Monthly Prayer Requests

Tim and Jenn Pappas – Yorba Linda, California

– The last two months of working closer together has been a total blessing.  
– There has been much fruit in our walks, and we are growing together in the Lord  All that the Lord allowed us to do in 2023. (For more on that please sign up for our newsletters)  

– Please pray for our son Andy, who remains homeless, struggling with mental illness and drug addiction issues. For his salvation, as well as willingness to receive the help that we are trying to offer.  
– Please pray for our finances, as we are in need of monthly supporters to help us sustain our involvement with SGWM and CCSG .  
– Please pray for the increased counseling ministries the Lord has allowed Jenn and I to be involved in. – Pray we would always point people to Jesus and be really good listeners.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

All for His Glory,
Tim and Jenn – Email Blog

Bond and Heather Gaona – USA, Asia, and Africa

Pray for the 28 villages where we are hosting Christmas Outreaches throughout S. Asia. Pray for many who hear the gospel to give their hearts to the Lord.  Pray for the students of our CBI campuses as they have returned home to their villages that they would be bold witnesses and share all they have learned from the Word.  

Pray for our family for vision and wisdom as we plan for 2024 and that the Lord would direct our steps and use our time most effectively as we expand the kingdom of God.   

Thank you for your prayers,   
Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Email Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

– Please continue to pray for my parents’ health. Especially pray for healing for my dad, or an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Please pray also for my mom’s health.
– Please pray for our nursing home ministry, that God will encourage the believers and that those who have never truly accepted Jesus as their Savior will come to know Him personally.
– Please pray for the safety of all the workers in South Asia, and that God will strengthen their hearts and faith.Please pray that God will use us for His glory. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!  
God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose – Email Blog

Joni Houser – Indiana, USA

– Please pray for Nirmala to stay strong during her Hindu brother’s wedding.
– Please pray for the Christians in South Asia that are going through persecution.
– Please pray for my father’s health. He has been having a lot of tests and doctor appointments. Please pray that the doctors will be able to diagnose and treat him.
– Please continue to pray for my mom’s health and complete recovery. 

God bless you!
Joni – Email Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – Yorba Linda, California

– Please pray for vision for the year 2024 for our family and our ministry 
– Please pray for wisdom, direction, and provision from the Lord in regards to traveling for missionary care this year 
– Please pray that the Lord would do great things through SGWM this year!

Love in Christ, 
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, & Clara Garcia – Email Blog

Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Here are my prayer requests for this month:

PRAISE— almost 100 kids received gifts this last Saturday and it was the most joyful event! Thank you to Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and Calvary Chapel Escondido for coming out and blessing our kids. For many it will be the only gift they receive.  

– For the safety and health of my mom who lives alone and has Parkinson’s. For me to trust God and know that He will take us one step at a time and connect us with help for her.  
– For continued recovery and good health for Nena, Pastor Federico’s wife, who just had her thyroid taken out, and that the cancer will not return.  
– For the Lord to open a door for me to start ministering to the moms of the kids in the afterschool program. That they would desire to seek the Lord, and ultimately come to faith in Christ.  
– God’s blessings to all of you and… For a new cook in our afterschool program. Our cook’s last day is December 22 as she is pregnant and we have no one as of yet. 

 – Deanna Jevas – Email Blog
South America

Andrew Weakland – Peru

– Pray that God can raise 10 men here in Moyobamba to be part of the church.  
– That these men are faithful and humble.  
– Thankful for God’s provision  
– Thankful for people in the church stepping up to serve. 

– Andrew Weakland – Email Blog
10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular geographic area stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Asia, covering 68 countries. Two-thirds of the world’s population live within the 10/40 Window.Three out of every five people in the 10/40 Window have no access to the gospel. According to the Joshua Project, 68.6% of the 10/40 Window’s ethnic groups (5,984) are considered unreached, with a total population of 3.09 billion.(Some names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.)

Worker 2 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
– Pray for those who hear the Gospel during the Christmas program.
– Pray that God will prepare me for my preaching.
– Pray for new people to attend the Christmas program and continue to attend. 

Thank you so much once again for your prayers. 
S.K. (2)

Worker 6 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:

– Pray for my family, for good health.Pray for our students; now they are in their villages reaching out to the unreached with the Gospel.Pray for C, as he is serving. Right now, 6 people are attending his Sunday worship service (a new church plant).
– Pray for A, who is serving.
– Pray for people to grow more in their understanding of the Word of God.
– Pray for An., who is serving.
– Pray for the people to grow more in their understanding of the Word of God.
– Pray for P; we are going to pray and send him out to the place where God has called him.
– Pray for the previously unreached village, Nars., that we have reached out to with the Gospel. A few of the people there gave their lives to Jesus. We are facing a lot of persecution from the village but are still continuing the Bible Study.
– Pray for our Men’s Ministry.
– Pray for our Women’s Ministry.
– Pray for L.L., for her good health. 

