Proclaiming the Good News

Greetings from my country! Thank for your precious prayers for our ministry!

Thank for your prayers for my health. I am taking some medication for my back pain. I had an x-ray and ultrasound, and both reports came back normal.When I drive for a long time, I start hurting a lot. Since I have been taking medicine and doing physical therapy, though, I feel a little bit better. The doctor advised me to have an MRI if I do not feel better after two weeks of medication. Please keep me in your prayers.

Church Ministry 

I have been teaching 2 Corinthians during Sunday services. God is blessing us greatly. It has been amazing to see how the believers are growing in God’s Word. Some of them are helping with ministry. God has opened many new avenues of ministry for us. We have shared the Gospel with many people. Some of them have begun coming to our church. Last month, two families gave their lives to the Lord!

There used to be only young adults and teens in our church. But lately, older people have also begun coming to church and giving their lives to Jesus. It is so encouraging for me to see their faith in God. Even though they do not know how to read the Word of God, they are so strong in their faith. Please keep them in your prayers. I am looking for audio Bibles for them so that they can hear the Word of God every day.

We have been having an online Bible Study for the last three years. Through this, God has been helping us grow in His Word. It gives all of us the opportunity to understand the Bible well. It is for one hour in the evenings. At the end, they also give ideas on how I can preach better. We did the Bible study with 10-12 people in the church. God is using them in an amazing way. We also hold a weekly Bible study on Wednesdays, going through the book of Exodus.

Please pray for our church. Please pray for God’s presence in the people’s hearts and for all of our needs to be met.

Prison Ministry

I was learning about Paul’s time in prison. Even when he was in jail, he spread the Gospel among those who were in Rome. God put it in my heart to visit the jail and share the Gospel there. But the question was how to accomplish it. I met some other people who were interested in jail ministry, so we made a plan to get permission from the government to go to the jail. We received permission to go there under the rules of the jail. It is a very sensitive place. So carefully, under their rules, we started to teach the inmates some education and social things–and of course the Good News. We are thinking of how we can only do Christian activities there, so we wrote a letter to the police commissioner. 

Please keep this prison ministry in your prayers.


By the grace of God, I had the opportunity to visit some different places. We went where very few people think to go. The villages are in places where there has only been a way for transportation to get there for a few years. In some of the places, there is still no road. I wish to go and preach the Gospel of God in those places, and that people will be saved. The villages are very far from my home-town. It takes a whole day to reach the area. We have to travel on several hundred kilometers of unpaved roads. If you have a heart to preach the Gospel, then, with God, you can overcome any obstacle.

For many years, we have gone to these places so that we can have good relationships with the people. Because of this, we have become good friends with them, and people invite us to their homes as well. Years ago, we introduced ourselves as travelers because many people go to those places for trekking and hiking. We also shared the Gospel among the people. We got positive results from many people. We also had opportunities to pray for people who were possessed by evil spirits and God healed them.

In every village, you definitely find two or three temples. This gives you an idea of ​​the darkness the villagers live in. I thank God that through this village visitation, more doors have been opened for us. Please pray that God strengthens us even more to go there, that He prepares the way for us to go there, and that He fulfills all of our needs to go there.

Please keep praying for these places and the people there!!!

Thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers! 

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

For God’s Glory

I thank God for His plans in my life. He is constantly using me for His glory. Since we have rented a new house, many new people have started coming to the fellowship. Now we are not only worshiping together on Sundays, but also on other days people come and fellowship.

We are praying that in the future we will also be able to start a Bible study school. So that the local believers can share Gospel with their own people, we have started having Bible study three days a week. I am praying that God will give us people in this ministry who will give themselves for the Gospel of God. Some people already help me a lot in this ministry. By your prayers, God is doing a very good work through us here.

I evangelize not only in this city, but also in other districts. Many people listen to God’s Word and many also despise it. The so-called “religious freedom law” has come into effect in our state. The government has strengthened the law even more. For example: If a person gives a gift to someone, and then someone complains to the police that the person was trying to convert someone to Christianity through the gift. If the person who gave the gift is found guilty, they would go to prison for up to 10 years. Day by day the Gospel in our state is getting harder to share, but I thank God that many people are coming to God even during this difficulty.

We are making new plans so that we can reach many people with the Gospel. We are preparing people from the church. We have an hour long Bible study every evening. Though this study, many people are being blessed. Many basic Bible teachings are being taught to them book-by-book.

