What an August!

Mexico Trip

What a great August! I had the opportunity to travel down to Mexico to visit with our school of missions students personally and attend Calvary Chapel Rosarito’s Church Planting Conference. It also turned into an opportunity to spend time with our newest missionary who I had the privilege of onboarding this month!

The School of Missions wrapped up on August 17th and it was such a great year of growth for our 12 students and 7 staff members. From it we are receiving two new interns and we hope to receive several more students-turned-interns in January.

Staff in light gray (missing 2) and students in dark gray

The conference was a special treat as I was able to hear from church planters and pastors who confirmed all of the reasons why SGWM exists- to go to all the world, make disciples, and raise them up to do the same, all of which is birthed out of the local church.

On Sunday morning CC Rosarito had a special send off Sunday to pray over and send a new church plant to Guatemala. It is their 25th church plant, but their very first church plant to a country other than Mexico or the USA. We were all excited to be a part of what they are doing, even if just through prayer that day.

I also had the privilege of meeting several of our missionaries working in Mexico including Pastor Mike Vincent and his family, Ron and Kristy Struska, Nancy Schipke, and our newest missionary, Hassan Villegas who I mentioned above.

Pastor Hassan has been in Mexico for approximately 18 years and in his current location, Acapulco, for 7 years. Please pray that the Lord would continue to protect their church from the cartels and from the coronavirus. Pastor Hassan and I took advantage of the time we had in the same area to get him trained on his blog and help him work out the technical issues and questions he had. We also enjoyed hearing him teach the students on the importance of faithfulness in class on Monday morning.

Stay the Course Running Club

This month I started a running club for the youth of our church to train for a fundraiser 5K that I am planning for next year (or as soon as the government begins allowing that kind of stuff). My heart for the club is to have more discipleship opportunities with the youth, help them grow in discipline, and raise awareness of the work going on among the unreached. All of the proceeds from the 5K will go toward our missionaries working in the 10/40 window (the area of the globe where there are almost zero Christians and zero access to Christ- our target area of missions). So the more participants we have, the more funds made available for the work of the Gospel. My prayer is that the students would realize that they can be involved in what God is doing around the world now- they don’t have to grow up first. They can be actively involved in bringing the Gospel to the unreached and they can involve others in it as well.

Prayer Requests

  • Training the new interns- that I would be able to teach them with clarity and simplicity and that they would be able to absorb it all.
  • My husband in Denver this weekend- Isaac is partnering with our friend, Aaron Garcia to visit one of their supporting churches in Denver, Colorado. Please pray for safety, health, and a fruitful trip as well as comfort for both of us in our first parting since marriage.
  • The running club- that more students would be interested and join us, that there would be no injuries, and that we’d have fun and grow in Christ together.