Fall 2021 SGWM Newsletter

Raising Up, Equipping, Sending, Supporting

National Missionaries

There are some places on this earth where the statistics are so discouraging it’s hard to believe God is doing anything at all there.

And so we celebrate with hearts full of praise and thanksgiving for all that God is doing in Pakistan. The main religion in Pakistan is Islam and accounts for 96.47% of the population. Only 1.27% are Christians. But God is powerfully moving in this part of the world through one of our national workers, Pastor Nadeem. He and his wife have been actively discipling and raising up believers for many years. Churches are being planted, people’s hearts are being set free, and God’s word is being soundly taught. Most of the existing Christianity in Pakistan is either Catholic or hyper-Pentecostal. They do not know the word and Pastor Nadeem is committed to getting the whole counsel of God into the hearts and minds of these believers. After working with SGWM for about 7 years, he was ordained by SGWM pastors and from there he was able to plant two churches, one in his village and one in another. Nadeem has a very busy schedule.

Two days a week he is teaching online classes to three different groups in two different cities, as well as other individuals from other cities. Every Saturday he leads a class at his home, teaching theology, apologetics and missions. He and his team have an open door to go and share God’s word in a desert area near his home. Here they are reaching many unreached people with Bibles, song books, audio Bibles and the teaching of God’s Word. And this isn’t the only outreach they are involved in. They also have a ministry to brick makers where one of the brothers, Brother Joseph, visits and teaches, ministering to this very poor community. During Covid, with the help of SGWM, Pastor Nadeem and his team were able to bring much needed relief to this area on more than one occasion. They are seeing lives totally changed through the simple teaching of God’s Word because of the time they spend here just loving the people. 

And even with all of these things, Pastor Nadeem is also able to devote himself to producing books to equip believers there. He has written 2 books, one on Christian Apologetics and one on Mormonism, as well as compiled 4 other books in Urdu which are helpful to understand the Bible. He also has a recording ministry where his team is recording Bible classes and other teaching resources to share with other believers. God is doing incredible things through Nadeem’s ministry despite heavy oppression and persecution. We praise God that we can partner with such a brother for the furtherance of the gospel. Please pray for Nadeem’s ministry as he faithfully serves the Lord.

Missionary Equipping

After the first year of the Calvary School of Missions, we quickly realized that these young graduates were in need of further support and a full missions program in order to get them successfully out onto the missions field. So we began to design an internship program specifically for those called to full-time, cross-cultural ministry. It is now our 3rd year of the internship and we have 18 interns serving at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, learning what it means to run a church and lead successfully. We knew originally we were called to catch fireflies (those young people who feel called to full time missions and desire to be the light in dark places), but we soon realized that they needed more than the six-week School of Missions.

These students need a comprehensive program that will keep them on the path to follow their passion and calling to go into all the world and preach the gospel. Sadly, we have seen many young people who once had a passion to go, lose their way because they just didn’t have the support they needed or the ongoing encouragement essential for this kind of call. So we are committed to making sure all those who come through the school have the option of an internship that will help them fulfill their call in the Great Commission. Please pray for these 18 students as they seek to grow in their faith and pursue their calling to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel. 

“Once a missionary call is sensed, one must do everything possible to nurture and stimulate it. Read, go to meetings, attend missions conferences. Keep the fire alive; the devil will try to snuff it out” On Being a Missionary (pg.22).

Our call is to do everything possible to nurture and keep the fire alive in the hearts of these young called out ones! Pray for them as they prepare to GO and share Jesus to the ends of the earth.

We graduated our 3rd batch of students from the Calvary School of Missions and we are looking forward to all that God has for these brothers and sisters. Many of them have joined our internship program. Please pray for these new interns as they adjust to their busy schedule

Sending Missionaries and Missionary Care

This last season has brought home many of our missionaries serving all over the world. From Peru, Cambodia, India and more, families have come home to share with their sending churches and hopefully get some much needed rest and relaxation. Although they don’t normally get that, we at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace do our best to bring some relief and minister to the families we have sent out. One of our families from South Asia has been home on furlough and we have been so blessed to host them. The area where they minister has been hit very hard with the Corona Virus and has suffered greatly from severe lockdowns.

Being here has brought so much comfort and relief. Pastor S. says it’s like he can breathe again. His children can go to the park and play, see friends their age, and walk around without masks for the first time in 20 months. This month we had them share at a dessert gathering where family and friends gathered to hear all that God has been doing since the pandemic started. It was thrilling to hear the stories of many continuing the work of the ministry and people still coming to the Lord even during the shut downs. We spent time praying over them as they continue the work amongst the most unreached peoples of the world. 

All For Christ,

SGWM Staff