April shower Bring May Flowers

Spring is in the air, May is around the corner, and new life springing forth! This month we have received wonderful reports from many of our missionaries of the amazing things God is doing while many other missionaries are hunkering down and experiencing the storms of this life.

Missionary Reports

Arise Christian Fellowship in Kampala, Uganda

Some of the wonderful reports we received from our missionaries this month regard spectacular Easter celebrations and exciting movements of the Holy Spirit. In Uganda, Brian and Jill Kanyike were able to host a church gathering that included women and children who had previously been restricted from coming to church due to government mandates. In her update, Jill describes a moving and emotional scene as the saints of God were finally gathered together to sing praises to our King. In Mexico, Pastor Hassan and his congregation celebrated the resurrection with a special sweetness, remembering the shutdown last year and enjoying the freedom to meet this year. Their church has grown so much that they need to expand their sanctuary! 

Some of the stormy reports regard strict COVID lockdowns and debilitating loss. In the 10/40 Window, Pastor Paul* reported that the COVID cases in his area have risen 4.5 times since February and that their church has returned to online services. Hundreds of thousands of lost people are dying everyday, yet their government recently lifted anti-conversion laws- please pray that God would soften hearts and bring many to salvation in the midst and wake of the suffering. Even though the clouds are thick right now, we are looking forward to the flowers to come. 

Life in the Office

In our home office we have enjoyed hearing the positive reports and been honored to enter into prayer for the less positive reports. Please join with us in prayer for all of our missionaries. You can find out their requests by signing up for our monthly prayer update here or by visiting the Prayer page on our website. Prayer requests are sent out on the 1st of each month.

We are preparing for this Summer’s Calvary School of Missions and tomorrow marks the application deadline! Please pray that God would provide for our batch of students this year and that He would bring any final applicants that are supposed to go to the school. We also appreciate your prayers over the leadership as Pastors Trent and Tim plan and coordinate many moving pieces to prepare for this year’s program.

I am still coming into the office everyday and expectantly awaiting the arrival of Fletcher who is due in just 10 days! I would appreciate your prayers for a smooth delivery and recovery. God has been so faithful throughout my whole pregnancy and I am excited to see what He has for us in this coming month!

Praise Reports

  • We were able to celebrate the Resurrection around the world with less restriction and sweet fellowship.
  • God is continuing to raise up and equip future missionaries through SGWM’s ministry and CSOM
  • God has sustained and continues to sustain our missionaries in hard-to-reach areas of the globe.

Prayer Requests

  • The lost and dying in the 10/40 Window- pray for soft hearts and salvation
  • Please keep the SGWM office in your prayers as I step out for my maternity leave in a few weeks (whenever Fletcher decides to make his grand entrance).
  • Please pray for my family as we transition to a party of 3

Welcome to My Journey

Hey friends and family, welcome to my first newsletter!

I have some awesome news! I have applied and been accepted to the Calvary School of Missions this summer which will be held in various locations throughout Mexico! This is a 6-week missions training course where I will learn all about what God has called me to do with my life…MISSIONS! I am super excited to learn all about missions from God’s Word and hear practical tips from missionaries.

Last year I went to part of the Calvary School of Missions (CSOM) with my Dad, and this is where I realized, through the Word of God, that everyone is called to missions in one way or another but I only got a small taste of what I will be learning at CSOM 2021. There are several verses that tell us to be missionaries, one example is Mark 16:15, “And He (Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Like Paul, God has put the desire in my heart to be a missionary somewhere where people have never heard the gospel. “And so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build on another man’s foundation.” I am training for this calling by immersing myself in my church (CCSG) and doing everything I can do to be trained up and ready whenever the Lord calls me to go. In addition, I am interning with Saving Grace World Missions and I am part of a class where I teach the Bible every week and am critiqued by pastors.

We are all called to be missionaries in some way; that doesn’t mean we all move to another country and plant a church but there are several ways all of us can participate in this. During CSOM, my fellow students and I will have opportunities to be part of missions by preaching the gospel at several outreaches. You have an opportunity to be part of missions by partnering with me through prayer and financial support. I need to raise $2,300 to pay my tuition for this 6-week course and I ask that you would prayerfully consider partnering with me. Philippians 4:17 “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.”

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would provide finances for CSOM
  • That I would be able to retain Knowledge of the Word
  • That I would be a bold witness of Christ now and at CSOM

March Update

March has been an exciting month in the office as we have been able to facilitate more and more mission work! 


The Calvary School of Missions is fast approaching and we have already accepted several students! Please continue to pray that the Lord would draw those prospective students who are supposed to be part of the team this year and that He would provide the funds for every student. 