Thank you! 
God bless you,Worker 6

Worker 8 and Family – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
– Please continue to pray for the believers.
– Please continue to pray for the situation in our state.
– Please continue to pray for open doors in new places for the Gospel.
– Pray for my good health. 

In the Lord,
Your brother,
Pastor 8 and family 

Worker 10

– Please pray for our Christmas outreach, that many people will be able to come and that the minds of many will be changed.
– Pray that when we celebrate Christmas, no trouble will come, and that we will be able to celebrate Christmas in a good way and that many people will have a change of heart.
– Pray for me, that God will open many doors for me this Christmas, so that many souls will be saved.
– Pray for my health, as my stomach is not healed yet. Pray that I will soon be on the mend. 

Thank you! 
Worker 10

Worker 11 – 10/40 Window

Thank God that He has kept us safe until now, and is fulfilling our every need!

Prayer requests:
– Please pray for our Christmas Outreach, and those who hear the Gospel through it. We are sharing the good news in villages where the name of Jesus has not yet reached. During this, we are showing the Jesus Film, distributing New Testaments, and going to every door and praying.
– Please pray for protection during the Christmas program in every way. Around 400 people are expected to attend the Christmas lunch.
– Please pray that God heals my mother soon.
– Please pray for my wife’s health as well. She has thyroid problems; may God heal her.
– Please pray that God fulfills every one of our needs.
– Please pray for our South Asia Administrator’s father, who is ill; may God heal him.
– Please pray for our church to grow more in the Word of God.

Merry Christmas to all of you. May this Christmas bring spiritual and physical happiness to you and your families.

May God bless you greatly! 
Worker 11 

Worker 12 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray for our outreach ministries.Please pray for the Christmas program with the children in the slum.Please pray for the Christmas program with those who have come to faith in Jesus from the tribes in our area; we are expecting more than 150 people.
– Please pray for the Christmas program in the village where I live. We are expecting 200 people. Also pray for those who are preparing part of the program, as they are non-Christian.
– Please pray for God’s protection over us and all of the programs, and that many souls will be saved. 

Thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers! 
– Worker 12

Worker 15 and Family – 10/40 Window

Please pray for…
– Please pray that the teachers and students who heard the Gospel preached in the morning school assembly will put their faith in Jesus.
– The anti-Christian government has come into power in our state. Please keep us in your prayers, that we will be His bold witnesses.
– During this Christmas season, pray that the Lord would give us many opportunities to preach the Gospel to the lost souls around us.

Thanks for your prayers!

God bless,
Worker 15 

Worker 16 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests
– Please pray for my children to grow in the fear and knowledge of the Lord.
– Please pray that the Lord will intervene in the problems the world is facing.
– Please pray for the village ministry in our local area. May the villagers grow in Lord’s Word.  

– Worker 16

Anand and Usha – Nepal

Praise Report:

– We are doing well. Our CBI students had a great time doing a conference in the midst of young people on the northern part of Nepal which is unreached area.  
– People were calling for admission for the coming semester.  
– Students were invited to different churches to teach.  

Here are the prayer requests for this month:

– Please pray for our good health. 
– Please pray for the Christmas outreach that many people would come to Christ. 
– Please pray for the students who are in their home churches that they may do well in ministry. 
– Please pray for local outreach ministries around our community in this season. 

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Anand, Usha, Asher and Amos – Email Blog

Prakash and Muna – Nepal

– Please pray for the slum ministry.
– Please pray for the Leper Colony outreach.
– Please pray for those who have heard the Word in the youth meetings.
– Please pray for the families in the house fellowships. 

Prakash, Muna and Eutychus  – Email Blog

Rabi and Mahima – Nepal

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray that God will save many who hear the Gospel during the Christmas program.
– We started a new church; pray that God will bring more people to our church.
– Pray that God will use us, so that many unreached people will come to our church.
– Pray for brother H to repent and come back to the ministry again.
– May God give us His strength to share His love to the unreached.
– We are sharing the Gospel daily in our place; pray that God will choose and bring people to our church for further spiritual growth. 

Thank you so much for helping us and lifting us up through prayer and partnership.

Grace and Peace,
Rabi and Mahima – Email Blog

Majhiya and Sarita – Nepal

Prayer Requests

– We have invited many people during this time; pray that everyone will be able to come.
– Pray for those who are attending our outreach program; that those who do not believe in the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior will believe in Him.
– Pray that our outreach program will go well.Pray for the people of our area. 

Majhiya and Sarita 

Milan Pariyar – Nepal 

Prayer Requests:
– Please keep us in prayer as we head to the mountains to host a conference and hike in remote places to share the Good News.
– We will also be hosting a Christmas Outreach with our church and inviting the community to come; pray that many will come to know Christ. 

Thank you,

Raju – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
– Please pray for the conference we will be hosting.
– Please pray for the various ministries; women’s fellowship, youth fellowship, children’s fellowship, and a mid-week house fellowship. 

Raju – Blog