Pakistan Need Prayers

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“No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” ___1 Corinthians 10:13

Dear Friends and family, 

Greetings and many blessings from Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We all are fine by the grace of God, and we pray for you and your families. The summer is almost ending, and the change in the weather is affecting many people’s health. Few members of our family suffered because of high fever, now things are better. We highly appreciate your prayers for us!

Flood Situation in Pakistan
Our Country is suffering because of really bad flooding, almost half of the country was affected because of heavy rains and flood that wiped out so many villages, destroyed infrastructure, killed so many people, animals and buried crops. 

It is so sad, and our country had such a great loss because of this all, and more painful for this reason that most of the suffering people are very poor, they have lost their whole world. We want to request you all to please pray for our country, particularly those suffering because of this disastrous flood. Our team in South Punjab has started a camp where we are receiving

help from the local people to send some kind of support to these needy people. Please keep this whole team in your prayers and if Lord leads you to send some support, you may send that to Saving Grace World Missions.

Bringing Children to Christ
We at CC Pakistan have never underestimated evangelizing and teaching Children about Jesus Christ. Along with another ministry that particularly works among/for Children we have been arranging trainings for Sunday Schools and providing children with the teaching material.

Recently we were able to organize different events in coordination with Pakistan Sunday School Ministry where gift boxes and Sunday School books were given to hundreds of children. The gift boxes that children are receiving are coming from “Samaritan Purse” to Pakistan Sunday School Ministry. We still have more programs planned with this organization where we are reaching out to Sunday School Teachers, and many children groups even in the desert area.

Many groups in the desert area are in the training process and very soon we will also be reaching hundreds of children there with new Study material and these gift boxes with the help and cooperation of Pakistan Sunday School Ministry.

Equipping the Church Leadership
As part of Calvary Chapel Family, teaching the Word of God in the simplest manner is our first and foremost priority. We not only teach the word of God, but we are always working to produce helpful resources in our language so that other people may also learn about the word in dept and grow. We have translated some parts of Pastor David Guzik’s Commentary, namely “Gospel of John, Book of Acts, Philemon and Jude” in Urdu. Recently we received request 

from a pastor to help him provide with the Urdu translation of “Book of Acts Commentary” and we praise God that the work we did for the translation is very much helpful for many of those who are studying in order to teach. 
Some books that we already completed are in printing process, one of them is “Effective Prayer Life” by Pastor Chuck Smith which has always been really helpful for so many people in the past. 

We are also working on “Calvary Chapel Distinctives” and the translation work of that will be complete soon, so that our new Calvary Chapel Pastors in future and our church members may learn well about Calvary Chapel also in better way. I am thankful to our team that is very much dedicated, and we praise God for His grace that gives us power, encouragement and motivation to labor in His Holy Word in this way which will be there for long time even after our lives and ministries end. Thank you again for the prayers for us all. 

Mission in the Desert
We have our online weekly class where we are teaching “Through the Bible” verse by verse,

people from five different cities and locations get together to learn through this. We started this class for a group near desert. We praise God that this one class has been helpful for so many people that they are coming continually to attend this online meeting. This online Bible class served as basis for the outreach mission in the desert. Our team is constantly reaching the

unreached areas in their neighboring and they are reaching, teaching encouraging and building these preciouses souls in their Christian faith as they share the Love of Christ Jesus with them. 

Besides this all, our church services, ministry to brick makers, women ministry and other teaching, recording activities are going well. Thank you so much for your prayers, we are always thankful to you, and we pray for you and your families.

in Christ Jesus
Nadeem Massey

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