We have some unique plans in the works for this year that we are excited to see God bring to fruition- this may or may not include a trip to another part of Mexico for a week of special experience and training! 

Short Term Trips

We had one of the best youth trips yet at the beginning of this month! As many of you know, we sent a group of about 30 youth, young adults, and leaders down to Rosarito on March 5th. They were able to minister at a young church plant and provide COVID relief packages of groceries and cleaning supplies. Then they went to a local orphanage and hosted a VBS type outreach for the younger kids and played sports with the older kids. It was a very fruitful day! On the way home they were stuck in the border line for almost 5 hours, but they were far from bored! The adults on the trip were able to get out of the cars and share the Gospel with the vendors; I heard of at least one profession of faith in Christ and dozens of seeds that were planted!

The whole team at CC Rosarito on Sunday, March 7th

Although I didn’t go on the trip, I was directly involved with all of the planning and preparing. For about two weeks leading up to the team’s departure, Maribel and I edited the Short Term Trip Manual that the team members used for their outreaches and in the final week she and I organized all of the materials and paperwork they needed in order to be successful. It was a blessing to hear stories of how God used those resources for His glory.

Missionary Care

It was a tremendous blessing to be visited for a week by one of our missionaries who serves in the 10/40 window. We were able to take them out to lunch and hear their heart as well as host a dessert gathering for them. I had the privilege of working with them to put their slideshow together for the update they shared at the dessert gathering and it was so wonderful to be able to sit down together and hear all of the back stories behind each photo and see the photos that didn’t make it into the official presentation.

One of the highlights of their trip for me was hearing them talk about how refreshed they were to be here with us and how our church had embraced and blessed them. That is our desire! We want to spoil our missionaries with love when they come to visit and it is such a blessing to be part of a church body that lives that out. 

51 Days and Counting

My mom and sisters threw me a baby shower March 13th. It was so fun!

That’s right- I am only 51 days away from my due date! Fletcher has continued to grow and is healthy and strong and my pregnancy has continued to be low-risk and wonderful. Thank you for all of the many prayers!

Please continue to pray for a strong finish and a smooth and safe home birth. 

My update is going out a little bit early this month because next week I will be in Yosemite with the Douglass family. Please pray that it would be a sweet time of fellowship with each other and the Lord as we enjoy His creation. Please also keep Fletcher and me in your prayers specifically as we will be far from home if any complications arise. 

With love in Christ,


February 2021

Thank you so much for your prayers and support! It is a joy to serve the Lord together with you.

Time keeps slipping away and we are already headed into the third month of this new year! I look forward to the dawn of spring here in California and pray that you are well wherever you may be reading this.

Christmas 2020 Outreaches

Last month I promised an update on the Christmas outreaches that took place in the 10/40 window and I don’t want to disappoint!

We were able to facilitate 21 separate Christmas outreaches in the 10/40 window by receiving and sending funds! Our national pastors worked very hard, many of them hosting several outreaches in various areas in order to meet the needs of the lost people around them. Praise God for the countless lost souls who were able to receive spiritual and physical nourishment!

Some of our outreaches consisted of giving clothing to widows, blankets to the homeless, food to the hungry, and ALWAYS the Gospel to the lost from the city to the farthest remote village.

Thank you for your prayers and support for these outreaches! It is such a blessing to see God move through the generosity and willingness of His Bride.

Other February Happenings

Missionary Care

This month my husband, Isaac, and I got to visit our missionary friends who were home on furlough in Colorado. We took advantage of Valentines Day weekend and flew out to spend some time with them before they headed back to the field. The verse that sticks out to me when I think about our time together is Romans 1:11-12, “for I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be established– that is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.”

Our time there was exactly that, mutually spiritually encouraging and uplifting and we were so blessed to be able to sneak in one last visit before they left the states. 

Praise God they are now on their way back to Uganda with their 4 children after being on furlough for more than 6 months! 

It was a joy to administrate the plans for a pastors’ trip down to Mexico this month as well. Our small team went to fellowship with and encourage our missionaries working in a difficult and dangerous area as well as speak at a church planting conference in Mazatlan. We are so blessed to be on the move again! 

Prayer Requests

  • Please keep the team in Mexico in your prayers as the conference begins on Feb 26th. They will be returning home on March 1st and are required to test negative for COVID. Please keep their health and COVID tests in your prayers.
  • We have a student team of 30 people heading down to Rosarito for a weekend trip on March 5th-7th. Please keep the students and those they will minister to in your prayers.
  • Please continue to pray for wisdom as I train Maribel (she’s doing an AMAZING job!) and clarity for her as she absorbs more and more information.
I am already in my third trimester!

