Grace Experienced and Shared

“For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.”
1 Corinthians 2:2

Dear Friends and family,

Greetings, I hope and pray that you all are fine. We praise God for His love, care and protection. Christmas is coming and the joy is in the air everywhere among Christians. our family is doing good, our church, office staff and team is also fine. We are thankful to all of you for the prayers and support.

Desert Mission Trip
I went to Nepal for the conference in October, it was really good to see all after a long time, but I got Dengue Fever, my time specially nights there in Nepal were really terrible. When I came back, I did not feel well for some time, praise God that I was fully healed and restored by His grace. November is the month of our mission week in the desert, and it is always so amazing to go there.

Reaching the unreached in southern part of our province has impacted our team always very powerfully.

Two Days of Teaching

For the first two days we arrange two days of teaching in the city area. people come from near and far, sometimes we need to provide them transportation to come to attend our teaching sessions. This practice has really brought great change in the thinking, understanding and lives of the people. Most of the people were highly influenced by the “Prosperity Gospel” and self-styled, self-proclaimed so-called pastors and televangelist who do not teach the true message of the Bible. We started our teaching program with the idea of “Simply Teaching the Word Simply.” These Whole Day Teaching practice has been really fruitful, and it has helped people to start studying the Word of God.

Our topic this time was “Intersegmental Period and Coming of Jesus.” We praise God that it was amazing time of teaching and sharing the love of Christ with all these people. People really loved it, and it was helpful for them to understand New Testament in better way.

We praise God for this all and believe that sowing the seed of the Word of God will be very much helpful and fruitful. Please continue to pray for these areas, people and our team.

Reaching out to those living in the Darkness

Rest of our mission week is dedicated for outreach in the very remote areas in the desert. The life looks very fascinating from the distance, but in reality, it is very tough, people are living in the desert without the basic needs. sick and disable people are in miserable condition without any medical treatment.

It is really so amazing to share the love of Jesus Christ and Word of God with these wonderful people. We visited different groups of people in the desert. Most of them come from Hindu background, and many of them have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We praise God for the amazing work that God did. Thank you for your all support, we were able to share the food bags with these and other people in the desert to help them a little.

A Church in the Desert

We came across an amazing thing in the desert this time. We met a group of people coming from the Hindu background and they claimed that they were Christians. we planned to visit them and when we reached there, we found a church building in that area.
We were told that someone has built almost 8 churches in the desert at different locations, and that person being old, and sick is not able to visit these places for many years. When we reached there, we were welcomed warmly by a large group of people, and we were so happy that they were singing Christian songs, praying in their Marwari language and confession their belief in Jesus Christ. It was really amazing time to be among this group of people. They only have a church building, there is no pastor and no other church leadership. There were some young men who led other children in Sunday School teaching and activities.

The name of this church is Calvary Marwari Church; we are praying to bring it under the umbrella of our main church. Please keep this in your prayers.

Student Fellowship

Our mission trip always ends with a special fellowship with our online students in that city. It was amazing to be with them and teach them for an hour on the Paul’s exhortation to Timoty to “Preach the Word.”

We give all glory to our Lord and God in heaven, and we want to thank you all our dear brothers and sisters for your prayers, love, care and support. We love you all and we pray for you and your families. We want to wish all of you a “Very Merry Christmas!”

in Christ Jesus
Pastor Nadeem Massey

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