Truckin’ Along in Truckee

Happy new year! I pray that you all had a blessed holiday season full of family, friends, and fellowship with the Lord. God has been working in all of our lives and I am excited to share how He has been working here in Truckee.

Young Adults

Things are starting to take off in our young adults group! Last Friday we had 4 young adults attend with one regular out because of work and two new people who wanted to come but just weren’t able to make it work. This Friday we will have a young woman join us who visited our church last Sunday and she will be bringing her boyfriend. We could potentially cram 10 people into our small space tomorrow night! Please pray that God would move in our midst and that He’d be greatly magnified as we fellowship and draw near to Him. 

Teaching on Acts 5

Youth Group

We will have our first youth group meeting on Monday, Jan 24th. Please keep us in your prayers! We only have one youth kid at our church so we are praying for more opportunities to get to know youth in the community; Isaac has been in contact with the high school basketball coach and might have the opportunity to assistant coach. Please keep that opportunity in your prayers. We want to see young people get saved and get plugged in and we’re excited to see God work in this town.

New Opportunity

I was asked at the beginning of this year to take over the children’s ministry at our church and after praying and discussing with Isaac, I happily accepted. I will now be the children’s ministry director which just means that I will organize curriculum, schedule teachers, and step in to teach when necessary. Fletcher is our only child right now so it’s a pretty light load but we need to have lessons ready for the occasional guest. As we grow it will become more time consuming so please pray for growth and grace to manage the changes.


Isaac has been working for the local disposal company for about three weeks now and loves it. He is making a significant amount more per hour and is enjoying the work because everyday is different and there’s no downtime. He has been able to share the Gospel with a handful of coworkers and invite them to church. We are praying that the Holy Spirit would convict and compel these men as Isaac continues to invest in them.

I had the opportunity to spend time with a young mom I met at the park who is not a believer. I am praying that the Lord would give me opportunities to share Him with her and her two daughters and that they would come to church. It’s also exciting to have friends in a similar season of life and I am praising God for answering that heart prayer. 

Some of you may know that a big storm came through town in December and a tree branch fell from one of the trees around our house, impacting both of our cars. Our Subaru (which we just purchased in November) was a total loss and we are still waiting to hear back on the Civic. Please pray along with us for God’s will and that He would provide transportation for us if our Civic is totaled. At this point we plan to just make do with a single vehicle for a while as we wait for a better time to purchase a second. However, if both cars end up totaled then we will need to purchase something sooner than later. Even in the midst of this, God has been so gracious to allow us to borrow a friend’s car until our cars are figured out. Our insurance doesn’t provide a rental, so the loan has been a huge blessing and has allowed us to get around and get to and from work and church. 

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would continue to bring young adults to our church/young adults group and that they would be ministered to and edified to share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence.
  • Pray for our youth group meeting on Monday and that God would bring more youth to our church and circle of influence.
  • Pray for the children’s ministry and my role in it.
  • Pray for Isaac’s and my relationships with the non-believers around us to be fruitful unto God’s glory.
  • Pray for our car situation and for wisdom in how to proceed, whatever the outcome as well as adequate funds if we need to buy something now.
  • Pray for our church body to be attractive to young families and non-believers, that they would encounter God in our midst and be saved and get plugged in so that they can grow.
  • We’ve received some more medical bills from when I had Fletcher that we aren’t able to pay at this time. Please pray for God’s provision.

With love,

the Douglasses