Calvary Chapel Pakistan (January) 2017

Dear Friends and Family!

Greetings from Pakistan, We praise God for His faithfulness and we are thankful to you for your love, care and support! CC Pak team spent most of the time last month with un-reached Christian communities around us. Our Christmas and New Year Church meetings were great and we had wonderful time of worship, prayer and fellowship with these amazing people who till now had been living like scattered people living a disconnected life. Through their fellowship in Calvary Chapel Pakistan they felt their connection with each other in Christ. And we praise God that now most of them have feeling of being one with the Christian community and their lives are now becoming more organized.

We have been also serving among brick maters who live a very different kind of life and are not directly attached to the main society. They live at a distant place, we praise God that we were able to encourage them in the Love of Christ through His word and some of our Christian friends came forward to join us to help them with some food items on the special occasion of New Year.

These people are also part of our congregation, we have been reaching them with the word of God for years now and we have seen them growing in their Christian faith. Most of their life is spent working hard in isolation, they are neglected people, but we praise God that God has enabled Calvary Chapel Pakistan’s mission team to continually reach them and many others at different places around our town. As most of you know that God has blessed us with the piece of land for the church, we have now the boundary walls around the land for our Church but because of some legal issues we cannot use this place for meetings yet.

We are moving slowing, very carefully and wisely to get governmental approval for our church, and we are very hopeful that God will help us with everything, though there is some opposition, God Himself will deal with al that in His unique way. Once we start using this place and [future building] here as our church, all these different groups are God willing going to join us.

Our different Bible studies are going well and we praise God that we are able through His grace to reach many people around us with the word of God and we are able to train our future generation to become true and faithful Christians i this country.

CC Pak Women Ministry has also grown much during the last year, the women ministry team has also adopted out-reaching approach, along with having “Sewing Center” and weekly Bible study there, they are also reaching some other areas with the word of God and they encourage and strengthen the Christian women of different villages around by sharing the word of God with them and by inviting them to have fellowship with them on regular basis.

Our families are also fine and healthy, we are thankful to you for your faithful prayers, care and support. Please continue to keep us all and this ministry in your prayers. We always need your love and support in the very same way. As the ministry grows, some of our general needs are also increasing. We want to encourage our friends and family to send some support for CC Pakistan’s general needs as well. Thank you! we pray for you and your families, God Bless You!

in Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey & CC Pak Team

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