tracts, and said he would share with his family members also. People who were walking down the road, people who were listening from their rooftops, and also some people who came next to us, all heard the message.

Our Second Central Outreach
People who were in the area and from their houses heard us. Some received Gospel tracts as well.  
Our Third Central Outreach
We began our third outreach in a different area. People listened from their houses, but did not want to come to the area where we were doing the program.
Our Fourth Central Outreach

After we finished the third outreach with a little sadness, we headed to our next outreach location. On the way, we saw people sitting on the ground. There were other people working on the roadside. So, we thought, “Why not take this opportunity to share the Gospel with them!” We sang Christmas songs, shared the Gospel, and distributed over 200 Gospel tracts. People responded positively!

Our Fifth Central Outreach

Finally, we did the fifth outreach near the Calvary Chapel in the area. People were listening to us from their rooftops, their open shops, and the road.

We pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of whoever heard the Gospel message, and draw them to Himself. Amen!


Prakash & Muna