Word of Grace

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?__Romans 10:14

We send warm greetings and love from Pakistan to all our friends and family! We praise God for all protection, guidance and help throughout the whole month. our country is part of 10/40 Windows, but this part of world is full of different spiritual ideas and different philosophies, people are religious, they always want to believe in something or someone. There is great spiritual hunger and thirst and when they don’t get true spiritual food, then they are happy with anything available. There are so many people who think and believe that they are Christians because they were born into a Christian family, they know the name of Christ but are not truly saved because they don’t know the Lord personally.

We really felt sad when we reached a group of poor brick makers who are socially, physically, financially and spiritually oppressed but are devoted to get together and pray, but did not know who actually they are praying to because their mystical leader claimed to believe in Jesus and practiced magic and other things like that as well. We really feel sad about so many such groups that are not being reached by true teachers and preachers. We praise God that our out-reach team was able to reach this group, our team shared with them the word of God,  took them under the care of Calvary Chapel Pakistan and encouraged them in Christ Jesus. We are thankful to all of you who pray for us so faithfully and encourage us in so many ways. This always enables us reach the un-reached and share with them true word of God boldly. We give all glory to God who has always protected us as we serve here. We firmly believe that ignoring the “Great Commission will be the Great Omission.” After being in fellowship with CC Pak, this group is really encouraged and is being visited weekly and is being fed on the true word of God. Please keep these precious people in your prayers

Feeding and Tending

Our teaching ministry continues at our church [currently house meeting], in different

Bible Study groups at different places in the town, and women Bible study in three villages. We are tending and feeding the sheep and lambs on the word of God faithfully and always commend them to God and His word of Grace which is truly building them and we are vary happy to see lives being transformed through the teaching and preaching of

the word of God. We want to request you to specially pray for the Women Ministry, it is really growing and is truly fruitful but we don’t have proper support for this ministry because of which we have been facing some financial problems to meet it’s needs.

A Guest from America

I am very happy to share with you about a special guest that we had last month. Jim Mansfield became my friend on facebook, and one day in January he sent me message that he was visiting a guy in Gujranwala town for evangelistic mission, and he said that he would love to see me if it was possible. I told him that I lived in the very town he was visiting. We invited him for lunch at my home, he had very busy schedule because he was visiting many places to share the word of God and Christian hope with them, but he was gracious enough to come to our home and we really had wonderful fellowship. Jim is from Utah, he has association with many Calvary Chapels, he loves the Lord, loves to reach people with the Good News of Salvation through the Shed Blood of Christ. We were very happy that he was able to make it to Pakistan and we hope and pray for more people specially from our church to be able to come here in future.

First Urdu Book

I praise God that in spite of being very busy with my teaching ministry, my study, translations and taking care of my family, I was able to manage some time to write a book on “Christian Apologetics”. My book is almost complete, and is ready to be sent to some pastor and Bible teachers for proof reading and checking. And after that we are praying to send that to printing process. Here we have to get books printed ourselves from a printing press, we don’t have publishing companies here. The cover of this book is designed by a pastor friend named Tosh Wood, I am thankful to Him for the help and I want to request you to please keep this need in your prayers, We will need financial support for printing this 250 pages book. This book will be very helpful for Pakistani Christians as they face so many challenges because of their faith. I hope that this will help many seminary students and will be a unique took in their and common Christians’ hands in their own language.

At the end we want to thank you once again for your faithful prayers and support, we really love you in the Lord and we always cherish your love and blessings!

God Bless You!

Nadeem and Farah Massey

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