God is Moving

Since my last update, God has continued to move and be faithful to equip me for the work that He has called me to. He has provided opportunities to share the vision for the work in the Middle East and to be able to encourage young believers through it to pursue a life that is constantly sharing the gospel, and involved in cross cultural missions. Thank you for your continual support in the call to missions that God has placed on our lives.

Through a friendship that I had made at the Calvary Chapel Youth Workers conference a couple of years ago, I was able to go out to the Garden Fellowship church and share with the youth about the call that God has placed on my life. It was awesome to be able to share with and encourage young believers about the need for sharing the gospel. It was also an encouraging time for me to see young people who are aware of the urgency of the gospel and who are eager to be engaged through prayer.

This past month, Muslim people around the world have been celebrating Ramadan. It is the month where they celebrate when Muhammad got the Qur’an and they fast during the daylight. It is the month in which Muslims feel the holiest and the most generous. For this reason, it is a great month to share with and reason through scripture with Muslims. However, this month was used as a good reminder to me of the desperate need to get the gospel into the hands of those who are being deceived by Satan. They are so close to the truth, but yet so far away. I pray that they come to know the truth that Jesus is the son of God, and that He died on the cross and rose again on the third day, in order to provide the way to eternal life with the Father.

Our young adults group has continued to grow, both in numbers and spiritually. A few months back, the pastor charged me with leading the worship each Friday night, which has blessed my heart. What a privilege to be able to lead a group of people who are burning with passion for the Lord, into the throne room of God in worship of Him. I have found that my personal devotions have been pouring into this time of worship, where the presence
of the Spirit is evident and felt throughout the room. Continue to pray for these young adults, that the Lord may continue to be the passion of their lives.

Praise Reports:
• God has been faithful to provide opportunities to teach His word.
• God has continued to provide consistent work.

Prayer Requests:
• That the Lord would provide a care term that would partner with me through prayer.
• That the Lord would provide the finances needed to move to the Middle East.

For His glory, 

Bryan Reyes