Monthly Prayer Requests

Brian and Jill Kanyike – Kampala, Uganda

About a month ago the Kanyike family had covid. Everyone recovered well except Brian.  Pray for him as he is still struggling with lingering symptoms and fatigue.Pray for Jill as she plans and prepares for teams coming later this year for the chaplain refresher course. Pray for the children to do well in school. Pray also for their hearts to be committed to the Lord. Pray for the Kanyike children to get called for their citizenship interview. Pray for Arise Christian Fellowship as they are having some ministry leader changes. Pray for the Lord to lead and direct. Pray for the Arise outreach soccer team. It is the time for the final playoffs, which draw much larger crowds. Pray for opportunities to evangelize and for many church members to get involved. Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads the ministry team.  

Thank you for praying for the Kanyike Family and the people of Uganda. 

In Him,
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee, and Liana – Email Blog

Matthew and Noelle Harris – Uganda

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your continued prayer support.  

Praise God with us that: 
God has provided for us to purchase and renovate a home in Gulu city. Our daughter Apio is growing in academic comprehension.  We are making great progress towards having our school accredited.  

Please join us in prayer that: 
We would be able to finish processing our NGO permit so that we can renew our visa’s. God would grant us success with the adoption process. The pastors in our school would be thoroughly equipped to interpret God’s Word. 

God Bless You, 
The Harris Family – Email Blog

Tim and Jenn Pappas – Yorba Linda, California


1) Praise God Tim & Jenn are able to spend the rest of the summer at CSOM  (Calvary School of Missions ) together  
2) Praise God He continues to confirm our calling together as a couple 
3) Praise God for the unity we have in marriage and ministry as a couple.  


1) Please continue to pray for our son, Andy, that God would heal his mind  
2) Please continue to pray for us and the remainder of this year’s Calvary School of Missions.  
3) Please pray that our ears would be acutely tuned to the voice of God and His leading in ministry. We have exciting new ministry news to share in our next newsletter. 

All for His Glory,
Tim and Jenn – Email Blog

Bond and Heather Gaona – USA, Asia, and Africa

Please pray for our time in Uganda this month to be sweet, fruitful, encouraging, healthy, safe, and glorifying to God! Pray for protection against sickness (malaria) and specifically for Breanna who is swallowing pills for the 1st time.  Pray for our time with the national pastors and missionaries. There is constant persecution and we are hoping that our coming will be a great encouragement.

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Email Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

Please continue to pray for my parents’ health. Especially pray for healing for my dad, or an accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Please pray also for my mom’s health.
We have a baby due in early October. Please pray for the baby to be healthy and for a safe delivery.
Please pray for the safety of all the workers in South Asia, and that God will strengthen their hearts and faith.
Please pray that God will use us for His glory. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!  

God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose – Email Blog

Joni Houser – Indiana, USA

Please pray for the Christians in South Asia that are going through persecution.
Please pray for my father’s health. He has been having a lot of tests and doctor appointments. Please pray that the doctors will be able to diagnose and treat him.
Please continue to pray for my mom’s health and complete recovery.

God bless you!
Joni – Email Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – Yorba Linda, California

Thank you all for your prayers! It means the world to us that you read these and pray for our family!   

Please pray for Joel’s upcoming travel to the Middle East and North Africa this Fall, that the Lord would bring all of the details together and the Lord would use him on that trip 

Pray for our continued spiritual growth, for us to stay surrendered to the Lord Pray for God’s continued provision for our family 

Pray that the Lord would give wisdom as Joel and the team prepare travel plans for 2024   

Love in Christ, 
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, & Clara Garcia – Email Blog

Jenna Pepin – Culiacán, Sinaloa Mexico 

Jenna Pepin and family (Ruby and Sammy) 