I met some Christian social workers. They invited me to come with them to the prison and teach there. When I went there for the first time, I was very scared. People become very fearless after going to jail and it is very difficult to talk to them. But we teach them different games every time so that they concentrate better. I also teach them Christian songs. There are many people who are also trapped in being convicted wrongly and live in despair. We have a wonderful opportunity to encourage them with the voice of God and pray with them. Because of this, there are many prisoners who have started reading the Bible. We cannot take our phones in the jail, so we do not have any photos inside.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for more people to join our Bible study and be blessed by it. 
  • Pray for the new people who come to the faith to grow in the Word of God and know deeply about the their Savior.
  • Pray for our country. May God give the leaders here wisdom and knowledge so that everyone can know that He has salvation. 
  • Pray also for our prison ministry. May the inmates come to know the Lord better and dedicate their lives to Him. Also pray for the jailer’s heart to change so that he may know God too. 
  • Pray for the ministry here and also for all of the needs of the church. May God fulfill them so we can be more powerful witnesses for Him.

Thank you,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Grateful to the Lord

Praise Report: 

Baptism Service
  • I thank God that some people were baptized. Thank you for your prayers. It went well. We traveled 20 miles to the place where we had the baptism because there is no river around here. 
  • Some new families have come to faith recently. These people are progressing in the Word of the Lord.
  • There are some more people who want to be baptized. We are waiting for the right time to baptize them.
  • I am very thankful for God’s protection. I was traveling on my motor bike. Suddenly, a bull came running in the road and collided with my bike, but I didn’t hurt anything and I am safe.

I am very grateful to all of you who pray for our ministry and stand behind us as prayer warriors. We need your prayers very much. Especially in these days because many churches are being persecuted by the people here. The largest part of our country is in the north where seventy percent of the population lives. The least amount of Christians are here. In many places Christians are working in small groups, but there are still many areas where the Gospel of God has not reached. 

God has been growing His church here. People from different places are accepting the Lord. I get opportunities to preach in different areas of my state and for some people who have come in faith. Two or three times each month I have to travel 60-70 kilometers to share the Word. I am very accustomed to doing this. I know that the Lord will establish churches in more places in the future.

There are now 40-50 people in our church. Most of these people have been baptized. Currently when we fellowship, we have divided ourselves into three groups. We fellowship in different places during the week, because it is not possible to meet together. My landlady does not allow more people to gather in my room. Recently some churches nearby have been closed and many pastors have been put in jail. So, my landlady is very scared. So we gather in small groups. For a long time we have been praying that we would be able to have our own land and be able to register our church organization soon, because of the number of believers in our church.

We started an online Bible study during COVID. It continues to this day. Many people who can’t attend church or live far away have the opportunity to attend and get inspired by the Word of the Lord. Through this, many new young people also join and are blessed. One day of the week, the Bible study teaching has been given to Mrs. V who has been teaching from 1 Samuel. It has been really amazing for the young girls who are very blessed. God is preparing local people who will be involved in this ministry in the future.

Prayer Requests:

  • That those who were baptized may grow in the grace of God.
  • For the new believers to know God more and stand firmly in the Lord during the troubles that society gives.
  • Some people are getting ready for baptism- may God lead us in the right timing, so that these people can be baptized.
  • Pray for the churches of our country who are going through persecution and are being split up because of opponents.
  • For our ministry that is going on in different houses. For the faith of the people to take root in God and be able to face adversaries. For us to be able to glorify God in other places of the North also.
  • For church land and registration.
  • That people can learn the Word of God deeply during our online Bible study.

God bless,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Blessed in Ministry

Greeting from our Calvary Chapel Church. I hope you all are well. I am grateful to God that He is using me with great power for His kingdom, and that many people are listening to and believing the Gospel. I have been serving here for a long time. God has chosen many people. Some of these people help me with ministry and take the Word of God to new places

There is a brother named P*, he has Bachelor’s degree in computer science. In 2016 he came to faith. Before that, he used to work at a company. In 2020, he married a girl from our church. God blessed them with a beautiful child. While he was working at a company, he felt that he should study the Word of God better. Starting in 2018, I discipled and taught him for three years. During these years, he has helped me a lot in ministry and with the church. I found him to be faithful.

