God Has Done Great Things

Hello Friends,

I am thankful to God once again that I am able to describe the great works of God in your midst. I was very busy during the last few months because I traveled to share the Gospel in many different places. Some of the places were nearby but some were far away.

My friend and I also went to visit our ministry friends. I was very happy because it had been such a long time since had seen each other, and we glorified God. God is doing a wonderful work in these places. There are very few people who serve the Lord in these remote areas, but still God’s work is being done there. After that, I went to some other places which are very far away. The way is completely raw, but God has allowed us to go there too. During this time, most of the churches in in our country meet online and others go for personal visits to homes.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

(John 8:32)

God is doing a wonderful work here and is using me for His kingdom. He also leads me to places where people are still infested with evil spirits and still in darkness. People are in despair, but I thank God for his living Word that frees them from this bondage. There are many curses in these places, even today; only the Word of God frees them from this curse. I am grateful to God that He takes me to places like these where I can tell people about the truth.

When I read about the ministry of Jesus Christ, I found that many people were possessed by evil spirits and Jesus freed them and they followed him. I came across a girl who was similar to these possessed people in the Bible. I want to tell about this girl who was very troubled by evil spirits because of her family’s curse. The girl’s grandfather practices sorcery. When she heard the Word of God, so many evil spirits started bothering her, but God redeemed her! Now she joins with us in Bible study every day. I see that she has a hunger for God’s Word.

Paul exhorts the church in Thessalonians “that no man should be moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto” because these people were growing in faith and love even in tribulation. We see there how Paul was thankful to God for His faithfulness. This same word remains for our church–when I see God’s faithfulness in our church people, I am very happy and encouraged to see their faith in Christ. Our church is growing through the power of God, and many new people are also having fellowship with us. We have begun Bible study every evening; we have been studying the book of Matthew for about 6 months. As you know, we have been doing a fellowship in my bedroom, and there is not enough space for very many people. I am unable to invite more people to join our fellowship because we do not have enough space for everyone, so I go to people’s homes and visit them. We connect with those who live far from here through online Bible study and fellowship. These days, some Jehovah’s Witnesses people are also coming to the Lord–the Lord is great because He doesn’t keep his truth hidden from anyone, and wants all to be saved! Thank God for His faithfulness and love towards His people! 

Prayer Requests

Pray for the ministry here, that God will save more people and enlarge His kingdom.

2.     Pray for A*, who was possessed by an evil spirit, that God will heal her completely and help her to grow in God’s grace.

3.     Pray for me, as I go to a certain village for a second time next month. Pray that the Lord will use me there for His glory and fulfill all of my traveling needs.

4.     We have been praying for land for our church for a long time; pray that God will fulfill this and God will be glorified in this place.

5.     We need a guitar for our church because the old guitar we have is not working well; please pray that God will provide a new one.

6.     Once or twice a month, we feed all of the people of the church because some believers come to church from far away. Due to not having enough large serving utensils, we have to rent utensils. Pray that we can buy some new utensils for the church. 

7.     Pray for sister D*, who publicly showed her commitment to Jesus some time ago. Pray that she will grow more in the Lord and in His Word. This sister is a nurse in a hospital.

God bless,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.