1. Please pray for a complete healing for my neck and shoulder that were severely injured in a car accident early in June. 
2. Please pray for all of the graduates of our church planting schools here in Culiacán who will be traveling to Rosarito in August for the church planting conference there. 
3. Please pray for my daughter, Ruby, to adjust to her new life in Culiacán, especially the heat, and that my son, Sammy, would adjust to his new school starting August 28. 
4. Please pray for our ministry to the Kuáre, an unreached ethnic group in Nayarit, and for the students from Calvary School of Missions who will be traveling there with us August 10-13. 
5. Please pray for the four new churches that are in the process of being planted in our city, and for all of the new pastors that will be directing them. 
6. Please pray for the new counseling ministry we have started at our church, that God would bring us all the people that need counseling and that our team of counselors would have the wisdom to give them good, godly, biblical council so that their lives can be transformed.
7. Please pray for my transition from women’s ministry to counseling, and for continued wisdom in deciding when to move to Calpulalpan.  

Jenna Pepin – Email Blog

Paul and Claudia Boubion – Rosarito, Mexico

Please Pray:

– Maintain the priority of our devotional time with Jesus
– Poiema preparing to go to Bible college in Peru. All that it entails: emotionally, financially, spiritually, and physically. 
– Ministry: love God’s people and love our neighbor God’s way: grace, mercy, and forgiveness.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Him,
Paul, Claudia, Lydia, Poiema and Cristian – Email Blog

Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Hello fellow saints and servants of the Most High! Here are my prayer requests for this month: 

1.  For my mom who suffers from Parkinson’s and lives alone—this is my biggest prayer request for this month, for her physical, spiritual and emotional health.  Her name is Kathy.  
2.  For a revival in this little Colonia, Pedregales de Santa Julia, that  hearts would be softened towards the things of the Lord. 
3. For the parents of the kids in the afterschool program to come to Christ so that the children could live in a healthy and safe environment.   

Thank you so much for your prayers for me and for the people of Mexico.
Dios te bendiga! ❤️ 

– Deanna Jevas – Email Blog
South America

Andrew Weakland – Peru

Prayer requests 

Growing in discernment. Confirmation to some for being part of the Moyobamba team Financial support   

Thank you guys! Love you all. I see the Lord putting this church plant all together! A little over 2 more months.

– Andrew Weakland – Email Blog
10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular geographic area stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Asia, covering 68 countries. Two-thirds of the world’s population live within the 10/40 Window.Three out of every five people in the 10/40 Window have no access to the gospel. According to the Joshua Project, 68.6% of the 10/40 Window’s ethnic groups (5,984) are considered unreached, with a total population of 3.09 billion.(Some names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.)

Worker 4 – 10/40 Window

I will be traveling to share the Word at two different places. Please pray that the Lord will speak and that the people will be saved.
Pray that I will fully recover from my illness. 
Please pray that the Lord will give me a clear vision over what the future holds for me. 

Thank you for your prayer and support!

Yours in Christ,Pastor W.J. 

Worker 6 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:

Pray for N., who has cancer in her stomach.

Pray for M; he is having blood clots in brain.

Our upcoming semester begins in the month of August; please be praying.

Pray for our 4 new church plants.

Pray for me to grow in the knowledge of Christ.

Pray for A and her family to have peace.

Pray for CCH ministries:
1) men’s bible study
2) young adults bible study
3) Sunday school ministry
4) women’s ministry.

Pray for our upcoming youth conference on July 28.
Pray for our upcoming women’s conference held on September 19. 

Thank you! 
God bless you,Worker 6

Worker 7 – 10/40 Window

The Lord has been opening doors to new ministry opportunities in different villages, and I am starting to see the new believers desiring to grow in God’s Word.

Please pray:
I am praying for more opportunities to meet with a man in our area who has heard wrong doctrine. I want to share more about what God’s Word truly says with him.I am thankful to see how God is moving in the hearts of a family here, and I pray that they will remain steadfast and have a great desire for the Lord.I had the opportunity to visit a village 17 hours away and share the Gospel there, where one of my former students lives. I am praying for more and more opportunities to share with people in this way, and my heart is humbled to know that God uses us to increase His Kingdom. 

