Using the Gifts He’s Given Me

Thank you all for your continual support in prayer and for your partnership through finances. Since my last update, the Lord has given me the opportunity to continue to serve Him with our young adults ministry at CC Saving Grace. Apart from the internship, I have been able to continue to work both at Starbucks and at a swim school as an instructor. Andrea and I are preparing for the wedding and are currently looking into where we could live after we are married while we prepare for the big move to the Middle East.

Over the last few months, I have been given the opportunity to lead the young adults in worship. As a part of that, we have made it a habit to begin our meetings by sharing testimonies of how the Lord has given us opportunities throughout our week to share the gospel with those around us. This has been such an encouraging time in our meetings because it stirs us up with all the awesome ways the Lord uses us, as well as encourages us to continue to share His gospel. Aside from that, I was able to exercise another gift that the Lord has given me, which is to teach the word. I was able to teach for the first time through 1 Samuel 9-10. It was so humbling to be able to be used by God to speak into the lives of our young adults. It was just a taste of what is to come when I am in the Middle East. Please join me in prayer for those whom I will be able to teach the word of God to, that they may be used by Him to spread the gospel through the Middle East. I will continue to be teaching the young adults once a month along with the pastor who oversees the group until the Lord calls Andrea and I to move on into the Middle East.

Please continue to pray for Andrea and I as we are 2 months away from our wedding. We are currently looking for a home that is relatively affordable, so that we can continue to save money for our big move to the Middle East. Pray for our marriage: that the Lord will use it for His glory and that through it, the gospel may be seen by those around us. Please pray for continual financial provision and monthly support so that we can have what we need to actually pick up and move and live in a foreign country for the furtherance of God’s kingdom. We are still trying to build a care team that would be willing to get together monthly to pray for us and the work that God will be setting before us.

Over the last month, I had the opportunity to share the gospel with one of my coworkers. I was sitting down during one of my breaks reading my Bible, while we has getting ready to go home. He then came up to me and asked what I was reading; It was Acts chapter 15. I then proceeded to read the entire chapter to him, all the while explaining the text to him. I ended by telling him that no matter what we do, nothing is good enough to bring us into heaven. I told him that faith in Jesus Christ alone is the only way to heaven. I laid out the gospel for him clearly. He then said that there was something about me that he can’t explain (which I am pretty sure he was referring to the Holy Spirit and His gift of teaching in me). He thought it was interesting that I was answering all his heart’s questions as we were reading Acts 15 without him asking them out loud! God used this circumstance to confirm His call on my life to teach the word to others, and also to draw this young man a little closer to Himself.

Regarding Peru, it seems as if at least for now the door has been closed. Please continue to pray with me over this and that the Lord would work through it all. However, Andrea and I will be going on a vision trip to the Middle East this spring after we are married, in order to scout out where we might live and what that would look like, as well as to meet up with another intern who would have been living in the country for a few months by that time. Please pray with us over this trip, that the Lord would speak loudly and direct us, and that we would have the money needed to go on the trip as well as to pay our bills after being away from work.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read this update. I thank God for your partnership in the gospel, just as the church at Philippi had partnered with Paul. By taking the time to read this and pray over the work of God, we too are partners in the gospel. If this has stirred you to become more involved in this work, please feel free to reach out to me at and I would love to meet up with you in person and pray for one another and hear from you as well as share the vision. If this has moved you to want to partner with me financially, please feel free to click the “Become a Financial Partner” button below.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the young adults group at CC Saving Grace.
  • Please pray for a care team to support us in prayer!
  • For our wedding.
  • For a place for Andrea and I to live.
  • For my coworker whom I shared the gospel with.
  • For the vision tour to the Middle East.

Praise Reports:

  • The Lord has been faithful through many circumstances to provide for all of my needs.
  • The Lord has allowed for teaching opportunities to arise.
  • God is opening doors for the gospel with those in my workplace.

