They Who Have Not Heard Shall Understand

But at it is written, “They who had no news of Him shall see, and they who have not heard shall understand.” Romans 15:21 NASB

Apologetics Class At Cambodia Presbyterian Theological Institute:

Darryl’s Apologetics Class at CPTI

A testimonial note from Mr. Pov Piseth, Darryl’s former M.Div. student at CPTI.

It was such a great opportunity for me to take an Apologetics class with Professor Darryl Record. Through his outstanding guidance in the class, I gained a lot of better understandings and clear pictures about the real meaning of Apologetics. His lecture notes are very well organized . Even when the contents of the lesson are complicated, he tries his best to simplify it in order to make sure that every student is able to understand fully…. I highly recommend Professor Darryl Record. He is the best professor for me.  He is also my great counselor when I have something difficult to deal with. He always comforts me and advises me to respect the Lord and trust in Him more.

A Simplified Diagram of Our Mission Work IN and FROM Cambodia

Ministry Updates:

  • Darryl continues teaching an Apologetics class at Cambodia Presbyterian Theological Institute until June 13.
  • Kayo continues to volunteer with Precious Women ministry. This ministry helps to evangelize and re-train poor women who are at risk of being forced into the sex industry.
  • Darryl continues teaching English and verse by verse Bible studies for the Chinese Ministry at the international church each Sunday morning. He is also tutoring/evangelizing two Chinese people on weekdays.
  • Kayo continues to coordinate and develop the leadership team of the 40-member worship team at the international church while the worship leader is on sabbatical.
  • Darryl has re-joined the board of directors at Kone Kmeng children’s ministry. Kone Kmeng partners with hundreds of rural/border churches to evangelize, educate, and protect (more than 30,000) poor children from child abuse and human trafficking. Please pray for Kone Kmeng’s finances because their largest donor, a well-known mega-church in the USA, has recently gone through major leadership changes. This has led to misunderstandings with the new staff members who have temporarily (for 2019) suspended their funding.
  • Darryl is now partnering with “Abel” a tentmaker missionary from Pakistan (and many others) to contextualize (to Buddhist and atheist world-views), update (by seamlessly integrating apologetics concepts), and translate (into English, Cambodian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Urdu) and distribute a Bible correspondence curriculum which has been very effective at evangelizing and discipling many Pakistanis since the 1960s despite persecution. The curriculum was sent by mail in Pakistan in the past. Now “Abel” has the vision of distributing this updated material through apps etc. to more than 100,000 people by 2030!

Financial and US Visit Update:

  • We will be in the Los Angeles (La Habra, Chino Hills, La Mirada, and Whittier) areas between June 20 and August 6. We would like to reconnect with as many of our friends as possible during this time. Please e-mail if you are available to get together informally during that time. We are also looking for help with transportation during that time as well (borrowing a vehicle, rides, sponsor some Uber/Lyft rides etc.).
  • We still need to replace around $950 monthly due to Kayo’s parents’ retirement and one of our largest donor’s financial problems. We praise God that around $150 monthly has already been promised from the USA and Japan! We also praise God that through large one-time donations our housing and utilities ($500 monthly) has been covered through the end of 2019! These funds will still need to be replaced with smaller monthly donations from many individuals after that. This still leaves a $450 monthly shortage for Benjamin’s tuition starting in September.
  • Given the promising opportunities for ministries in Cambodia, we believe that God wants us to stay in Cambodia over the long-term. Please pray for our needs and about your (and other’s) role(s) as Great Commission Business Partners (Senders) whether financially, practically, through encouragement, and/or intense prayer.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Harris Family Update April 2019

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because He considered me faithful, putting me into service,” 1 Timothy 1:12

I hope this letter finds you well and continuing on in the love of Christ.

Happy Missionversary! In the month of April we celebrated a whole year of being in Uganda. By God’s grace we have done many things and endured many things, small as they may be, for the sake of Christ and His gospel. We are continually amazed by the opportunities God puts in our path, the grace and strength He gives us as we walk through it, and by the results of our obedience which are most times better than we expected. And then we look at the many people God used to bring and keep us out here, and the fact that each of you made a decision to give and support and pray, being obedient to what God put on your heart. We are humbled by Gods abundant and lavish love on us in such evident form. Praise God with us for the good things He has done, especially the ones He has done here as we celebrate our 1 year mark. And thank you so much for your part in this ministry!

Right now Matt is on an airplane with our good friend and teammate Luke, headed to Mexico to celebrate his brother’s wedding. God answered a direct prayer and allowed Matt to go for the wedding, and we are so thankful! I’ve stayed behind with the kids and am faring well. God has put in place many good relationships in our community and I feel at peace with being here “alone”. We are in good hands here in our little village. Pray for us though, while he’s away, I think by the end of his trip the kids will be out of their minds from missing him. Pray for me too that I would have wisdom and patience.

The grand opening of Calvary Chapel Opit’s new building.

Last month was eventful. Besides for the normal happenings of studying, classes, and managerial work by Matt, and homeschooling and managing neighborhood kids by me, we’ve had some really cool stuff going on. We’ve seen an increase in the profitability of the clinic here at the Dream Center, which is a huge matter of praise to God. The business end was blessed to expand it’s chicken operation, and to fence off the property to protect crops and assets from cows and anyone taking advantage of the openness of things here. And the first set of pastors just finished their last week of class, which included each pastor teaching through a scriptural theme and presenting the gospel. Later on this month we will see them graduate! 

Our new chicken house

Please be in prayer for our friend from this community, for his sake I’ll call him Edward. He was friends with the last American who lived in this house, and naturally he came soon after our arrival and wanted to get to know us a bit too. Matt would often sit with him and answer his questions, especially about the Bible, and encourage him to live the way Jesus talked about, since Edward says he is a Christian. Recently through the rumor mill we heard that he has been getting drunk regularly in the village center, which we have since found out to be true through overhearing a conversation of his. We also heard that he was providing his family’s unused hut for prostitution purposes (the women were doing it as an unfortunate way to make ends meet). When we ask him about his life right now he is very closed off, not like before, and when we ask around the topic (indirectly inquiring), it would seem as though these rumors are true. Please pray for Edward. Whether or not he truly is saved we don’t know, but we do know that he’s not living in Christ, and we need to now evangelize to and treat him as if he were an unbeliever. Please pray that the truth would come to light, that he would be convicted by the Holy Spirit and repent of his sinful lifestyle. Pray for his heart to be soft toward the gospel and that he would hope in Christ to satisfy him.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him.
In Christ,
Matt, Noelle, Emma, Maddie and Noah