Thank you,  
Worker 7

Worker 8 and Family – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for my family so that we will continuously move further in the ministry.
Please pray for brother G; he has heard the Word of God. He has some physical problems. Please pray that God will deliver him soon.Please pray for brother T. Sometimes an evil spirit gives him a paralysis problem.
Pray for the church building. 

Once again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your partnership.
May our loving God bless you abundantly!

In the Lord,
Your brother,
Pastor 8 and family 

Worker 9 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:

Please pray that I will continue to grow in my spiritual life and the knowledge of God.
Please pray that I will be used mightily by God.
Please pray for the young children and youth of my city with whom I am involved, that they would stand firm in their faith at this age when Satan tries to distract them.

Thank you so much for your prayers.

God bless you all! 
Worker 9

Worker 10

Prayer Requests:

As you all know, my health has been bad for 3 months. I thank God that during this time He took care of me. The problem in my stomach has gotten worse, and the doctor has given me more medicine for 15 days and I have to go to the doctor again after that. Please pray for whatever problem is happening in my stomach. May God heal me.

Pray for our area, it is raining a lot here in the mountains, which causes landslides.
Pray that God will take care of the people here in the mountains during this time, and save the people from every danger.
Pray for the young people in my village who are believers. Pray that they will grow in the Word of God. And may God change the hearts of those who don’t know the Truth.
Please pray that God will help me to know what to do about my health, and that He will give me courage and strength to fight the diseases that are in my body.

Thank you! 
Worker 10

Worker 11 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests

Please pray that God fulfills all our needs.
Please pray for those in our church to be strong in faith instead of things.
Pray for a believing lady of our church whose name is P. Her husband has become insane a few days ago. Her family members are persecuting her mentally and blaming her, that her husband has gone insane because she believed on Jesus.Please pray for one woman believer, P. She has been tortured very badly by her family, and they are preventing her from coming to church. Now, they are forcefully taking her on a Hindu pilgrimage.
Please do pray—in our area, persecution has begun on a pastor. Just a few days ago, 10 to 12 people beat up a pastor and put him in jail on false charges.
Please pray for me–I want to organize a pastors’ meeting and invite all of the local pastors and try to bring them all together at one table. Almost all of the pastors are afraid because of the persecution that has begun in our area.
Please pray for a sweet baby who is suffering from seizures. He is about 10 months old. 

Thanks for your prayers, Christian love, partnership and participation in spreading the Gospel! 

God bless you all! 
Worker 11 

Worker 13 – 10/40 Window

Pray for the area where we are serving. Pray for the villages and the people here to be changed by God, to know the One true God.
Pray for our believing brothers who are from many villages and many places in this area. In the villages, those who believe in the Lord are treated differently. They are not treated well and they face many difficulties.
Pray for the church services we hold in our area. We have also begun a new home fellowship in a new place. Pray for God’s Word to transform the people, and for them to stand for God. 

Thank you so much everyone for praying for us!
God bless you!
Worker 13

Worker 15 and Family – 10/40 Window

Please pray for…
Please pray for those who are affected by the monsoon rains, as there are devastating floods and landslides.
Please pray for the new session at CBI, and the 8 students we have this year.
The new believers.
Please pray for H, who has been diagnosed with cancer.
Please pray for a newly married couple who both come from Hindu families and have been forsaken by their families. 

Thanks for your prayers!
God bless,Worker 15 

Worker 16 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests
Please pray for my children to grow in the Lord’s fear and knowledge.
Please pray that the Lord will intervene in the problems the world is facing.
Please pray for the village ministry in our local area. May the villagers grow in Lord’s Word.
Please pray for sister S; she has been admitted to the hospital for vomiting. Please pray for her healing.
Please pray for the students, that they will have a good understanding of the Word.  

