Calvary Chapel Pakistan, Sep. 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings in Christ Jesus! the scorching summer is almost over but because of much rain, there is deadly  flooding all around. Hundreds of villages have been wiped out by flood and thousands of people are homeless and totally helpless. Please keep them in your prayers! We praise God that our town is safe, although all surrounding villages and neighboring cities are hit by flood waters.

Village Bible Study and Home Church

Our village Bible study is continue successfully at three different villages. The exciting news is that two students of one village who come to our Bible study are willing to join the Calvary Chapel Bible College Nepal in near future to study further and serve in the ministry of Calvary Chapel in Pakistan. These young men are the first fruit of our ministry. Please keep our Bible study groups and the plan to send students to CCBC Nepal for further study in your prayers!

Christian Community at Brick Kiln where we are praying to start a home church











We are starting one home church at one brick kiln where 10 Christian families work as slaves. They are very poor and they are serving there as brick makers from generation to generation. We had the final meeting with these 10 families and from next Friday onward we will start serving in this small congregation. We also wish to support their girls for learning sewing skills and their children for having education. Right now we are praying about this all and want to request you to please join us in prayer!

Sewing Center Moves to Another Village

Twelve women of one village have successfully learnt sewing skills and now they are able to sew clothes for themselves, for their family members and other people. Though the bible study is continue in that village but we felt need to move the Sewing Center to another village to help more Christian ladies to learn sewing skills.

Inauguration of New Center

Inauguration of New Center











Now the center has been moved to another place where we have 14 Christian women who come to lean the sewing skill. They are very happy for the opportunity to learning sewing skills and having Bible study and Christian fellowship.

New Students at Sewing Center in the next village

New Students at Sewing Center in the next village











This project is really very helpful for the poor Christian women of these remote areas. We have request from the graduating class to help them get personal Sewing Machine so that they may use their newly learnt skills to support their family. We want to request you to please keep this need in your prayers. we will further update about it in our prayer requests.

Family Corner

Our daughter Rachael had Typhoid Fever and she was very sick with high fever for almost three weeks. Praise God that she is better now and she has started to go to school also. Rest of the family is fine and busy with our routine activities. Please continue to pray for our family, Joseph’s family and all the Christians in Pakistan!


Massey Family











God Bless You!

Nadeem & Farah Massey

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