Leaders’ Conference

Calvary Acapulco leadership with Pastor Juan Domingo

Before anything, we want to thank God and every one of you that made this trip possible. 

This year has been difficult for everyone, but your generous support helped us send our leaders to this refreshing conference.

We were all encouraged by every teaching and the rich fellowship that followed. Pastors Chris Martinez, Bryan Parish and Juan Domingo honored us by praying for our church plant and the new assisting pastor at CC Acapulco.

A special thanks to Connections House who did an amazing job hosting us.

P. Ricardo and P. Chuy praying with P. Juan Domingo
Teaching about faithfulness

Blessed Parents

While our team was away our son Elijah helped by leading worship. 

Elijah will be shipping off to boot camp within the next couple of months, but before doing so, he paid us a visit and stepped up to support the team.


No virus is powerful enough to stop the Lord’s work! Hassan was honored to baptize a new believer. We don’t mind if it’s one person or 100 people, we rejoice! We believe Jesus is coming back soon! That is why we have determined to continue the work regardless of the situation.

Adding to the team

Our fellowship has some great ministries, but one that has been lacking is our youth ministry. Jose and Keyla are a young couple with an absolute love for Jesus. Both of them were Hassan’s students at Calvary Bible College Mexico.

We spoke with them at the conference and they were super excited about the possibility of serving with us here in Acapulco. We believe reaching the new generation is vital to our mission! This couple will do an amazing job. One of the key factors is finding missionary support. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help support them, please let us know. 

Prayer request

  1. Wisdom and Faith was we continue to minister in our city. May we be prudent yet faithful to serve the church and the lost.
  2. More servants to open new church plants within our state.
  3. Boldness to proclaim Jesus in every moment.
  4. Safety from corruption and danger.
  5. Open door for Jose and Keyla to serve our youth
  6. For our children- Their future, their walk, and their protection. 


If you wish to supoprt our family and ministry please click the link below. Every contribution is tax deductable.