All of the things I learned in Bible school, I taught him. I found him to be exceptional. God has given him a gift of learning and teaching wonderfully. Our ministry is expanding. Please pray for brother P*and his wife. May God continue to guide them in ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

The Lord Provides

Hello Friends,

My greetings to all of you!

As I have mentioned before, everyone is not able to fit in the room where we used to have church fellowship/services, because the room is too small. We have rented a big hall (right). By the mercy of God, He has given it to us. The people who own the halls make money by renting the hall out, but they have given us a space of time to use it for this reason. There are some requirements for this hall. For example, so that we all can worship here well, we need some fans or an air conditioner and some maintenance needs to be done. I request you to kindly pray for this so that we can run the church here until we have a permanent place .
God bless,Pastor 12*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

God Has Done Great Things

Hello Friends,

I am thankful to God once again that I am able to describe the great works of God in your midst. I was very busy during the last few months because I traveled to share the Gospel in many different places. Some of the places were nearby but some were far away.

My friend and I also went to visit our ministry friends. I was very happy because it had been such a long time since had seen each other, and we glorified God. God is doing a wonderful work in these places. There are very few people who serve the Lord in these remote areas, but still God’s work is being done there. After that, I went to some other places which are very far away. The way is completely raw, but God has allowed us to go there too. During this time, most of the churches in in our country meet online and others go for personal visits to homes.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

(John 8:32)

God is doing a wonderful work here and is using me for His kingdom. He also leads me to places where people are still infested with evil spirits and still in darkness. People are in despair, but I thank God for his living Word that frees them from this bondage. There are many curses in these places, even today; only the Word of God frees them from this curse. I am grateful to God that He takes me to places like these where I can tell people about the truth.

When I read about the ministry of Jesus Christ, I found that many people were possessed by evil spirits and Jesus freed them and they followed him. I came across a girl who was similar to these possessed people in the Bible. I want to tell about this girl who was very troubled by evil spirits because of her family’s curse. The girl’s grandfather practices sorcery. When she heard the Word of God, so many evil spirits started bothering her, but God redeemed her! Now she joins with us in Bible study every day. I see that she has a hunger for God’s Word.

Paul exhorts the church in Thessalonians “that no man should be moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto” because these people were growing in faith and love even in tribulation. We see there how Paul was thankful to God for His faithfulness. This same word remains for our church–when I see God’s faithfulness in our church people, I am very happy and encouraged to see their faith in Christ. Our church is growing through the power of God, and many new people are also having fellowship with us. We have begun Bible study every evening; we have been studying the book of Matthew for about 6 months. As you know, we have been doing a fellowship in my bedroom, and there is not enough space for very many people. I am unable to invite more people to join our fellowship because we do not have enough space for everyone, so I go to people’s homes and visit them. We connect with those who live far from here through online Bible study and fellowship. These days, some Jehovah’s Witnesses people are also coming to the Lord–the Lord is great because He doesn’t keep his truth hidden from anyone, and wants all to be saved! Thank God for His faithfulness and love towards His people! 

Prayer Requests

Pray for the ministry here, that God will save more people and enlarge His kingdom.

2.     Pray for A*, who was possessed by an evil spirit, that God will heal her completely and help her to grow in God’s grace.

3.     Pray for me, as I go to a certain village for a second time next month. Pray that the Lord will use me there for His glory and fulfill all of my traveling needs.

4.     We have been praying for land for our church for a long time; pray that God will fulfill this and God will be glorified in this place.

5.     We need a guitar for our church because the old guitar we have is not working well; please pray that God will provide a new one.

6.     Once or twice a month, we feed all of the people of the church because some believers come to church from far away. Due to not having enough large serving utensils, we have to rent utensils. Pray that we can buy some new utensils for the church. 

7.     Pray for sister D*, who publicly showed her commitment to Jesus some time ago. Pray that she will grow more in the Lord and in His Word. This sister is a nurse in a hospital.

God bless,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

So Thankful For Your Prayers

Studying God’s Word Together at Our Church Christmas Outing

Thank you for staying with us in your prayers. Our Bible study group had a Christmas outing. Also, last month a couple from our church got married. It was the first Christian wedding in our church! 

The First Christian Wedding in Our Church!

Pastor 9* who helped me with sending updates (because he has a computer), went to minister in another area with his family. Hopefully, I will be able to find a way to send you a longer update soon. 

God bless you,

Pastor 12*

Our Church Christmas Outing
Our Church Christmas Outing