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For His Glory,

Bryan Reyes

Big News!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for your continual support in prayer and partnership in the gospel. God has been doing amazing things lately, and I am excited for this new season of life that He has brought me into. This past month, God has placed a few doors before me, that I am now praying over. Please join me in prayer over what the next step is for me in the call that God has placed on my life. Also, since my last newsletter, something big happened… I got engaged! We got engaged in July, and plan to be married in January. If you would like to see some pictures, feel free to email me at, but for security purposes I will not have pictures here.

Lavender fields where we got engaged.

These past few months, the Lord has been more heavily pressing on our hearts that we must leave all behind and move to the Middle East, in order to bring the gospel to a people who are lost and in darkness. God has called us to be a light in this region, and we want to be obedient. Our vision is to learn Arabic and become one with the people. We want to effectively reach their hearts with the gospel in order to be able to establish a church. Our long term vision is to have a Bible school come out of the church, where we can train national believers to study and teach the Word of God. SGWM has done this before in the past in South Asia, so with their guidance and training, we hope to be able to have our students establish churches in areas that are deeper into the Middle East, where we wouldn’t be able to go into as westerners. However, we are in need of support in order to do this. We would need roughly about $3,000 a month in order for both of us to be able to attend language school. This would also cover our housing and day to day needs.

These past few months, the Lord has been working in our families, so that this marriage would be accepted in their eyes. It was through much prayer that the Lord has now opened their hearts to this. Andrea and I met over 3 years ago in a Missions class at CCBC Costa Mesa. There, we became good friends, and it wasn’t until a year later, after having gone through the School of Missions together, that we decided that we wanted to be married to each other. Our relationship has been built on a mutual love for the Lord and a mutual calling to reach the lost in unreached areas. The Lord has placed a pastoral calling on my life and she has also felt a calling to ministering to women and children. If you would like to hear more about us, please feel free to reach out, we would love to meet with you over a cup of coffee!

Last year the Lord had placed something on my heart that I had never felt before. I felt a need to go to Peru. And since last year, I’ve been praying over this. The heart behind going to Peru would be to go down to the Bible School that is down there in a city called Trujillo. There is a missionary there with SGWM, who has been used by God in an amazing work. The Lord has put on his heart to train nationals, as well as their neighboring Venezuelan refugees in how to study the Word and to multiply disciples. For this reason, I felt that the Lord is calling me to go with him for a semester and learn from him. I have since spoken to this missionary and have asked him what role I would take on as well as what costs would look like. I would be on staff at his church and I would be helping him with the school as well. As for the cost, it would be roughly $1,200 a month for us to go there from February to May, plus airfare. Please join us in prayer over this. We have not made a decision just yet, but would love for your prayers over the Lord’s wisdom in this, as well as for the financial provision needed to be able to go.

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Praise Reports:

  • The Lord has provided open doors for us in His calling to cross-cultural missions.
  • Our families are onboard and excited for the marriage.
  • The Lord has been moving mightily in the young adults group at CCSG.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the wisdom and guidance for the next steps, as we enter into marriage.
  • Pray for a place for us to stay, if God guides us to remain in the US.
  • Pray for financial provision wherever the Lord leads.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Please reach out and let me know how I can pray for you, I want our relationship to be a two-way thing.

For His Glory,

Bryan Reyes

God is Moving

Since my last update, God has continued to move and be faithful to equip me for the work that He has called me to. He has provided opportunities to share the vision for the work in the Middle East and to be able to encourage young believers through it to pursue a life that is constantly sharing the gospel, and involved in cross cultural missions. Thank you for your continual support in the call to missions that God has placed on our lives.

Through a friendship that I had made at the Calvary Chapel Youth Workers conference a couple of years ago, I was able to go out to the Garden Fellowship church and share with the youth about the call that God has placed on my life. It was awesome to be able to share with and encourage young believers about the need for sharing the gospel. It was also an encouraging time for me to see young people who are aware of the urgency of the gospel and who are eager to be engaged through prayer.