Worker 16

Anand and Usha – Nepal

Praise report:

Thank you all prayer warriors, God has blessed us tremendously last month. Our student who had gone as a missionary to East Nepal has brought a good report. He was a blessing to the pastor in East Nepal in his ministry. He has been teaching, sharing gospel, and doing children’s ministry.
We see this young guy is being prepared for the ministry powerfully wherever he will be. Thank you all for praying for the new students, many new students have signed up for this semester. Our trip was blessed in West Nepal, we have seen a lot of hope in this unreached area.  

Here are the prayer requests for this month:
1. Please pray for our good health. 
2. Please pray for the starting of our new semester. 
3. Please pray for all our staff that we may teach this semester with the power of Holy Spirit. 
4. Please pray for upcoming outreach with our students in our community. 
5. Please pray for our radio program that God may save many souls. 

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Anand, Usha, Asher and Amos – Email Blog

Prakash and Muna – Nepal

Please the new work begun by a couple of church leaders we trained and raised.
Please pray for the women’s fellowship and prayer and fasting.
Please pray for the youth meetings.
Please pray for the families in the house fellowships. 

Prakash, Muna and Eutychus  – Email Blog

Rabi and Mahima – Nepal

Prayer Requests:

In the days ahead, I will be teaching the students. Pray that God will provide me with good health and wisdom to teach them.
Pray that God will strengthen us in every moment, and we will walk by faith to trust Him in every difficult situation.
May God help our churches to grow and our ministry to be effective and fruitful.
Please pray that God will provide us with a baby. We have been waiting for years.
Please pray for the leper colony, that God will provide for them while I am doing Bible study with them every week. 

Thank you so much for helping us and lifting us up through prayer and partnership.

Grace and Peace,
Rabi and Mahima – Email Blog
Abhishek and Lacey – 10/40 Window

Here are our prayer requests:  
1. Please pray for the salvation of our family members who are not followers of Jesus. 
2. Please pray for the Bible college semester that will be starting in just a few days and for Abhi as he will be teaching the students from the Gospel of Luke.  
3. Please pray for Lacey to continue to learn the local language and culture here in S.A. 
4. Please pray for the health of our baby. Lacey is now 20 weeks pregnant, by Gods grace!  
5. We are currently in monsoon season! Constant rains and flood. Please pray for Abhi, he has been suffering with a headache for a few days now, possibly from this weather.  
6. Please pray God would give us wisdom in choosing the right car to purchase that would be useful for our family and the ministry and please pray God would provide the finances that are still needed.   

Thank you for your partnership in prayer for us!

God bless you, 
Abhishek and Lacey

Doru and the Pavel’s – Romania

Please lift the Pavel family in prayer for the following items:  

That God’s Word is embraced among our youth and that the experiences they have had with the Holy Spirit propel them further into Christ and His call to obedience and faith. For our health as a family. Safety through the heat. Healing for Tasha’s foot. Spiritual health as circumstances wound us. For our financial health as utilities and food are getting very expensive.

Blessings and Prayers,       
Doru and the Pavel’s – Email Blog

Johnny and Brenna Varga – Pécs, Hungary

Please pray: 
1. July 27th: Johnny is traveling to do the sound work for an outreach concert in another town. There is a new church plant there and this is a way for the church to connect with the community. Pray for new relationships to be built that will be ongoing. Pray for hearts to be soft to the gospel. And pray for all those involved with the church plant for vision, strength, and courage from the Lord to press into the work before them!  
2. Prayer for Johnny’s visa interview appointment in August. Pray for a favorable outcome, that he will be able to get a visa to visit the states. 
3. Pray for vision and wisdom for our team as we prepare for the coming fall season—women’s ministry, men’s ministry, home fellowships, youth groups and more. 
4. Pray for Johnny and I as we navigate the coming season. For the Lord’s leading, wisdom, strength, and help.    

Thanks for your prayers! 

Much love, 
Johnny and Brenna Varga – Email Blog