Mission in the Desert Area

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How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!”_ Romans 10:14-15

Dear Friends and family,
Greetings from Pakistan! We hope and pray that you all are doing well. We all here are fine by the Grace of God. Church activities are going well. We are thankful to you all for the prayers, love and care. 

Desert Mission

Last month our team reached the city of Bahawalpur which is located at the edge of Cholistan Desert. We have our online class in that city with more than 40 students every week. Every year we have two planned Mission Weeks (trips) to this city where we see our students, have some whole days of teachings, go out to reach people in the remote areas to share with them Gospel, printed Bibles, Christian Song books, small Christian booklets, audio Bibles and the Love of Jesus Christ.

Our plan to reach the area was in March, but we could not go there in March because of some reasons. So we went there in May, it was very hot, in those days the temperature was 118.4°F, but we praise God that it was all great , we were able to do all that we had planned for the mission week and it was very fruitful mission week there. Here I want to share a little about the activities of our mission week this time: 

Session with Students: Our friend and staff member George Alfred taught in this special session arranged for our online students, their families and other participants from the area. He taught about Comparative Introduction of the Gospels, and it was really helpful for all participants to see the bigger picture, see the differences and similarities of the Gospels, have knowledge about the authors, dates of writing, main audiences, main themes of the gospels and much more.   

Whole Day Teaching

Two years before we used to spend our whole time in outreaching. We used to go to different villages, and different groups of people to share the word of God with them. but last year during our first mission trip to desert we planned to have two days of teaching. We invited people from near and far and we did some training and taught them. This was really great experience, so now, we always have two whole days of teaching in our every mission week. People travel from nearby areas through public transport and sometimes we arrange some vehicles for some of the groups to arrive at our teaching location. 

True Worship: Our first day of teaching was on the topic of “True Worship”. We learned from OT and NT about the importance of Worshiping our God and the way He wants us to worship Him along with awareness about false ways of Worshiping God. Both sessions of this day’s teaching were very powerful and very helpful for the people. 

Bible & Science: Our day of Second teaching was on “Bible and Science”. Every time we teach there, one of our main topics is always about the authenticity of the Bible as people face many questions about that. This day of teaching was so much fantastic and people were about to think bigger about the Bible. 

Gospel Film: We have Gospel films produced by Lumo Project in Urdu language. The whole Gospel is picturized chapter by chapter and in about 3 hours, one whole Gospel can be seen in the film form. We selected the Gospel of Luke and it was really amazing for all of us with so many people go through the whole Gospel in one sitting. We also provided those Gospel films to people so that they can watch them at their homes. 

Visit to Desert: One day we went to the desert early morning, it was really amazing to see the life and nature there. As the sun started rising, very dry and hot wind started blowing  and we started feeling exhausted very quickly. In that desert, at different places live many different tribes of people. We have been reaching to many of them and in our next trip we want to visit more. Their life is very tough, and they need not only the Gospel, but they need to experience the Love of Jesus Christ as well.   

All the study material and tools we took there for the team working in that area, for sharing the Gospel were given to them and they are serving the Lord there with great joy and enthusiasm. Please continue to pray for us all, we pray for you and your families. 

In Christ Jesus

Pastor Nadeem Massey 

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