This past month, Muslim people around the world have been celebrating Ramadan. It is the month where they celebrate when Muhammad got the Qur’an and they fast during the daylight. It is the month in which Muslims feel the holiest and the most generous. For this reason, it is a great month to share with and reason through scripture with Muslims. However, this month was used as a good reminder to me of the desperate need to get the gospel into the hands of those who are being deceived by Satan. They are so close to the truth, but yet so far away. I pray that they come to know the truth that Jesus is the son of God, and that He died on the cross and rose again on the third day, in order to provide the way to eternal life with the Father.

Our young adults group has continued to grow, both in numbers and spiritually. A few months back, the pastor charged me with leading the worship each Friday night, which has blessed my heart. What a privilege to be able to lead a group of people who are burning with passion for the Lord, into the throne room of God in worship of Him. I have found that my personal devotions have been pouring into this time of worship, where the presence
of the Spirit is evident and felt throughout the room. Continue to pray for these young adults, that the Lord may continue to be the passion of their lives.

Praise Reports:
• God has been faithful to provide opportunities to teach His word.
• God has continued to provide consistent work.

Prayer Requests:
• That the Lord would provide a care term that would partner with me through prayer.
• That the Lord would provide the finances needed to move to the Middle East.

For His glory, 

Bryan Reyes

New Beginnings

Thank you for your continual support and partnership with me in the gospel. God has moved in so many ways this year, and I look forward to all that He will continue to do throughout the year. God has been faithful to our prayers to provide people to minister to and disciple. He has also provided a teacher, who has been teaching me Arabic. However, all of this had to come to a halt at the beginning of the year, since my family and I got Covid. Praise the Lord that He watched over us and delivered us through it, although I still can’t smell things very well. The Lord has been so good this year, please continue to pray with me for those that He will place in my life. 

The Lord has continued to place guys in my life that I have been able to build up. There is a group that I am a part of and we meet on Monday nights. We have been going through what it is to be a disciple of Jesus and how to make more disciples. The idea of the group is for us to grow together spiritually. The Lord has really brought us together, and has blessed our meetings. Please continue to pray for this group, and that the Lord would help us to continue to grow. 

This is my Growth Group

The Lord has also continued to open doors for the gospel to be preached. Wherever I go, the Lord has opened the door for the gospel to be preached. At work, there are people who I’ve been able to preach the gospel to. Even customers whom I’ve been able to invite to church. There is also a guy who I met at a different Starbucks, Adam, and I was able to talk to him about why he no longer goes to church. At our young adults group, there is a young man, Randy, who was brought by one of the guys that I am discipling, Branden. Pray for Randy, he is seeking answers. Pray for Mohammed, he works at my favorite Arab restaurant, and I have been establishing a relationship with him. Even though I haven’t seen anyone come to Christ, the Lord has called me to be faithful. He will bring the increase. We have simply been called to plant seeds wherever we go. 

The Lord has also provided a teacher for me to learn Arabic. This has been such a blessing in that I have been able to begin getting ready for when the Lord opens the door for me to move to the Middle East. So far we have been working on the basics, such as reading and writing. I’m beginning to fall in love with the Arabic language. Continue to pray that the Lord would anoint my learning of the Arabic language, so that I can be an effective witness when I move out to the Middle East!

Practicing Arabic

I pray that the Lord may have used this update to encourage you with the work that He is doing. Please join me in prayer, and thank you for being faithful to our partnership in the gospel. In order for me to move to the Middle East, I am in need of both one time, or monthly financial support. If the Lord has moved you to support me in this way, please feel free to click on the “Become a Financial Partner” button below. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I pray that the Lord would continue to place the urgency of the gospel upon your hearts.

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Learning to Lead

Thank you so much for coming alongside and partnering with me in the call that God has placed on my life. God has been moving mightily this last month, and I am so thankful for your prayers, which have been evident in my life. 

