Grateful to the Lord

Praise Report: 

Baptism Service
  • I thank God that some people were baptized. Thank you for your prayers. It went well. We traveled 20 miles to the place where we had the baptism because there is no river around here. 
  • Some new families have come to faith recently. These people are progressing in the Word of the Lord.
  • There are some more people who want to be baptized. We are waiting for the right time to baptize them.
  • I am very thankful for God’s protection. I was traveling on my motor bike. Suddenly, a bull came running in the road and collided with my bike, but I didn’t hurt anything and I am safe.

I am very grateful to all of you who pray for our ministry and stand behind us as prayer warriors. We need your prayers very much. Especially in these days because many churches are being persecuted by the people here. The largest part of our country is in the north where seventy percent of the population lives. The least amount of Christians are here. In many places Christians are working in small groups, but there are still many areas where the Gospel of God has not reached. 

God has been growing His church here. People from different places are accepting the Lord. I get opportunities to preach in different areas of my state and for some people who have come in faith. Two or three times each month I have to travel 60-70 kilometers to share the Word. I am very accustomed to doing this. I know that the Lord will establish churches in more places in the future.

There are now 40-50 people in our church. Most of these people have been baptized. Currently when we fellowship, we have divided ourselves into three groups. We fellowship in different places during the week, because it is not possible to meet together. My landlady does not allow more people to gather in my room. Recently some churches nearby have been closed and many pastors have been put in jail. So, my landlady is very scared. So we gather in small groups. For a long time we have been praying that we would be able to have our own land and be able to register our church organization soon, because of the number of believers in our church.

We started an online Bible study during COVID. It continues to this day. Many people who can’t attend church or live far away have the opportunity to attend and get inspired by the Word of the Lord. Through this, many new young people also join and are blessed. One day of the week, the Bible study teaching has been given to Mrs. V who has been teaching from 1 Samuel. It has been really amazing for the young girls who are very blessed. God is preparing local people who will be involved in this ministry in the future.

Prayer Requests:

  • That those who were baptized may grow in the grace of God.
  • For the new believers to know God more and stand firmly in the Lord during the troubles that society gives.
  • Some people are getting ready for baptism- may God lead us in the right timing, so that these people can be baptized.
  • Pray for the churches of our country who are going through persecution and are being split up because of opponents.
  • For our ministry that is going on in different houses. For the faith of the people to take root in God and be able to face adversaries. For us to be able to glorify God in other places of the North also.
  • For church land and registration.
  • That people can learn the Word of God deeply during our online Bible study.

God bless,

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.