Thank you again for your prayers and support!



Answered Prayers

God is so good! I pray that the beginning of 2021 has been a blessing for you and that your January was full of God’s presence and grace. I know mine was!

This year is a big deal for me personally as my husband and I will be welcoming our first child into the world. Throughout my pregnancy I have seen God faithfully answer so many prayers regarding my position here with SGWM and the next steps once Fletcher is born which brings me to some exciting news!

Big News

Even before I knew I was pregnant I was praying that God would raise up and bring the right person to take my position when the time came for me to step into motherhood. I thought that would be a few years down the road yet I was praying that He would raise him or her up from our current batch of interns, not a future batch. Then we got the joyous news and I began praying all the more that God would bring someone capable and called to not only do my job, but to do it better than I have done it. From September to mid-January I prayed, the office staff prayed, and God answered. 

Her name is Maribel Blanco and she was a student at our School of Missions in 2020. She has a heart for the unreached, a background in administration and accounting, and a passion to see the Gospel proclaimed throughout the world. This month we began training and she is the perfect fit! It is so wonderful to see the way God has answered the prayers so many lifted up to Him and I truly believe that Maribel will excel here and be an even better servant to our missionaries and our staff. 

Where does that leave me?

I won’t be going anywhere. Once Fletcher is born sometime in May I will transition to working from home so that I can adjust to motherhood and still be involved in the ministry. Rather than remaining the administrative assistant, I will become the financial assistant and handle the financial/accounting tasks I have picked up during my almost two years in the office. I will be able to work from home while Fletcher naps and bring him into the office a few times a week to assist our accounting department in anything that is needed. 

It is such a blessing to relay this exciting news to God’s glory and I pray that you are encouraged in whatever you are currently praying for. Whether it be the salvation of a loved one, the financial provision of your family, the direction of God in this new year, or anything else, remain fervent and faithful in prayer because He answers! 

Prayer Requests

Please pray for Maribel as she learns how to do all of the tasks that allow this ministry to run smoothly. Pray against spiritual attacks from the enemy and that she would remain steadfast in the hope of her calling when those fiery darts do come her way. 

Please also pray for wisdom for me as I train her. 

I ask for and covet your prayers for my family and the huge transition ahead of us. As I step into part-time work, naturally my income will decrease. We have a lot of one-time costs associated with Fletcher’s birth as well as some on-going increased expenses which I ask you to keep in prayer. Our God has always been faithful to provide for our needs and will remain so. Please pray for strengthened faith as we look to Him and trust in Him for our finances. 

If you would like to partner with me financially as I step into my new role(s) with a one-time or regular gift, you can do so at the link below. Just click on the button that says, “Become a Financial Partner” and you will be redirected to a secure online giving page where you can make a donation of any amount. You can also mail a check to Saving Grace World Missions, 17451 Bastanchury Rd, Ste 203, Yorba Linda, CA 92886 with “Hope Douglass Support” in the memo. 

Update on Christmas Outreaches…

Thank you for your prayers last month for our Christmas outreaches among the unreached! They were a huge success and I will share pictures and stories in my February update.

May God continue to bless and keep you as you trust in Him.

With love,


Merry Christmas!

I am in shock when I think back on how quickly this year has flown by. Like all of you this year, I was not without challenges- planning a wedding in the midst of a pandemic is not fun- but we can all stand together and say that God has been faithful through every difficulty.

This year SGWM has seen God provide over 2.5 million dollars in funds for and sent to missionaries on every inhabited continent! That’s over 2.5 million dollars donated toward specific missionaries that God allowed us to funnel into the battlefield for souls! Imagine what God wants to do in 2021 if THAT is how He provides in the middle of a worldwide shutdown and recession. 

This summer SGWM trusted God and went ahead with the Calvary School of Missions missionary training program in Mexico. We had 12 students and saw the Lord radically provide for each of their needs, keep them and the 7 staff members healthy and safe, and bring hope and sustenance to many hurting people in Mexican slums. Our God cannot be held down!

This Christmas we have seen God open the door for 18 outreaches among the unreached and we cannot wait to hear of the fruit He will bring from them. 

In my personal life God has been so faithful this year (just as He is every year). I had the joy of saying “I do” to the man of my dreams, the excitement of finding out that we are going to be parents in May, the blessing of seeing my family stay well and have courage, and the privilege of serving my church, my friends on the mission field, and my God through it all. It has been a very good year. As I said, not without its challenges, but the blessings far outweigh each trial.

Thank you for standing with me through this year and allowing me to share what God has been doing. Each of your prayers and kind emails have been deeply appreciated and I look forward to what God has for 2021; a year, surely, with its fair share of difficulty but with the steadfast assurance of God’s continued faithfulness.