Over this past month, I have traveled to Mexico to help lead the School of Missions, prepared to teach an online Bible class, and have prayed for the next steps God has for me after the school is finished. Since I was laid off prior to coming to Mexico, I have been able to put all of my time and focus on the work of the Lord and have grown in my studying of the Word of God in order to be better equipped for teaching. I have been blessed to be able to spend all of my time with the students in Mexico without having to worry of returning home to other things. 

Being here in Mexico has been a huge blessing to me because God has been using me in a unique way where I can come alongside the students and connect with them on a different level as a former student. Over the past 3 weeks of the school, I truly have connected with the guys and it has been encouraging when they come to me for prayer and with certain questions that they may have. Aside from that, it has also been awesome to be able to lead the students on outreaches, where last year, I was being led on those outreaches. For me, it has been very special to see that God is allowing me to use what He has taught me in order to teach others those same things. One thing I would say that God has been using me in, is comforting the students who feel uncertainty when they think about what to do in the next season of their lives because I was in that exact same place last year. God has shown me so much this past year and I am so thankful for the leaders at Saving Grace who have helped me see that God has a time of preparation before sending us out into the mission field, and that is exactly what God has enabled me to show the students.

The Calvary School of Missions 2020 Staff and Students

While I’ve been in Mexico, I’ve also been preparing to teach a class on the book of Hebrews through Skype. This has been such an amazing opportunity and an answer to prayer. I have felt the call from God to be a pastor, and being able to teach this class has blessed me with putting the studying and teaching of the Word to practice. 

Aside from that, there has been a potential door that has been opened to me, and I ask that you come alongside with me in prayer over this: God put a desire on my heart to go to Peru, where there is a Bible college which is involved in working with Venezuelan refugees. I would be able to receive training on the ins and outs of working at a Bible college so that I can use that knowledge and put that training to practice when I get to the Middle East. Please join me in praying that God would guide me on this opportunity, both whether this is His will for me or not, and on when would be the best time for me to go. 

“There are many plans in man’s heart, 

Nevertheless the LORD’S counsel — that will stand.”

Proverbs 19:21

This is a verse that lately has been on my mind, and it is my prayer that I may receive counsel from the Lord and that I may be constantly listening for Him, so that I may hear His counsel.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this update, and I want to thank you once again for both your financial support and your support in prayer. I wouldn’t be able to pursue the call that God has placed on my life without the body of Christ coming alongside me and partnering with me in spreading the gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth. If you would like to partner with me financially, please click on the “Become a Financial Partner” button below. 

I desire for us to become partners in the commission that the Lord has given us, to make disciples of all nations. And for that reason, I would love for you to reach out if any of this spoke to you, or if there’s anything that you need prayer for. I would love to continue on in a lifelong relationship. Feel free to comment down below with anything that encouraged you about this update. And of course, this is only a brief summary of what’s been going on, so if you would like to know more, reach out! I would love to talk about what the Lord is doing in my life. 

Praise Reports:

  • God has been faithful to continue providing for me financially despite being laid off from work and being here in Mexico. 
  • God has opened many doors for me to continue in ministry and training that have been preparing me for the work which will be done in the Middle East. 

Prayer Requests: 

  • Please continue to pray for my time here in Mexico, that God may continue to use me in the lives of the students.
  • Please pray over this opportunity which has been presented to me in Peru, both for guidance and for financial support.

For His Glory,

Bryan Reyes 

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Serving at CC Rosarito.
Discipling the students on creating relationships when out street witnessing.
Translating for Jordon, a student in the school.
Giving a little message in a little town called San Fernando.
Praying over those who are hurting during this pandemic.
The team after an amazing outreach.
Leading worship for those who volunteered to help a pastor out with a project.
Worshipping God in a new church plant.
Moving thousands of blocks up to the 3rd floor of a new church plant.
Digging post holes at a ranch that will open up as a women’s home.