Proclaiming the Good News

Greetings from my country! Thank for your precious prayers for our ministry!

Thank for your prayers for my health. I am taking some medication for my back pain. I had an x-ray and ultrasound, and both reports came back normal.When I drive for a long time, I start hurting a lot. Since I have been taking medicine and doing physical therapy, though, I feel a little bit better. The doctor advised me to have an MRI if I do not feel better after two weeks of medication. Please keep me in your prayers.

Church Ministry 

I have been teaching 2 Corinthians during Sunday services. God is blessing us greatly. It has been amazing to see how the believers are growing in God’s Word. Some of them are helping with ministry. God has opened many new avenues of ministry for us. We have shared the Gospel with many people. Some of them have begun coming to our church. Last month, two families gave their lives to the Lord!

There used to be only young adults and teens in our church. But lately, older people have also begun coming to church and giving their lives to Jesus. It is so encouraging for me to see their faith in God. Even though they do not know how to read the Word of God, they are so strong in their faith. Please keep them in your prayers. I am looking for audio Bibles for them so that they can hear the Word of God every day.

We have been having an online Bible Study for the last three years. Through this, God has been helping us grow in His Word. It gives all of us the opportunity to understand the Bible well. It is for one hour in the evenings. At the end, they also give ideas on how I can preach better. We did the Bible study with 10-12 people in the church. God is using them in an amazing way. We also hold a weekly Bible study on Wednesdays, going through the book of Exodus.

Please pray for our church. Please pray for God’s presence in the people’s hearts and for all of our needs to be met.

Prison Ministry

I was learning about Paul’s time in prison. Even when he was in jail, he spread the Gospel among those who were in Rome. God put it in my heart to visit the jail and share the Gospel there. But the question was how to accomplish it. I met some other people who were interested in jail ministry, so we made a plan to get permission from the government to go to the jail. We received permission to go there under the rules of the jail. It is a very sensitive place. So carefully, under their rules, we started to teach the inmates some education and social things–and of course the Good News. We are thinking of how we can only do Christian activities there, so we wrote a letter to the police commissioner. 

Please keep this prison ministry in your prayers.


By the grace of God, I had the opportunity to visit some different places. We went where very few people think to go. The villages are in places where there has only been a way for transportation to get there for a few years. In some of the places, there is still no road. I wish to go and preach the Gospel of God in those places, and that people will be saved. The villages are very far from my home-town. It takes a whole day to reach the area. We have to travel on several hundred kilometers of unpaved roads. If you have a heart to preach the Gospel, then, with God, you can overcome any obstacle.

For many years, we have gone to these places so that we can have good relationships with the people. Because of this, we have become good friends with them, and people invite us to their homes as well. Years ago, we introduced ourselves as travelers because many people go to those places for trekking and hiking. We also shared the Gospel among the people. We got positive results from many people. We also had opportunities to pray for people who were possessed by evil spirits and God healed them.

In every village, you definitely find two or three temples. This gives you an idea of ​​the darkness the villagers live in. I thank God that through this village visitation, more doors have been opened for us. Please pray that God strengthens us even more to go there, that He prepares the way for us to go there, and that He fulfills all of our needs to go there.

Please keep praying for these places and the people there!!!

Thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers! 

Pastor 12*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.