God bless you and your family this Christmas and in this new year! May His blessings flow freely as you look toward and trust in Him through whatever this year may bring.

Much love,


November Update

November was yet another fly-by month here in the office. We have started praying for our Christmas outreaches and we had the privilege of sharing the needs of 6 nationals with our church body.

Christmas Outreaches

Every year SGWM helps nationals working with us in the 10/40 window conduct local Christmas outreaches among their unreached neighbors. This year will be no different in spite of COVID! If you would like to be part of what God does this Christmas season among the unreached, you can give at this link. We are putting our Covid Relief fund to work for Christmas themed outreaches and would love for you to join us.

Below are just a few photos from last year’s Christmas outreaches. This year things will look different but we will not stop reaching people with the Gospel. In certain places where we minister, Christmas is the only time of year when Christians are able to share Jesus openly and we know that God wants to touch people’s hearts this year as well as any other even though group gatherings may be outlawed.

Why Nationals?

We at SGWM like to partner with nationals because they already know the language and culture and are immediately effective in ministry, unlike an American, or any foreigner, who has to spend years learning language and culture in order to be effective. That is why we endeavor to plant Bible schools in unreached areas where Christians of that nationality can be equipped to reach their own people. We then partner with a select few as SGWM missionaries. Naturally, they are unable to raise missionary support among their own countrymen because their unbelieving neighbors want to kill them for their belief in Jesus and their fellow believers are just as persecuted and poor. It then comes back to us to help launch these courageous men and women into ministry through our prayers and financial support.

We currently have 6 national missionaries/pastors who have little to no monthly support and we had the opportunity of presenting those needs to our body this month. For security reasons, I cannot post their photos and names here, but if you would like to hear more about them and their ministries, please reach out to me. I would love to share more about them and help you get engaged in reaching the lost in the 10/40 window.

Praise Reports:

The Gospel is not chained by COVID or any scheme of the enemy!

We have raised some funds for our nationals but still need more financial partners.

We had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving with our families.

My husband got a full-time job!

Baby Fletcher is growing and gaining strength. I am beginning to feel little butterfly flutters and gas-bubble like movements.

Just Like That…

…Another month has flown by! October was a bit of a slow month in the office as we focused on a lot of the usual tasks without the added workload of planning mission trips due to the continued shutdown. Although we in the office are not going far or long for the foreseeable future (we do have a little trip up our sleeves!), we are helping some of our missionaries move around! 

Travels in Spite of COVID

The Aniku family who serve in Uganda were able to fly home after being here for the last 10 or 11 months. When the globe shut down they were in the States on furlough and have been unable to travel back to Uganda until now! We are excited to see how the Lord used their time in the States to help them prepare for a new season of ministry and to see Him bring them back to their mission field in His perfect timing.

The Harris Family

We had the privilege of hosting the Harris Family for one week this month during their furlough. It was so refreshing to fellowship with them and get to know their family. They were able to travel to the States in spite of the lockdowns and have been traveling around to visit with family and supporters. We were blessed to receive a week of their time! They have also just welcomed their fourth child, Charlotte Hope, into the world! Please keep them in your prayers as well.

This month we also managed the funds to allow our newest missionary in Mexico, Hassan Villegas, and a team of leaders from his church to travel to a leaders conference in Northern Mexico. It was so exciting to see God provide the funds and to hear the feedback as his team was blessed, equipped, and refreshed. 

That little trip I alluded to will be taking place on November 6th as we take a group of our youth down to Rosarito for a two-night mission trip. We will be helping with some COVID relief in the outlying community and we are excited for the opportunity to show the students what life is like in a culture not quite as secure as ours yet just 3 hours south of us. Please keep this trip and our youth in your prayers.

Other News

In other news, Isaac and I are excited to announce that we are expecting a baby in May 2021! Please keep us all in your prayers- that the baby would grow healthy and strong, that the pregnancy would be smooth and risk free, and that the Lord would prepare Isaac and me to be parents. 

Thank you!

Praise Report

I had the opportunity to meet up with a girl from the running club one-on-one and pray with her, talk about what God is doing in her life, and advise her on how to handle a situation. That was the hope for the running club, that the Lord would use it to build relationships to allow for further discipleship opportunities with the youth. Praise God!

May God bless and keep you in all of your ways.



Saving Grace World Missions Newsletter

Redefining SGWM as a Tri-Fold Ministry

At SGWM, we are passionate about Jesus’ final command to us and His call upon His church to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. We do that by following Paul’s example all through the book of Acts, by preaching the gospel, making disciples, and establishing churches. There are 3.2 billion people in the world who are still waiting to hear the gospel for the first time and we seek to mobilize, equip, and send Christians who are answering the call to Go! We do this in three ways:

  1. By being a missionary sending ministry launching missionaries from the U.S. into the foreign mission field and caring for them through administrative help, prayer support, leadership support, and general care
  2. By working with nationals in other countries who plant churches and operate Bible schools to train other nationals to go and do the same, with a specific focus on the 10/40 window
  3. By equipping young people who are passionate about foreign missions through our yearly Calvary School of Missions and through our internship program. 

Calvary School of Missions

We have just completed our 2nd year of the Calvary School of Missions, a six-week program designed to catch, equip, and mobilize young people for long term cross-cultural church planting, and it was amazing. God did life transforming work in the hearts of the students and laid a firm foundation of the call of the church and our purpose for remaining in this earth. It’s always exciting to be a part of what God is doing as He plants and waters the seeds of His Word and starts to birth new works in hearts and minds. We look forward to partnering with each of these students as they prepare to be God’s hands, feet, and mouth to the lost world that still waits to hear the name of Jesus for the first time. Please join with us in praying for these precious ones who are willing to go to the front lines, being propelled by the love of God to be His ambassadors to the world.

Church Planting Conference at Calvary Chapel Rosarito

One of the highlights this summer at the School of Missions was being able to attend the Church Planting Conference put on by Calvary Chapel Rosarito. Partnering with a church like CCR has been exciting as we see Pastor Mike Vincent’s vision of church planting in Mexico multiply and be established. In the last 20 years they have seen over 25 churches planted and are continuing to plant churches throughout Mexico and other places through their Church Planting Course which is a 2 year program designed to help mobilize, equip, and send church planters. Involving the students in this conference was such a blessing as they were able to see how church planting is God’s way to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus in real time! Please continue to pray for CCR as they continue to send laborers out into His harvest!

COVID Relief Around the World

The year 2020 has shown itself to be a year of unprecedented challenges, and SGWM has had to learn to navigate an enemy we have never faced in our lifetime, COVID 19. We have, since the onslaught of this sickness, looked for ways to reach the hurting around us. We are praising God for the open doors we have had to bring relief directly to the people in Pakistan, Belize, Peru, Mexico, Uganda, Nepal, several locations in Asia, and the US through the loving hands and feet of our missionaries and national workers on the ground. These desperately hurting people have been overwhelmed by the love shown by those who have brought the much needed provision they have received through Saving Grace World Missions and its supporters! Glory to God for the great things He has done.

Bye, September

Is it just me or did September simply fly by? 

This month has been as active as any with the internship getting fully underway! Here are a few highlights.

I had the privilege of training two of our three new interns in the office and showing them what it looks like to send someone out onto the field. It is always an educational experience for those who haven’t considered just how many hours are dedicated to such a feat. Gabby and Nathanael have both done well in their training but the bulk of what they will learn this year is hands on. Please pray for them as they continue to serve in the office and press into whatever the Lord has for their internship this year.

The first intern class of the fresh start.

Another highlight was getting to attend a dessert gathering for one of last year’s interns. A dessert gathering is basically a mission update that we host for our missionaries when they are home on furlough or about to launch into the field. It includes homemade desserts, fellowship, an update from the missionary, and prayer. Jorden Skiles is our first School of Missions graduate to be launched into the mission field and he has faithfully interned in the office for the past year. It was a very special night to see the fruit of our pastors’ labor of pouring into him and my labor (in a small way) of training him in the office come to fruition as he now takes all he has learned and prepares to launch in the spring of 2021. 

Our intern and my friend, Jorden

Thank you for your prayers and support that allow me to be part of what God is doing here in training up long term missionaries as well as abroad by offering technical and administrative support to all of our missionaries. 

If you would like to be more involved or would like to support me or SGWM financially, I would love to talk with you more about it. Your support is needed and so appreciated.

Stay the Course Running Club

The running club has been going well! You could say we hit the ground running. I have a group of 4 girls who have been pretty consistent and we are now up to about 2 miles. Please continue to pray for this group to be all that the Lord desires it to be.

Prayer Requests

Please keep our new batch of interns in your prayers as they begin a year-long commitment of growing in their knowledge of God’s Word and preparing to serve Him in the foreign field.

Please pray for Jorden as he raises finances to launch out in Spring 2021.

Please pray for my family as we look to the Lord for His financial provision in our lives. 

If you would like to receive these monthly updates straight to your inbox, you can sign up for them below. 

Email Updates For Email Newsletters you can trust. 

Thank you again! God bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you.